Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 39


Chapter 39 The Brain in a Vat

Something in that place?

Gao Gong frowned at the thought of the failed scientific exploration.

“What is it?”

Huang Yuanli shook the head in pain.

“I can sense its presence, it’s huge and painful, it’s like a mindless, a Nether Soul without a body.”

“You just It’s through it to contact me, right?” Gao Gong said with a move in his heart.

“Yes, I found the professor, the professor did not reject me at first, but made me drink a cup of coffee, after that, I have been hallucinating, but before this hallucination was only intermittent , I didn’t take it seriously.”

“And when we failed to resist and I was whipped, the hallucinations became more and more serious, and when I was completely unconscious, I found that I seemed to be part of it.”

“I can ‘see’ a lot of things that I couldn’t see before, the thoughts of the electronic bee, the mood of the mechanical dog, and even the thoughts of this forest, and it is also angry, It’s also very painful.”

Gao Gong did not speak, but glanced at the system panel.

[You are controlled by ‘telepathy’, your vision is cut off, and you enter a state of blindness]

Telepathy (mechanical) (primary level): a superpower that can sense the human heart , and can perceive, not just the ‘human heart’.

“It seems that what the professor gave you should be some kind of ‘hypersensory medicine’, but luckily, you are awakened; in the radiation zone, the telepathy on the mechanical side is a very useful ability.”

Huang Yuanli was stunned: “Supersense medicine, what is that? Wait, you mean, I have telepathy?”

“Yes, but not everyone takes it. You can be awakened by taking ‘super-sense medicine’. This medicine can enhance your experience beyond your five senses; in this process, your genes may generate some kind of antibody due to this experience. The nature of this antibody is The nature of your superpowers.”

“Of course, most ‘supersense drugs’ are not safe, and the probability of sudden death is far greater than that of awakening superpowers; you should thank that ‘thing’, According to my guess, it helped you to share some of the pressure.”

Huang Yuanli was stunned for a while, then suddenly became furious: “The professor actually wanted to kill me! I knew there were no good people with glasses!”

Gao Gong ignored him, went back the same way, found the original entrance, and after climbing up the straight ladder again, the pupils of the two of them got bigger at the same time.

I saw that the originally empty cable tribe was covered with a strange white brain, which slowly wriggled along the roof, walls, and tree holes, and thick nerve fibers drilled from the brain. out, take root and sprout.

Even though Gao Gong had taken off the ‘amplifier’, still felt a strong noise coming from all directions.


Huang Yuanli covered her ears fiercely, her eyes were red, and it was extremely painful.

“Take a deep breath, take a deep breath, learn to control your ability, try to accept it, run it, don’t resist it, remember, it’s a part of you!”

Huang Yuanli in Under the guidance of Gao Gong, his face gradually calmed down, and in the blink of an eye, a deep luster flashed across his eyelids.

Gao Gong relaxed, Superman civilization is a relatively large branch in carbon-based civilization, but it is very small in Machine Star. If Huang Yuanli can’t control her ability, it will become very troublesome.

Looking at the ‘brain’ covering his feet, Gao Gong suddenly pulled out the ‘red unicorn’ and cut off the pink nerve bundle.

And the other party’s information is also brushed on the panel.

[You deal 1 damage to ‘Brain in a Jar’]

[You enter the area of ‘Brain in a Jar’, and brain functions enter a state of confusion]


Brain in a vat!

Gao Gong didn’t expect this too, he thought it was some kind of pre-war bionic machine at most.

This thing is at least level 40, and it is a half-biological, half-information monster, which is extremely difficult to kill.

Especially its Spirit Attack belongs to ‘true damage’, ignoring all defenses, as long as it is attacked by aoe, Gao Gong estimates that he can’t resist twice.

Gao Gong looked all around, and saw that not only the cable tribe, but all the mutant trees that he could see began to secrete artificial proteins, and these proteins were the raw materials of ‘brain pulp’.

‘Damn, Professor Han didn’t intend to put the entire cable tribe into the brain of the cylinder, EVA has seen it too much. ‘

But obviously, the brain in this tank is still in a developing state, and the previous series of hallucinations were just the result of Huang Yuanli’s operations in his dreams.

“I, I ‘see’ it,” Huang Yuanli gritted her teeth: “The professor is in contact with this thing, he wants to absorb it, but it is resisting, and the professor is also in pain.”

Gao Gong took a deep breath, turned his head to look, and saw a large amount of ‘brain’ was drilling down the sewer.

This thing reproduces surprisingly fast.

“Let’s go, stop it, you lead the way!”

Gao Gong grabbed Huang Yuanli, and Huang Yuanli pointed her finger in the direction of the mountain road.

“At the temple of the Great Elder, the professor’s laboratory is also in that direction.”

Gao Gong ran along the mountain road, and at the same time, a ‘ding’ from the system panel ‘ sound.

[Mission: Bionic Brain]

Difficulty: Difficult

Mission Brief: Professor Han anticipated the coming of the beast tide, but he did not have the means to restrain the beast tide , In desperation, he chose the most extreme method to release the sealed scientific research product, and he was going to absorb it and turn it into a conscious Sovereign.

Mission Objective: Kill Professor Han/Kill the Brain in the Vat/Rescue Professor Han

Mission Rewards: EXP+4500, Cable Tribe Favor+500, Bionic Technology Clue

Gao Gong’s spirit is lifted, it is really ‘bionic technology’, you must know that a professional knowledge chain contains at least 8 to 10 full-level professional knowledge.

And more importantly, in the future bio-transformation, if Gao Gong still wants to maintain a human form, it is also inseparable from the help of ‘bionic technology’.

However, they didn’t run far before the earth shook and the mountain quivered. In the eyes of the two of them, the ground cracked, and high-rise buildings rose from the ground, and the faint yellow radiation atmosphere was also clear. The sky is replaced. In the sky, maglev cars are flying in the orbit. On the ground, living animals are jumping up and down, and each ordinary person is walking, chatting, and sitting on a bench to bask in the sun.

“What is this?” Huang Yuanli muttered.

“This is the city of the old civilization era, and it is also a memory in Professor Han’s mind. We were pulled into Professor Han’s mind.”

Gao Gong shook the head and said : “I guess what Professor Han wants to do is to let you all live here.”

“We big living people live in his mind?” Huang Yuanli said blankly.

“Yeah,” Gao Gong shrugged, “it’s a lot better than the harsh reality, it’s a great idea.”

Huang Yuanli swept around the beautiful surroundings , and then took a deep breath, the fragrance of flowers and plants penetrated into the nose and nose, making people feel refreshed.

She suddenly raised her head and cursed:

“What a hammer!”

“I don’t want to be part of this old man!”


“Use your ability to sense, you should have some connection with this brain in a vat.”

Gao Gong squinted and said, “If my guess is right, , in Professor Han’s plan, you are the second option.”

“If he fails, you are the next container.”

“That old lunatic!”

Huang Yuanli gritted her teeth and stretched out a hand to sense the feeling of being asleep. That hazy, but transparent and clean feeling was born again.

Gao Gong looked all around, and saw countless flesh and blood emerging from the high-rise buildings, covering, and then sinking.

Everyone is ‘fixed’, next moment, everyone is like a burning candle.

Huang Yuanli closed her eyes and moved towards one direction. Gao Gong held the handle of the knife and followed closely from behind.

However, while walking, Huang Yuanli disappeared, and Gao Gong came to a simulated battlefield for training.

“Sorry, I’m not a professional, and there is only a VR room for relaxation in the experimental base. I don’t know if the simulation is like it.”

Gao Gong’s side did not know. When there is a youngster in a white coat, youngster smiles very sorry.

“It’s very similar. It’s exactly the same as the security regiment’s training base.”

Stepping on the plastic track with his toes, Gao Gong turned his head and looked towards the younger version of ‘Professor Han’ .

“You’ve purposely separated me from Huang Yuanli, I’m afraid your condition is not very good, Professor.”

Professor Han nodded, “The base has been closed for almost fifty years, I thought That thing has ‘crash’, it shouldn’t be difficult to integrate, but didn’t expect it to be alive, and its ‘appetite’ is so strong.”

Gao Gong said with great interest: “So, you It is now in a state of mutual engulfment.”

Professor Han said: “Yes, I have made some arrangements, but this advantage of the first mover is constantly being consumed.”

“Fortunately, Lily’s awakening was successful. Now the only chance is for me to perish with it, and let Lily become a new ‘brain carrier’.”

Gao Gong looked up at the closed ceiling , “Do you think she will agree?”


Above the sky, Huang Yuanli stepped on the clouds and said excitedly: “Look, we are in the sky. ”

Huang Yuanli turned her head, only to find that Gao Gong had been disappeared at some point, and was replaced by an old man who was dying.

She suddenly became complicated.

“Lily,” Professor Han smiled and lowered his head: “Look, the city under our feet is so beautiful.”

“It’s fake no matter how beautiful it is,” Huang Yuanli coldly said: “I don’t want to be someone else’s brain, and I don’t want others to be my brain.”

“Yes, I don’t want to,” Professor Han nodded, agreeing.

“Then what should we do now?”

Professor Han bowed his head, and the two returned to the scavenger city.

In the city in front of the two of them, a war of tens of thousands of mechanical beasts is starting in the city.

Countless red lanterns floated in the air, and the blood-red flesh blanket spread wildly, submerging buildings, elevated highways, highways, and drilling into all kinds of mechanical biochemical beasts.

In the front, the sound of explosions, radiant energy, and high-temperature smoke is like a small nuclear bomb that keeps exploding, exuding terrifying formidable power.

Under its formidable power, mature metal nests were destroyed and razed to the ground.

Huang Yuanli stared at this scene dumbfounded.

She knows the monster!

(End of this chapter)

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