Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 48


Chapter 48 Biomodification (middle)

It stands to reason that Gao Gong is the most aware of his plans, after all Without this one, his ‘brain in a vat’ plan would have been successful.

More than 100 lives were sacrificed. If the other party executed him on the spot, he would have no objection.

“You don’t hate me?”

“Hate you, why? It’s the people of your cable tribe who died, and the little women who made the brain toilet. It has nothing to do with me. .”

Professor Han’s eyes were complicated: “Really, I thought a righteous person like you would avenge the dead.”

Justice? I?

Gao Gong’s forehead question mark, aren’t these two antonyms?


Gao Gong figured it out.

Seeing the injustice on the road, take action with justice.

Send food to the tribe for free many times.

In the end, after hearing about the ‘brain tank experiment’ of a mad scientist, he came to save people without hesitation and risked his life.

In this way, Gao Gong was moved by himself.

Good man!

If it weren’t for the mission reward and capture plan, he almost believed it.

cough cough, since the other party thinks so, then you shouldn’t destroy the beautiful fantasy in the other party’s heart.

Gao Gong looked solemn, “Do you think it’s okay to sacrifice others for some vision that just looks good?”

“I,” Professor Han opened his mouth, After a long while, he said: “Great careers are all made by sacrifice, this is what someone told me.”

“So without the consent of others, you treat them as little white mouse , you don’t seem to regard them as equal intelligent life as you.”

“You consider yourself to be expert, and as it should be by rights let others pave the way according to your vision.”

“But you ignore whether the tide of the times needs a person like you to lead the way, and whether the scientific research results can support your fantasy.”

“Your scientific accumulation, In the wild radiation zone, you have gradually nurtured the arrogance, greed, and vanity of the seven deadly sins.”

“In this backward tribe, you regard yourself as a god, and God is not wrong. , right?”

Professor Han covered his head in pain.

“How did I fall to the point where science shouldn’t be the new theology.”

“I’m a sinner!”

Gao Gong quietly curl one’s lip .

Don’t say it’s you, with the climb of the technology tree, all civilizations that have not ascended will breed a lot of this kind of ideas.

The rapid development and expansion of civilization, the emergence and popularization of new technologies, the acceleration of interstellar migration, the weakening of species identity, and the emergence of new life theories.

At a certain time, the gap between people is no longer a concept of a species.

Would you consider a dog your own kind?

During the development of low-level civilization, there are people who really think this way. These people can be political leaders, technological heroes, gene slave masters, and giant enterprise Sect Masters.

Gene improvement, biological modification, hive technology, super life, dimensional transformation, all of the above, the connection of genes will be broken by ruthless.

All that remains is to free yourself from moral and ethical constraints.

And by then, it was not just a tear at the social level, but a tear at the civilizational level.

To break this ‘curse’, there is only ascension, and ascension at the level of civilization.

Reshape the life forms of the primordial race with super technology that covers civilization.

cough cough

The reason why Gao Gong didn’t feel bad about the other party, even made a moral condemnation.

Frankly, he did a lot of things like this in his previous life.

For example, in order to move the reproductive system to the virtual world, the primary sexual characteristics of an intelligent race were lost without care.

Although later, in order to make up for this small mistake, he sent hundreds of millions of virtual somatosensory machines to the other party, and the effect was better and more durable.

But these people actually took themselves to the civilized court, claiming that they are criminals at the level of civilization extinction.

This is totally unreasonable.

What racial inheritance.

Isn’t the paper man wife fragrant?

Alternatively, transforming asexually reproducing races into sexual reproductions, and transforming sexually reproducing races into asexual reproductions.

Cough cough , technical adjustment, completely technical adjustment, not a product failure.

Compared with him, it’s not that Professor Han doesn’t like this little operation, well, he just doesn’t like it.

On the surface, Gao Gong said with a serious face: “If death can atone for sin, what is a living person!”

“Looking for light in darkness, in despair Looking for hope in life, isn’t life like this?”

“The knowledge you have mastered can play a greater role, do you want to give up?”

Professor Han Fiercely took a few breaths and said with firm eyes: “I understand, at least while I’m still alive, I will do my best to help the tribe and you.”

“From civilization People who have come through the times should be like this!”

Gao Gong nodded with satisfaction.

“Then, please tell me about these things.”

During Professor Han’s explanation, Gao Gong gradually understood the function of these organs.

The blade limbs are nearly two meters long with half wings and half blades. The wings have biological nerve wires that can be connected to the prosthetic socket.

But the problem is that humans who have not undergone strong Divine Transformation cannot support this ‘high-amplitude flight mode’.

So there are only two possibilities, first, to remove its wings and turn it into a pure blade.

After all, with the sharpness of the blade of this creature, it is not inferior to the ‘red unicorn’ at all.

second , do the opposite, remove the knife limbs and implant membrane wings, which can perform ‘short-distance high-altitude gliding’ and ‘enhanced speed’, equivalent to biological mode Human glider.

It’s just that the wings without the limbs are relatively fragile, and the body is too large, and it will become a ‘bird man’ when installed.

The biological iron armor is the shell of the Reaper queen, Gao Gong tried it, the armor is at least +100, no wonder it is so hard to cut.

If the biological armor is successfully implanted, it will have a special effect of ‘recovery of biological armor’ just like human skin.

At least you don’t have to worry about scrapping.

If the biological transformation is successful, it should also come with a ‘enhanced repair’ skill. During the battle, it can repair the armor at a faster speed by draining a large amount of stamina.

The electronic tentacles have the function of radar and can be connected to other mechanical biochemical beasts.

A subcutaneous blood pump is a good thing, equivalent to moving the blood bag.

Not to mention the induction knee, an ordinary Reaper weighs at least 500 pounds or more, plus the gravitational acceleration falling from the sky, if it is replaced by an ordinary knee, it will explode when it hits the ground.

Among the five biological organs, Gao Gong first gave up ‘knife limb modification’ and ‘biological iron armor’.

There is no other reason. Both have certain mechanical factors. If the ‘mechanical transformation rate’ of the motion system exceeds 10%, it will be finished.

He also plans to go carbon-based.

There are three remaining, Gao Gong first gave up the electronic tentacles, for no other reason, this thing is really ugly.

A sticky tentacle might be used in the future, and a whisker is inserted on the forehead. He doesn’t want to be a cockroach.

even more how, the role of the electronic tentacles overlaps with the prosthetic eye to some extent, which is completely unnecessary.

The subcutaneous blood pump and induction knee are really good, not only are the results good, but even better, they are completely invisible after biomodification.

No bionic surgery is required.

Professor Han also introduced three transformable systems.

The reason why system modification is more troublesome than organ transplantation is that modification of the system is not the same as replacing parts.

It must transform the biological system into a system model that the human body can adapt to, and then separate the original human tissue and install the former, which is a hundred times more complicated than organ transplantation.

And system transformation is not as intuitive as organ transformation.

It has more probability and greater risk.

Gao Gong didn’t even look at it. First of all, the transformation of the reproductive system was ruled out. The reason? Does this even need a reason?

“The biggest feature of the Reaper circulatory system is its immortality, unless it is beheaded by a strong hand on the spot, it will not remain alive at all,” said this, Professor Han gave Gao Gong a strange look.

Gao Gong looked calm.

“Theoretically speaking, even if the head is cut off, there is a certain probability that it will grow back.”

“In other words, the body will be decapitated.”

“Yes, its circulatory system can cut off damaged organ pipes at any time, forming a new circulation.”

Gao Gong stroked his neck, “That is to say, if I succeed in the transformation, Can your head grow back after falling?”

“Uh, this is impossible, after all, you are just biologically modified, not a real Reaper.”

“But your dropped head In a short period of time, if there is a field doctor who does repair surgery, it should be able to save it.”

“Oh, there’s more.”

“And there is the ‘severed limb’ Regeneration’, of course, this kind of amputation is only a broken finger at most, if the hands and legs are cut off, the effect is the same as the head.”

“In other words, micro-organ regeneration.”

“That’s it.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Reaper also has a self-mutilation phenomenon, which is mostly seen in the ‘Arthropoda’ , to put it simply, it is cannibalism, which will make the perpetrator fall into a ‘excited state’.”

“Meaning, if I hunt mechanical biochemical beasts in the future, there will be state blessings?”

“Theoretically, but I can’t be sure, this ‘excitement’ is only for Reaper, or all the mechanical biochemical beasts of the order Mantis.”

“To sum up, the organs go Vitalization, miniature limb regeneration, and the same kind of hunting blessing.”

“That’s it.”

Gao Gong nodded, “Introduce me to the next one.”


As if returning to the past research years, Professor Han was rarely excited, and his tone rose a few tones.

“The digestion system of Reaper, like other mechanical biochemical beasts, can restore a certain amount of physical strength by swallowing metal.”

“Well, metal digestion.”

“It is very similar to the previous hunting of the same kind. It digests the corpses of the same kind and can also produce an ‘exciting effect’.”

“The blessing of the same kind of hunting,” Gao Gong smacked his lips: “I have always had a great appetite. Good.”

“And its biggest feature is the body surfaceization of the digestive organs.”

“The body surfaceization, what does this mean?”

Professor Han took Gao Gong to a nutrition tank, where a knife limb and a claw were placed.

(End of this chapter)

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