Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 42


Chapter 42 Bionic Returns

[mission completed, experience +4500, cable tribe favor +500]

[Brain in a Jar +400]

When the little woman Huang Yuanli fainted, a substantial Spiritual Fluctuation suddenly emanated from the tentacles of the ‘Brain in a Jar’.

The rays of light of blue go round and round, as deep as the sea.

Gao Gong squinted his eyes, resting his palm lightly on the handle of the knife, and the strong Spiritual Fluctuation made him feel the excitement at the same time.

There are two types of brains in the tank, one is wild and the other is domestic.

The wild ones are more ferocious, and most of them have developed a hobby that eats human brains. They complete the ethical construction by absorbing human emotions and memories. They are extremely treacherous and belong to the villain behind the scenes.

On the contrary, this kind of artificial cultivation is relatively simple and relatively natural and harmless.

But anyway, this thing is also a boss of level 30 or above, Spirit Attack is invincible, you can take advantage of others, don’t really take people as fools.

In fact, when his perception reached 21, he immediately felt that a dozen invisible tentacles were slowly stroking him, especially his head.

The other party did not agree to this deal because of ‘talking about’, but only after confirming that Gao Gong was not lying before accepting his arrangement.

In a sense, this guy is equivalent to half a prophet.

“Human, thank you, you’re different from other people.”

“Of course, I don’t do slice research, I just like to study the special hobbies of different races…cough, What’s your plan next?”

The brain in the tank stretched its tentacles happily, and the liquid in the nutrition tank quickly bottomed out.

“Researcher Han gave me a lot of things I didn’t like. I’m going to get rid of them, and thenβ€”find a suitable body.”

“Researcher Han? You mean Professor Han, you don’t hate him?”

“Forty years ago, with the help of Researcher Han, I got my first life, and forty years later, it was also with his help Next, I wake up from chaos.”

“According to the principle of equivalence of your human beings, I will clear up my grievances with him.”

“But if one day, my thinking There’s something new, or more ‘human’, and I’ll come back for reciprocity, oh, as you humans say – revenge.”

Gao Gong shrugged, no comments .

“In the laboratory, Researcher Han hid some research materials from that year. These materials may be useful to you. I can feel that some dangerous flames are burning on your body.”

“Sorry, I used the word ‘dangerous’, but I couldn’t find a more appropriate phrase in the human lexicon.”

Carbon-based flow + mechanical flow, Not to mention on this planet, it is synonymous with danger in the entire universe.

“Then, goodbye, my human friend, I have already set my eyes on a very good body, I hope there will be a chance to meet again in the future, and I hope that by that time, you have already got What you want.”

The blue light grew brighter, and with a storm of mental shock, the ‘Brain in a Tank’ disappeared into the nutrient tank.

Another corner of the city, high risk area, metal area.

In the center of this high-risk area, there are mechanical corpses everywhere, and in the center of the corpses is the remains of a giant Machine City castle, covered in smoke.

And in the position of ‘it’ chest, there is a hole the size of a water tank, where its radiating organs are originally located.

A-Rank Radiant Beast Leader, Mechanical Fortress.

Before its dull eyes, bright red’s meat blanket is slowly exiting this former lair of mechanical biochemical beasts.

And the ‘Fission Duke’ who killed it has a scarlet cloak on the back.

Likewise, in the sky-filled ‘red lanterns’, clumps of nuclear energy are lit in the lanterns.

one mountain can’t be shared by two tigers, unless one male and one female.

The Scarlet Queen and Fission Duke seem to have ‘fused’ to some extent.

There may be another S-Rank Beastmaster in the scavenger city in the near future.

Or the beast generals controlled by the two Knights.

However, a small accident was born.

In the ‘chest’ of the mechanical fortress, a group of light blue octopuses suddenly appeared, and countless nerve lines were pierced, injecting energy, and making the circuits of the major mechanical modules light up again.

Next moment, the eyes of Mechanical Fortress moved.


Gao Gong naturally doesn’t know, he has changed the direction of history to some extent. At this moment, in the laboratory of the pre-civilization era, he is looking through Information left by Professor Han.

“The Principles and Experiments of Arthropod Bionics”

“Human Bionics and Amphibian Simulation”

“Whether there is a Probability of Marine Human Beings”

“Lab Log”

Gao Gong opened the log with a move in his heart.

Third Summer Calendar, Year 231, June 4

‘According to the rules of the lottery, my colleagues and I were sent to this middle generation site to conduct ancient fossil research. Cell collection and recovery. ‘

‘I think this is a complete academic waste. The idea of a giant colony has long been rejected. By combining dinosaur cells with colonization technology, a ‘humanoid battleship’ can be created. Which is this? The idea of an idiot? ‘

‘When can those idiots in the Imperial Research Department stop being so whimsical. ‘

June 5

‘Dig rocks, dig your mother’

June 6

‘Dig rocks, dig Your mother’

June 7th

‘Dig rocks, keep digging your mother’

June 8th

‘Days Oh, the old forest in the deep mountains, I don’t have a single girl. During the next holiday, you must download a few hundred gigabytes of Welfare Ji in advance, otherwise you will not be able to live your life. ‘

What followed was nearly two months of excavation of ancient fossils, interspersed with the scent of a researcher’s mouth.

This young researcher, surnamed Han, named Han Yuan, has many self-portraits in his notes, from various angles, and some without clothes.

It is confirmed that this coquettish youngster is Professor Han.

I don’t know how a very ruthless Pig Slaughtering Blade can turn the saucy bag in the diary into a real autistic old man.

July 15

‘A group of people came to the site today. They are college students majoring in ancient biology. Hehe, the girl is so beautiful. ‘

July 16

‘Today, the drone took a silhouette on the mountain. Could it be a savage? I bet five hundred mechanical coins, it’s the mother’s. ‘

July 17

‘You get what you get, well, you can’t use the word ‘get what you get’, but it’s so bullshit, it’s all 26th century Now, the extraterrestrial colonies have been established, and there are still ancient weapon hobbyists, and they are still playing cosplay in the deep mountains and forests. Can you simulate the environment in VR at home? How can you solve these people’s shit? ‘

July 19

‘I don’t know if my report passed or not. I really want to leave here. I’m an Academician of [Neurobiology]. Let me dig Stone, it’s too much nonsense. ‘

July 20

‘Damn it, I actually dug it out, it’s so big, is this thing alive? Can ancient biological cells really be integrated into colonization technology? If this is true, my professional thesis will be finished, and I will go directly to the peak of my life. ‘

October 13

‘The experiment failed, hey, I slipped away, it was boring, I was excited, with the current biotechnology, I want to integrate super ancient creatures into In the strong breeding technology, there are at least seven or eight difficulties that have not been overcome. ‘

October 21

‘My application got a response, it’s a miracle! Human Body Application Technology Research Institute, I have never heard of this unit, but why is the confidentiality level so high? ‘

Gao Gong flipped through and found a lot of torn pages behind the diary.

A lot of content was ripped out, seemingly for reasons of secrecy.

The Third Summer Calendar, Year 234, February 4

Did two years pass directly.

‘unimaginable, it turns out that high-level officials have long been in contact with alien civilizations, and whoever uses technology is a pretense, it is clearly bionic technology! ‘

‘On this planet, our country already has the most powerful prosthetic technology and reproductive technology… Human bionics, do the upper levels want to transform us all into robots? ‘

March 8

“AI Life Act” and “Human Bionics Act” passed, our planet seems to have the right to choose freely.

Although this freedom is given to us by aliens.

May 9

The core of bionic technology is brain science!

Gao Gong turned to the last page and raised his eyebrows, gone?

At the same time, the task prompt of the system panel sounds.

[You get the ‘Bionic Return to the Origin’ quest fragment*1 (unlighted)]

Mission Fragment: The fragment puzzle of a large quest network, you need to collect enough clues, to uncover the truth of the mission.

Quest Tip: Do androids seem to be related to aliens? This may be a clue, but it’s definitely not enough, look for more ‘mission fragments’ to piece together the truth of the entire bionic transformation.

Fragment reward: incomplete mechanical puzzle*1

(end of this chapter)

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