Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 46


Chapter 46 Harvest on a Rainy Night

Facing the C+-level Reaper Queen, Gao Gong determined the fighting style by playing at first .

Not greedy for knives, only combos.

He has to rely on his pedicure skills to kill each other alive.

And in fact, ‘Rainy Night with Knife Killing Mode’ is just this style of fighting mode.

And ‘Dark Night Warrior’ will continue to stack up damage to accumulate for later outbreaks.

It seems to be surrounded by perils, but it is actually as stable as Old Dog.

That is, the NPC does not have its own camera, otherwise it will be put on the game forum, a proper high-end game.

He will receive a series of comments such as ‘big guy 666’, ‘father asks for help, I assist’, ‘mother and I kneel down to watch the video’ and so on.

Rainy night, ending.

The ‘Effect Generator’ has only cared about quantity, regardless of quality.

Between the lightning and thunder, and in the pouring rain that had turned into a data stream, ‘Gao Gong’ came out one by one and surrounded the Queen Reaper.

One, two, three, four, on the ground, upstairs, even suspended in the sky.

In fact, most of them can be seen to be fakes at a glance, either with mosaics on their faces or mosaics on their crotch.

According to the saying in the game, the high model wears into the sea.

But Queen Reaper hesitated, and there was even a hint of flinch in her eyes.

In the ten-minute battle just now, it confirmed the opponent’s position at least ten times.

The result was never judged correctly.

The sound of violent rain, psychedelic electronic music, plus the ghostly real body, the strange and unpredictable battle mode.

This time, it’s really panicking.

Gaomo, no, Gao Gong finally stopped splitting when the number reached around 500.

All of them twisted their necks at the same time, and held the red knife tool, which was bumpy again, in both hands.

All ‘Gao Gong’ had rain on their faces.

The raindrops fell on the knife, some bounced off, and some passed through.

“Pharaoh will only feel sorry for you, only I feel sorry for your husband, see my next door Lao Gao avenge your husband.”

Next moment, the roar of the motor exploded. , like a node with super engines scattered everywhere.

Queen Reaper didn’t hesitate at all. The area-wide energy shock and the ‘radiation storm’ that the Reaper leader used were released at the same time, which was equivalent to releasing two big moves at the same time.

Spiritual Storm is like a wave of asserts the senses, slaps ‘Gao Gong’ in the front row like a paper man, and some of them turn into snowflakes on the spot.

However, next moment, more Gao Gong crowded in from the rear.

At this time, don’t worry about whether the graphics card is burnt or not, anyway, after returning home, Gao Gong will have to change the equipment again.

I can’t even do the sound effects of killing people, so how can I do special effects.

Queen Reaper’s Radiation Storm is smaller and more controllable than Reaper Commander.

It’s like three thigh-thick high-compression-energy long whips, covering a range of 100 meters, twitching back and forth repeatedly, sweeping away the fake ‘Gao Gong’ one after another.

The trees were toppled one by one, which was an artificial removal of obstacles to combat.

The opponent may be hard to change, but the fighting wisdom of Queen Reaper is really not lacking.

If Gao Gong does nothing, or in other words, prepare to wait for the other party to finish harvesting.

This guy will definitely run first as he did last time.

Defeat the opponent in the strongest state, this is the true meaning of hunting radiation beasts.

The drowsy rain, like a black night, all ‘Gao Gong’ swarmed up, rushing from all directions.

Queen Reaper’s spirit froze, she could feel that the strange and unpredictable sense of danger was back.

Its six blade limbs protrude again, and ‘six rounds of killing’ will be issued again.

However, at this time, among the more than a dozen red knives slashed from all angles, an unremarkable blade light, like a poisonous snake, stuck exactly at the joint of a knife limb.

It was like a high-speed rotating propeller was stuck in a small rock, and the remaining five knives were suddenly messed up, changing from a blade storm to a big slash.

A certain Gao Gong suddenly raised his head , a ferocious look flashed in his eyes.

He broke into the knife circle.

The superimposed battle strength of ‘Drinking’ was not born out of thin air. Every time he hit the enemy with bloodthirsty combos, the desire to kill in his heart became more and more boiling. Changes, all killing skills are improved in all directions.

Like a cold-blooded killer with his instincts ignited.

One move, one move, straight to the point, the other party is no longer life, but a candle that is about to go out, and is silent in this dark night.

[Your attack deals 112 damage to the Reaper Queen, causing Arthrobial Heavy Wound]

[Your attack deals 121 damage to the Reaper Queen, causing a tearing effect]

[Your attack deals 121 damage to the Reaper Queen, causing a tearing effect]


[Your attack deals 109 damage to Queen Reaper, causing a broken bone effect]

blade light brushed Gao Gong’s flesh, steel claws swept across Gao Gong’s eyes, but Gao Gong There is no time to take into account the amount of blood dropped on the panel.

And the damage he caused will only be more, the blood bursts, the liquid dances wildly, it seems that it is not one person, but the result of a group of ‘Gao Gong’ beheading.

Adding the previous losses, Queen Reaper has lost 2/3/2022 of her health in just a few moments.

This ‘game’, the reality is that the more blood you lose, the worse your state will be.

As a matter of fact, the current Queen Reaper has no other thoughts in her mind, but only one idea – stay away from this humanoid monster, and stay farther away.

The huge knife limbs unfolded again, but this time it was flying in the air.

However, hundreds of Gao Gongs attacked each other almost at the same time in various ways that violated the laws of physics.

The Queen Reaper is wrapped in a thick ball of man.

The drowsy consciousness made it not only unable to distinguish the true and false of Gao Gong, but even the true and false of the pain, it was a little unclear, only knew that among the countless blade lights, there seemed to be The claws grabbed the flesh, and it seemed like a blade light had shaved off its shell.

Its last line of sight saw that in the rain, the forest continued to disappear, but instead the data tree grew and prospered, pulling out new roots and growing new shoots, simulating all the real environment, and with the data The surging of the rain finally rolled into a torrent and rushed towards him.

[You deal 141 damage to Reaper Queen]

[You have killed C+ Reaper Queen, EXP +1420]

[Regional Reputation +150 ]

[Get Halo: Humanoid Reaper]

Humanoid Reaper: You have defeated the most powerful Reaper. From today, all mechanical biochemical beasts under the Reaper level, will be shiver coldly under your hands.

Gao Gong almost crawled out of Queen Reaper’s body.

fiercely took a blood bath.

He could feel that some pheromones in the opponent’s blood had penetrated into his body and fused together with his genes.

Gao Gong touched his face, which was probably the cleanest spot on his body.

Three-fifths of the health was lost.

This is what I expected.

Although there are certain superclasses, the bosses below B-Rank are still within his killing mode.

‘Single kill reward, Reaper aura, isn’t a specialty, but it’s okay. ‘

Gao Gong thinks of greed and insufficiency.

But he didn’t have the slightest idea of resting after the event. The Cable Tribe didn’t have his own help, and he didn’t know how many people died.

Don’t kill it all!

(End of this chapter)

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