Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 45


Chapter 45 Knives

This was an unexpected battle.

No cats, no tigers, and even the ultimate weapon ‘beast hunter’ to deal with bosses was thrown on the war chariot.

The weapon in Gao Gong’s hand is only a medium-sized knife of fine quality.

But he did figure out one thing, and that was how the other party found them.

Pheromone Tracking.

In the last battle, the opponent must have marked some people’s pheromones.

Then the new Reaper family found them.

Gao Gong took a deep breath, once again immersed in the mental state of the ‘warrior of the dark night’.

At the same time, he squeezed the collar lightly.

That’s the ‘Open Virtual Projection’ button.

“With a knife in a rainy night, how can there be no rain?”

Next moment, the surrounding scene produces a large number of mosaics, and each mosaic passes, the surrounding scene will have subtleties Variety.

It seems real and fake, it seems fake and real, just like watching an immersive 3D movie.

The difference is that they play the protagonists of the movie.

The drowsy rain falls from the sky, and the rain curtains block layer after layer between a man and a beast.

The Reaper Queen subconsciously shakes her body, trying to bounce the ‘rain’ away, but what makes her puzzled is that there is no touch of rain?

C-Rank Radiant Beast’s IQ is no less than that of an adult.

But there are indeed many middle-aged and elderly people who do not know how to operate mobile phones.

It’s not that the IQ is not enough, it’s that it contradicts its behavioral pattern.

Gao Gong holds a red knife, and a tiny motor roars in his knees.

The Queen Reaper exploded in an instant, the silhouette was like a tracking missile, and almost immediately, it swooped in front of Gao Gong.


The sky roared violently, and the lightning between Heaven and Earth was as bright as day, and pure white electric light fell from the sky and struck the Queen Reaper.

Although instinct told it that the oncoming lightning was ‘fake’, it was a subconscious turn, revealing Bladewing’s belly.

After Gao Gong shot the electric light, the blade light of the red unicorn and the falling white electric light just formed an X shape.

[You deal 35 damage to Queen Reaper]

[You apply a bleed effect to the enemy, increasing your attack power by 5% (one layer)]

There was a bloody mouth in the abdomen.

A blade wing on the queen’s back suddenly popped out nearly half of the blade, just like an ancient famous general wielding the Azure Dragon Falling Moon Blade, slashing it diagonally and ruthlessly.


Amid the ‘rain’, Gao Gong was like a lit fuel tank, and orange-yellow flames burst out of him.

‘Steel chop’ subconsciously a lag.

The Reaper Queen falls into the freeze time of failed skill use.

As if being shoved violently, Gao Gong shoveled down, the blade was raised upright, and passed between the enemy’s legs. This is the reproductive organ of the female beast, which can be said to be a complete key.

[You deal 46 damage to Queen Reaper]

[You deal a critical blow to the enemy, damage*2]

[You apply a bleeding effect to the enemy , superimposes 10% attack power (second layer )]

When the blade light was closed, Gao Gong flicked his wrist, and the monomolecular wire claws nailed in front bounced back. Gao Gong was a carp, his upper body twisted close to 180% in midair, and the blade light slashed at the back of the enemy’s neck.

There is also no armor here.

[You deal 54 damage to Queen Reaper]

[You apply a bleed effect to the enemy, stacking 15% of the attack power (3 layers)]

The Queen Reaper let out a shrill scream.

Gao Gong didn’t want to be greedy for knives, he swung his right hand and used the drag force of the hook to move three meters horizontally against the laws of physics.

Almost at the same time, a strong wind came from behind, and all six blades of Queen Reaper’s back popped out, and her body turned violently in midair, forming a blade storm with a range of three meters. Wherever she passed, Nothing is going on, and countless iron-clad trees with thick arms are cut off in the middle, and the cross-section is as smooth as a mirror.

The aftermath of the storm ripped apart leaves and branches dozens of meters in radius, and knife marks appeared everywhere.

Six rounds of beheading lv4: The six blades of the Queen Reaper turn into a blade storm, causing 300*6 damage within 3*3 meters and 10*6 splash damage within 10*10 meters

Just now, Gao Gong was only greedy for knives, and now it’s cold.

“Come on bgm.”

Next moment, in ‘howling wind and torrential rain’, a piece of cyberpunk music that Gao Gong heard in his previous life sounded .

Amid the wind and rain, knives are like shadows, one big and one small two figures staggered in midair.

With the help of single-molecule wire claws, Gao Gong is like a dexterous flea, which can go away when touched, and hide when it is cut. In the ‘Rainy Night with Knife Mode’, his body can often make various actions that go against the rules of physics. .

After the conversion of the ‘special effect generator’, Gao Gong sometimes turned into a ‘snake’ and moved around the tree, sometimes divided into three or four silhouettes, the blade light was also unpredictable, every time The slash, either grows into a dozen meters, or explodes, turning into an electronic fog.

[You apply a bleed effect to the enemy, stacking 20% attack power (fourth layer)]

[You apply a bleeding effect to the enemy, stacking 25% attack power (fifth layer) )]

[You apply a bleed effect to the enemy, stacking 30% attack power (sixth layer )]


The queen of Reaper emits an irritable tip With a cry, the other party is like a fly that can’t be killed by any means, and it can be killed with just one click.

And it clearly felt that the threat of the other party was increasing.

She swept her eyes, and finally found the silhouette that made it extremely irritable, and the hook threw away directly, turning it into a dozen sections, each section driving a large number of electromagnetic rays of light, spanning ten A few meters, directly caught the silhouette hidden behind the tree.

A magnetic storm exploded between the claws and shadows.

However, the special touch made it feel wrong, and I saw a ‘trumpet speaker’ exploded directly in the palm of my hand.

‘Manual nerve disruptor’, people send nicknames, open strange Divine Items.

Next moment, Gao Gong appeared from behind, and blade light slashed at the previous wound almost without hesitation.

[You deal 76 damage to Queen Reaper]

[Your attack causes a tearing effect]

[Your attack reduces the opponent’s movement speed]

Gao Gong is like a brilliant cook, never meet force with force, but cooks the beef and divides the meat according to the texture.

One-handed, soft tunes hummed to the psychedelic electronic music.

‘Who is the world’s feeding machine, living feed. ‘

‘Who is using his own marrow to lubricate the joints of the machine. ‘

Gao Gong entered a peculiar realm, the battle seemed to enter a rhythm that belonged to him, no matter how the opponent made a move, no matter how deadly the skill and how wide the range, he could always avoid it in advance. Dangerous.

The sound of the rain is getting louder and louder, the special effect of the ‘special effect device’ is turned on to the maximum, and gradually begins to distort. The raindrops turn into snowflakes falling from the sky, falling on trees, branches and leaves, and people. body.

Sims of predators and prey perform their own tasks in a realistic and interactive concrete forest.

‘Who is feeding the machine with his own flesh and blood. ‘

‘Beautiful nerve cords separate from the skull. ‘

‘Data is angry, electrons are hungry! ‘

Queen Reaper opened her mouth sharply, and the violent mental shock swept all directions, and all the electronic illusions were swept away.

Gao Gong is standing not far from it.

The Queen Reaper exerted force on her feet, next moment, a small pit was blown out on the ground, and a sonic boom sounded at the same time.

A long white gas was pulled out from the tail section of the blade.

The sharp edge of the blade is stuck three centimeters in front of the handle of the red unicorn, and the knife is three-pointed.

Gao Gong’s knife is just right, as if the opponent is not slashing him, but a machete.

[You comprehend the near-battle skill: Bounce the counter-knife]

The counter-knife lv1: melee weapon blocking skills, when the opponent’s attack is blocked by your own weapon, there are 17% chance to freeze, and 9% chance to take shock damage.

For a heavyweight player like the Queen of Reaper, both odds are impossible.

It finally caught this small insect, how could it easily let go of the opponent, and the limb knife pushed forward against the opponent.

Gao Gong’s ankles sank into the ground, his knees made a continuous engine rumbling sound, and the red unicorn made a ‘crunch’ ‘crunch’.

However, the pressure of Queen Reaper is also increasing, its strength is nearly three times that of Gao Gong, but in the place where naked eye is hard to see, a thin monomolecular wire is stuck in the back On the boulder, the thin line became more and more taut.

Supporting the opponent’s weak point, Gao Gong suddenly exerted force with both arms, and used the technique of ‘rebounding the knife’. landing.

[You apply a bleeding effect to the enemy, stacking 60% attack power (12 layers max)]

The status is officially full!

The same knife, weapon damage +25% night warrior bonus +60% binge drinking.

Ping A is definitely over 100.

It also means that Gao Gong’s injury now is more than just a pedicure.


Gao Gong is on the rise, but the Cable Tribe isn’t doing so well.

Before, a young woman took control of the three young Reapers, which kept the situation from getting worse.

However, the little woman’s mind control is only at the primary level, after all, the ‘mechanical body possession’ lasted for less than five minutes, and it was about to end.

Besides being manipulated, the controlled young Reaper will turn his head from time to time and look towards the little woman with coveted eyes.

“Old bastard, do something quickly! If you don’t help, I will throw you out!”

Watching one tribe member after another being taken away, Huang Yuanli was in a state of anxiety, but Professor Han only Can smile.

After the failure to merge the brain into the vat, his ‘mind manipulation’ has been disabled by 90%, let alone Reaper, even the metal sparrow can’t control it.

“Try to sense that thing,” Professor Han gave a method that is not a solution.

“What?” Huang Yuanli’s expression froze, “Isn’t that thing running away?”

“You can’t sense it, but it can sense you, after all, you are …container.”

“Fuck you, the older you get, the more useless it is!”

Huang Yuanli gritted her teeth and could only desperately recall the feeling of being treated as a canned brain.

It seems like a long time has passed, and it doesn’t seem to take long. Just when Huang Yuanli was so desperate that she wanted to give up, her eyes suddenly changed.

My body seems to be getting bigger.

So big that some large mechanical biochemical beasts have become small beans.

A large tribe of thousands is migrating.

I seem to have become a super giant! ?

(End of this chapter)

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