Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 44


Chapter 44 Unexpected old friend

Professor Han has sunken eyes, senile plaques on his face, and nerve bundles on his head because of ‘ The brain in the vat’s power disappeared and withered, and the whole person seemed to pass away at any time.

The fusion of ‘brain in a vat’ failed, and the life of this professor Han was only a few years away.

In fact, even if he successfully integrates, with his brain power, he cannot support the calculation of the world in his brain for a long time.

That’s why Gao Gong snort disdainfully, it’s cool to be an otaku, but the problem is you have to find a sustainable path.

Temporary escapism is nothing, the ability to escape until they can’t find you, or even deal with you, is the true meaning of virtual reality.

“The alien base,” Gao Gong thought for a while, and said, “If I guess correctly, the knowledge chain of bionic technology should also be handed over to you by the alien forces.”


“So, this is a conspiracy?”

Professor Han frowned painfully and said, “I don’t know, it’s just When we fully realized each other’s theories in our scientific research results, the group of aliens suddenly broke in, captured us, and forced us to perform bionic experiments.”

“And their goal is to Realize complete bionics for us, and completely transform that group of alien monsters into carbon-based humans on this planet.”

Gao Gong touched his chin, generally speaking, high-level civilization interferes with low-level civilization most commonly The method is to trade a low-level civilization with a technology tree with low potential and pits on the road in the name of ‘communication’.

With the eyes of low-level civilization, it is completely impossible to see whether there is any problem with these ‘high level alien technology’.

In fact, even if you know there is a pit, there will still be forces on the planet who will take the initiative to be deceived and deceived.

Without it, most of the planet civilization is not a whole, but a scattered alliance composed of many sovereign states. You stay where you are, and people make rapid progress with the help of external forces, which in turn turns you into an allied country and a satellite country. .

Or alternatively, domestic interest groups and corporate forces privately come into contact with alien knowledge, package it into their own lighted technology, and be a little more violent, and the opposition parties will realize the technological revolution through a coup d’Γ©tat.

In short, ‘knowledge’ changes civilization. Although this move is vulgar, it is a mess to use.

As long as you use it, it will most likely be effective.

And there are several reasons why high level civilizations do this.

Or they want to verify the probability of a certain technological route and the resulting social ecology through the nascent planet civilization.

Or, they want to cultivate this planet civilization into a sub-civilization. For example, a high-level mechanical civilization cultivates a low-level carbon-based civilization, so as to realize the technological pushback against the hostile carbon-based civilization.

Alternatively, through the calculation of the main brain of the planet, it is found that a certain type of race has great potential and develops to be the nemesis of a certain high-level civilization, so vicious intervention is carried out.

Under the stipulations of the Supreme Civilization Council, high-level civilizations will not and are not allowed to achieve dimensionality reduction attacks on low-level civilizations. The phenomenon of interstellar colonization is rare in today’s universe.

But rules are rules, and they can’t hold back their desire to show off their operations.

And a low-level civilization can move from planet to interstellar, either because its potential is really against the sky, going all the way to the top, or it has experienced various crises, such as mechanical disasters, alien parasites, technological crises, races mutation, forcibly tempered into Old Fox.

Until the ascension of civilization is achieved.

At that time, other high-level civilizations will think that you brat is quite ruthless, ruthless, shameless, and a good material for mixing the universe, worrying about retaliation afterward, so they will bully other planets. Indigenous.

At that time, the external crisis will be lowered by one level.

It’s just that the alien species passed down bionic technology, and then imitated the human beings on this planet.

This operation is a bit confusing.

Are you playing lurking? Not so much.

The known conditions are too few to guess, Gao Gong changed the subject: “You just said that there are many dangerous things in the research institute, does this thing refer to aliens or other What?”

Professor Han said hoarsely: “In the previous exploration, I had quietly opened the peripheral defense mechanism of the institute, and it was not attacked. Even the password was the same as the previous year, so I can initially It is concluded that the aliens should have left.”

“And the danger I am talking about is the failed product of a series of biological experiments at the beginning. The fleshy body of those alien monsters is unimaginable and bionic. The products of their failures are existences that can’t even be destroyed by energy weapons.”

Yes, this is a bit troublesome, and I planned to explore it after the hunting war.

Now it seems, this is still a high level book.

“Since it’s so dangerous, please tell me the place, or accidentally, your clansman may be involved.”

Gao Gong looked sincere.

[‘Bionic Return to Origin’ quest fragments light up]

[Reward: incomplete mechanical puzzle [1/5]*1]

Add to the previous For that piece, Gao Gong has completed 2/5 of the puzzle.

Mechanical puzzle is a kind of high level blueprint, at least above ‘rare’, if you are lucky, you can even bet on a blueprint of cross-civilization level.

And this type of puzzle is generally not a single weapon, but some large equipment.

‘This institute may have new clues for fragments. ‘

The task network is different from the task chain. As long as the task chain is not stuck in a certain level, it can be done all the time.

But the task network is different, it needs to be stitched together from different task fragments.

The more pieces of the task are assembled, the more likely it is to spell out a ‘task network’.

But that’s only possible.

Sometimes, you light up a ‘task fragment’, but find that there is no way to go.

This is fairly common.

So many players would rather die on the quest chain than go to the quest network.

Because the quest chain has staged rewards anyway.

The mission network is basically generating electricity with love.

It was not until the middle and late stages of the game that players understood that the ‘task network’ was one of the few paths that could bypass the ‘professional knowledge chain’ to create large-scale equipment and even upgrade equipment.

Naturally, Gao Gong will not let go of this ‘task network’.

Not to mention that he knows a lot of background information on Machine Star.

More importantly, he has player horses to drive.

It’s not just the basic reward, he just gives it.

“Okay, wait until I have my place to rest, it’s not safe here.”

Gao Gong clapped and gave Huang Yuanli a look, the little woman immediately akimbo, Calling tribal members like a sheep.

The little woman at this time already has several points of ‘Great Elder’.

Suddenly, the Gao Gong complexion changed slightly, and then the little women also became complexion stiffened.

She suddenly felt a strong malice.

This maliciousness is so strong that it seems like it will be swallowed up at any time.

They are being watched!

Gao Gong squinted, he had already expelled the surrounding radiant beasts.

It stands to reason that in a short period of time, no radiation beast will stray into this place.

Unless the other party already misses them.

There is a vague sense of familiarity.

next moment, he will understand why.

A huge metal head sprang out from behind the tree, using both hands and feet, as fast as lightning, with its mouth wide open, and its sharp metal teeth like daggers. A tribe member was caught off guard and was directly bitten by it. When he got up, the Reaper swung his neck upwards, dripping with flesh and blood. It held the upper body in its mouth and rushed into the forest again.

Reaper! !

In the forest, the silhouettes of these steel monsters appeared again.

The corners of Gao Gong’s eyes twitched, not because he didn’t want to shoot, but a strong sense of threat welling up from the bottom of his heart.

Once he shoots, he will definitely be sneak attacked.

Elegant footsteps sounded, and a bright red Reaper slowly walked out from the depths of the forest.

Its neck is twice as long as a normal Reaper, and its six wings are not tucked under the ribs like a cockroach, but open like a blade.

Its four forelimbs are slender than other Reapers, and even have five hooks like palms, which slowly turn as they walk.

Red’s long beard and red’s shell are relatively slender compared to the male Reaper.

Although the change is not small, Gao Gong still recognizes each other at a glance.

It’s that female Reaper!

And now the mother Reaper, reorganized the family, even stronger than her dead Old Ghost.

Name: Reaper Queen

Radiation Level: C+

HP: 3660/3660

Stamina: 900/900


Bio energy: 13530

Bio attribute: Strength 51 Agility 48 Stamina 35 Intelligence 15 Perception 27

Skills: Steel Slash lv9, Tornado Slash lv6 (advanced), Six rounds of beheading lv4 (elite), electromagnetic whip lv8 (elite), spiritual shock lv5 (elite), ? ?

Boss template: Mother’s Grip

Effect 1: Mental control of the same type of Reaper

Effect 2: Distribute estrogen, let Reaper cubs for a short time Implosion Seed

Effect 3: Absorb the essence of different types of mechanical biochemical beasts and give birth to Reaper with more biological characteristics

The gunshot suddenly sounded, not far from Huang Yuanli, a tribe member The body shook, and there was a blood hole in the forehead.

Not far away, a young Reaper slowly put away his smoking forelimbs. Its forelimbs were no longer a ‘biological sickle’, but a biological gun barrel.

Its ‘father’, most likely a gun beast.

β€œI don’t have the energy to take care of you,” Gao Gong said without looking back.

“I know!”

The little woman gritted her teeth, showing her determination as a leader at this moment, her eyes instantly became empty.

“The elderly, children, and the seriously injured should retreat first, and the others will stand behind.”

Next moment, a young Reaper rushed over, and its pair of biological scythes turned into biological creatures lance, stab straight at the little woman.

However, at the next moment, another young Reaper suddenly appeared and slammed into the opponent from the side. In the bang, forcibly knocked the opponent out of the attack line, forcing it to break the next one. big tree.

At the same time, two young Reapers suddenly appeared, walked out of the forest, one left and one right, blocking Huang Yuanli like guards.

The telepathy of the mechanical department has a very special effect called ‘mechanical body possession’, which is to ‘order’ the machinery in a short period of time.

Gao Gong looked at the Reaper Queen who was getting closer, took a deep breath, slowly pulled out the red unicorn, and then released the scabbard.

(End of this chapter)

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