Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 38


Chapter 38 Butterfly

Has a hacker hacked my nervous system? !

Gao Gong forces himself to calm down.

He was certain that he wasn’t affected until he put on the ‘neural frequency amplifier’.

Without the neural signal access of the ‘neural frequency amplifier’, I would not have such a serious hallucination.

At best, it is intense anxiety.

Like those mechanical biochemical beasts.

Gao Gong pressed his thumb on his right temple as he ran.

There is a direct switch here to force the ‘battle-type prosthetic eye’ off.

Abbreviation, unplug the network cable.

‘pa! ‘

Right eye goes black.

The surrounding phantoms froze, next moment, like an old-fashioned TV with poor signal, and snowflakes appeared on Pink’s brain sulcus.

The hallucinations are diminished.

That’s true!

The only thing that counts as an electronic device is this battle-type prosthetic eye.

To hack, you must start with a prosthetic eye.

The method of disconnecting the Internet is useful for most hackers.

This is a concrete forest, and the electronic signal is severely disturbed, that is to say, the possibility of ‘remote hacking’ is ruled out.

Hackers are bound to be around here.

However, within three seconds, the large intestine-like sulcus began to perist again, and there was even a soft blanket of meat on the ground.

Have you hacked in again!

Gao Gong took a deep breath , the two states that come with the skin, ‘skin breathing’ and ‘cold blood’ activated at the same time.

Skin breathing: blood activity is reduced, and stamina recovery per second is increased by 15%

cold-blooded: reduce its own infrared radiation and reduce the probability of being discovered by the enemy

The former reduces one’s own brain power, while the latter increases the difficulty of neural signal access.

The water dripping sound disappeared again.

And then his sight disappeared.

Gao Gong is blind in both eyes.

But his left eye was fine.

‘The thalamus was hacked, and the visual system in the brain was disturbed. ‘

‘But other systems are back to normal. ‘

Gao Gong touched his head, hard, then grabbed his ears, and sure enough he touched the ‘earphone’.

Although he doesn’t have hacking skills, he can’t hack each other in reverse.

But in this cement forest where the information is seriously disturbed, the other party is also impossible to hack in from a distance.

The enemy is in the vicinity!

The underground system extends in all directions, and it is almost impossible to find the enemy in a short time.

Gao Gong gritted his teeth and turned the ‘Nerve Frequency Amplifier’ to maximum again.

Next moment, the crazy noise that makes people want to rip the skin and tear the flesh once again drown out oneself.

Gao Gong could clearly hear the blood dripping from his ears.



And in the same way, the traces of the other party’s invasion, under the action of the ‘amplifier’, are like a path of falling rain, extending in the dark go out.

In the ‘rain’, there seems to be a small shadow.

Looks like a butterfly?


Kill the hacker and the hacking problem is solved!

The miniature motor on his knees turned to maximum, Gao Gong ran wild with a knife, killing intent boiling in his heart.

In ten seconds, after turning a corner, the rainy road was nearing its end.

He seemed to have hit something and was blocked back.

The red unicorn slashes horizontally and vertically, and what is in the way is cut off by one after another.

This texture, some kind of metal?

Something grabbed his calf and kicked him away.

Hackers are imminent.

Before the hack, a series of images flashed through Gao Gong’s mind.

Weird Keeper.

The unmanned cable tribe.

The perception is affected, the five senses are hacked.

Weird cyber hacker.

Professor Han controls the Reaper leader.

Professor Han?

The enemy is Professor Han, so he must die!

Without this bit of ruthlessness, Gao Gong would not be Gao Gong.

A butterfly?


Not a cyber hacker.

Not Professor Han either.


At the crucial moment, Gao Gong’s blade stopped in front of the opponent’s throat.

There is only the sound of heavy breathing, one breath, one breath, one breath.

The ‘amp’ noise fades away.

At the same time, the tinnitus disappeared and Gao Gong’s vision began to recover.

Under the tip of the knife, Huang Yuanli also slowly opened her eyes.

The two looked at each other for a moment, then Huang Yuanli scolded weakly: “You scared the old lady to death!”

Gao Gong looked around all around, not far away, there was Qi Zero who was hacked The broken metal prison door.

And there was a terrified look around.

Not far away, Meng Duo was in pain, and there was a black footprint on his chest.

It is also thanks to Mengduo’s fleshy body that he has a strong fleshy body.

β€œYou brought me here?” Gao Gong asked.

“Yes, it feels like it’s you, fortunately you are here,” Huang Yuanli complexion pale said.

“Can you explain it?”

“It’s too late, take us out first, I’ll tell you on the way.”

“Everyone hurry up, This is the one who came to save us!”

Gao Gong took Huang Yuanli in his arms and walked out of the cell.

When other cable tribe members saw this, they hurriedly followed behind. Meng Duo was supported by several other young men, and when he saw Gao Gong look over, he showed a rather ugly smile.

“This foot is too heavy.”

“Sorry, be careful next time.”

Gao Gong went back the same way and saw it soon Several corpses cut to pieces.

Many people saw this scene and showed happy expressions.

If Huang Yuanli hadn’t been seriously injured, she would have been kicked a few times.

“They are all subordinates of the Great Elder, that old bastard, who has no humanity at all, actually sold us as slaves.”

“So you rioted? You It’s quite brave.”

“Of course it’s not just me, I originally wanted to rescue Professor Han and let him lead us.”

Huang Yuanli paused and glanced at it. After that, he stopped talking.

Gao Gong was nodded, turned his head and asked, “Do you have a temporary hiding place?”

“I know there is an underground bomb shelter that is not occupied by wild beast, It’s not far away.” A tribal young man said boldly.

“Then let’s divide the troops into two groups. You go to the bomb shelter first, and we will find you when we turn back.”

Seeing the tribe members, look at me, I look at you, With hesitation on her face, Huang Yuanli suddenly scolded: “Are you all fools? If you don’t run away at this time, you want to be a slave!?”

“We can help you!” A young man gritted his teeth. .

“It’s just you? I’ll believe you if you take two steps now.”

Meng Duo took a deep breath, “Everyone listen to Sister Li, let’s go first!”

Then he seriously looked towards Gao Gong, “Please protect Sister Li!”

Gao Gong rolled the eyes, “If I can’t figure it out, I will be the first She threw it out.”

“Wow, you scumbag, the elder sister is so good to you.”

“What a shit, I’m about to ruin my ears. .”

“You unconscionable, you forgot who went to great lengths to help you find a big insect?”

“You also eat lollipops.”

After the two were separated from the main force, Gao Gong calmly said: “Everyone is gone, explain how that Professor Han is crazy.”

“You How do you know he’s crazy?!” Huang Yuanli’s eyes widened.

“If he’s not crazy, your Great Elder can beat him?”

A scavenger tribe, a monster with a perception of more than 40 points is already a dogshit Lucky, how could there be another one.

Professor Han is really crazy.

As a matter of fact, the little woman is not really an iron man. Before deciding to do anything, she first went to Professor Han.

In her opinion, the professor is the smartest person in the world, and there is no problem that he cannot solve.

However, the professor rejected her.

“Professor still doesn’t give up on exploration,” Huang Yuanli muttered: “Professor said that only by opening that place can we save everyone.”

“Didn’t you fail?”

“Yeah, so the professor has changed his mind.”

A hint of panic flashed in Huang Yuanli’s eyes, “He wants to bring out the things in that place.”

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