Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 28


Chapter 28 Development Rights

Behind Gasoline Town, Intercontinental Automobile Exhibition Center.

The Auto Show Center is what it used to be called, and now has a new name, War Center.

In the early morning, war chariots drove into the hall one after another, and mechanical hunters got out of the cars one after another, with their eyes turning wild and vicious. , and finally had to come forward by the Captain to receive their task in Hall 1.

While the rest of the mechanical hunters waited in the halls, smoking cigarettes, scanning their peers with dangerous eyes of unknown meaning.

The caliber of the weapons in their hands is also larger than the first, and some of the muzzles are turning ‘crunch’ and ‘crunch’ as the nerve sensor changes.

This former auto show center seems to be turned into a weapons exhibition center.

When the Steel Fortress-like armed armored vehicle entered the hall, it immediately attracted countless attention.

Although the Motor City is famous for remodeling vehicles, it is a local specialty industry, but at first glance, it is not a remodeled vehicle, but a serious armored war chariot. Needless to say, this kind of military vehicle must be smuggled. Yes, to open it up in front of the officials of the security regiment in such a grand mannerโ€”how arrogant!


The heavy car door opened, and there was a strong jet of air, which was the sound of the air pump pushing the car door.

The horsepower of this armored vehicle can be calculated almost from this detail by an experienced hunter.

Comparing it to myself, fuck, it’s too exaggerated.

Gao Gong took the lead from the co-pilot.

“It’s him!”

“Who is he, oh no wonder.”

“That eldest sister’s head horse.”

“It turned out to be a little wolfdog.”

“No, this is at least a giant mastiff.”

A mechanical hunter’s reputation is often proportional to the number of radiation beasts he hunts , and Gao Gong has hunted a lot of wild beasts this month, and the general armed hunting squash can’t compare.

Gao Gong glanced around and saw a lot of acquaintances. Keiko Matsushima, who was squatting on the roof of the car, smiled sweetly at him, just put both hands on the katana handle, the meaning was unclear.

“Watch the car, I’ll go to register.”

If there is no doubt that Gao Gong is the owner of this car, then the next two people will be Makes other people’s faces full of question marks.

A cyborg whose transformation level is rubbish.

A fatty who just giggles and eats.

Just the two of them?

Some hunters who failed to apply for jobs on the field were deeply unhappy.

I can do it too!

Gao Gong naturally walked into Hall 1 regardless of what other people thought. The security officer in charge of the reception gave the armored vehicle a complicated look and pointed to the Conference Hall.

“What do you mean?”

“Ordinary teams are tasked outside, and some elites are assigned to receive them.”

Gao Gong laughed and didn’t say anything What, just push the door and enter.

Suddenly, one after another glanced over with ambiguous eyes.

โ€œThere are so many acquaintances,โ€ Gao Gong said with a laugh.

Fire Robber Wilson

mechanic Huang Wen

Assassination of Master Miyamoto Sanzo

Three-handed Daisyra


Grey-eyed Adrian

The six most capable hunting squad Captains in the Motor City, standing or sitting, with different postures.

Except Daisyla laughed at Gao Gong, the expressions of the others were not so friendly.

Lone-wolf hunters are elusive, carefree, and often feared by others.

Mechanical hunters of the same level, Captain, have a special sense of superiority over lone wolves.

“Xiao Gao, you’re here,” the middle-aged man behind the conference table took the initiative to stand up and patted Gao Gong’s shoulder with a smile.

โ€œDirector Zhou.โ€

This Director Zhou is the logistics director of the security corps. When Gao Gong sent Reaperโ€™s head, he was responsible for the reception.

This supervisor Zhou’s attitude towards Gao Gong was obviously different from the others, which made several Captains look slightly different.

When they came in, the supervisor’s attitude was not so good.

“Sit, everyone.”

After everyone was seated, Director Zhou pressed the remote control, and the virtual projection was shot from the camera.

This is the Terrain Map near the Auto City, to the east is the scavenger city, to the west is the blood mine hills, to the south is another oasis, and to the north is the sulfuric acid river.

Director Zhou pressed the remote control again, and after a while, the original green area was covered by hundreds of red arrows.

“So many!?”

“This is close to the intensity of the beast swarm.”

“Where’s the frontline regiment!”

Even these experienced and knowledgeable Captains changed their faces. With this intensity, doesn’t it mean that the beast tide has been blocked from the east. Looking at this, it seems that the east front has completely fallen.

Director Zhou said with a heavy expression: “Everyone, the warriors of the security corps are fighting on the front line, but there are still many wild beast remnants coming through the loopholes in the front line, our purpose is to eliminate them. “

Huang Wen squinted, opened the mouth and said: “How come there are so many loopholes in the mechanical defense line of the security regiment? According to my calculations, with the troops and weapons you have invested, the defense value can be Reaching 3 million points, even if it is a regular mechanical corps attack, it is impossible to hit like this in a short time.”

“I don’t know, but I assure you that the frontline corps has not been defeated, It’s just that some very special problems are bothering the front-line generals, as long as the problem is solved, the defense line will be repaired immediately.”

“Is there a Beastmaster?” Bearded Wilson said with a serious look.

“No, definitely not!” Director Zhou was decisive.

“With the strength of our hunters alone, even if they are all thrown out, it is impossible to stop so many radiant beasts,” Daisyela said with three hands on her chest.

“You don’t have to worry about defense, our diplomats have won the support of some local forces, and they will share our pressure from the side.”

Local forces, that is The warlord is gone, and the expressions of the several hunters Captain present have not changed so much.

The relationship between local warlords and mechanical hunters is not the same, but it is also disgusting. The former regards the latter as the source of chaos, while the latter regards the former as a humanoid wild beast.

Seeing that the atmosphere was a little heavy, Director Zhou thought about it and decided to throw a carrot first: “In order to make everyone worry-free in the front line, our security team decided to take out 100,000 contribution points as a way of doing this. A reward for one hunt.”

100,000 points!

Gao Gong could clearly feel that the breathing around him suddenly became heavier.

Director Zhou added fuel to the fire and added: “Also, in recognition of everyone’s contributions, our security team has decided to open up the governance rights of the central oasis and the development rights of the new oasis.”


“As long as you can contribute to the top ten in this hunting war, you can serve as officials in the central oasis, such asโ€”the mayor of this gasoline town.”

“And If you can get the first place, you can get the right to develop the new oasis, not only have the machinery construction of the factory, but also can independently contact with large enterprises. As long as you can develop successfully, you will be the absolute ruler of the new territory. , maybe I’ll be begging for food from you guys.”

Director Zhou said humorously.

The sound of breathing became heavier again.

As a monopoly-level armed group, the mechanical money earned in the desert over the years is simply a sea of gold and silver, but now, they have the opportunity to become a member of the interest group.

And if you can open up an oasis successfully, you can even stand on your own outside the security team!

Everyone knows it’s a big pie, but this pie is so delicious.

The fragrance is so fragrant that even just a sip will make people indulge in the deliciousness of this power.

The only one whose expression didn’t change was Gao Gong.

It’s not that Gao Gong is arrogant, but that in normal history, people in Iron Sand Desert all died.

Without all the people, what is the use of the fragrant flatbread.

More importantly, the system mission was untouched, and Gao Gong’s face was indifferent.

This kind of expression fell in Director Zhou’s eyes, causing a hint of surprise on his face, thinking that this person’s very powerful mentality, Mount Tai collapsed and his color remained unchanged.

“Everyone, due to the energy interference in the radiation zone, our monitoring system often fails, and there must be more or less wild beasts around the Motor City.”

“I have All wild beast appearances are distributed to your battlefield communication devices, including their numbers and weaknesses.”

“But I believe that with your efforts, we will win this war!”


Director Zhou was injected with chicken blood inside, and the rest of the vigilantes were in the hall injected with chicken blood by other mechanical hunters.

Although I don’t know exactly what I said, but when the 100,000 contribution points, the governance rights of the central oasis, and the development rights of the new oasis came out, everyone was boiling!

“Death the Radiant Beast!”

“When I become the leader of the Oasis, the first set of decrees issued is to restart the First Night!”

” The opportunity has finally come!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Pang Xiang stared blankly at this scene for a long while before turning his head, with a calm expression on his face The tin asked:

โ€œWhat are they talking about?โ€

The tin coldly snorted, smoking an electronic cigarette, dismissive.

“Is it important?”

“Isn’t it important?” Pang Xiang scratched his head.

“Of course it matters,” Ironhide sighed, “The problem is that my hearing aids just failed, and I didn’t hear what they were saying.”


The sound of the engines exploded one after another, and all kinds of modified cars rushed out of the auto show center. The crazy laughter and the fire from the modified air box perfectly matched the desert temperament.

It seems that as long as they shoot, the Radiant Beast is very easy.

“Let’s get in the car too, Brother Gao should be out soon.”


At this moment, one silhouette suddenly appeared Appeared and stood in front of the two of them.

Zhao Machinery looked at Tiepi indifferently, his eyes were quite bad.

“You’re not dead? Why are you here?!”

“It’s none of your business!”

When the enemy met, he was jealous and iron-clad I was even more angry at the cpu, thinking that I was lucky I didn’t complete the complete bionic, otherwise, you brat would have killed me with one shot at the door.

Zhao Ji’s eyes turned from man to armored vehicle, and his brows wrinkled again.

“How dare you to steal the war chariot of the vigilante group!”

“Fart, that’s our Captain’s car!”

Zhao Ji As soon as their eyes moved, two robots, one left and one right, came over to drag Pang Xiang who was standing at the door of the car away, and then confiscated the car.

However, contrary to Zhao Machinery’s expectations, the two robots joined forces and could not move the fatty in front of them.

“What are you doing?” Pang Xiang said stupidly, while under his clothes, thick snake-like tendons were bulging.

(End of this chapter)

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