Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 32


Chapter 32 Two Assassination Masters

A 7th Layer High Administrative Building

A naked eye is hard to see The thin line is sliding down a little bit.

When sliding through a piece of glass, a nearly transparent human figure could be vaguely seen through the glass.

β€œIt’s really lively.”

Gao Gong muttered to himself.

The life of attracting monsters is not dangerous, of course it is dangerous, but if you don’t face the danger directly, you will face death in the future.

He doesn’t know whether powerful characters like Black Rose and Professor Han can survive in normal history.

But in the animal disaster, Aunt Xiang and her son will never survive.

Since Pang Xiang has the aptitude to survive, Gao Gong will try his best to temper him so that he can have the power to protect himself in the future natural disasters.

Of course, it was for himself too.

A person can’t stop the trend.

A group of people have this possibility.

“Huh? A dog has found its prey?”

Gao Gong touched his chin, flicked his wrist, and the single-molecule hook swung back.

The next moment, his legs slammed against the edge of the window, the micro motor increased the horsepower, next moment, the whole person jumped three meters in the air.

With another flick of the wrist, the single-molecule hook sticks out, grabs a lift, and throws the whole body forward.

A few mechanical biochemical beasts on the ground looked up, but did not sense any living creatures, and soon lowered their heads again and gnawed at the steel bars.

However, this ‘Spider-Man’ mode can only be maintained within a range of 10 meters, and cannot move around in tall buildings like that little spider.

If Gao Gong did this, first the muscles would be torn apart, then the motor would explode, and finally the titanium golden bone would be torn apart.

According to the cartoon setting, the power of the little spider can reach up to 20t. If Gao Gong wants to be like the other party, he must at least turn 2, that is, after level 60, and he must undergo special biological transformation.

Coincidentally, no matter which planet, once the carbon-based civilization reaches Level 3, a heroic culture will be born, and superspeciesism will also be born. revolution’.

But now, I can play the mechanical version of the wolf first.

Soon, Gao Gong appeared in a place marked by a human-headed dog.

It was a huge metal tree, the body of the tree was as thick as a hug, and the stem was like an electric drill, cutting scrap iron and swallowing metal.

On the surface of the tree body, a thick layer of metalloproteins is being secreted, metal modeling and layer-by-layer construction, which feels like 3D printing.

“C-Rank’s metal lair.”

Gao Gong squinted his eyes, if this thing grows successfully, it will become a living ‘residential building’, by providing ‘ House’, constantly attracting mechanical biochemical beasts to transform into guardian beasts, settle down and thrive.

This is also one of the most difficult species to eradicate in the metropolitan area. Even with heavy weapons, air-to-ground missiles, and thermonuclear bombs, it is difficult to completely destroy each other.

It is a standard B-Rank radiation ecology when it is mature.

But right now, Gao Gong didn’t hesitate, holding the red unicorn with one hand, the electromagnetic exciter turned on full power, the blade light flickered, and the blade chopped off a sonic boom.

The metal lair seemed to sense something, the metal thorn-like roots began to roll up, and the crown above it also closed down like a coat of armor.

But it’s too late!

[You deal 1315 damage to Metal Lair]

[You have killed C-Class Metal Lair, EXP +720]

Wait Gao Gong After returning the knife to the sheath, the sound of ‘ka-cha’ came from behind, and half of the tree body fell to the ground with a strong smell of metal rust.

And after Gao Gong left, a group of small mechanical biochemical beasts were attracted by static.

The growth time is too short, and the metal lair has not even been raised to guard the herd.

Half an hour later, Gao Gong appeared on a construction site that was not fully constructed, aiming his sniper rifle at the Radiant Corpse Commander not far away.

This radiant corpse is nearly 3 meters tall, with knotted muscles on its body. What’s even weirder is that it has radiation organs similar to ‘liver’ hanging on its chest and shoulders.

Under the blessing of the radiation organ, its radiation power can control all the radiation corpses around it.

There are at least thousands of radiation corpses wandering around on this construction site.

The next moment, the faint sound of gunfire.

The upper body of the large radiant corpse shook violently, and he slowly lowered his head. He saw a bullet with the length of an index finger stuck on his chest, and the surface of the bullet was hot and smoking.

[You deal 131 damage to the Radiant Corpse Commander with a ‘T5 armor-piercing bullet’]

Another small gunshot, this time the abdomen.

However, its abdomen has no steel-like muscles, and the bullet passes through the abdomen and hits the tower crane behind.

[You use ‘T5 armor-piercing projectile’ to deal 231 damage to the Radiant Corpse Commander]

This time, the Radiant Corpse Commander let out a scream of rage.

Next moment, the radiating organ emits yellow light.

At the same time, all the Radiant Corpses had the same yellow eyes and rioted.

Invisible radiating forces churned the entire site.

[You enter a state of light radiation, all attributes are -8%, lasts for one day, and you generate a certain body mutation]

[Your body mutation is canceled]

[You are marked by the radiation force]

[Because of the subcutaneous radiation shield, you cannot be marked]

Gao Gong slowly pulled the trigger and fired a third shot, And before the radiant corpse touched, the silhouette stepped back and disappeared into the darkness.

Compared with mechanical biochemical beasts, radiation beasts have more diverse powers, including super powers, physical distortions, and biochemical pollution.

But their blood volume is not high, not even half of the same level Reaper’s commander, and it does not have the heavy steel shell of Reaper.

But with five shots, the three radiation organs on the Radiant Corpse Commander were like short-circuited light bulbs, flickering and flickering, as if they were about to explode at any moment.

Next moment, one silhouette suddenly came from the sky, the image of the knife is the cold moon on the horizon, the blood-colored blade light flashed, and the radiating organ on the shoulder was cut off by the root.

The radiator commander screamed, but a treacherous color flashed in his eyes. One palm suddenly opened, turning into a large serrated mouth, and on the other palm, a straight bone knife was ejected. out.

The two attacked Gao Gong, one left and one right.

This radiant corpse is very clear that the mechanical hunter covets the radiation organs on its body. When it sees that it is not good, it will be affected by greed and harvest in melee.

So it has already deployed a biological energy storage mode in the body.

On the system panel, the blood volume of the radiator commander suddenly soared by 500.

Gao Gong was expressionless, bowed his head slightly, and flashed past the opponent’s right hand that swelled three meters. With a twist of his wrist, the blood-red blade light just swept across the opponent’s abdomen, bringing out a series of dirty things.

[You apply a bleeding effect to the enemy, increasing the attack power by 5% (one layer)]

At the same time, the Gao Gong silhouette turns, the darkness is like a windbreaker, only the red light flashed away .

The Radiant Corpse Commander screamed again, and his right eyeball was directly blown.

[You apply a bleed effect to the enemy, increasing the attack power by 5% (second layer)]

The continuous stacking ‘Drinking’ effect makes the eyes in the dark more frenzy.

The Blade Technique is like a chaotic dance of blood.

The rebuilt ‘Red Unicorn’ blade has been reduced from nearly two meters long to one meter three, which is specially designed to match the new fighting style.

And the attack speed and attack power of ‘Dark Night Warrior’ also make up for the lack of lethality of medium-sized knives.

The radiant corpse commander absolutely didn’t expect , a sniper whose melee ability is even higher than himself.

It howled loudly, surrounded by radiant corpses around it.

But Gao Gong’s stance wasn’t the least bit confusing.

blade light cuts off the last radiating organ just like lsp caressing the skin of a beauty.

[You deal 135 damage to the Radiant Corpse Commander]

[You have killed a C-rank Radiant Corpse, EXP +610]

Gao Gong Glancing at the corpse, there was no expression.

He wasn’t interested in such low-grade radiation organs.

As soon as the leader dies, the surrounding radiant corpses will go into rampant mode completely.

Just before the swarm of radiant corpses rushed up, Gao Gong put his knife in the sheath, flicked his wrist, and the silhouette disappeared into the darkness once again.

‘I don’t know if I can find a suitable radiation organ tonight. ‘

Another important reason why Gao Gong is so active in hunting bosses is to find a suitable radiation organ.

Many mechanical hunters are only interested in mechanical modification and prosthetic installation.

But they ignored that, right under their noses, it was a paradise for biological transformation.

There is nowhere more Radiant Beasts than Iron Sand Desert.

The killings of the night don’t happen in just one place.

On the second day, when the electronic cards at the entrance of Gasoline Town were refreshed, everyone’s eyes fell.

No amount of crazy gamblers would have thought of this scene.

Except for Ranked First’s marauder squad, the second to ninth places were all replaced.

The new rank is –

mechanic squad

Fire Thieves squad

Edelweiss squad

Gasoline Worshipers

Symbiosis Squad

Grey-Eyed Cultists

Miyamoto Sanzo

Gao Gong

Black God

“This, this, thisβ€””

“Impossible, is it a problem with the electronic card, or is there a bug in the battlefield communication device?”

How many It’s okay to be an old-fashioned hunting squid, and my colleagues vaguely feel that they are holding back their big moves, but the symbiotic squid, the gasoline worshipper, and the black godβ€”β€”

Who are these three to send?

The origins of the ‘gasoline admirers’ were quickly uncovered.

“You mean, they are the people of warlords?”

“Why should warlords join the war in our line of business!”

“That group of scumbags Dogs are not as good.”

“Oh, without the group of native trash you said, the defense line would have exploded a long time ago.”

The screams and noises continued.

The ‘Gasoline Worshipers’ are the subordinates of a certain Aboriginal warlord.

The achievement must be the water of the ocean.

However, since you can play electronic cards, at least it means that this ‘organizational scoring’ behavior is also in line with the rules.

After the quarrel and complaint ended without a hitch, the mechanical hunters soon turned their attention to another level.

Single player to hunt the highest level monster.

Gao Gong, Miyamoto Sanzang.

In a sense, these two are ruthless characters who are on the list by single-playing monster leaders.

The last few chapters have been relatively watery.

The definition of water is that it is clearly advancing the plot, but it feels as bland as plain water.

This is also my old problem, forcibly opening the plot, ignoring the characters, character conflicts, and background enhancement.

There is no difference between writing and not writing the result.

This should not be the way a web article should be written.

I will try to change it.

With my innate talent, I’m afraid I won’t be able to see results in a short period of time.

First bow to everyone


(End of this chapter)

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