Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 33


Chapter 33 Manipulated Gambling

Miyamoto Sanzo, the assassin master hunter, is also the oldest qualified auto city , One of the strongest mechanical hunters; according to rumors, he was the ace killer of a mysterious assassination organization. Because the assassination mission failed, he came to this radiation zone in order to escape the pursuit of the organization.

Compared to assassinating the prey, what his colleagues are more worried about is that he is actually going back to his old business.

As for Gao Gong, he is also a veteran mechanical hunter from the Motor City, and a lone wolf player with rich experience and strong skills.

Especially the hunting performance a while ago, like shedding body, exchanging bones, being reborn, the rumors of the Great Rift Valley’s heavy damage are simply self-defeating under this performance.

And in the top ten Ranking List, these two are also the only one category, relying on the existence of assassination of the C-Rank wild beast leader.

And the number of hunted by two peopleβ€”β€”

Miyamoto Sanzo, 13 C-Rank wild beasts, Gao Gong, 9 C-Rank wild beasts.


“Hey, I really want to see the hands-on scene of these two people, don’t hide it!”

“Yes, I strongly urge the security team to disclose the assassination technique of these two people. .”

“What method did these two people use to kill those metal-wrapped monsters?”

Outside the gasoline town, Lao Sun and Aunt Xiang were staring at the Ranking List. To be precise, Lao Sun is staring at the Ranking List, while Aunt Xiang is looking at Lao Sun.

“How is it, is he qualified?”

“tsk tsk, the current youngster is amazing, look at that mechanic, it actually drops weapons and uses algorithms to handle it. The strength of firepower, such an exquisite means; and the beard’s outer skeleton propelling, this is the authentic mechanical corps style! Oh, and the three-handed woman, they are actually melee style hunter squads, rare, too rare , high-tech melee weapons, how did we didn’t expect…”

Aunt Xiang coldly snorted, said: “Don’t change the subject, I ask you, does that kid meet your requirements? ?”

Old Sun’s eyes flickered, “How do you say this, it’s hard to say, no, it’s too far off, what monsters did he assassinate, just formed a radiation circle, his own power It consumes most of the wild beast, is this a C-Rank? I think the battle strength is at most D+, how can this be considered to complete the task, no, no, it is too far, I have to observe and observe.”

Aunt Xiang was sighed, and suddenly scolded: “I also said that I am indecisive, I think you are the indecisive person, you have retired for ten years, how long do you want to retire, retire to old age, retire to Death!?”

Old Sun shook his shoulders and left here as if to escape, muttered as he walked: “I have to think again, think again.”

And The Ranking List is almost a day-to-day change after the veteran hunting squid.

As soon as these Old Fox were shot, the number of radiant wild beasts hunted was almost double that of the previous days, and the multiple was still multiplying. The output stream, Wilson’s small mechanical corps, and even the terrifying weapons of the symbiotic square formidable power, and the super-mechanized mode of the super rookie Black God, all made them feast for the eyes. It turns out that the mechanical hunter can be so strong!

And at first, the predator with the most momentum, the ranking is steadily declining, from the first, to the second, to the fourth and fifth, and it is difficult to stabilize at the fifth place. .

In the case of this kind of public battle report, the controversy between Miyamoto Sanzang and Gao Gong is getting bigger and bigger.

Without it, on this electronic list, those on the list have the right to choose whether to share the battle scene.

Others agree, because the role of fame in the desert is second only to martial power, equal to better salary, better assignments, and better team members.

Only these two people, like strippers who refuse to take off their clothes, scratch people’s hearts.

In addition, these two are giving tit for tat. Generally, you kill a radiation beast, I will kill a stronger radiation beast. Lower than C-Rank.

Although leaving the old radiation circle, the strength of the radiation wild beast will decrease to a certain extent, C+ becomes C, C becomes C-, and C- becomes D+, but only those who have actually been on the battlefield Only then did the mechanical hunters understand how difficult these wild beasts at the high level were.

And since the list, the two have been constantly refreshing their records.

Miyamoto Sanzo, 15, Gao Gong, 11

Miyamoto Sanzo, 12, Gao Gong, 7

Miyamoto Sanzo, 8 Only, Gao Gong, 7

Miyamoto Sanzang, 8, Gao Gong, 8

Just don’t let people see!

Just don’t let people see!

While these two assassination masters made people feel itchy, they also made people wonder.

That is between these two, who is the strongest.

It is true that Miyamoto Sanzo’s hunting efficiency is still higher than Gao Gong’s so far, but as the strength of the radiation wild beast gradually recovers, his efficiency is also steadily declining, but Gao Gong’s , showing an eerie smoothnessβ€”as steady as Old Dog’s.

“It must be Gao Gong, the lone wolf who is the strongest, the old man lacks stamina, and it will only be a matter of time before he is overtaken!”

Among the black market gambling stalls, a certain gambler, The gambler who held down his entire worth was shouting with a blushing face and a thick neck.

“Looking at the number, it’s clear that Master Miyamoto is superior.”

A certain winning guy was triumphant.

“Fart, fart, he will definitely surpass, I think in the past few days.”

“Not necessarily,” a mechanical hunter who just returned from the battlefield shook the head.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Seeing that the red-eyed gambler was staring at him, this one hurriedly smiled and waved his hand, “I don’t think the difference between the two is the same in terms of strength alone. How much, but more than the team, Gao Gong is not as good as Miyamoto.”

“The team? Isn’t the assassin all lone wolves?” One person said blankly.

“No, you forgot, sometimes, when Miyamoto picks up a mission in town, there will be three strange people in black clothed behind him.”

“It seems like It’s Miyamoto’s discipline, I heard him introduce it,” an acquaintance interjected.

“How much power can a Disciple have?”

“Yes, aren’t all Disciples with Ability Finished Apprenticeship? I heard that in the killer industry, the most powerful Disciple They were all given the master’s head as a finished apprenticeship.”

“No, that’s not the case,” the mechanical hunter, laughed, said: “These three disciplines are very special, the special thing is that they are not people, but A battle-type AI that is poured into a mechanical body.”


“There is such a strange thing about accepting AI as a recipe?”

“I just heard people say that Miyamoto Sanzang implanted three AI templates into the machines, and let them record their battle patterns every day.”

“The AI written in the underlying logic of the loyalty attribute is I won’t betray, Miyamoto Sanzo will naturally not keep his hands when he teaches, three killer AIs who have all the experience of the old killer, tsk tsk, really terrifying.”

The mechanical hunter got up and put The scattered chips were put into the pocket, said with a smile: “Everyone continue to play, I’m resting, it’s time to make money.”

After he left, some gamblers look at me, me Look at you, the expression has changed at the same time.

After the mechanical hunter left, he did not go to the battlefield as he said.

He circled around Gasoline Town several times to make sure no one was following before he got into a small house.

The small house is full of monitoring screens, and in front of the screen, Littlefinger’s eyes are burning, like an old gambling dog, constantly adjusting the market.

“Brother Finger, the news is out.”

Littlefinger threw a wallet without looking back.

“The past few days are outside, don’t come back, once it’s exposed, it can’t go on.”

“What’s wrong with this, I’m not lying. ,” Mechanical Hunter disagreed, “That old man Miyamoto does have three AIdisciples, aren’t they all implanted by you?”

Littlefinger waved his hand and ignored him.

“By the way, Brother Finger, although we are secretly trading, how can you be sure that the lone wolf Gao Gong will definitely lose, the fist is afraid of young and strong.”

“But now it is adjusted again. Odds, bet on Miyamoto to lose, why is this?”

The mechanical hunter was chattering.

“You really want to know?” Littlefinger turned around and said coldly.

“No, I don’t want to, I don’t want to-“

Mechanical hunter smirked, then turned around and ran.

Littlefinger coldly snorted, snapped his fingers, and silently retracted the gun hole that had protruded from the wall.

The black market tycoon thought for a while, made another call, complexion changed, and laughed.

“Brother Gao, how are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, how could I forget your money… By the way, let’s take a break for the next two days. Rest, let that Miyamoto old man have the upper hand first, and when I prepare enough mechanical coins to smash the market, I will harvest the group of gambling dogs in one fell swoop.”

“I will decide how many you hunted today. How about three… ok ok, don’t worry, I’ll throw your money back in the bar.”

In the ruins of the factory, Gao Gong turned off the communicator and raised his head. : “This one is over, we’ll go back!”

“Aren’t you going to brush, okay!”

Ironhide’s tone came from the armored car, next moment, The covers on both sides of the armored vehicle were opened, and two automatic machine guns protruded out. The powerful firepower immediately tore apart the small biochemical beasts that were surrounding them.

Gao Gong picked up the ‘Iron Rain’ again, aimed the DIY rocket launcher ahead, and pulled the trigger lightly.

Next moment, thirteen heavy spears rip through the air, the tail section is like a high-speed rotating propeller, making them further accelerate in midair, and even produce a sonic boom.

The ‘propeller’ fully blooms when it hits the ground, turning into scattered hooks that stick to the ground and walls, causing secondary tear damage.

The mechanical leopard that was shot screamed again and again.

“Fang Xiang, go up and pull the monster!”

Gao Gong gave an order, and Pang Xiang rushed up, wearing a weird ‘outer skeleton’ on his body. Not outer skeleton armor, but classical armor composed entirely of mechanical beast skeletons.

While Pang Xiang was running, he took a deep breath, a hint of rage flashed in the demented mung bean’s small eyes, his skin suddenly turned red, and at the same time, a blazing white gas spurted out of his mouth and nose.

β€œao ao ao 嗷嗷——”

Next moment, strong radiation fluctuations came out, fat and auspicious stature rose steadily, weird blue veins sprang from the skin, layer after layer. One layer is stacked on the surface of the body, completely supporting this classical outer skeleton.

In the end, the fat fool turned into a monster two stories tall and one size larger than a large biochemical beast.

The original armor just covered the vital parts.

Aberration: A few aberrations can expand aberrant cells in a short time, produce aberration response, strength +50%, agility -15%, additional state, muscle wall

muscle Wall: The high-density muscle can block the fire of ordinary bullets.

Pang Xiang held a huge wolf fang club, one step at a time, blocking directly in front of the remaining mechanical leopard, and swept the wolf fang club in his hand, like a huge wall with thorns.

With a simple sweep, three or four mechanical leopards were smashed into the air.

No mechanical beast can break through his iron wall.

And Gao Gong is slow to shoot, change ammo, and shoot again.

The ‘metal lair’ hunted this time is obviously stronger than the last time, there are at least three groups of guard beasts, and a large number of small mechanical biochemical beasts that have migrated here.

However, this is of no use.

It’s not just it that gets stronger.

With the last bullet ignites the tree.

[You have killed C-Class Metal Lair, EXP +780]

(End of this chapter)

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