Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 34


Chapter 34 Health is a blessing

On the abandoned highway, the armored war chariot ran wildly.

Ironhide looked excited.

“Fang Xiang, didn’t expect you to be so powerful, so good at fighting, and that transformation! Wow, I always thought you were a fool.”


Pang Xiang scratched his head and smirked.

The battlefield is the best training place. Iron is nothing, but at most it makes his driving skills more ferocious, and Pangxiang is completely shedding body, exchanging bones.

Well, it’s only like this when you’re transformed, and when you’re not transformed, you’re still those two idiots.

Gao Gong glanced at the other party, thinking that this guy’s skill level is really high, and I don’t know how Aunt Xiang trained, is it born like this?

In “Cyberworld”, skill levels are divided into common, advanced, elite, expert, master, with civilization as the precondition.

Two of Gao Gong’s highest skills are ‘advanced’, but this idiot’s transformation is ‘elite’.

This made Gao Gong have to wonder if this kid started passive training from the womb, after all, he is not a mechanical biochemical beast, he can rely on hunting to gain experience.

But this is undoubtedly a good thing, as long as he can fully adapt to the battlefield, it is a downright rare beast.

“Boss, why did we go back so early today?”

Since he had been on the battlefield and experienced Gao Gong’s methods, Tiepi had been convinced and admitted that the other party was him in his heart. The second boss, I just don’t know when I can become a regular, increase my salary, pay insurance, etc.

A healthy organization will provide the best benefits to every organization member.

This is a speech given by his previous boss, an excellent gang leader, during a gang meeting.

Although after the lecture, he opened himself up.

Naturally, Gao Gong didn’t know what Tiepi was thinking. He was just thinking about how to spend the 80,000 experience he had earned in the past ten days.

Because of the high intensity of the hunting war, my harvest in less than ten days was worth the previous month.

Well, there is no doubt that the upgrade first.

[You have raised the Mechanical Transformer to lv10max, Strength+1, Agility+1, Perception+1]

[You have fully upgraded your class, you cannot upgrade]

[You have met the job transfer requirements, whether to transfer jobs]

Of course it is ‘No’, the biological modification has only planted a skin, and the quest chain of the classical mechanical hunter has not been completed; Now I’m changing jobs, I’m afraid my brain is not broken.

Secondary Profession can try it.

[You raise [Electronic Neurology] to Lv5]

[You raise [Human Biology] to Lv5]

[You raise [Human Body] Use Mechanics] to upgrade to Lv5]

【Electronic Neurology】Lv5: In-depth research on the brain, transform nerve fibers, and simulate nerve signals with electronic circuits

【Human Biology】 Lv5: Organs, structures, functions at all levels of the human body, and their biological interactions with the surrounding environment

[Human Body Mechanics] Lv5: Design Principles of Artificial Implants

[ You raise the prosthetic doctor to lv5max, perception +1]

[total level is raised to lv19]

[you trigger the job transfer task, senior prosthetic doctor]

[Transfer Mission: The Dark Medicine of an Old Physician]

Mission content:

1, successfully completed three prosthetic transformation operations

2, completed Two pieces of transformation parts that are unique to their own ideas

3, conduct a prosthetic experiment

‘Tsk, it’s harder than previous life. ‘

In Gao Gong’s impression, a normal prosthetic doctor’s Level 5 is a small turn, and he only needs to complete one prosthetic surgery, one modified part, and one prosthetic experiment.

This is probably the additional difficulty that the three occupational knowledge has increased to level 5.

But that’s not a problem.

With additional difficulty, there must be additional rewards.

After thinking about it, Gao Gong raised the [Invasive Neurotransformation Technology] to lv5 in one go.

【Invasive Neurotransformation Technology】lv5: Principles of Strengthening Neural Signal Conduction

The three professional knowledge provided by prosthetic doctors are related to prosthetic implantation and prosthetic creation; However, the role of [Invasive Neurotransformation Technology] is to connect and transform mechanical species with prosthetics.

Next is the blueprint of the attractive spectacle.

As a local tyrant with nearly 60,000 experience in hand.

Gao Gong naturally chooses full injection, what technology flow, what hidden task, how can there be a refreshing feeling of krypton gold.

As long as the kryptonite is ruthless enough, I am the wish itself.

lv5[Invasive Neurotransformation Technology]+lv5[Electronic Neurology]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 1 neurological blueprint [high level neuromassage chair]]


I’m going, the door is dark, Level 5 knowledge opens Level 1 blueprint, what the hell, the massage chair for the elderly has been made.

lv5[Invasive Neurotransformation Technology]+lv5[Electronic Neurology]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 2 neural blueprint [Happy Shaker]]

This happy shaker…is its happiness serious?

lv5[Invasive Neurotransformation Technology]+lv5[Electronic Neurology]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 1 mechanical blueprint [Electric Egg Beater]]

[The fusion is successful, you have researched…]

Five rubbish blueprints were opened in a row. The black Gao Gong had blue veins on his forehead, twitching at the corners of his eyes, and trembling at the corners of his mouth. He looked at the iron heart beside him. Shrinking – it’s broken, has your desire for a salary increase been discovered by the leader?

Fortunately, the sixth blueprint finally turned from black to red.

lv5[Invasive Neurotransformation Technology]+lv5[Electronic Neurology]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 3 neural blueprint [Central Nervous Direct Control Circle]]


Gao Gong glanced at the notes for this blueprint.

Remarks: It can transform the nervous system of small and medium-sized mechanical species by confinement. The scope of application, the radiation value is less than 10000.

Mechanical biochemical beasts below C-Rank.

As for the ‘imprisonment transformation’, this thing-


Gao Gong’s eyes lit up, and after [Desert Skin], he released another explosive style.

Compared with [Desert Skin], this blueprint is more civilian, and it doesn’t even need to be transferred to Mechanical Hunter, it only needs to have a perception of more than 5 to use it.

The higher the perception, the more mechanical biochemical beasts can be controlled.

This can be done as a ‘Faction Special’!

Gao Gong immediately made up his mind that this blueprint would not work with Littlefinger.

Although it’s cool to be supported by a rich woman, wouldn’t it be even more fun to have a net worth who can support a rich woman.

Change career knowledge, change luck.

lv5[Human Biology]+lv5[Invasive Neurotransformation Technology]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 2 mechanical blueprint [Human Pleasure Manipulator]]

This pleasure…is it serious?

lv5[Human Biology]+lv5[Invasive Neurotransformation Technology]

[Successful fusion, you have developed Level 2 VRblueprint [Open version virtual projection]]

According to the remarks, this virtual projection is no longer a VR with a fixed device and a fixed plot, but can be controlled to a certain extent according to the producer’s idea.

In short, this thing is a ‘effect generator’.

If you add the hand-painted book of the eighteen bans, tsk tsk.

Unfortunately, my brother has already left the arena, Gao Gong shook the head, and suddenly his heart moved.

It seems that this thing can be used as ‘auxiliary combat equipment’.

Imagine, if you want to kill the flow of Blade Technique and cooperate with it, don’t you want sword qi to generate sword qi, Avatar to become Avatar, and sound to sound.

Qiao Feng: father no longer have to worry about my speakers being smashed.

Interesting Ow.

lv5【Human Biology】+lv5【Invasive Neurotransformation Technology】

[Successful fusion, you have developed Level 2 neural blueprint 【Neural Frequency Amplifier】]

This widget is also good, it can strengthen the connection of Divine Transformation through the device.

And then three more rubbish blueprints.

lv5【Human Biology】+lv5【Invasive Neural Reconstruction Technology】

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 3 neural blueprint 【Manual Neural Disruptor】]

Gao Gong was overjoyed, and it really came out.

In the previous life, this thing was also known as the Divine Item, and its function was to form a super noise field with a range of 300*300 meters.

In this range, the effect is equivalent to ten times the noise of construction sites – for monsters.

They’re trying their best to smash this thing.

And for Gao Gong, this picture is also a fried fish Divine Item.

When hunting desert worms in the future, you don’t have to wait for it to go out like a dog.

I make noises to disturb the monsters!

[Central Nervous Direct Control Circle], [Open Version Virtual Projection], [Manual Nervous Disruptor]

With these three blueprints, Gao Gong no longer needs another one in a short time. The ‘Neural Connection Device’ is out.

So he changed direction.

lv5[Human Biology]+lv5[Human Body Mechanics]+lv4[Mechanical Transformation]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 2 mechanical blueprint [Giant Grip Magnetic Gloves] ]]

This glove can increase the grip strength by 9%, the heavy attack damage of blunt weapons by 12%, and comes with the ‘Magnetic Calling’ skill.

This skill is equivalent to the weakened version of the ‘Electromagnetic Exciter’. Wearing this glove, as long as you adjust the suction, you can suck the weapon over. The greater the weapon’s gravity, the stronger the suction.

It is quite suitable for heavy weapon players.

However, the picture of this magnetic glove gives Gao Gong a strong sense of sight.

These are Thanos gloves without gems.

When Thanos wanted an extra glove, why would someone snap his fingers.

lv5[Human Biology]+lv5[Human Body Mechanics]+lv4[Mechanical Transformation]

[Successful fusion, you have developed Level 2 mechanical blueprint [high temperature metal boots]]

This is a wearable auxiliary device that weighs 5.7kg and can be adjusted in size. Its attributes are +2 strength, +15% grip, which reduces the chance of triggering the stun effect.

Gao Gong glanced at Pang Xiang with a strange expression, could it be that the Luck Emperor is in front of me?

These two pieces of equipment are obviously suitable for large players and are specially prepared for mt.

Gao Gong does not believe in evil, so he opened two more in a row.

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 1 mechanical blueprint [torsion belt]]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 2 mechanical blueprint [violent forehead]]

One is a high-quality whiteboard with +4 stamina, and the other comes with the auxiliary skill ‘Hot Blood’, in the ‘Hot Blood’ state, an additional 15% crit rate.

“Brother Gao, why are you touching me?” Pang Xiang asked dumbly.

“It’s nothing, I’ll feel your fullness, and by the way, I’ll be blessed.”

lv5【Human Biology】+lv5【Human Body Mechanics】

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 2 technology blueprint [blood coagulator]]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 2 technology blueprint [polymer scalpel]]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 2 pharmaceutical blueprint [Metal Calming Pill]]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 1 prosthetic blueprint [immune appendix]]

A total of more than 20 pictures have been opened, and only seven of them are blueprints, and they are all related to surgery.

How to say, health is a blessing?

(End of this chapter)

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