Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 29


Chapter 29 Cloud Nobility

Pang Xiang, an indigenous baby, was almost boiled alive by his biological parents because of his obesity.

Like the lucky few in the desert, radiation stripped him of his IQ, but gave him something unique and unmatched.

That’s power.

The combined strength of the two robots is two tons, but in the wrestling with Fat Xiang, they gradually fell into the disadvantage.

‘ka-cha ”ka-cha ‘

This is the sound of the part twisting in the mechanical body.

Pang Xiang’s face gradually turned red, and a trace of hard to describe animal nature overflowed from his eyes.

“You…go away!”

Pang Xiang’s arm was like a red iron pillar, slammed into it, and with a loud noise, the two robots were pushed together. After taking three steps back, the burning sound of ‘his-‘ left a shallow five-finger mark on his chest.

“Radiation creatures appear…”

“Bio-energy rises…Battle mode is on…”

The robot’s eyes immediately turned red and switched to infrared mode , At the same time, the palm retracted into the arm, and with a sound of ‘bass’, four high-strength carbon alloy knives were ejected.

“Don’t come over here, we’ll do it again!”

Tiepi panicked, gnashing his teeth, pulling the bolt of the submachine gun in his hand, looking towards Zhao Xie with hatred , However, a robot beside Zhao Machinery had already turned on the guard mode, blocking him.

“Excuse me, what are you going to do to my dear subordinates?”

Zhao Jian’s right shoulder sank, and he didn’t know when he got up, an arm resting on his shoulder superior.

His alarm system didn’t respond at all, and the other party felt like a wild beast eating people.

And the frontmost robot carbon alloy knife hangs in the air, unable to move.

On closer inspection, a tiny claw was stuck on the knife.

When the other Captains saw this, they all watched the excitement.

“What are you doing, stop it!”

Director Zhou’s ‘priority’ was obviously higher than Zhao Tool’s. As soon as he said that, the two robots immediately canceled the battle mode, and once again Enter patrol mode.

At the same time, the gravity on the shoulders also disappeared.

Zhao He turned around, but found that the supervisor and Captain of several elite teams were just going out, and one of them was laughing clutching Fatty’s head, not knowing what to say.

Zhao mechanical pupils shrank, this person, it’s actually him…

“What’s going on?” Director Zhou frowned, it’s okay to look down on the mud-legged group of mechanical hunters, this Pass, this newcomer doesn’t have a big picture.

“Director, they smuggle military supplies and sell ordnance!”

“You can eat rice, but don’t talk nonsense,” Gao Gong lazily put it on Pang Xiang’s shoulder , said: “Iron, show the supervisor the document bag in the back seat of the car.”

The supervisor took it with a frown, opened it, and found a thick stack of authorization documents, which contained some armored vehicles Contracts for decommissioning, rectification, and sale.

Is there any problem with the file, as long as you carefully examine it, there must be.

But if he really scrutinized, he should have a problem.

“It’s fine, it’s a legal business, and there’s a formal decommissioning process.”

Seeing at least 80% of the new armored war chariot, Zhao Wei opened his mouth, but in the end he didn’t say a word. Say.

If he dared to refute it, it would be his turn to have a problem.

“Are you all right? Let’s go, Pang Xiang did a good job this time, I’ll treat you to a big meal when you go back.”

“Have a big meal, be good!” Fat Xiang chicken is nodded like pecking rice, and the saliva is about to flow out.

The other Captains left one after another, seeing that there was no fun to watch. Only a gloomy old man took the initiative to stop Gao Gong.

His eyes are yellow and bloodshot, like an old falcon, and his modified right hand is a knife gripper that is even higher than Keiko Matsushima.

Have a knife holder but no knife, or in other words, hide a knife.

“Miyamoto, what’s the matter?”

Gao Gong narrowed his eyes. After being promoted to ‘Dark Night Warrior’, he could clearly feel that the other person was similar to himself, but he wanted to. More full-bodied murderous aura.

This is a mechanic hunter who goes for assassination, and it’s also the batch of cream of the crop.

“I just heard that Gao Sang assassinated Commander Reaper, and when I saw it today, it really happened,” Miyamoto Sanzang said in a hoarse voice.

In terms of battle strength, Reaper Commander is two to three times higher than normal C-Rank Reaper, no one knows how Gao Gong killed it.

So there was a rumor that the Reaper commander was actually assassinated by him.

Assassin, who is also a cream of the crop, Miyamoto Sanzo naturally wanted to meet this ‘New Generation assassin Master’.

“Haha, right?”

“Just borrowing foreign objects is not the right way. Gao Sang used Mr. Finger’s ‘medicine’ to succeed in the assassination.”

Gao Gong immediately understood that such ‘rumours’ of assassinating commander-level monsters were most likely released by Littlefinger.

The ads hit me in the head! The next time he splits the money, let him settle the advertising fee.

“So, what are you going to do to prove yourself by your strength?” Gao Gong said with great interest.

Miyamoto Sanzoshook the head and took out a bottle of ‘protective cream’ from his arms.

“The meaning of “old man” means that now old man also has crooked things. Coupled with the means of old man, the prey that will be assassinated in the future must be higher than Your Excellency.”


It wasn’t until Miyamoto Sanzang left that Gao Gong came back to his senses and smacking his lips.

“This old man, Interesting.”

“Brother Gao, are we’ll set off now to go hunting?”

“No hurry, go back first There are some things I haven’t figured out yet.”

The Rose Gasoline Bar is rarely empty today, and the high metal percussion has turned into a low jazz, with dim lights and a hoarse female voice. Create an ambiguous atmosphere.

As soon as Gao Gong entered, before he could react, he was pushed down on the sofa by Sister Rose. After a long while, he struggled, gasping for breath, his lips were filled with a fishy smell, and his mouth was bitten.

My dear, the average rich woman doesn’t have this battle strength. Is this the strength of a domineering female president?

“I’m very satisfied with your recent performance.”

Behind the bar, Sister Rose personally mixed a glass of wine for Gao Gong, the emerald eyes with red hair were slightly narrowed, and she was holding a pair of glasses. With a lady’s cigarette, the smile is very charming.

She should have said ‘desert skin’.

Gao Gong took a tissue and wiped his mouth, said with a smile: “Is everything resolved?”

“It is resolved, or rather, compromised.”


“How to solve it?” Gao Gong said curiously.

β€œI personally broke into his territory, put a gun to his head and asked him to sign a contract, and by the way, I took some illegal children to play outside.”

Darling, you can’t afford to offend cannot afford to offend.

Gao Gong stuffed the cherries from the wine glass into his mouth, puzzled: “How can the security team give in so much? Self-government and development rights, are they really willing?”

“Why can’t you bear it,” Black Rose said with a sneer: “The security corps itself is just a OEM, but it is a temporary authorization from the mechanical master, wearing a tiger’s skin to pretend to be a real tiger. Accepted.”

“Temporary permissions? You mean, the vigilantes are not on the Legion list of mechanical Legions, but who can modify the underlying logic of the mastermind? The cyber cowboys of cream of the crop are all Can’t do it.”

“I heard people say that the main brain of the city that never sleeps has the most powerful computing power among the nearby Machine Cities.”

“You heard that Have you ever been to the cloud nobles?”

Of course you have heard it, the planet nobles living in the annular space station known as the ‘City of Clouds’, the last main quest of the previous life Cyber Proving Ground is from the hands of these nobles Get the tickets for the Ark and escape from the exploded planet.

According to Sister Rose’s explanation, the security group itself is actually an unofficial organization that is half black and not white.

The reason why the Iron Sand Desert is so prosperous is that a certain or several cloud nobles used their privileges to obtain from the command library of the intelligent master mind of the city that never sleeps. Temporary authority to control the desert.

Although this permission is temporary, the ‘temporary’ period can be ‘provisioned’ all the time under some harassment operations.

Only one point, the content of this permission is to ensure the ‘safety’ of the desert.

And once the desert is not ‘safe’, this permission will be revoked immediately, and the real mechanical Legion will replace the vigilantes, control the desert, and fight against the radiation beasts.

And once the mechanical Legion settles in, then this huge gray interest chain that lasts several decades will be directly cut off.

Few people know about this matter, only a few desert tycoons, oh, and Sister Rose in front of you.

“So, as long as they can keep this interest, they would rather let others go to the table than let the AI overturn the table.”

The mechanical mastermind and the cloud nobles maintain a relationship. a state of equilibrium.

The cloud nobles and local power factions also maintain another balance.

Desert tycoons also divide their power territories and maintain a balance.

And once this balance is broken, it’s like a problem with the food chain, and everyone wants to become a higher-level hunter.

Wang Tian thought so, so he was eager to annex Black Rose’s underground intelligence network to expand his power, so as to use this as a basis to obtain better conditions from the cloud nobles.

Then he was slapped all over the head by Sister Rose, who had a deeper background.

“So, the cloud nobles would rather share their benefits with unfounded mechanical hunters than with this group of local tyrants.”

“That’s right.”

Sister Rose’s red lips are particularly attractive in the dim light, but her words are extraordinarily strong and domineering.

She ordered Gao Gong.

“So, you have to be the Number One Person for this hunt.”

“No problem,” Gao Gong grinned, unspeakably confident.

Black Rose squinted, “You don’t need my help?”

“At least this time, no,” Gao Gong grinned, “I never lie. Yes, especially if I don’t lie to you.”

Black Rose felt unfamiliar once again, the person in front of him had always been very confident, but the previous self-confidence stemmed from a fierceness that did not recognizing one’s family, but the current self-confidence, But there was something more she couldn’t see.

This made her inexplicably excited.

“Think about it clearly. If you don’t do this well, your end will be miserable.”

Sister Rose always speaks well, even if the other party is her little one If the wolfdog fails to fulfill his ambition, he will also be punished fiercely, or even killed on the spot.

“I wouldn’t say second time in the same way.”

Gao Gong leaned over and gently wiped Sister Rose’s lips with a tissue. Is the bright red lipstick good looking? Use, have some spent.

It’s not that Gao Gong has high morals, but based on his previous life experience, some rich women and bosses like this tune. , people turned around and kicked you.

And this kind of shitty tone that you get my person, but not my heart, or I like your person, not your money, can scratch each other very well of itching.

As expected, Sister Rose’s emerald eyes overflowed with light, and her red lips spit out: “Then you really have to do a good job, or I will punish you well.”

This tone is just right There’s no murderous aura at all, it’s all flirtatious.

“Then how are you going to punish me?”

“Kneel down.”

“In this posture, you think I’m the kind of vain talker Is it someone who benefits?” Gao Gong was furious.

“Then do you kneel?”


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