Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 30


Chapter 30 Radiation Circle

With the decision of the War Center, the hunting war began almost immediately.

“Die! Die! Fuck you!!”

On more than a dozen modified off-road vehicles, the ammunition chain of the machine gun did not stop turning for almost a moment, and the barrel of the gun never stopped. Even more hot.

Across from them, a small horde of radiant beasts fell to the ground like reaping wheat, and then a more violent explosion burst out from the corpse, causing secondary damage to the companions.


Another wave of mechanical hunters jumped off the truck one after another. These people were all walking the melee flow route, and their arms were not transformed into big swords and chainsaws. , that is, a thick steel plate is inlaid on the chest. These melee hunters rarely undergo one or two prosthetic transformations, and more often they are three or four times, or even five or six times.

The degree to which these people are mechanized makes them more like humanoid machines.

The chainsaw slashed on the metal skin of the mechanical biochemical beast, and the steel fist fiercely slammed it on the wild beast’s forehead, one, two, three times until the opponent’s brains were punched out, and then The bionic leather was peeled off from the palm of the hand, and the fingertip electric drill was fiercely inserted into the key point of the radiation beast, accompanied by the spray of machine fluid and blood, to grab the radiation source forcibly.

“The hunter is the strongest!” The man roared fiercely, tearing off half of his heart in one bite.

“Brothers, look at the plane I’m sending you!”

A Captain standing on the head of the truck with a walkie-talkie, laughed heartily.

Next moment, two factory bombers emerged from the clouds, dived into the battlefield, their abdomens opened, dozens of missiles tracked the target, dozens of tons of explosives followed closely from behind, and a three-story-high explosion The flames stirred up strong winds and waves, and wherever they passed, the herds of beasts were blasted out of large blank areas.

“The Radiant Beast is merely this too!”

“Captain, can’t we get on?”

The members of the Fire Thieves hurriedly looked towards their Captain, In terms of firepower, they are ten times as powerful as the others.

“What’s the hurry, what’s on now, it’s all a matter of death,” unexpectedly, Wilson, who has always been irritable and irritable, rejected the proposal.

Behind him, there are nearly a hundred team members wearing outer skeletons. They are tall and have sinister eyes.

There are also three heavy tanks in the middle, and the barrels of the tanks are covered with light and outline thick shadows.

“But Captain, these ordinary wild beasts are all good materials for earning points. It’s a pity to miss it!”

Wilson was furious and kicked the talking team member out of the car. Kicked down.

“Are you Captain or Lao Tzu is Captain, you brat knows shit!”

Southern Defense Line

mechanic squad is orderly debugging machinery, one after another An automated weapon is being air-dropped by a drone onto a predetermined point of fire.

Their weapons are all specific combinations of weapons, which are being adjusted, installed, and hidden on the spot by hundreds of small robots.

In a mechanical squad, all combat is done by automated machines, and the players are just the operators of the machines.

A communication station

mechanic Huang Wenzheng kept typing on the keyboard.

His spider hands are too fast to be seen with naked eyes.

On the spider’s hand, the ‘buttons’ of each joint are nerve-strengthening nodes. This is a pre-war strengthening technology, and it is also a necessary transformation for military logistics personnel.

On the virtual screen, bar charts flashed continuously, and each red bar represented the radiation value of a herd. At this moment, the red bars were rising crazily.

The green column, which represents defensive power, remains unstable.

“Let the team check the data sheet again, some key data are wrong.”

Huang Wen is very calm, calm as if playing a strategy game.

Western Front

Blood Mine Hills

On a hill, more than a dozen gray eyes said nothing.

In their eyes, the battlefield is another look. The radiation of different levels turns into tidal rivers of different colors, which are now merging into the ocean with the battle and submerging.

“Original sin strikes, Turing God bless!”

Grey-eyed Adrian, in addition to his identity as a mechanical hunter, is also the first metal legend of Turingism, his eyes It is the ‘eye of charcoal’, which can see the true knowledge from the electric grid network, and can also see the twisted demons in the radiation ecology.

East Route

Matsushima Keiko’s pair of short legs are constantly bouncing, and the knife grip is repeatedly rubbing the mechanical handle, making ‘crunch’ and ‘crunch’. sound.

“Daisyra, I thinkβ€””


“I’ll just cut one, secretly, to make sure I won’t be found.”



Watching Matsushima Keiko clinging to the corner of her clothes and calling out, Daisy Pull sighed.

“Keiko, do you know what is the most frightening part of radiation beasts?”

“It’s the environment, the radiation environment where the beasts are located. In this environment, All electronic devices fail, but wild beasts are like a fish back in water, and they can even spy on us through a fallen leaf, a tree stem.”

Keiko’s eyes lit up and she opened her mouth.

Before Keiko could speak, Daisy continued to add:

“I know what you’re trying to say, wild beasts are at their weakest when they leave the lair, but You have to understand one thing, radiation circles are not born, they are born of radiation wild beasts.”

“Daisyra, you mean, they are breeding new radiation fields?” Song Shima Keiko was stunned.

“Yes, fighting will only accelerate the formation of the radiation field.”

Keiko Matsushima understood.

“Then what are we doing now?”

“Wait,” Daisyla calmly said: “The energy of wild beast is not infinite, and when the radiation ecology is formed, it will be It’s the moment when their own energy is at their weakest, and that’s when we act.

The war lasted a day and a night

There are constantly mechanical hunters who are wounded and come back repaired, and some hunters who are just hurriedly replaced As soon as the body is defined, it will start again.

As a Mechanical Transformer, although the stamina is not as good as that of a machine, it is more than ten times that of an ordinary person.

And I don’t know why Since then, a giant electronic screen has been added to the gate of Gasoline Town.

The battlefield recorder will automatically record and play the wonderful hunting scenes, and the audience will be excited.

In the center of the screen, there is a Ranking List.

Among them, Ranked First hunted 200 E-rank wild beasts on the first day, which is really fierce.

“Is it the Marauder Squad, they’ve been in the limelight lately. “

“as it should be by rights, their squad are all Mechanical Transformers.” “

“What about the veteran teams, Edelweiss, Grayeye, and Creepers, what are they doing?” “

“I’ve been eliminated, the predators today are them a few years ago, the old team before them, do you remember? “

“It’s open, it’s open!” “

“Is the old team coming from behind?” Or will the Predator continue to sit first as a dark horse? ”

In addition to betting dogs who know that there is no hope for competition and are keen to open the market, people with a heart are more concerned about the direction of those veteran teams.

Fire thieves, mechanic, creepers, Grey eyes, edelweiss.

What are these veteran teams doing now?

“I thought I saw the Creepers when I was hunting. “

“Oh? What are they doing? “The other person was refreshed.

“When I left, the Creepers were surrounded by beasts, and the situation was not good,” said the man after a moment’s hesitation.

“impossible , they must have arranged otherwise, holding back a big one. “

It is indeed a big move. In the middle of the night, a news came.

All the Creepers were trapped in the herd and destroyed.

” Creepers are dead! ? “

“Really or not, are the herds so terrifying.” “

“Do you have a feeling that the more wild beast kills, the harder it is to fight?” “

“Fuck, do you feel this way too, the skin that could be pierced by a single bullet before can’t be pierced now.” ”

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

The Marauder Squad is still in the lead, with nearly 500 prey dead at their hands, while some tough Newcomers have also made their debut.

The Chainsaw Massacre, Strange Octopus, Biochemical Fiend, Dog Hunter, Bomber…

The old squad remains silent.

In the data center of the munitions warehouse, a group of battlefield analysts are analyzing the situation of the battle, and the scene is very enthusiastic.

“There are people behind the Marauder Squad. They use D73-type miniature missiles, all-inclusive Covered outer skeleton armor, as well as EMP bombs, are weapons against the rebels. “

“The herd is producing the radiation field faster than we calculated.” “

“As of twelve o’clock today, the radiation fields of F-rank and E-rank have been conceived. “

“The battlefield will soon increase in intensity, and we need to increase logistical support.” “

“How about consuming another wave of Mechanical Hunters?” ”

β€œIgnore it for the time being, the old-fashioned Squad will not end the game for a long time, this kind of consumption is meaningless. ”

Director Zhou was banging on the table, and the situation was a bit unexpected.

With such a big cake, these Old Foxes didn’t take the bait?

Sure enough, I have been dealing with robots for a long time, and my eloquence has deteriorated.

“Where’s the predator squad, have you reached the supply point? A new batch of weapons is waiting for them to receive. “

“It’s here,” an answerer face changed, excitedly said: “They reported to us that there was a hunting plan, and the plan was to hunt the D-Rank Radiant Beast Tribe!” ”

(end of this chapter)

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