Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 4


Chapter 4 Deadly Running (Part 1)

In a sense, what the original owner thought was not wrong.

In the universe, there are as many civilizations as stars, and nearly half of them are mechanical civilizations. Among the six Level 9 civilizations of cream of the crop, three belong to the mechanical department.

For this phenomenon, in addition to the strength of the mechanical civilization itself, mechanical ascension is also the easiest to trigger compared to the other three ascension methods.

However, the most is not necessarily the strongest.

Gao Gong glanced at the personal system in his attribute panel, sighed in relief.

Motor system 9%

Neural system 5%

Endocrine system 1%

Circulatory system 5%

Respiratory system 1%

Digestive system 1%

Urinary system 1%

Reproductive system 1%

Eight major systems’ respective transformations The difference between the highest and the lowest rate is not more than 10%.

Explain that there are still opportunities!

The transformation of the human body is irreversible. If it exceeds 10%, it can only follow the purely mechanical route envisaged by the original owner. If it does not exceed 10%, it can be saved.

As far as he knows, the most powerful civilization in the observable universe is indeed a mechanical civilization, but it is not only a mechanical civilization.

Back to the untested stage of “Cyberworld”, the mechanical riot has not yet begun, the infinite powerhouse world has not appeared, the old days are destroyed, the ancient corpse disaster, and the quantum crisis are in the distant middle and late game, and The desperate Three Great Natural Disasters showed no sign at the moment.

There is only one chance for such a great opportunity.

Only the strongest can control their own destiny.

As the electricity starts, a tingling feeling spreads throughout the body. Under the adjustment of the access device, the current intensity is controlled within the acceptable range of the human body.

In the modified circulatory system, the cells will conduct impulses due to stimulation, pierce the cell membrane, generate potential differences, and stimulate biological currents, thereby improving his mental state.

The essence of fleshy body mechanization is to gradually replace the life operation in the human body system with bionic system through continuous human body transformation.

With the increase of the transformation rate, as long as a certain amount of electricity is charged every day, the fleshy body can secrete nutrients for a day.

A miracle!

It is said that some bio-enterprises in the ‘city that never sleeps’ have developed human body flash charging technology – five minutes of charging, a whole day of energy, human body circulation technology, you deserve it.

However, only a purebred robot with a transformation rate of 100% can completely get rid of the consumption of food and water; Gao Gong’s charging is more to stimulate his own mental state, so that he will not be in the He passed out on the way back to the city.

In this Iron Sand Desert where danger lurks on every side, there is no difference between natives, freaks, cyborgs, threatening everywhere, stunned and waiting to die.

But the other end of the walkie-talkie didn’t mean to be angry, but said with great interest:

“You alone can destroy my entire Knight squad, not bad, very good. , are you interested in joining our Knight regiment, I can give you other transformations at a higher level, allowing you to cross the threshold of artificial soldiers and become our combatants directly.”

“A higher level other Reconstruction, how high can it be, higher than you?”

“Compared to me? I’m afraid my status is beyond your imagination,” said the opposite person with a smile.

“speak frankly, my imagination is definitely beyond your imagination.”

Gao Gong climbed on the SUV cover, squinting and looking into the distance. He had torn off the t-shirt long ago, revealing his sturdy upper body, with three thumb-thick cables plugged into his body, the hot wind unique to the desert assaults the senses, and the iron ‘crash-bang’ on his neck rattled, revealing a rough pattern the ‘G’ word.

“Youngster, don’t be too aggressive, this world is much bigger than you think!” The other party finally showed an impatient tone.

Gao Gong smiled, shook it, popped out the last cigarette, threw the cigarette pack away from the car, jumped into the car, and slammed on the accelerator.

“Since the world is so big, how can you only be a slave of artificial intelligence.”

“What do you think, former military AI, war!”

Iron Sand Desert was originally an urban agglomeration in the age of old civilization. In a certain mechanical war, it was first plowed by a nuclear explosion and then swept away by some kind of large-scale energy weapon. As far as the eye could see, except for the ruins, it was the wreckage.

The sky is thick and dull nuclear dust. Under the dual action of nuclear pollution and energy pollution, the residual plants and animals have produced some kind of distortion, which urges them to emit a lot of radiant heat. .

Elsewhere, a nuclear winter would cause soot to be injected into the planet’s atmosphere, blocking light from reaching the surface, causing temperatures to plummet, depression, barren.

But here, a large number of radiation organisms and distorted plants are combined to form a unique post-disaster environment. The temperature not only did not drop, but rose wildly, not to mention an ordinary person, even if it is a mechanically transformed person It is also difficult to survive in the radiation zone of this desert.

The areas that can survive are all areas that have been transformed by enterprises, and the locals call them oasis.

The off-road vehicle is full of horsepower, bringing the wind and sand in the sky, and its goal is one of the oasis.

In the car, Gao Gong studied the NPC template he had stolen while observing the all around environment.

Gao Gong didn’t take seriously the recruitment of the Knights.

Although on this planet, the Knight group is also a powerful underground force, and Meat Machinery Technology is the object that countless companies are eager to imitate; there were also players who showed off the Knight group in the forum. The task chain is indeed rich in rewards.

And in the later stage of the main line of this planet, it is not that no players licked to the end, spent countless efforts to build reputation, build goodwill, and finally become a high-level member of the Knight group.

And then he fell into the pit.

All Knights of the Knight regiment will be transformed into children of that military artificial intelligence, or Avatars.

While Knight is able to retain his own personality templates and memory bank, he has direct control over all higher levels of consciousness – including the player’s account – when needed for ‘war’.

It is equivalent to free training for npc.

It’s not as good as a monopoly in the city that never sleeps.

Although those big companies also use various means to control their employees, including but not limited to making employees’ thinking into a read-only mode and storing them in the corporate database, or giving them overtime in the name of free medical care. Employees inject artificial epinephrine, or implant high-frequency chips directly in access bins, and emit high-intensity electronic noise during vacations—but at least it pays.

Compared with the Knights, the big companies are still decent people.

Although these wages go through one hand, two hands, and three hands, they will eventually go back to the pockets of big companies.

“tsk tsk, the Cyber Experiment Field, since it is an experimental field, it is natural to have experimental materials. Isn’t human beings the best consumables after the war?”

Not only Machine Star , the initial land and novice village of all players are various types of cyber experiment grounds.

The definition of the Cyber Experiment Field is the exploration, research, and development of different types of civilization ecology by high-level civilization, as well as the technology tree under this social ecology.

It can be a super enterprise monopolizing everything, or it can be artificial intelligence controlling the future, or a strong invasion of alien species, and a doomsday-like living environment, and even clone culture, biochemical crisis, different planets A chaotic party between intelligent races.

In the gray area of the Council of Civilizations, the various civilization technology trees are taking root and sprouting in an anti-civilization manner.

As the players will conclude in the future——

In this game, there are two problems that will hinder the development of science and technology, one is peace and the other is ethics. Solved here.

This is the Cyber Experiment Field.

But that’s not a bad thing for players.

Because there are a lot of experimental and taboo high-level technologies here, players can rely on these technologies to achieve cross-civilization-style strength enhancement.

Planet-level civilizations are all Level 1 civilizations. Under this civilization scale, the upper limit of the level of the main occupation is 30, which is the First Rank; Rank, and even third rank scientific research knowledge and experimental results.

“Sure enough!”

Gao Gong raised his head suddenly, and saw three small black dots approaching him at a speed visible to naked eyes above the sky.

‘The drone of the Knight regiment! ‘

As early as when Gao Gong started, he knew that with the very ruthless style of the Knight regiment, it was impossible to do so easily.

More intuitively, on the game panel, the task of [Deadly Run] is in the state of [Unfinished].


Name: Military Technology·Flying Eagle III

Category: UAV

Quality : Sophisticated

Weight: 38kg

Flying altitude: 5000 meters

Control system: Low-level military chip

Energy: No. 3 energy battery (Endurance 6 hours)

Flight Module: Booster*4

Attack Module: Mini Cannon*100 (Bullet) Small Anti-Armor Missile*2 Micro Rocket* 1

Attack range: 2000 meters

Shield: 200

Included template: Destruction mode (explosive shock wave to objects within 5*5 meters)

Remarks: Although it is a military technology of the old era, it has experienced many actual combats and is still practical

In the game “Cyberworld”, the equipment is divided into whiteboards (pipeline products) , sophisticated (customized templates), excellent (war weapons), rare (strategic weapons), epic (black technology), epoch-making (cross-civilization).

Among them, the whiteboard is the most common weapon and equipment, and it is equivalent to the specialty of the camp, and the old-time military technology of the Knight regiment undoubtedly belongs to the latter.

Gao Gong slammed the steering wheel, next moment, a ferocious firepower chain rolled up a lot of smoke and almost swept into the trunk.

At the same time, Gao Gong heard a subtle ‘sou sou’ sound in his ears, and immediately, a strong explosion accompanied by mud waves rolled towards the roof of the car, almost smearing the windows into yellow.

After chasing and fleeing, the scene outside the car changes dazzlingly.

Gao Gong almost turned the steering wheel into a twist, the wipers ‘crash-bang’, and the soles of his feet stepped on the accelerator pedal with high frequency, changing the rhythm, disrupting the drone’s tracking system.

If it is the most advanced drone in the city that never sleeps, it must be equipped with tracking weapons and a fixed-point strike system.

If it is more violent, the electronic signal will directly connect to the ‘armed space station’ on the orbit of the planet to carry out a large-scale physical sweep, the so-called ‘justice from the sky’.

If this level hits, Gao Gong can definitely be easily dealt with.

But if this is the case, the difficulty of this task will not be just ‘normal’, after all, there are difficulties, nightmares, hell, and even cross-civilization-level tasks above ordinary.

In fact, the firepower of the three drones has gone beyond the ‘normal’ level to some extent.

The increase in difficulty on the one hand will inevitably lead to a decrease in the difficulty on the other hand.

Gao Gong knew why, in fact, after the first wave of blows hit him without any particular bad luck, he knew it was safe.

The front of the car turned, the engine roared, and the off-road vehicle smashed into the concrete forest.

(End of this chapter)

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