Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 36


Chapter 36 Boiler Elephant

Scavenger City is still the same scavenger city, but probably because of the increase in perception, Gao Gong It can be clearly felt that this metropolitan area has become more dangerous.

It’s like a giant beast that was originally just a beast’s nest, but now is a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.

‘It’s not great, generally only A-Rank beast gods will be born to have such a powerful biological will. ‘

‘This intensity is close to the future of the armed beast’s lair; but if it is really an armed beast’s lair, how did the vigilante group win this battle? ‘

According to normal history, the Iron Sand Desert was within the reach of Machine City until the battle of Hydra; it wasn’t until after that battle that Iron Sand Desert truly became a monster’s paradise.

Thinking of this, a famous sentence popped out of Gao Gong’s mind.

Destroy 100 million enemies and turn thousands of miles. Tigers roost in the southeast and look forward to the Central Plains.

The corners of Gao Gong’s mouth twitched.

Isn’t it? You are the regular army, you have licenses!

There was a ‘rustling’ sound from the grass in the distance, Gao Gong turned back suddenly, shouted: “Who!?”

“It’s me, it’s me, Mister Gao, you Do you still recognize me?”

Mazi crawled out of the grass with a shy face, and with him were two fierce-looking natives holding steel bars.

“Oh, you are here,” Gao Gong’s expression softened a little, and glanced at the fire not far away.

“Yes, Mister Gao, what’s the matter with you calling us this time? Well, hehe, I wonder if you brought any supplies this time.”

Gao Gong frowned: “Of course I bring the supplies, but why is it you, my good friend Huang Yuanli?”

“She, she really has something to do, oh yes, she also asked me to give it to me. You brought a token.”

Pockface took out a small butterfly hairpin from his pocket, which was indeed Huang Yuanli’s treasure.

Gao Gong’s face was calm, but there was a hint of chill in his eyes, which showed that the life of the little woman was more difficult than expected.

He coldly said: “I voluntarily help you because of my friends. If Huang Yuanli is not there, or if there is any trouble, then my supplies will be impossible to give to you.”

Pocky face didn’t know whether to cry or laugh said: “Mister Gao don’t get me wrong, we are all friends, Sister Yuanli has no problem in the tribe, she just can’t get away, otherwise how could she let me I brought this little clip here because I’m afraid you might misunderstand.”

Gao Gong showed a look of hesitation, but he was silent, and his pockmarked face kept winking at the other two, indicating that they should not be impulsive. .

However, one person couldn’t bear it any longer, and suddenly took out a pistol from his pocket and pointed the black muzzle at Gao Gong.

He said fiercely: “The tribe has been out of food for almost three days, regardless of the actual situation, grab the food first and then talk about it!”

Pocket’s face finally changed. , excitedly said: “Can’t do this, Mister Gao is a friend of our tribe, you forgot, who rescued our expedition?”

“Whoever loves to save who saves! I see these lunatics It would be better to die completely, without them, our life is very good!”

“It must be those scientific lunatics that attracted Heavenly Retribution, and our tribe will end up like this!”


“They should be sold as slaves, so as to protect the tribe!”

Under the encouragement of this person, the other person also made up his mind, holding the steel bars in both hands, his face fierce surrounded by.

When Gao Gong saw this, he calmly said: “The things are put in the trunk, but this time, you don’t expect to have the next time.”

“Next time, Humph, next time our tribe has already left!”

The man with the gun said with a sneer, pointed the gun at Gao Gong, walked to the back of the off-road vehicle, opened his other hand rear compartment.

There is no food in it, only some high-tech-looking things, kind of likeβ€”things in Professor Han’s laboratory?


At the moment when the man was stunned, the human-headed dog who had been slumped in the back seat jumped up, and the steel needle popped out of his forelimb, Pierce the opponent’s shoulder blades on both sides, and at the same time, the metal head slammed into the opponent fiercely, and after knocking the opponent to the ground, the head still kept hitting.

Looks like a dog doing a high-intensity ‘kiss show’.

The other two human-headed dogs also jumped immediately from the car and jumped at the other person, who smashed one of them with steel bars, and was bitten by the other in the crotch. , screaming in pain, the scene looks even more inappropriate for children.

Mazi’s face was dripping with cold sweat. He watched Gao Gong pick up the pistol on the ground and walked over slowly.

Associating Professor Han and their encounters in the tribe, he felt his pill.

“Can you give me an explanation?” Gao Gong said slowly, and not far from him, the two were already out of breath, one with a face covered in blood, the other with a full crotch. It’s blood, the latter seems to be much more serious than the former.

Pock-faced with all kinds of thoughts flying around, but the moment Gao Gong pulled the bolt, he immediately became honest: “Professor Han and Sister Yuanli are locked up, as soon as Professor Han returns The tribe was taken down, and Sister Yuanli was restricted from freedom. Just after you delivered the food last time, Sister Yuanli was suppressed by the Great Elder because of a riot, and she was locked up like Professor Han.”

“Starting a riot? This little woman, what are you doing to irritate her?” Gao Gong asked in amazement.

Mazi said with some shame: “According to the meaning of the Great Elder, it is to sell half of the members of the tribe to outsiders, and then exchange the other half to join the Fire Apostle.”

“The Fire What is an apostle?” For some reason, Gao Gong inexplicably felt that this title was a bit familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere.

“The Fire Apostle is a believer of the God of Radiation and Gunpowder, and his most loyal subordinate. The Great Elder told us that as long as we join the Fire Apostle, our cable tribe will be saved!”

The god of radiation and gunpowder, the name is very familiar, west of the Motor City, the indigenous warlords separated by two continents.

Gao Gong said with a sneer: “It’s so obscure, I thought you were going to do something, it turned out to be a slave trade.”

In Iron Sand Desert, scavengers are in The power pyramid belongs to the bottom layer.

But there are even worse than them, that is, the slaves of the indigenous warlords. Most of these slaves are also scavengers captured by the warlords.

This kind of slave also has a name, that is, the meat man, the name speaks for itself, meat livestock.

“Mister Gao, I advise you not to go in. You are alone, and our tribe has raised at least hundreds of neurotic beasts. You are not your opponent.”

Half An hour later, Gao Gong and Mazi-face were squatting in a bush. Gao Gong closed his left eye, and his prosthetic eye was swept forward like a scope.

Two open whistle, two dark whistle.

There are also more than a dozen mechanical biochemical beasts scattered everywhere.

Gao Gong also didn’t expect that the location of the Cable Tribe would be so bold, it happened to be stuck between the two mechanical herds.

And this herd is a D-Rank herd.

You must know that when you were on the expedition, if it wasn’t for Gao Gong showing great divine might, that group of people would most likely be wiped out.

And that was just a small herd.

Gao Gong gave up his plan to attack and turned his head towards the pockmarked face.

“Do you have a way to get me in?”

Mazi looked at the head with a sullen face and said, “Don’t talk about bringing people in, just me can’t do it. , the two you killed are the Great Elder’s cronies, three go out, one comes back, and the Great Elder will rip me off.”

Gao Gong thought for a while, beckoned, and A human-headed dog sticks its head out of the grass.

Then he took out something similar to a ‘square dance sound’ from the luggage behind him.

“What is this?” Mazi said blankly.

Gao Gong ignored the other party, but turned the FM button on the ‘sound’, which was adjusting the noise frequency of the ‘nerve disruptor’ to ensure that the monsters would not be pulled too hard.

Finally, Gao Gong pressed the switch button.

As soon as the thought moves, the human-headed dog is like an arrow from the string, biting on the ‘sound’ and running away.

Next moment, Gao Gong is also frantically fleeing the place.

Mazi blinked, what’s going on? The man is gone, the dog is gone, and he is left alone as a prisoner.

I’m so confused.

However, next moment, he is no longer confused.

The two mechanical dogs at the gate of the tribe suddenly roared, as if there were some invisible intruders.

A moment later, the two dogs were so angry that they broke free from the chains and rushed towards Mazi’s face.

The pockmarked face was startled, and almost without thinking, he dashed towards Gao Gong’s escape direction.

Next moment, Lin Jingbird flew, and a group of metal sparrows flew out of the tribe, also moved towards the direction the mechanical dog ran.

And then, flying in the sky, upstream on the ground, climbing on the trees, a large number of mechanical beasts rushed past the place where the two of them had just stayed.

As long as the pock face is half a step slower, he will end up being trampled to death by the beast tide.

β€œWhat the hell did you do?”

The pockmarked face ran to Gao Gong’s side and said in horror.

However, Gao Gong also had a dazed expression.


What else did the pock face want to say, ‘Boom’, ‘Boom’, ‘Boom’, the sound like a large forging machine’s high-temperature wrought iron suddenly sounded, The volume is extremely loud and spreads in all directions.

I saw a huge leg that was thicker than a hugged tree, and also taller than a tree, falling from the sky, smashing into the metal vines, squashing it.

This giant leg is not like a mechanical leg, but more like a prosthetic leg. Except for the shutdown part, the surface is smooth.

“Boiler Elephant! How can it come out!?”

This prosthetic elephant is a C+-class mechanical biochemical beast, settled next to the Cable Tribe, to Feeds on metal bark and metal leaves, and is always mild-tempered.


With the sound of the elephant’s trunk resembling a train whistle, high-temperature water vapor rises up in the range of several li, submerging the forests.

Fortunately, Gao Gong’s desert skin has the ability to withstand high temperatures, but his pockmarked face is miserable. He seems to have been stripped and thrown away as soon as he entered the bathhouse – and he is the small pond with high water temperature. .

His skin turned red at a speed visible to naked eyes, and his face was pockmarked as red as a pomegranate.

Mazi’s face clenched his teeth, and then he held back his screams.

Gao Gong suddenly changed his face, he suddenly felt a powerful threat coming from the sky, looking up, above the fog, a giant bird the size of a bomber flashed across the sky .

He vaguely heard the sound of the airborne missiles ejecting.

About ten seconds later, a strong pillar of fire burst into the sky from the direction the dog was fleeing.

Gao Gong was silent for a moment, and then sent the last command to the dog –

As far as you go, don’t come back.

Chapters 30 to 34 have been slightly overhauled

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