Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 43


Chapter 43 Alien Base

The A-Rank civil war in the scavenger city is too loud for the security team to know.

In fact, the vigilantes knew about the existence of the ‘Fission Duke’ a long time ago, and also anticipated the conflict between the old and new A-Rank monsters.

They even made a kill plan after ‘when the sandpiper and the clam fight each other’.

But indeed didn’t expect that the Duke of Fission would join forces with the Scarlet Queen to kill the Mechanical Fortress first.

This is definitely bad news.

The pressure on the Eastern Front swelled tenfold at once.

The expansion of the metropolitan area is inevitable, as is the large-scale conflict.

There is no other reason. Both the Duke and the Queen are the leaders of A-Rank Radiation Beasts. The increase in their strength will inevitably bring about the expansion of the genetic territory.

And radiation beasts are not the same as mechanical biochemical beasts. The birth of mechanical biochemical beasts, or ‘mechanical creation’, takes a certain amount of time.

And for the powerful Radiant Beast leaders, as long as they have enough power, the entire Iron Sand Desert can be their territory.

Almost at the same time the A-Rank Civil War ended, an entire formation of bombers flew out of the Vigilante headquarters ‘sky battleship’.

Take advantage of these two monsters to kill them!

The bomber is the latest ‘fire crow aircraft’ of the mechanical corps. In addition to the ordinary kinetic energy weapons, the bomber is also loaded with electromagnetic rocket launchers, anti-radiation microwave emitters, and an energy main gun.

In addition to the bomber formation, there were three troop transport airships, each loaded with two hundred mechanical warriors.

Although these mechanical warriors do not use the colonization technology of the mother city, they are equipped in the factory with a two-in-one mechanical body with a titanium alloy inner skeleton and outer armor, fleshy body strength Go straight to the B-Rank mechanical biochemical beast.

It is worth mentioning that the titanium alloy inner gold skeleton on Gao Gong’s body is the basic model of the mechanical warrior. Although the materials are the same, there are no energy sockets, combat chips, let alone smart weapon implants. enter.

Use the standard language of the mobile phone industry – inner skeleton youth edition.

The biggest impact of this war on Gao Gong’s entire group was that they couldn’t go back through the original road and had to make a big circle to avoid the bloody frontline battlefield.

It doesn’t matter to Gao Gong himself, as long as he doesn’t run into the B-Rank boss unluckily, no matter what he encounters, he is sure that he can run away successfully.

But behind him, there are nearly two hundred unarmed members of the Cable Tribe.

As the saying goes, to save people to the end, accords Buddha all the way to the west…

Well, Gao Gong is actually not that kind.

He did this because the potential of this small tribe of scavengers was considerable.

There are more than 20 tribal girls headed by little women with double-digit perception.

Plus their experience and means of training ‘small mechanical biochemical beasts’.

It can be said that as long as the ‘tight hoop’ is enough, Gao Gong can instantly pull up a company of small mechanical beast troops.

In addition to the girls, there are eight tribe warriors in the cable tribe.

In the cement forest, Gao Gong is like a wolf, sneaking in everywhere with the help of monomolecular claws.

The radiation wild beast that hits, or he takes care of it directly, if it can’t be solved, immediately notify the rear force to take a detour.

With the desert skin, plus cold blood and stealth, most radiant wild beasts can be easily approached.


[Single-molecule thread hook proficiency reaches 3000/3000]

[Skill level upgrade]

Single Molecular Line Gripper (Passive) (Advanced): A tossing and moving at high altitude, which can strengthen attack or escape skills and increase a certain chance of assassination.

Proficiency: 1/5000

Skill remarks are not much different from the previous ones, but changed from ‘Auxiliary Attack’ to ‘Enhanced Attack’.

However, in Gao Gong’s mind, there are hundreds of advanced hooking skills, and without exception, these skills are close to battle skills, such as how to use hooking hooks. , destroy the balance of the enemy, or how to use the hook to stabilize the center to achieve a beheading combo.

‘In my impression, the claws of the rainy night boss are ‘experts’. ‘

‘It’s not difficult to reach elites or even experts at your own speed of spawning monsters. ‘

‘Is it really destined to carry forward the Sect of ‘with a knife without an umbrella in a rainy night’? ‘

Gao Gong was inexplicably excited, and felt that this meaningful name was very suitable for him.

‘Since the ‘claw’ has been upgraded, the dark night warrior must also be upgraded, otherwise the explosive power of melee combat will not be enough. ‘

[You raise the Night Warrior to lv5]

[You raise the Night Warrior to lv6]

[You raise the Night Warrior to lv7]

Dark night warrior lv7 (advanced): When using a sword, attack power +25%, using a sword’s attack speed increases by 20%, using a sword combo has an 18% chance to apply the bleeding effect

Additional status: guzzle, stealth

Guzzle: use a sword to bleed an enemy, increasing attack power by 5% (up to stack Twelfth Layer)

stealth: stealth Reduces the chance of being detected by 15%, and increases the chance of killing the target.

Gao Gong sets his sights on ‘stealth’, in the impression, the previous note ‘increases the killing chance against the unsuspecting target’ probability’.

Is it okay to be on guard now?

Gao Gong decided to find a mechanical biochemical beast to practice.

Soon, he identified the target, a bumping antelope.

The ramming horns of this mutant antelope resemble an oversized power drill.

When it saw Gao Gong, its eyes immediately turned blood red, the front end of the ram turned at a high speed, sparks flew everywhere, and at the same time, the four metal hooves fiercely kicked, and went straight to Gao Gong’s chest. .

And Gao Gong didn’t move, but when the other party bumped into a moment, his wrist flicked slightly.

The hooking claw is directly nailed on the right fore palm of the antelope, and as the two interlace, the pulling force makes the two sides approach faster.

The antelope was out of balance because of the pulling force.

And Gao Gong took a slight step with the help of pulling force.

Draw the knife while stepping forward.

The two figures are staggered.

Gao Gong threw the tip of the knife and put it back into the sheath.

The ramming antelope blinked in confusion, next moment, the abdomen cracked, and a large number of organs were sprinkled like rain.

[You deal 79 damage to the antelope]

[You trigger the ‘one strike certain kill’ effect, experience +20]

[You Killed the horned antelope, EXP +70]

Feeling the light-hearted slash just now, without a trace of smoke and fire, Gao Gong realized something.

It turns out that only high perception can fully realize the fighting style of the night warrior.

When perception became the first attribute, Gao Gong realized that he had been exerting too much force before.

What are you doing to kill people?

The artistic killer style is the route taken by the dark night warrior.

In the game, other prosthetics plugins at the high level have a ‘fitness’ precondition.

The ‘fitness’ is not high, even if it is forcibly installed, the formidable power will be greatly weakened, and the probability of failure is terrifyingly high.

Although there is no such thing as ‘fitness’ for skills, from the perspective of ‘NPC’, Gao Gong can faintly feel that every skill seems to be ‘alive’.

β€œHuman and Sword Unity, or a combination of human and skill?”

As soon as Gao Gong returned to the army, Huang Yuanli nervously approached.

“I sense your killing intent from far away, how are you, are you all right?” This little woman’s perception attribute doubled directly, reaching an astonishing 20 points. If it weren’t for the ‘brain in a vat’ to bind herself with a set of mental tentacles, her perception would skyrocket, and she would almost be unable to hold the other party down.

“It’s okay, remember to exercise your abilities more. The more you practice, the deeper your understanding will be. This will be good for you.” rolled the eyes and suddenly snickered, “You said it.”

The little woman’s eyes suddenly became empty, looking towards Gao Gong.

And Gao Gong suddenly felt that all his clothes had been stripped off, and he was completely seen.

“Huh? Why is your mentality so ‘strange’? Didn’t you kill that antelope? Why don’t you have any anger at all, good Buddha.”

Huang Yuanli is inexplicable His face flushed, he looked around furtively, and said, “You brat is not taking advantage of us to rest and find a place.”

“So what?”

“It’s the operation of the sage before time, you know, the kind of flying and flying.”

Huang Yuanli gave him a pitying look, “If you need it, tell me. , you don’t say how I know, although I can’t help you, but I can introduce you to girls, this stuff is addictive and hurts.”

Gao Gong corner of the mouth twitched, holding her back with a backhand ‘s brain.

“Don’t use your abilities blindly!”

“Damn, didn’t you tell me to use them? Let go, let go! If you don’t let go, I’ll bite your balls!”

The two were fighting, and the tribe members next to them all smiled at the scene.

After a moment of relaxation, Gao Gong suddenly said: “What about the old man, are you still autistic?”

Huang Yuanli sighed, “Eat, don’t drink, don’t drink, He’s just waiting to die.”

“You used telepathy on him?”

“How dare I use it, what if he eats my brain?”


Having said this, Huang Yuanli has lingering fears.

Gao Gong got up and walked to the end of the line. Professor Han’s eyes were sunken and he looked like a mummified corpse.

“I’ll have a chat with him.”

Mundo nodded and greeted his two companions to support him and leave.

Although Gao Gong didn’t say it, Huang Yuanli didn’t say it, but the others were not stupid. They vaguely understood that Professor Han was among the murderers who caused the cable tribe to fall apart.

“I read your diary. I want to know the exact location of that institute. Can you tell me?”

Professor Han said nothing.

“It’s fine if you don’t say it. Anyway, you have led people to explore it before, and the approximate location can be determined. At worst, I will find it myself.”

“You plan to not Succeed, but are not willing to tell us the location of the sanctuary?”

“Your ‘sacrifice’ is only within the scope of your own plan? So are you for others or for yourself?”


Gao Gong was deliberately mocking, and at first glance it was an old moral kidnapper.

β€œI can’t go.”

Professor Han suddenly opened his mouth, his voice was rather hoarse.


“There are a lot of dangerous things in the institute. Compared with them, the ‘brain in a vat’ is safe.”

Gao Gong frowned.

“Then why are you going? The purpose of your last exploration was not for migration, but for that big head?”

Professor Han’s eyes were dim and his voice was hoarse.

β€œDuring the war, this land was hit by saturation. Only near the research institute, it was not attacked by any alien spaceship. Why do you think this is?”

Gao Gong raised his eyebrows and motioned for the other party to continue.

“Because the base at that time was already occupied by alien life, of course they would not attack their own people.”

(End of this chapter)

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