Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 40


Chapter 40 Brain Cylinder

Not long ago, Huang Yuanli took Gao Gong to catch the big insect, and on the way back , and encountered a nuclear explosion type super monster.

She had a fresh memory of nearly dying from a radiation overdose just by looking at it.

Professor Han watched this scene calmly and moved forward slowly, while the surrounding scene was greatly retreating.

Radiation, explosions, and flames are in sight, and some attacks even pass directly through the two’s bodies, but they don’t hurt at all.


Huang Yuanli saw the body of the nuclear explosion monster for the first time.

That is a huge creature with a height of ten meters, like a skinned giant with four hands, the surface of the body is full of cracks, and in the cracks, high-intensity radiation energy surges like a tide.

Whenever the giant attacks, all the cracks in its body light up, and then a ‘mini-nuclear reaction’ bursts out of it in a massive explosion.

“It’s amazing, the artificial nuclear reaction, not uranium 235, is a new radioisotope, and this spontaneous movement and change should be the fourth sequence in addition to uranium, thorium and actinium.”

Professor Han raised his glasses, “Although I’m not an expert in this field, I know that if this happened in the age of civilization, this fission duke could win the highest award in the scientific research community.”


“It, it’s called Duke Fission, they areβ€””

Huang Yuanli stared at the war, hundreds of large mechanical beasts crawled out of the metal lair , madly attacking Fission Duke.

None of these large mechanical beasts is lower than C-Rank.

In the periphery of the Duke of Fission, the blanket of flesh and blood swelled on the ground. Most of the damage, allowing it to progress steadily.

“As you can see, this newly promoted A-Rank monster has teamed up with the veteran Scarlet Queen and is attacking another A-Rank monster leader Mechanical Fortress, and the aftermath of the battle has already left the high-danger zone. Spread to the low-risk area.”

“What does the struggle of those monsters have to do with us,” Huang Yuanli said with flickering eyes and a stubborn mouth.


Professor Han gave her a deep look.

“Then I’ll take you to other places to see.”

Next, under the control of Professor Han, Huang Yuanli appeared in every corner of the scavenger city, in every place. , Radiation wild beast fell into an inexplicable mania, they began to leave their living environment, and actively launched attacks, as long as they were living creatures, they were within their attack range.

“I can feel that the metropolitan area has changed, and it has become more dangerous. I don’t know if someone is behind it, but the cycle of the food chain is accelerating.”

“All that cannot be The species that survive in the high-elimination food chain will become the food of others.”

Professor Han looked towards Huang Yuanli seriously, “So, Lily, what should we do?”


Gao Gong wiped the blade of the red unicorn, and after confirming that there was no crack, straight to the point.

“It’s fine, let’s just start the fight.”

The young Professor Han opened his mouth, but was interrupted by Gao Gong.

“Although I personally don’t hate the ‘brain in a vat’ form of existence, in the universe, there are many types of messy civilizations, and some are more bizarre than this.”

“But relying on an immature scientific research product to solve the survival problems of all people, I don’t think there is a problem with the brain in the vat, but your brain.”

Professor Han’s expression sank. , stopped talking, and retreated to the outside of the plastic track.

And the next moment, one after another silhouette surrounded from all directions, each with steel bars, shotguns, and fierce expressions.

It goes without saying that these are horses from the Great Elder line.

Or, a living person that has been devoured by a ‘brain in a vat’.

Gao Gong swept his eyes calmly, put the knife back into the sheath, bowed, next moment, the motor roared violently, and six heads rose into the sky.


Huang Yuanli looked at Professor Han with a fixed expression, and Professor Han also looked at him calmly.

Around the two, the scene of the scavenger city gradually disappeared, and bright red’s brain sulcus squeezed out from the surrounding.

The top of the head is the cerebral cortex, the parietal and frontal lobes are flanked by the ceiling, and the cerebrospinal fluid drips like rain.

Numerous nerve bundles were extruded from the brain, and needle-like nerve threads were inserted into the two bodies.

“We can get out of here, Professor,” Huang Yuanli said in her last struggle.

“Leave here, where to go? In this man-eating world, can there be new hope?”

Professor Han laughed strangely, and countless nerves were already plugged in His eyes, nostrils, temples.

“Do you know? I once believed in a group of people who told me that they could restore the city, but they failed. All their arrogance and ambition could not stop the terrifying dark beast. The tide.”

“So, this time, I have to do it myself.”


Gao Gong chopped off the Great Elder’s head with a knife, pooh With a mouthful of blood, he glanced at Professor Han provocatively, surrounded by dead bodies.

In addition to not being afraid of death, this group of scavengers are all scumbags. Only three people can cause a little damage to themselves. They are the Great Elder who masters the ability of ‘metal manipulation’. Similar to Mengduo’s distortion warrior, there is another one, the slave master of the native warlord, who uses petrol bombs and fire-breathing, and the lungs and breathing system should be transformed with prosthetics.

Professor Han did not speak, just looked at each other calmly.

Next moment, the surrounding corpses slowly disappeared, and the living people surrounded Gao Gong once again.

The Great Elder’s chicken-claw-like palm shook violently. Next moment, Gao Gong could clearly feel the ‘crunch’ of the titanium alloy skeleton.

And the distortion warrior, also his son Zhao Yi stomped the ground with his feet, his body swelled by two meters, and his muscular body slammed into him.

On the other side, the tattooed slave master nibbled his teeth, and a huge Fireball spewed out of his mouth.

Facing this encircling attack, Gao Gong’s fingers trembled slightly, next moment, the single-molecule wire claws ejected and pinned directly on Zhao Yi’s thigh, the high-intensity pulling force of the catapult made the two men Approach quickly, while letting the Fireball squirt.

And at the moment of approaching, Gao Gong slammed the scabbard into the ground, the strong repulsion brought by the ‘electromagnetic exciter’ made his body rise, blade light flashed, and his head fell to the ground.

At the same time, Gao Gong swung his backhand, and the monomolecular wire directly wrapped around the neck of the slave master. The two sides approached quickly again. Gao Gong only lifted the tip of the knife slightly and pierced the other’s chest. blood hole.

“The ‘metal control’ at the primary level is useless. If the metal control at the molecular level is used, it will have the power to crush the battleship.”

With Gao Gong once again Cut off the head of the Great Elder, and the system hint sounded again.

[You have killed the Great Elder, experience +130]

[You have killed the flame slave, experience +80]

[You have killed Death distortion warrior Zhao Yi, EXP +150]

After the ‘Rainy Night with Knife Killing Mode’ was first established, Gao Gong has become a big brush not just in name only, but also in reality.

Some reluctantly scanned the circle.

“If you don’t have to complete the task, this is really a good place to farm monsters.”

Next moment, the monster refreshes again, one by one Great Elder, one by one Zhao Yi , The slave masters came out one by one, and the number was hundreds.

Gao Gong looked towards Professor Han and said calmly: “This is what you want, turning everyone into your puppet toy?”

“This is the only one The way to survive!” Professor Han gritted his teeth.

“You haven’t been to the military base.”

Gao Gong suddenly said, he took out a high-tech metal ring from his back pocket and put it on his backhand. head on.

Like Brother Hou.

“So you don’t know, this is not actually your imagination, but my memory projection.”

“After so long, at this time, you must have been putting Treat the little woman as a container, what a perverted old fogey.”

“What do you mean?” Professor Han coldly said.

“You pull me into the brain of the jar, then I am part of this ‘brain’, and the same is true for little women, including so many people you devoured before, all turned into the life you run Games.”

“Then do you know that if you play games too hard, the graphics card will burn, especially if you are still reinstalling the system.”

Gao Gong With a grin, he opened the ‘Central Nervous Direct Control Circle’.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t burn it now, let me, the Lightning Dharma King, Professor Yang help you.”

Next moment, a strong electric shock effect exploded from Gao Gong’s forehead, Not only Gao Gong felt the pain, but even Professor Han and the humans who were summoned showed a strong expression of pain.

Name: CNS Direct Control Circle

Category: Auxiliary Equipment

Quality: Excellent

Weight: 90g

Operation Mode: Remote Control

Auxiliary Module: Animal Taming Mode

Remarks: It can transform the nervous system of small and medium-sized mechanical species by imprisoning type, applicable scope, low radiation value Yu 10000

The principle of this thing is actually the ‘Professor Yang’ mode, which is mixed with strong spiritual hints, and finally achieves the purpose of taming wild beast.

Of course, if you want to be electrocuted to death, you can also play with it yourself.

The brain shields itself from intense, unbearable pain signals.

And the button for this pain switch is in the amygdala.

In line of sight, Professor Han became distorted and old, countless nerve bundles replaced everyone, and bioelectricity was running around.

Gao Gong gave Professor Han a middle finger before sinking.

Lao Tzu’s previous life opened up a virtual world, I don’t know how much thought and technology tree I have spent, and there are not a thousand or eight hundred interstellar civilizations that have been hacked by me. You brat really thinks that a dead house is good Is it right?

A brain in a trifling vat.

Pinch faces that only copy and paste are soulless!

According to the rumors, when a person is born, the first feeling is sinking.

And in Spiritual Plane, or when you go in and out of the cybernet, ‘sinking’ is a very important signal, just like the beacon that turns on.

Gao Gong’s vision went dark, his body seemed to sink into the sea of simulacrum signals, and after falling into the seabed, he returned to reality.

β€œNow I finally understand why Monkey Sun is honest,” Gao Gong rubbed his head fiercely: β€œThe effect of the equipment is too real and sometimes it’s not a good thing.”

The feet seem to be sticky Thick thing, he lowered his head and found that half of his body had been engulfed by artificial protein.

He pulled out his calf forcefully, and by the way, pulled off the nerve connection wire hanging on his calf. Looking around, he found that Huang Yuanli had been completely submerged in her brain, and there were nerve circuits all around her.

He was sighed.

“Just hold on, I’ll pull you up later.”

“For the better, at least you’re a brain, not a toilet for other excrement. ”

(end of this chapter)

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