Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 27


Chapter 27 Teammates get together

This complaint of Tin Hide is directly talked about most of the way.

“You mean, because you heard that androids have a high status in the mother city, you thought about transforming yourself into androids, and then smuggling to the mother city to become a master.”

“As a result, the transformation was not completed, and the smuggling group was taken over by the sheriff of the city that never sleeps. You androids only have half of their brains, but their bodies are not done?”

What kind of weirdness can you imagine? out plan.

I don’t know what to think, Littlefinger’s expression became extremely weird.

“Yeah, Brother Zhitou, I only got half of my savings for the transformation,” Tiepi said with an unbearable look on his face, “After the transformation failed, the former gang didn’t want me anymore. , the loan sharks can’t even pay, I clenched the teeth, so I changed my face to mix in the desert.”

“Aren’t the androids specially designed to serve humans?” The driver couldn’t help but interject, there are many in the bar Bionics, basically High Level is the same as artificial mental retardation, how can they be so popular in the city.

Tin sighed, “This big brother doesn’t know, since the passage of the “Bionics Act”, the status of androids has been increasing day by day, especially as AI templates become more and more advanced, many human They can solve problems that canโ€™t be solved, and they are also cheap. These days, even gangsters have begun to hire androids to kill people. I have to say, they are quite usefulโ€”after all, they donโ€™t kill people.โ€

“As far as I know, the current ranking of residents in the city that never sleeps is AI first, bionics second, natives third, and natives are normal humans like us.”

“You think you are now Or a normal human? How does your memory system work?” Littlefinger said curiously.

“Of course, I’m only halfway through the operation, and no one wants to be a bionic person.”

“I have a memory chip installed, and the bionic system will periodically delete some of it. Important memory to ensure the normal operation of the system.”

“How does it feel to be an android?” the driver couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s no different from a normal person, except that it’s hard to remember what you’ve forgotten,” Ironhide thought for a while and gave a clear definition, “It’s like whether Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, it’s like putting on a thick padded jacket.”

“That’s because your touch system is too bad,” Littlefinger rolled the eyes.

The oasis also has high-rise ruins. Two cars crossed one ruin after another and came to a relatively hidden old metal recycling station.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to see that kid, I’ll have to go on duty later, damn, since I joined the security team, I actually spend more time on get off work than off work, do it!”


As soon as the two of them stepped over a ruin, one silhouette suddenly fell from the sky, stagnant in anti-gravity at high altitude, and then turned several circles in a row before landing safely.

[You comprehend the passive skill [Molecular Line Claw]]

Molecular Line Claw (Passive): A skill to move around at high altitude to assist attack or escape.

Passive skills: You cannot rely on experience points to improve, but only by proficiency.

Proficiency: 1/3000

Gao Gong glanced at the system page, a flash of joy flashed in his eyes, and finally brushed this skill out, although it was passive, The formidable power cannot be improved in a short time, but the passive also has the advantage of being passive, that is, as long as you keep training, the skill level can be brushed up sooner or later.

Gao Gong looked up, just in time to see the stunned two.

“Why are you here?” Gao Gong looked towards Littlefinger in surprise, and was immediately attracted by the armored war chariot at the rear, and happily said: “Have you finally arrived, I thought it was before the war started. It can’t come.”

Littlefinger came back to his senses, said ill-humoredly: “That’s because Miss Rose specially arranged it, do you know how many joints we have opened up to transport this big guy, How much effort did it take.”

Gao Gong ignored him and went straight into the armored war chariot to test the performance of the car.

“Don’t forget to pay back the money, but you only gave a deposit.”

“It’s just deducted from my share, why, don’t you think I have no money? ?”

Littlefinger hums, this guy is indeed not short of money, and will soon be richer than himself.

It’s really a dogshit luck.

Tipi looked at the armored vehicle with keen eyes and finally found an opportunity. When Gao Gong got out of the car, he immediately got up, patted his chest and said, “Brother Gao, leave the task of driving to me in the future, promise to let him go. You have no obstacles.”

Gao Gong blinked, “sorry, who are you?”


“Oh, it’s you. ,” In Littlefinger and Ironhide’s increasingly eccentric eyes, Gao Gong had no regrets, in fact, he had only met this Ironhide once, and it was at night, so it was not normal for him to recognize him.

“I delivered the people, I delivered the car, and I left,” Littlefinger paused, saying, “If you have time to go to the bar, Ms. Rose will give you a chance to come.”

“It’s good to say,” Gao Gong looked towards the dark circles of the other party’s eyes, and said surprisedly: “You’ve been using a lot of virtual experience machines recently.”

“Use a fart,” Littlefinger said with a look of grief and indignation. “I have to do more than a dozen operations a day in the past few days, and I only charge the cost price, the military control of shit!”

According to Gao Gong’s understanding, the cost price in Littlefinger’s mouth is double the profit, while The normal profit of prosthetic surgery is ten times, and his goal is a hundred times.

Why are prosthetic doctors also called black market doctors?

The price is really black.

“Let’s go, let’s go back and make preparations, we’ll start working tomorrow.” Gao Gong patted his iron shoulders and said nothing.

Tibei was refreshed, followed along quickly, patted the flattery, and looked all around curiously.

There is no particular reason for Gao Gong to choose each other as teammates. The car drives well and the people seem to be okay. Although it is a bit cunning, please, this is a radiation zone, not to mention good people, how many normal people can there be indivual.

All he needs is a normally obedient ponyโ€”not even loyalty.

“Iron, you are smuggling in the black market now, what did you do before?”

“I used to deliver goods to people.”

“Delivery Goods, isn’t this very formal?”

“Yes, quite formal, my previous gangs were all licensed, and they would buy me insurance,” said Ironhide proudly, “I will help prisoners and guns, and sometimes some fine medicine,”

“Well, no wonder you look so energetic.”

Gao Gong has a lot to do Busy, he didn’t pay much attention to the other party, and Tiepi didn’t regard himself as an outsider. After walking around the old metal recycling station, he took out a box of gasoline-flavored beer from the shed, and drank the beer while basking in the radiation, which was quite pleasant. .

It’s just an unsightly scene where the liquid is sprayed from the crevices of the organs.

Gao Gong frowned, the two equipments in front of him have pretty good attributes, both of which are of ‘excellent+’ level.

It should be known that among Gao Gong’s equipment, only the ‘Beast HunterยทTie Yu’ jointly created by Lao Sun and Aunt Xiang was evaluated by the system.

But the ‘repercussions’ of both weapons are too big for him to use.

The first box that came out was actually a biological weapon called a radiant energy gun. It looked like a large revolver wrapped in a layer of wriggling granulation. It could actively absorb nuclear weapons in the radiation zone. radiation, which then releases a beam of radiant energy.

Be aware that energy weapons are far from mature in the technology of a Level 2 civilization.

Level 3 civilization will be used on a large scale.

Only the scientific research system of civilization above Level 4 can support the development of such large-scale energy weapons as ‘Star Destroyer Cannon’, ‘Dark Matter Cannon’, and ‘Particle Annihilation Cannon’.

And the reason why this ‘radiation energy gun’ is only ‘sophisticated’, not a ‘war weapon’ and ‘black technology’, the most important reason is that this thing can only be used in the radiation zone. The interval between guns is at least five minutes.

This also shows that the level 6 scientific research blueprint ‘Mass Edge’ of ‘miniature nuclear fission reactor’ has not yet come out.

That’s fine, after all, no matter how rubbish the energy weapon is, the damage is above four digits.

What sucks is its remarks.

Remarks: This biochemical weapon is immature, and using this weapon has a great chance of being injected with a biochemical virus

Damn, I don’t want to be a zombie.

As for the other weapon, which is equally dangerous and pitiful, it is an implanted machine gun with a smart module. On the two gun mounts of the machine gun, four bio-drills automatically provide AI implants. Need prosthesis surgery, directly into the human body.

The machine gun also provides at least five intelligent modules such as ‘auto-aiming’, ‘ballistic analysis’ and ‘charging mode’ for free.

It can be said that in the development of the combat system, this machine gun has reached a fairly mature level, and it can even adjust the combat mode spontaneously according to the host’s nervous system.

However, the shortcomings of this machine gun are equally pitiful.

Remarks: With the frequency of use of the machine gun, the incidence of cyber psychosis will increase from time to time

This is a gun that can make people not sick, the system is like this Tucao.

Gao Gong previous life Never used the ‘Mass Edge’ weapon, but heard about its reputation, cheap, powerful, super unstable, and extremely popular with players.

But from the NPC’s point of view, this thing is really pitiful.

But the formidable power is so big, it’s not a waste of money.

Gao Gong touched his chin and quickly had an idea.

‘Since this thing isn’t for people to use, it’s okay not to use it for people. ‘

He came up with an idea, but it required a bet on the blueprint, and he needed some experience.

The third day, this is the time he agreed with Aunt Xiang, red unicorns, coats, boots, some miscellaneous small pieces, these equipments are broken and worn out during the nearly month of hunting Any wear and tear needs to be refinished.

Aunt Xiang also knows Gao Gong’s secret base.

But beyond Gao Gong’s expectations, what appeared in front of his eyes was not a short and rickety Aunt Xiang, but a tall fatty.

“Xiang Zai, are you here to deliver?”

Xiang Zai smirked and looked the head, handed over a load of weapons and equipment, and said, “Grandma asked me to follow you. .”

Old friend firearms store, Aunt Xiang both hands crossed near chest, with a gloomy and uncertain expression, her eyes turning from time to time.

Old Sun sat at the door with a bottle of wine in his hand, drunkenly, looking at her expression, sneered: “Don’t let him go if you can’t bear it, what’s the use of worrying when you go, It was like this in the past, you can’t change your temper in this life.”

“I won’t go if I don’t go,” Aunt Xiang exhaled, “I can’t keep him forever.”

“Have you prepared his weapons for him? With his size, general equipment can’t be used.”

Aunt Xiang nodded: “I changed Lao Gong’s equipment and size. , give it to him.”

“Lao Gong!? How can his equipment ordinary person be used,” Lao Sun said in surprise. The old Gong in Aunt Xiang’s mouth was a classical mechanical hunter with a battle strength capable of The existence of the top three is also a recognized monster hunter.

Old Sun seemed to have thought of something, and was suddenly surprised: “Could it be that Xiangzi also has that ability?!”

(End of this chapter)

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