Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 3


Chapter 3 Desperate Retaliation

Gao Gong disappeared, leaving only Datan’s blood on the chair.

No. 201 immediately became alert, and the Vision Collector entered combat mode.

‘The enemy… flees… chases and kills. ‘

As a unique modifier for the Knight regiment, its prosthetic eyes have various functions such as visual imaging, infrared detection, sighting scopes, etc., plus the feature of half immortality, a large number of them are kept in the memory bank. Although it is only a low-level unit, the general mechanical hunter is not its opponent.

In the future Hydra campaign, these artificial soldiers will be broken into pieces, sneak into the sphere of influence of the ‘city that never sleeps’, camouflage, ambush, blast, once destroyed the logistics supply of the factory, supply the city The purely mechanical corps here has created a lot of trouble.

Even a player entering the plot, without the tactical cooperation of three characters above level 10, cannot kill this kind of mobs – under normal circumstances.

However, a creature like the player can always find strange spawning skills.

Although this small bug has been corrected in the later stage of the story, but now, it is a pre-expansion piece that players have not participated in!

At the same time when the perspective of No. 201 is changed to red, a heat source is hiding behind the wreckage of the truck not far away, hidden by the black smoke of the engine, quietly.

Just as the finger pressed the trigger, No. 201’s knee was hit with a violent blow. At the same time as he lost his balance, the ghost of Gao Gong’s silhouette appeared behind his back, and his left hand was like a pliers. It was inserted under the armpit, the muscles of the upper and lower arms rubbed upward along the humerus of the opponent’s upper arm, and the root of the palm hit the chin. At the moment when the fluid tube on the neck was exposed, the tactical dagger was inserted into the chin along the fluid tube.

“Mechanical ejaculation is also a disease. If you have a disease, you should treat it early, treat premature ejaculation early, and stop diarrhea in the late stage.”

[You have killed the artificial soldiers of the Knight regiment, experience +100]

[You used ‘fight’, causing ‘one strike certain kill ‘ to the target, experience +100]

At the same time when the opponent’s fluid tube spewed a large amount of liquid mixture , Gao Gong didn’t hesitate, suddenly turned around, using the opponent’s body as a shield, then fell to the ground and rolled, almost at the same moment, a series of bullets landed on the spot, the metal bullets ‘crackled’ hit the body, forming a regular pattern picture of.

The three remaining artificial soldiers have red lights in their eyes, transforming into emotionless killing machines.

The two on the north side, one left and one right looking for cover, the semi-automatic rifles in their hands were extremely steady, and the tongues of fire were spitting out.

As for the one on the west side, he threw off the walkie-talkie, hooked his index finger to the tactical pocket, and turned the 30-centimeter-long dagger in a circle while it was running. There were ripples in circles and circles, and the whole person looked like a wolf hunting.

“Enemy, clear it!”

“Individual tactics activated.”

“Attack! Attack! Attack!”

Battle In the mode, the artificial soldiers have no emotions, and they will not be killed immediately if their vital points are attacked, and the special metal on the surface of the head cannot be penetrated by ordinary sniper bullets – unless they fight close, cut the electronic brain and the fleshy body. The fluid tube destroys the electronic components inside the opponent’s head.

However, in the process of various ‘suicide’ monsters, players do not know which talent is the first to discover that the opponent’s electronic eyes can actually be ‘deceived’.

In the infrared world of the vision collector, a heat source was moving along the cover at an extremely fast speed, and the two lines of fire crossed, leaving less and less space for Gao Gong to hide.

Using firepower to cover up, another artificial soldier had already touched Gao Gong’s back. Inside the metal head, there was a sudden sound of high-speed engine rotation.

Charge Mode!

The visible redness and hotness of the naked eye on the metal surface, and the body’s function begins to increase.

In this mode, the artificial soldiers will ignore the human shackles of the cloned fleshy body, turn on the power at full power, and make all kinds of dangerous and strange killing actions, irreconcilable.

It kills twice as fast all of a sudden!

The opponent’s tactical boots fiercely stepped on a rock, the whole person was like a cobra that was ejected, and the whole person seemed to be stretched one third.

The heat source of the vision collector is suddenly divided into two.

The tactical dagger that was supposed to pierce the opponent’s neck actually stabbed in the air.

‘How come! ‘

The artificial soldier’s heart flickered with surprise.

Faux soldiers are fast, Gao Gong is even faster!

No. 203 sank, Gao Gong’s knees fell from the sky, slammed into the opponent’s intervertebral disc and pressed it to the ground, while the tactical dagger was inserted into the opponent’s back neck.

Blood water lasing!

The wind blew, Gao Gong raised his head sharply, a cold glow wiped across his cheek, and the arm of the artificial soldier was twisted 180 degrees in the opposite direction and inserted into his throat.

A ligament rupture seems to be heard in my ears.

‘Are you dying? ‘

Gao Gong’s heart was even more alert, his eyes swept away, the other hand had already taken out a pistol from the holster, the back of his head was like a long eye, and the black muzzle pointed directly at himself.

Without the slightest hesitation, Gao Gong’s right hand was directly plugged into the hole of the gun, next moment, the gunshot rang out, the back of the hand slammed violently, and the skin and flesh on the surface were torn apart, revealing the luster of silver white.


Compared with the metal outer skeleton, although the mechanical inner skeleton cannot be exaggeratedly transformed, it can seamlessly receive nerve signals and is better in small-scale combat, butβ€”β€”

It hurts!

[You lose 3 life]


Gao Gong’s eyes are bloodshot, his muscles are tense, his veins are bulging, and the inside of his knee The power of the micro motor increased again, the right hand grabbed the head, stepped on, twisted and pulled out, there was a loud noise, and the metal head of the other party was mixed with the biological implant in the shape of an awl, and it was pulled out alive.

The lower end of the biological implant is a pile of sensing elements, nerve shunt elements, and chemical catalysts. Electric sparks are mixed into the blood and water, and white smoke is exhaled.

[You have killed the artificial soldiers of the Knight regiment, EXP +100]

The two firepower chains immediately rolled over, but Gao Gong was already prepared, and with a flick of his palm, four The group of shadows shot in four directions.

Falling into the artificial soldier’s vision trap, the heat source splits into four and shoots in four directions.

The gunshots suddenly became chaotic.

Gao Gong’s normal attribute is a bit higher than that of artificial soldiers. In order to solve the battle as soon as possible, he used ‘primary level mechanical repair’ to make the motor system in his body enter an overload state. In this state , the five main attributes increased to about 16 points and 17 points, almost double that of artificial soldiers.

Although this state is not sustainable, it can only last for less than three minutes, but – enough.

In the eyes of the artificial soldiers, there are more and more heat sources, two, four, eight, as if a special squid fell from the sky and surrounded them.

Among them, a mass of heat is haunted, and every time it appears, it will bring death.

[You have killed the artificial soldiers of the Knight regiment, experience +100]

[You have killed the artificial soldiers of the Knight regiment, experience +100]

Until The last man-made soldier had his throat cut by Gao Gong, and none of them understood how these enemies who fell from the sky appeared.

‘ε‘²~’, Gao Gong gasped heavily, the smell of burnt artificial protein emanating from him, from extreme movement to extreme silence, some implanted machines in his body finally couldn’t hold up, and his elbow There was a sudden ‘snap’ sound, like a blown electrical appliance, and the surface was charred black.

“Fuck, it hurts!”

Players can adjust the pain. Unfortunately, NPCs do not have this function.

Gao Gong’s right hand lost its sense of touch and fell down, forming a weird arc between his forearm and forearm.

Overload comes at a price!

The ore fragments in his hand also naturally fell to the ground.

The ‘heat source’ is very simple. It’s either high-tech or a ignited energy mine.

Energy ore is a by-product of energy pollution. It looks like a variegated crystal. The easiest way to use it is to burn it. A piece of ore the size of a fingertip can burn for three days and three nights. It is Iron Sand. Cheapest fuel in Desert.

Once the energy ore is burned, in addition to becoming a heat source, it will also emit a kind of energy radiation, which will interfere with the visual capture of artificial soldiers.

– make them blind in ‘infrared mode’.

If you are an artificial soldier, according to normal logic, cancel the combat mode and use normal sight instead.

Not really.

Once the combat program of the artificial soldier is activated, the infrared field of view will be locked, and it cannot be switched to the normal state until all the enemies are killed.

The original intention of this lock mode is to stimulate the fighting desire of these artificial soldiers, who also didn’t expect to have such hardware problems.

In the final analysis, it is the reason why artificial soldiers are ‘low-end consumables’.

Low-level soldiers are not high-end goods, they can be used, and they don’t need to be debugged so carefully.

Gao Gong can be sure that this squadron should be coming to Iron Sand Desert not long ago.

The Knights’ production line fixed the problem after countless artificial soldiers were killed in this way in the player-participated ‘Beast Disaster’ expansion.

Sure enough, it’s still good in the early game, bugs are stuck, and equipment can be played casually.

Gao Gong took out a cigarette case from the deceased. On the cigarette case, a bionic girl full of pipes was acting coquettishly.

‘Smoking is harmful to health, Seagull No. 2 virtual experience machine will bring you a higher level of spiritual enjoyment’

“What a bad advertisement.”

Gao Gong was holding a cigarette while cleaning up the spills of war with one hand awkwardly, and his consciousness had a tendency to blur again.

In his current state, let alone an artificial soldier, an ordinary person can kill him.

The reality of this game is that the lower the blood volume, the worse the state.

That’s why Gao Gong had to take a gamble.

It’s not that he didn’t make money, Gao Gong grabbed a gun and the system panel automatically identified it.

Name: Assault

Type: Kinetic Submachine Gun

Quality: Whiteboard

Weight: 2.8kg

Caliber: 7.62mm

Basic attribute: DPS: 156 (output damage per second) Attack power: 16 Fire rate: 8.89 attacks/sec, magazine capacity: 35, effective range: 120~220 meters

Scope bar: Empty, Plug-in bar: Empty

Remarks: This is a weapon with good performance, except that it can’t hit anyone, everything else is good.

“Fart, where do you think this is, the mother city, add a prosthetic plug-in for you, and a smart template, preferably a miniature rocket launcher, it’s beautiful! This is the radiation area, In the periphery zone, the firearm itself is hard currency!”

Gao Gong groaned for the handle of the gun while complaining about the system.

“At first glance, these guns look like weapons sold privately by overseas arsenals. They are good things!” Bulletproof vests, five pistols, and five daggers. The price of submachine guns on the market is 100 mechanical coins. This kind of arsenal can add at least 50 yuan; pistols 50~60, plus bulletproof vests and daggers, the overall harvest is about one Thousands of mechanical coins came out.

Mechanical Coins are the exclusive currency of Iron Sand Desert and can be traded with factories.

In the gasoline bar, a piece of nutritional cream is only 1 machine coin, and one anti-radiation medicine is 10 machine coin. If you don’t spend a lot of money, the monthly living cost of a mechanical hunter is only 100 machine coin.

And the original owner’s income from a normal mission is only so much. Many times the mission fails, not only has no money to get it, but also spends money to repair the equipment.

However, in the original owner’s memory, the preparatory citizenship card cost him a 6-digit price!

Gao Gong was so distressed that he couldn’t breathe when he thought of this.

Oh, he’s a mechanical heart and can’t get heartache.

“This mission is definitely a ghost, there are black hands who bought the Knight group, specifically targeting Lao Tzu!”

“Wait, wait for Lao Tzu to investigate and find out the secret mastermind, a Don’t let it go!”

Gao Gong’s heart hurts again when he thinks of repairing the mechanical body, and his shriveled wallet is about to bleed again.

“I don’t know if this one can be sold.”

Gao Gong glanced at the four tin heads in the back seat of the car. These ‘soldiers’ were all hardware damaged. In fact, it can still be used after a repair. The companies in the city should be interested in the biotechnology of the Knight group. If it can be sold, it will also be an income.

“Talk back to 203, reply to 203!” A heavy voice came from the walkie-talkie.

“If you don’t buy insurance, don’t buy a house, don’t apply for a loan, don’t apply for a card, all the above calls are recorded, and the liar is rude.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m your father you never met,” Gao Gong introduced himself as he opened the hood.

The vehicle of the Knight regiment is a disguised off-road vehicle, which burns the extract of energy ore. The motor system and on-board energy system are very similar to the electric vehicle of his previous life, but the motor is one size larger. , The ‘battery’ is like a high-tech version of a steam engine, with a cold metallic feel on the surface, with countless pipes extending out, and you can vaguely see the flow of gas, full of wasteland wind.

With the knowledge of [Mechanical Transformation], he quickly understood the principle, opened the trunk, found tools, skillfully separated the circuit, inserted three black rubber cables, The other end goes into the adapters on the inside of the knee and the inside of the wrist (the one is broken).

After the circulatory system is modified, the heart is no longer a deadly organ (although it will still be seriously injured if pierced), but a large battery.

And this is just the first step of the original owner’s ambition.

The ultimate goal of the original owner is to replace all human body parts with electronic organs and bionic parts, and evolve from human form to pure-blooded robot.

In his mind, the mechanical body is the strongest!

(End of this chapter)

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