Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 41


Chapter 41 Three Wins

Gao Gong came to the last location of the Cable Tribe.

The first thing I see is a laboratory that looks quite advanced.

Behind the laboratory is a three-story staff dormitory, which has now been converted into the Great Elder’s villa.

On the left side of the villa is a temple, which is worshipped by wild gods, and there are a lot of packed supplies on the right side. It can be seen that the Great Elder is ready to run away. .

Gao Gong set his eyes on the temple, where there was a strong sense of danger.

He squinted and walked in.

A man’s upper body hangs on the doorway, his fingers are firmly clasped on the threshold, and the nails are cracked due to excessive force.

And his lower body was replaced by densely packed neural circuits. On the nerves, the dendritic structures bulged, like small tumors.

And when Gao Gong set his eyes on the ‘tumor’, the naked eye visibly shook a few times, then exploded, blowing out a cloud of gelatinous liquid.

“So sensitive, sensitive skin.”

Gao Gong complained, this man he knew, Zhao Yi, the son of the Great Elder, the first warrior of the tribe except Meng Duo , the five Great Attributes all reach 10 points, and in the case of distortion, the strength can be inflated by half.

In terms of attributes alone, this guy is only a little worse than his predecessor’s ‘double-spend red stick’. Even in the group of mechanical hunters, he is also an elite template.

But for today’s Gao Gong, it’s not enough.

Stepping over this guy, Gao Gong saw more and more nerve threads, like cables, spreading out from the altar.

The ‘dendrites’ are also getting bigger and bigger, and some can even clearly see the ‘human shape’ inside.

Gao Gong walked to the altar and kicked the inner door open with one foot. What appeared in front of him was a nutrient solution tank the size of a pool.

Professor Han lay naked inside.

And in the nutrient solution tank, there is a creature.

Brain in a vat!

The ‘Brain in a Tank’ is not an oversized brain flower. Its shape is closer to a transparent octopus, with hundreds of tentacles slowly turning, and the big one is about ten meters. It is only two or three centimeters small, and it is slowly turning around Professor Han.

The sucker parts of the octopus are replaced by blue light spots one by one, forming an oversized blue-light vortex, which looks full of mystery and fantasy.

At this moment, as the tentacles wriggle, these blue light spots are shining on Professor Han’s body, making his skin color and skeleton transparent, and only the nerve plexus in his body is constantly lit up.

The whole person looks like a human-shaped neural network.

Professor Han’s hair was shaved clean, and replaced by nerve bundles as thick as a little finger, which were densely distributed in the frontal, postfrontal, and parietal lobes, that is, the front and back of the head.

It looks like a mohawk with dreadlocks.

It’s also very trendy.

“Is the old man talking about girls crazy, Professor, you really almost killed the little woman this time.”

In the water, Professor Han slowly opened his eyes, It’s just that his eyes are dull; at this moment, all his brain power is concentrated in the prefrontal lobe, where the Divine Art is responsible, and the other brain systems are in a state of shutdown.

The reason why the eyelids open is just the conditioned reflex of the eye nerves.

The mission gave him three options, kill Professor Han, kill the Brain in the Vat, and rescue Professor Han.

All three are not easy.

Because killing Professor Han means fighting against a spiritual boss with a perception of over 40 and a part of the power of the ‘brain in a vat’.

And killing the brain in a vat means helping Professor Han to become a new ‘super brain’. A few AOEs were enough to kill Gao Gong several times.

If Gao Gong’s previous life was not the Master of the face-pinching world and the Sovereign of the virtual world, the task would have been impossible to do so easily.

First intentionally sucked into the brain.

Then let Huang Yuanli ‘restart’ the system.

Use the ‘tight ring’ to get out.

Professor Han, who was found along the network cable, was like a bionic prostitute who came out to pick up guests.

โ€œWhat am I going to do with you, Professor, orโ€”brain in a vat?โ€

Gao Gong looked towards the transparent octopus, grinning.

“Talk about the conditions. If I can help you deal with this old man, what benefits can you give me.”

The tentacles of ‘Brain in a Vat’ are still unconscious. Turn around.

“Stop pretending, even if I kill Professor Han now, part of his personality will only irreversibly enter your body.”

“You want to keep this for the rest of your life. Is it something from an old man?”

After a moment of silence, the nutrient tank suddenly rippled in a circle, and then a transparent tentacle came out of the water and tapped on the back of Gao Gong’s hand, the back of his palm. One of the neural nodes lights up.

‘Huang Yuanli’ sounded in Gao Gong’s head.

โ€œShould I trust you? Human.โ€

โ€œOf course not.โ€

Gao Gong sat on the edge of the pool, laughing for each other made an account.

“I can help you deduce that the best outcome is that you kill Professor Han, get rid of Huang Yuanli, and become the final winner.”

“Of course, you also know , Professor Han has made so many preparations, it is unrealistic to want to leave nothing behind.”

“Second, it is you who swallowed Huang Yuanli and became the host of this girl’s fleshy body, no matter what. It is said that the brain flowers of young girls are more fragrant than those of old fogey, although they are not as good as pig brain flowers.”

“But are you really willing? It’s hard to recover from a deep sleep, this world There are so many powerful fleshy bodies, but you can only choose such a weak carbon-based low-level ape with such a small chest.”

“Third Type, maybe, your subjective consciousness is affected by Professor Han. Destroyed, Huang Yuanli has become a new brain in a vat.”

“There is a worse end, Professor Han will swallow you up, leaving no scum.”

“Of course. , and the last possibility is to be deceived by me, and one of the above four endings will be randomly selected.”

“But what if I didn’t lie to you, after all, there is still a dream, in case Can I help you solve this dilemma?”

“Tell me, what’s your choice?”

‘Brain in a Vat’ fell silent again, and after a while, a message Tentacles that were three meters long protruded from the nutrient solution, like some kind of book that Gao Gong had drawn before, entwining him little by little, and the spiritual node attached to the skin one after another lit up.

A hard to describe refreshing gushing from Gao Gong’s Spiritual Plane.

[Intensive stimulation of your trunk nerves, +1 to Perception]

[Intensive stimulation of your visceral nerves, +1 to Perception]

[Your The gray matter of your brain is intensified, perception +1]

[Your white matter is intensified, perception +1]

Gao Gong is relaxing, the tip of the tentacle is coming from his brain After going around, gently stroked on the back of the frontal lobe.

A special Spiritual Fluctuation emanates from the back of the brain.

Next moment, Professor Yang’s version of electrotherapy burst out of Gao Gong’s mind again.

The neuro-entangled ‘brain in a vat’ suffered ten times the pain of electrotherapy than Gao Gong.

“Hoo-refreshed,” Gao Gong grinned, “Did you brat try to steal my thoughts just now?”

The transparent tentacles trembled, and there was a kind of sound. sorry emotion.

‘Sure enough–‘

The main brain AI that did not give birth to the omnic crisis, the pan-conscious subject that did not undergo ethical reshaping, and the indigenous leader who did not go out of the planet.

People give nicknames, three fools in the universe.

“Forget it this time. Next time I can’t do this. The binding will continue.”

The tentacles of the ‘Brain in the Vat’ stretched out again.

[Your thalamus is intensified, perception +1]

[Your pineal gland is intensified, perception +2]

[Your Character-1]

Character: 3

Remarks: Use the fleshy body of an ignorant girl to satisfy the ambition of a perverted old man, and use the treacherousness of human beings to deceive the pure consciousness life, you There is still room for decline in your character!

Gao Gong rolled the eyes and ignored the system.

After the pineal gland was strengthened, the brain in the tank also fell into a state of exhaustion, and the mental nodes on the tentacles flickered like a light bulb without electricity.

Gao Gong didn’t actually deceive the other party, but it wasn’t because he was honest enough. In fact, if he was level 30 now, he would immediately take action and use the kidnapping as an ‘assistant brain’.

Who said that ‘biobattery’ can only be done by human beings, just like conscious creatures!

Don’t look down on others!

However, in the current situation, helping ‘Brain in a Vat’ is the only three-win option, Huang Yuanli kept the brain flower, and Gao Gong won twice.

Only the world where Professor Han was injured was reached.

Gao Gong took out another ‘tight hoop’ and threw it into the pool.

“Put it on Professor Han, then wake up the little woman in you, and let her use telepathy to connect me and this old fogey, remember, it’s a one-way connection, don’t make a mistake!”

Huang Yuanli seems to have had a long dream, in this dream, she seems to be connected with the whole scavenger city, sweeping the whole city from a very strange perspective.

Her initial understanding of telepathy is inconceivably powerful under the amplification of the ‘brain in a vat’.

At the same time, her feeling gradually became indifferent, perhaps a little curious, but more of a chaos.

The emotionless self makes her very afraid.

However, soon, she floated up from the seabed again, like a resurrected corpse, and at the same time she floated to the surface of the sea, the feeling of ‘human’ also poured out.

“Don’t stand still, listen to me, I let you do this…”

Gao Gong’s voice suddenly sounded from the sky.

After a long while, Huang Yuanli came back to his senses and spoke in astonishmentโ€”she found that she could speak directly without using her throat.

“You mean, let me pass your pain on to the professor?”

“Yes, the ‘central nervous system direct control circle’ can produce the effect of electrotherapy, two circles It is twice the pain.”

“And the ‘brain in a vat’ uses brain power to catalyze it, and it can reach ten times.”

“Ten times of electrotherapy is enough to make this The old fogey passed out immediately, and as soon as he fainted, the connection with the ‘brain in the tank’ was cut off, and the big octopus could excrete him smoothly.”

“Second Step, then It’s like a bottle gourd, you use ‘telepathy’ to sense my pain, the brain in the vat will strengthen your pain, make you faint, and when you faint, it can completely get rid of you.”

“Wait, what if I pass out and this thing eats me?”

Gao Gong shrugged, “Then next year will be your birthday, and I will give you Fragrant!”

“Youโ€”” Huang Yuanli felt the long-lost anger.

“Don’t worry, you little arms and legs, that big octopus won’t be interested,” Gao Gong paused, and said meaningfully: “If it really eats you, it means it is completely Occupy your fleshy body, then I will kill you easily and avenge you.”

Huang Yuanli hesitated, then gritted her teeth: “Okay, I will cooperate with you!”

The whole plan is not complicated, the key is trust, it is difficult for ‘Brain in a Vat’ to trust human beings, while Huang Yuanli only trusts Gao Gong, not to mention Professor Han, so paranoid that he only believes in himself.

This is a prisoner’s dilemma.

What Gao Gong did was to take the prisoners’ ‘guns’ into his hands and force them to win three times.

That’s right, Gao Gong won twice.

(End of this chapter)

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