Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 31


Chapter 31 Factory Thrills

In Iron Sand Desert, E-rank herds do not necessarily have D-rank leaders, However, the D-Rank other herds will definitely have C-Rank Radiant beasts to lead them.

The higher the level of the Radiant Beast, the more likely it is to form a Genetic Territory.

They need the same kind to share the backlash of high temperature radiation.

Predator squads are not very ambitious when it comes to hunting D-Rank herds.

While Director Zhou was happy, he was soon caught up in another trouble.

Gasoline kills people!

The one who died was a mechanical hunter, his chest was torn open, and some of the mechanical parts in his body were eaten clean.

It’s not a murder, it’s a wild beast coming in and eating people.

And it’s not an ordinary wild beast. According to the monitoring, there is no trace of the ‘murderer’ in all the roads that may pass through the residence of the deceased.

This shows that the ‘murderer’ is a stealth beast, but I don’t know whether it is biological stealth or electromagnetic interference. The former can also be detected by infrared vision, similar to a chameleon, while the latter is troublesome, not only can it be invisible , can also damage electronic equipment.

The Gasoline Town is in the rear. If you can touch it here, you can also touch the police station.

Director Zhou gritted his teeth.

“Double the defense force, and not only have robots, but also live guards at important locations!”

“Also, inform the Old Fox and let them hurry up! Do it, or transfer me back to base camp!”

The correspondent quickly spread the news to the front lines.

“Oh, it’s time for him to hurry.”

Wilson threw the walkie-talkie away and twisted his stout neck.

“Little guys, get ready, we’ll be dispatched tonight!”

While at the communication station, Huang Wen looked at the screen calmly.

A line of words flashes repeatedly on the screen.

‘The radiation value has reached its peak’

‘The radiation value has reached its peak’

“Don’t worry, we will do it soon.”

Daisyla turned off the communication device, stood up, took off the electromagnetic explosion-proof shield with her left hand, raised two magnetic storm shock guns with her right hand, and yelled at her subordinates.

“On the day of the return of glory, when the Knight goes to battle!!”

Behind her, dozens of melee hunters looked fiercer than wild beast, and roared with swords in hand.

Southern Route

Desolate and unmanned

An armored war chariot parked in front of an empty pile of rubble, wearing sunglasses and carrying a long knife. Gao Gong knocked on the car door, waking the dozing tin.

“Let’s go, we’re going to do it too.”

“Are we going to do it finally?” Ironhide said in a trance.

Pang Xiang in the back seat is still sleeping.

β€œYeah, let’s go.”

Gao Gong has been stomping on for three days.

In the end, he decided to make the South the main battlefield, rather than the familiar Western Front.

This is close to another oasis, also a suburb of another metropolitan area.

It’s just that the industry here is not a car park, but a large number of abandoned factories.

The Oasis New Steel City is built in an industrial park.

A large factory area is bound to store a large amount of discarded metal materials.

This is a natural supply point.

The complex factory environment is a suitable assassination battlefield.

Gao Gong glanced at the battlefield recorder, and the Ranking List automatically appeared on the screen. Looking at the up-and-coming rookie, he was laughed with disapproval.

What a deadly act to play with the radiation wild beast before the radiation circle is formed.

The predecessor of Gao Gong saw a lot of powerful Mechanical Transformer. For various reasons, he died tragically in this radiation zone.

Are they not strong?

still not enough alert?


It is arrogant and conceited!

The sky was dark, but the abandoned steel factory was still ‘brightly lit’. After the radiation circle was formed, the circuit system of the factory began to operate spontaneously, and some distorted seeds took root and sprouted along the cable and grew all the way. To the electric box, a lot of Metal Attribute vines began to cover the surface of the plant, and some jerky fruits lit up like light bulbs.

If this situation develops for another ten years, I don’t know that another metropolitan area will not be formed here.

The armored war chariot is parked 100 meters away from an abandoned factory.

Iron looked excited, rubbing the steering wheel with both hands repeatedly.

After many years, he had the thrill of delivering to the ‘gang’ again.

“Brother Gao, don’t you need me to help you?” Pang Xiang said blankly.

“No, let’s take a Small Scale Chopper today.”

If I have to say what I have gained in the past few days, it is that he has measured Chuan Xiang’s attribute.

Name: Fat Xiang

Race: Carbon-based Aberrations

HP: 530/530

Stamina: 400/400

Bio energy: 195

Personal attribute: Strength 27 Agility 8 Stamina 31 Intelligence 3 Perception 6 Character 17

Skills: Throwing heavy objects lv5, firearms Repair lv8, stick type lv3 (advanced), distortion lv2 (elite)

If the original owner took the ‘double-flower red stick’ template, then Fat Xiang is the meat shield mode!

No wonder Aunt Xiang released him with confidence. As far as HP and stamina are concerned, some people believe the D-Rank monsters who are said to be elite templates.

This is the IQ, and it has to be trained.

Gao Gong thought about it and took out a basket of grenades he bought from an old friend’s gun store.

“Pang Xiang, when the iron sheet opens the roof of the car, you will be responsible for throwing the fruit. Wherever there are more monsters, throw them away!”

Pang Xiang nodded hard.

“Don’t worry, Brother Gao, I lost it. When my mother was hungry, I secretly went outside to get some fruit to eat. Every time I hit it, I was sure.”

Gao Gong patted the opponent’s head.

“Get used to the atmosphere first, and after you get used to it, I will use you to fight the boss.”

“Boss, can you go? I feel like a thread has already begun. Keep an eye on us.”

Tiepi was excited, and all the slang words of excitement burst out.

“Let’s go, remember, the bigger the noise, the better, but see that the situation was far from good, run away immediately.”

“Don’t worry, boss, I’ve been delivering for so many years, and I haven’t been caught once.”

This guy’s driver must have at least an lv8.

“Let’s go!”

The armored war chariot ‘boom’, all split up and in pieces directly hit the factory gate, and several small mechanical beasts blocking the front are still Before he could react, he was swept under the armor and crushed to pieces by the 20-ton weight, without even making a scream.

Although Gao Gong did not install ferocious weapons on this armored war chariot due to lack of time and funds, the armored vehicle itself is already a very ferocious beast.

Gao Gong pulled the door open a gap, and three human-headed dogs sneaked down from the gap in the car door.

In the field of view of Gao Gong’s right eye, three small red dots are moving towards three directions rapidly.

These human-headed dogs are implanted with the lowest desert skin.

It’s no different from those mechanical biochemical beasts.

The function of ‘skin’ is not actually to cut off the electronic signal, but to ‘digest’ the electronic signal in another way by adjusting the biomagnetic field.

So even in this environment, Gao Gong doesn’t have to worry about being discovered using electronic devices.

On the other side, Pang Xiang was like a humanoid bomber. He smirked while his palms didn’t stop. The explosion sound was almost continuous. Where there are many radiating beasts, there will inevitably be grenade fruit. , Within 500 meters, where to hit, the accurate head is comparable to a sniper.

“I found a treasure, it’s really a good material for MT.”

Gao Gong muttered, flicked his wrist, next moment, he disappeared into the car.

The abandoned factory is not one, but several, and when the armored war chariot rampages in the most ferocious way, it naturally causes the siege of the herd.

“Fat Xiang, get your head back!”

Iron Man yelled while frantically turning the steering wheel.


Almost as Pang Xiang retracted his head, a series of bullets landed on the bulletproof glass.

This is not an enemy attack, but the ‘guns and guns’ among the mechanical biochemical beasts.

As the name suggests, this type of mechanical beast can fuse human weapons and feed on bullets.

Some other high-level ‘guns and guns’, the caliber firepower is no less than mechanical hunters.

At the intersection of the corner, the armored war chariot was shocked and almost knocked over to the ground.

Fortunately, the black car that Tin Hide has been driving for so many years is not in vain. At the critical moment, his superb driving skills are vividly and thoroughly displayed, and Pang Xiang doesn’t seem to be in danger at all. He ‘wow’ The mouth opened wide, and the fat face was pressed against the glass.

A huge black shadow almost wrapped around the entire armored vehicle.

What a big snake!

Almost as soon as he escaped from the snake’s kiss, there was another shock from the top of the driver’s seat, and an obvious depression appeared above the iron’s head.

Iron shivered, subconsciously clicking on the roof camera.

On the screen, a giant metal scorpion climbed on top of the armored war chariot.

Its pliers hold the jet-powered device.

dong! dong!! dong!! !

One metal depression after another is created.

“Fuck, this is much more exciting than delivery!”

Iron-clad sweated profusely. A lift plate was broken, and a large amount of steel fell, which smashed the scorpion back.

Before Ironhide could breathe a sigh of relief, a group of mechanical wolves pounced on them again, with a half-metal, half-bone machine gun hanging above each wolf’s waist.

The metal raindrops came.

This is a bunch of gunslingers!

(End of this chapter)

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