Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 37


Chapter 37 Cerebrospinal Fluid

Gao Gong is really confused.

After he opened the [manual nerve disruptor], he knew that this thing was not particularly safe.

Because not only one player used it to attract monsters in the previous life, it turned into a monster snack.

So he also added a FM mode on purpose, for fear of raising the monster’s hatred too high and turning himself into a Tang monk.

A C+-class Boiler Elephant, or a C+-class Bomber Eagle, either of the two can easily kill themselves.

Have you failed to build your own equipment?

impossible Ah, isn’t it already successful on the system panel?

The effect of this monster is too fierce.

Fortunately, the road ahead is clear.

“Hey, if you can’t go in, if you don’t go in, I’ll go in.”

“You, you, youβ€””

Pockface wants to say Something, scorched smoke spewed out of his mouth, rolled his eyelids, and fainted directly.

“I’ll go in if you don’t go in.”

Gao Gong shrugged, pressed a button on his collar, next moment, the silhouette began to gradually disappear.

The desert skin has the ability to mimic, and combined with the special effects of ‘open version virtual projection’, it can basically achieve the effect of stealth.

Especially when all the mechanical and biochemical beasts have been led away, Gao Gong thinks it is unlikely that he will be discovered.

But it was a bit unexpected. After the two dogs were led away, the two people at the door just stood there blankly, one repeated ‘what’s the situation’, and the other said ‘I must To report to the Great Elder ‘, but he turned only halfway, then turned back again, repeating the previous action.

Gao Gong’s heart sank as he watched the strange movements of the two.

There must be something wrong with this cable tribe!


In the cable tribe’s dungeon, more than 200 people were crammed together, covered in dirt and wounded.

However, there are not many people who are seriously injured. It is not the Great Elder who is kind, but according to the words of the slave traders-the injured flesh people cannot be sold for a price.

Meng Duo moved to Huang Yuanli’s side with difficulty. He originally had only one arm and one leg, but now he has half a leg missing.

It was beheaded by Zhao Yi, the son of the Great Elder.

As an advocate of the riots, Huang Yuanli has many welt marks on her body.

And since the day before yesterday, she has been in a coma and can’t eat anything.

“Use this.”

Seeing that Meng Duo was going to wipe the sweat off Huang Yuanli, an old mama took out a fairly clean hand towel and handed it over.

“Thank you.”

Meng Duo thanked in a low voice, then dipped a towel on the stagnant water on the ground and wiped it cautiously.

I don’t know why, since yesterday, Huang Yuanli’s forehead has been hot and hot, and the high fever does not go away.

Meng Duo asked the guard for medicine, but was sprayed with saliva on his face.

“Grandma, are we really going to be eaten?” a blind little girl suddenly said.

“What nonsense, can’t eat people, can’t eat people.”

The grandmother didn’t know how to comfort her granddaughter, so she could only hug her tightly. She, and then repeated sentence after sentence.

The dungeon is deadly.

Meng Duo persisted for a while, but couldn’t hold it any longer, and fell into a half-dizzy, half-sleep.

But before he fell asleep, he vaguely heard that Huang Yuanli, who closed his eyes, seemed to be talking in his sleep.

“Professor, you can’t do this, Professor, don’t-“

“That’s not right.”

Gao Gong’s face became more and more serious, the cable in front of him The tribe gave him an inexplicable sense of horror.

The area of the tribe is small, only about 1/4/2022 of the old metal recycling station. The style is like a gathering place for scavengers outside the oasis, but the wood house is turned into a metal tent, or The tree hole was hollowed out and turned into a room, and the environment was much cleaner. The people of the tribe seemed to cherish this place very much.

It’s just that the eyes are empty and there is no sound at all. It doesn’t look like a tribe at all.

Gao Gong frowned , quietly appeared in front of a guard.

And this guard had a smirk on his face, as if he was chewing something in his mouth, as if it was raw meat, and upon closer inspection, it was his tongue.

Gao Gong took a deep breath, took out a ‘black earphone’, and hung it on his ear.

Name: Nerve Frequency Amplifier

Category: Auxiliary Equipment

Quality: Excellent-

Weight: 100g

Operation Mode: Nerve Manipulation

Auxiliary Module: Nerve Augmentation

Remarks: This is a neural level hearing aid

Nerve Augmentation: Strengthens ear nerve signals The occurrence and transmission of ion channels activate ion channels

Gao Gong just put on his ‘earphones’, and a piercing noise came out of his ears, directly pouring into his brain.


How can there be such a strong neural signal!

Gao Gong seems to be standing in the corporate district of the city that never sleeps, countless simulacrum signals are interwoven into a cybernet, nerve bundles are like one after another lightning passing through him, the five senses are connected together, and finally these five tributaries Converging into a surging torrent of simulacrum, towards himself assaults the senses.


Gao Gong took off the amplifier before the ‘torrent’ hit, covered his mouth with his other hand, and made a sound of running water from his left ear hole. Not water, but blood.

Gao Gong now finally understands why those mechanical biochemical beasts are chasing killer dogs like crazy.

The manual nerve disruptors are just a primer, there must be something very disturbing to them on a level invisible to the naked eye.

The planet-level civilization does not have red medicines such as ‘nano-repairing agent’ and ‘cell regeneration needle’. If blood is lost, it can only be carried slowly, or directly repaired.

Blood volume: 190/202

Gao Gong endured for a while, and after confirming that there was no more blood in his ear, he turned the ‘Nerve Frequency Amplifier’ to the minimum and hung it on the other ear superior.

This time is much better, there is still neural noise, but this noise is not high, and if you listen carefully, this noise is not noisy, like raindrops, but it is tens of millions of drops. Raindrops overlap at the same time and are released.

Through searching, Gao Gong quickly discovered two secret passages, one is a tunnel and the other is a mountain.

The nerve noise in the direction of the mountain road is obviously much stronger.

Following the principle of putting the easy before the hard, Gao Gong turned over and went down the tunnel.

It is said to be a tunnel, but it is actually a manhole cover of the sewer, but the manhole cover is disappeared and replaced by a large stone blocking the sewer mouth.

As soon as the stone was removed, a large number of colorful butterflies flew out.

A butterfly in a sewer?

Climbing down the rusty stairs, an unpleasant smell hits my nose.

This feels like the smell of vegetables that have been rotten for an unknown number of years.

And Gao Gong found an embarrassing situation for him.

Affected by the neural noise, his ‘skin’ also began to naturally produce transformation, turning into mosaics and TV snowflakes.

This AV-level picture quality can’t be covered by the ‘special effect generator’.

Gao Gong shook the head, pinched the ‘button’ on his collar, turned off the ‘open version virtual projection’, pulled out the red unicorn with his backhand, and probed over cautiously.

It is worth mentioning that the planet-level civilization has also not developed ‘subspace storage technology’, so the equipment can only be hand-held, and at most, try to use drones to air drop, hoping to get it from the equipment bar. To draw a weapon, it is not to think about it.

Therefore, Gao Gong only brought the red unicorn with him on this trip, whether it was a sniper rifle or a hunting weapon, it was all left in Gasoline Town.

Gao Gong moved forward slowly, only the sound of his footsteps left in the empty sewer.

Gao Gong’s current perception is 14 o’clock, almost three times that of an ordinary person, and with his perception, he soon sensed sporadic breathing sounds.

Likewise, in the direction of the sewer, he heard footsteps.

‘I found out so quickly, is there a camera? ‘

Gao Gong switched his right eye to infrared mode and soon found several hidden heat sources.

The blade light flashed continuously, and after a series of explosions, the footsteps of the other party became chaotic.

There are of course more than one underground tunnels, which means that the enemy is starting to disperse.

Gao Gong swung his right hand, and the single-molecule wire claw grabbed onto a steel bar in the sky, stomped left and right, and disappeared into the tunnel before the opponent came.

“Where’s the person?”

“It seems to be right here.”

The words of the person who came in gradually became noisy, and Gao Gong, who was hiding in the dark, looked blindly. I saw a flash, and when I opened my eyes again, I found a rather terrifying scene.

I saw four or five ‘living people’ with their skulls removed and their brains jumping and jumping out of the darkness.

They are armed with crude hand-made firearms, their expressions are weird and hideous, their mouths are open, and something like mucus sticks between their upper and lower lips.

Gao Gong had an inexplicable anger that was so intense that his mind was almost overwhelmed with hatred.

In the darkness, the tip of the knife fell from the sky, penetrated from the brain, and penetrated all the way to the lower body.

Then Gao Gong drew his knife, split open the hand-made firearm of the person next to him with his backhand, and blocked the eye-catching one with his other hand.

As the bullet exploded, the red unicorn slashed horizontally and vertically, slicing the opponent into pieces.

Brain spray, blood spatter, red and white things bloom everywhere.

Just as Gao Gong hacked the last brain monster to death, a strong itching sensation came from the top of his head.

He grabbed his hands, and a mass of ‘bean curd’ was caught.

Gao Gong stared blankly at this scene, subconsciously grabbing to his left ear, but instead of grabbing the ‘neural frequency amplifier’, it was one ear.

It fell off as soon as I picked it off.

These are my ears!

A hallucination?

Yes, it must be a hallucination!

However, when Gao Gong turned his head and looked towards the reflection on the wall, he found that the other brains were disappeared.

He’s the only real brainy guy.

In the reflection, he smiled bloody at his facial features.

Gao Gong fiercely twitched the corner of his eye and looked towards the red unicorn in his hand.

The blade is shiny and clean, and there is no feeling of slashing at all.

Gao Gong looked up again, only to find that pink’s ‘large intestine’ began to squeeze out of the four walls.

The water trickled down from the sky.

The water is clean and transparent.

Gao Gong knows what it is.

Cerebrospinal fluid.

(End of this chapter)

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