Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 35


Chapter 35 Acceleration

Gao Gong first asked Ironhide to take him to the munitions warehouse, and then asked him to repair the car himself.

However, in the ten-day hunting war, the most abandoned and damaged ones were not mechanical hunters, but vehicles.

Gao Gong once again walked into the munitions warehouse.

But at this time, his arrival did not attract the attention of other people. People here came and went in a hurry. During the war, everyone was in a hurry.

This is clearly not the place to bet on dogs.

Gao Gong also felt relieved, and directly called a service robot and handed over the list of materials prepared on the road. The quantity was so large that it even triggered the robot’s ‘double confirmation’.

“Excuse me, do you have to have one copy of these materials?”


The robot directly recognizes the face, ‘swipe’ it , nearly 30,000 contribution points have been wiped out.

This amount is almost the 2/3/2022 contribution point earned by Gao Gong for assassinating various C-level radiation wild beasts.

For the rest, Gao Gong directly bought various ammunition, including more than a dozen reinforced radiation needles.

The vigilante’s radiation needle is much better than the black market.

At least no side effects.

A considerable part of the radiation needles in the black market are Littlefinger’s water-dipping products.

Just when I was bored, an angry big orange suddenly jumped up and scratched its paws at Gao Gong.

This bouncing force, at first glance, is strengthened.

Gao Gong raised his head slightly, while pinching the back of Destiny’s neck.

“You’re changing your skin? Don’t get excited, you Ma Si’s sharp edge claims that the praise rate is infinitely close to 100%, why are you still attacking customers?” Gao Gong said with a smile.

“Only those who use our weapons are qualified to be our customers, you liar!” Big Orange said angrily.

“Don’t get excited, your weapons have so many problems, they are biochemical viruses, and they are cyber-psychotic. If you don’t debug it properly, how can this be used.”

“Hu, nonsense, our weapons don’t have this problem,” Big Orange’s eyes flickered.

At this point in time, Maas has not yet won the bid for the outsourced scientific research project at the home city level, and naturally he does not have the arrogant behavior in the future.

The weapons in question were sold during the war, and they were discovered. If they were stabbed, this big orange would really be taken seriously.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a small problem,” Gao Gong lazily said, “I’ll go back and fix it, it will definitely be used.”

I was pinched on the back of my destiny’s neck ‘, Daju said with a bit of sternness, “You must know that your weapons are rented to you for free. The quality and quantity are guaranteed, and there is no fault at all. You must learn to be grateful.”

“Yes, yes, Thank you very much.”

Gao Gong suddenly moved in his heart. In the future, Maasianfeng hired a large number of players to do human experiments, and only then did he get enough experimental data to pave the way for its future rise.

Since I know this fact, can I put a foot in it? Players need a large amount of weapons, and Maas’s edge needs enough human experimental data.

No intermediaries make the difference.

But I’m here, so there are middlemen.

“By the way, do you accept large-scale weapon orders?”

“Large-scale weapon orders, just you?” A look of contempt flashed in Big Orange’s eyes.

Mass is a new type of big company no matter what, its business spreads over several Machine City, and naturally it doesn’t look like a muddy leg in the radiation zone.

“Of course I’m not the only one. In fact, I have a lot of partners who all need weapons. I can provide a large order.”

“The big order is just you, cough. cough β€”β€””

Daju raised his head, just about to laugh at the other party’s overestimate one’s capabilities, but just met the other party’s Faint Smile eyes, and suddenly realized that the other party was holding his handle, coughed dryly, and changed his mouth:

“It’s not impossible, but you have to bring the experimental data first. Otherwise, I won’t be able to apply to the superior.”



Gao Gong casually responded, and then slowly rubbed the cat, gently rubbing the cat, rubbing the big orange with a refreshing face and constant meowing, thinking that although this human looks like a Not bad, the massage technique is really good.

It wasn’t until Gao Gong got the materials and left that Daju came back to his senses from a refreshing feeling, meowing in nostalgia, and staring at the door for a long time with a pair of slender cat eyes, before he failed faintly. sighed.

In fact, she was originally a human being, and she was an internal employee of Maas. Because she failed to complete the sales task, she was transformed into a cat by internal punishment and assigned to the iron Sand Desert peripheral zone.

If the task is not completed this time, it is estimated that the next punishment transformation will come soon.

This time it’s a cat, but next time it can’t be a mouse.

Or cockroaches?

Thinking of this, Daju shuddered. He didn’t want to transform into an electronic cockroach and discharge it into the sewers like the few colleagues at the bottom of the kpi.

Work hard! To fight! Dedicate your life to the company!

On the second day, the top ranking on the electronic list has changed again.

Symbiosis Squad Squeeze out gasoline admirers, edelweiss Squad, and climb to the top three.

The Predator squad took another step back and settled into eighth position.

The Grey-Eyed Cultists rose one place and entered sixth place.

Miyamoto Sanzo relied on a steady boss hunt and entered seventh.

And the last two were missing Gao Gong.

Countless gambling dogs were stunned. They thought that Miyamoto, the old bastard, couldn’t hold it first. After all, he was afraid of young and strong fists.

And in a box at the Rose Gasoline Bar.

Black Rose was staring at Littlefinger with cold eyes, staring at the opponent’s neck.

“At this juncture, you tricked him into playing match-fixing?”

Littlefinger said with a smile: “Miss Rose, well, it’s a fortune to make a fortune, and so does he. If he agrees, he is sure to make a comeback, and we will do itβ€””

“Even if he can’t stand it in the end, there’s still us, in the end we’ll take action and help him cheat.”

Black Rose took a deep breath, coldly said: “Then do you know that five of the top ten teams have more gold owners behind them, and three of them have already started to earn points secretly.”


“You can guarantee that we must be better at cheating than them?”

Littlefinger was stunned, “Impossible, there are battlefield recorders, drones, and special inspections afterwards. Corpse, this can be cheating, does he think it’s us?”

Littlefinger face changed, saying, “You mean, the cloud nobles also sent their subordinates, those worms are not always Drunken stupor in the sky, extreme pleasure?”

“The skeletons formed by new enterprises are becoming more and more radical, the forces of the rebel army are getting stronger and stronger, and the three intelligences of the mother city are ruthless, even those idiots. , I also know that there is a way out for myself, and the interest network of Iron Sand Desert is a way out for a certain person.”

Littlefinger heard Sister Rose say ‘rebel army’, and his heart was inexplicable. Just as he was about to speak, his eyes bulged.

I saw Sister Rose’s high heels pulled up violently, and then fiercely inserted into the sofa in front of Littlefinger’s crotch, the sharp heel pierced into the cowhide, only a slight distance from a vital part of Littlefinger.

The cold wind suddenly picked up, and I was about to change into ‘Mr. Big Tree Β· Type 3’.

“Don’t do things while I’m doing things!” Black Rose said coldly.

Littlefinger knew that Black Rose was really angry this time, and his expression was no longer so wretched, he said seriously: “Rose, do you think that kid is the same as us?”

“What do you mean?”

“I used to think he was just a little wolfdog you raised, but now I have changed my attitude, you know, once, this kid sent me an insect, I swept his eyes unintentionally, you know who I was thinking of?”

Littlefinger said word by word: “It’s you! You who have not undergone bionic transformation!”

Black Rose For a moment, he didn’t know what to say.

“The same wild ambition, the same fiery, and most importantly, the same refusal to admit defeat.”

“When you were hunted down, you would give someone Is the man bowing his head?”

Black Rose sat down again, thinking of the pouring rain on the other side of freedom, the sky seemed to pour down, and the raindrops were like knives stuck on the bleeding skin… …

After a long while, Black Rose opened the mouth and said: “What is that kid doing now?”

“I don’t know, but I know he must be doing something. ,” Littlefinger secretly relaxed, shrugged: “This kid has borrowed my operating table again.”

The next day, the old off-road vehicle was again On duty, Gao Gong sat on the car body and scanned the rearview mirror.

In the rearview mirror, one after another ‘immortal palms’ emerged from the asphalt ground. The ‘immortal palms’ looked like rocks with strange textures. The ontology is more like a combination of a large piranha and an immortal palm.

The thick petrified outer leaves wrap its radiant energy just right. Once it blooms and preys on it, it can create a ’10*10′ range of radiant energy field, and spray poison mist at the same time, causing dizziness, weakness, poisoning, etc.

Around the originally empty highway now looks like a desert ‘planted’, with all kinds of weird-looking radiating plants rising from the ground.

Gao Gong’s heart became heavy. It had only been less than ten days, and the desert had become ‘green’.

More importantly, this place is not far from the Motor City, only twenty or thirty miles away.

The reproductive capacity of the ‘radiant circle’ is too terrifying.

Even if all the mechanical hunters are dispatched these days, hunting wildly, it seems that the number of radiation wild beasts is not much less.

It’s not that the radiation wild beast can’t be killed, but that once the radiation circle is formed, it is a large delivery room.

‘If the Knights are really behind this riot, is this the purpose of the Knights. ‘

‘For the future great decisive battle, cultivate a suitable battlefield. ‘

At this rate, ‘siege’ is a matter of time.

There is a flash of determination in Gao Gong’s eyes, this time to scavenge the waste city, we must deal with the cable tribe.

The enemy is speeding up, so he has to speed up too.

(End of this chapter)

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