Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 47


Chapter 47 Biomodification (Part 1)

After three days of sleepless migration, the exhausted cable tribe has experienced risk , finally came to Gao Gong’s secret base, the old metal recycling station.

There are still strong tribe members who are rummaging through the garbage mountains, looking for some suitable steel shacks to build their temporary dens.

The strong-bodied Pangxiang brought living supplies from his home again and again.

Some tribe members were still afraid of this giant man, but with the help of the other party, they gradually dispelled their vigilance.

Many girls leaned towards him with red faces, and they were very fond of this strong, but not offensive Little Giant.

In the crisis-ridden Iron Sand Desert, the aesthetics have always been biased towards being big, strong and strong.

“Brother Xiang, you are in good shape, have you been training since childhood? What kind of girl do you like?” See you poor.

Pang Xiang touched the back of his head, remembered the picture he saw in the virtual machine, and said honestly: “I like women without clothes.”

“It’s such a coincidence, I also like men without clothes, hehe, talk to me when you have time.”


On the other side, squatting in front of the cauldron, Tin Tin looked jealous. Looking at Pang Xiang, who was surrounded by a group of loli, he stirred the spoon vigorously, yelled:

“It’s time to eat, come and line up!”

Nearly two The eat, drink, shit and piss of a hundred people is definitely a big problem. If nothing else, even if it is just a nutritional cream, it is an astronomical figure.

Fortunately, the former two dealers, Tiepi, were able to cook the nutritional paste into porridge with one hand.

On the other side, Gao Gong and Huang Yuanli are discussing the future of the tribe.

Staying here is just an expedient measure. If nothing else, although it is hidden here, it is quite close to the center of the oasis. It doesn’t matter if Gao Gong is alone.

These are all black households, as long as they are found, 100% will be evicted.

“Going to the gathering place of scavengers, no way!” Gao Gong rejected Huang Yuanli’s proposal.

“Why, we are also scavengers, and they can drive us away?”

“That’s not what it means,” Gao Gong shook the head, pointing to the war recorder, This thing will refresh the battle everyday all.

“There will be more and more new radiation circles, and the intensity of the war will continue to increase. In my opinion, sooner or later, the leaders of the radiation beasts will reach a consensus and attack the oasis.”

“At that time, the outermost scavenger gathering place will be the first to be abandoned,” Gao Gong said meaningfully: “Do you still want to go there?”

Huang Yuanli turned pale.

Seeing that the little woman was frightened, Gao Gong shook the head and said, “Let’s not talk about this, it’s beyond my expectations that your tribe can survive.”

He looked towards a place that was specially isolated, where a full eight young Reapers shook their heads, stuck their heads out of the wall, and stared at the ‘food’ not far away.

And whenever they wanted to sneak out, Huang Yuanli would rush over without the slightest hesitation and curse at the monsters who were nearly two meters tall.

Even if her height is less than the other’s one third.

The short legs will even jump up and kick their knees.

It’s strange to say that when monsters see little women, it’s like a son sees a mother. They are beaten up, and they don’t have the temper of Reaper at all.

Gao Gong also came over occasionally, and with the halo of ‘Human Reaper’, he finally caught them.

In ‘their’ stupid minds, their ‘mother’ found another father for them.

Although this father looks a bit strange, it exudes the most powerful breath of its kind.

They recognize dad at first sight.

I don’t know when I will have multiple brothers.

Gao Gong touched his chin and felt inexplicably funny when he saw the little woman holding a pot of nutritious porridge and a pile of metal scraps and feeding the monsters like a dog.

A moment later, Huang Yuanli came over with an empty plastic potβ€”a metal pot is no good, it will be directly gnawed.

She saw Gao Gong’s strange eyes, her face immediately flushed red, she crossed her waist and said fiercely:

“What are you looking at, haven’t you seen people keep pets?”

Gao Gong said with a venomous tongue: “I really didn’t expect that big head to actually help you. It seems that the ‘brain toilet’ is really not for nothing.”

Huang Yuanli was furious.

A very important reason why the Cable Tribe lost less than ten people is that the ‘brain in a vat’ shot.

The technique of ‘brain in a vat’ is very simple and rude. With the help of the little woman’s ‘brain toilet’, Spiritual Storm forcibly brainwashed and changed the cognition of these Reapers on the spot.

After cognitive transformation, Huang Yuanli is their ‘mother’.

The new loli queen was born.

As if thinking of something, Huang Yuanli said worriedly: “According to the amount of food these guys eat, I’m worried that the first thing to be eaten is the metal waste in this place, when the time comes, there is no food. What to do?”

Gao Gong is also speechless, this is the base camp of mechanical hunters, they can’t be allowed to go out hunting, they will be beaten to death.

“Let’s take one step at a time, maybe at a certain point, the problem will not be a problem.”

Gao Gong’s words seem irresponsible, but there is a vague idea in his heart. plan.

“By the way, what is the brain in the vat doing now?”

“I don’t know, it seems to have turned into a super-giant mechanical biochemical beast, leading the way in the desert. The migration of ethnic groups.”

The ‘pan-conscious subject’ is a very troublesome existence, not that they are very good at fighting, but if they are not careful, they will flood like locusts.

This ‘flood’ will even sweep over an entire planet of intelligent species.

The ‘Brain in a Vat’, as the lowest pan-conscious subject, although not so powerful, as long as it expands wildly, the number of its subordinates will soon approach a tribe of beastmasters.

Gao Gong touched his chin, maybe, this is also an opportunity.

The reason why the Divine Weapon was so difficult to fight later, even if the mechanical corps was dispatched a few times, could not completely eliminate them. The most important reason was that the entire desert was their radiation circle, and their eyes and ears everywhere.

The ‘brain in a vat’ may be a peg that can be inserted into it.

Gao Gong thought about it, and gave Huang Yuanli an address, so that she could find a way to notify the ‘brain in a vat’.

If it wants to regain its strength faster, go there.

“What, mysterious and secretive, 314 Old Copper Mountain, where is this?”

“It’s an abandoned mine to the south, just tell it, I Guaranteed to be good for you, no harm.”

Old Copper Mountain, on the surface is an abandoned mine, but behind the scenes is an unmanned factory where the Knights manufacture ‘Beast Divine Weapon’.

According to the plot, at this point in time, the beast Divine Weapon has entered mass production.

These Level 20 meat weapons that have not been injected with the ‘Knight Template’ are indeed an item of great nourishment for the ‘Brain in the Tank’.

He also knew of several such unmanned factories.

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you here, don’t bother me if you have anything to do.”

“Who wants to find you!”

Huang Yuanli facing Gao Gong’s back pouted a few times.

Gao Gong’s previous ‘luxury version of the metal shed’ has been given to Huang Yuanli by him to become the new patriarch residence.

And he himself, including a bunch of manufacturing equipment he bought earlier, moved into an abandoned building nearby.

This building is now also the Gao Gong squad’s stronghold.

As soon as they entered the building, two human-headed dogs greeted them warmly.

These two mechanical dogs have been upgraded again. It can be clearly seen that there is a special groove on their backs, and living flesh and blood are squirming outside the wires.

The flesh cut from the ‘Reaper Queen’ has a special activity that allows them to be transplanted into the mechanical body and form a symbiotic system with the energy of the mechanical body.

The result of the transplant is that the blood volume of the human head is +100, and there is an additional prosthetic interface.

Of course, this kind of transplant operation may seem simple, but it is actually very difficult.

It was so difficult that Gao Gong could only do it. It was Professor Han who really carried out the transformation.

In addition to [Invasive Neurotransformation], Professor Han has at least three full-level professional knowledge in his mind.

And more importantly, he has a lot of experience with bioengineering.

This is the most useful.

Gao Gong went up to the second floor and walked into a clean conference room.

As soon as I entered it, the rich blood-reeking qi assumed the senses.

On the operating table, a corpse of about 2.5 meters was lying on it.

Professor Han, who was wearing a white clothed mask, was dismembering his body.

It can be seen that although this person is not a prosthetic doctor, he can still operate this operating table.

And on another table, there are large and small sterile incubators, which are the organs of the Queen Reaper.

Professor Han will make a professional judgment to confirm whether this thing has strong biological rejection and whether it can be transplanted symbiotically.

Gao Gong set his eyes on a paw, which seemed to be ‘alive’, opening and closing in a glass case.

β€œHow?” Gao Gong asked.

Professor Han did not speak, just handed over a piece of paper.

The paper records the size and parts of the corpse, which are divided into three types, one is waste organ, one is transplantable organ, and the other is remodelable system.

Among them, waste organs cannot be transplanted.

Among the latter two, transplantable systems are more difficult to transplant than transplantable organs.

Gao Gong found a chair and sat down, tapping his fingers on the armrest unconsciously.

According to the paper, there are five types of transplantable organs, knife limbs, biological iron armor, electronic tentacles, subcutaneous blood pump, and induction knee.

There are three types of transformable systems, circulatory system, reproductive system, and digestive system.

When Gao Gong raised his head, he saw Professor Han looking at him with complicated eyes.

“You don’t seem to hate me?”

In the past two days, in addition to Gao Gong, even Huang Yuanli from Carefree has a complicated face when seeing Professor Han.

When other people saw him, they would hide if they could.

After all, there is no wall that does not leak, and Professor Han’s plan is more or less known to everyone.

Put hundreds of big living people into their heads.

Who is not afraid of this?

According to the pre-civilization rhetoric, this one is quite the template for a mad scientist.

Professor Han was not surprised by this, but what he was surprised was Gao Gong’s attitude.

I have something to do in the morning, and there is one more in the evening

(End of this chapter)

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