Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 49


Chapter 49 Biomodification (Part 2)

Gao Gong stared at the knife limbs and metal claws in the nutrition tank, and Didn’t find anything special.

Professor Han did not explain, but pressed the switch of the water pump of the nutrition tank.

Soon, with the sound of pumping water, the water level of the nutrient tank dropped rapidly and bottomed out soon.

Before bottoming out, Professor Han released the switch.

It has to be said that the body parts of this Reaper Queen have amazing vitality, and even if they are cut into pieces, there is no sign of ‘dead’.

The blade of the blade, which is comparable to the Azure Dragon Falling Moon Blade’s biological blade ‘humming’, is similar to the ‘living of the sword’.

The metal claws open and close, and even move in the glass trough like a crab.


Gao Gong leaned against the glass surface, lightly exclaimed.

Under the activities of these two ‘biological components’, the nutrient solution that had not bottomed out quickly bottomed out.

Gao Gong understands why.

On the blade of the biological blade, the small holes the size of a pinhole opened, absorbing the nutrient solution frantically.

In the same way, on the tip of Reaper’s claw, a small hole about the size of a soybean appears, competing with the biological knife limb to snatch it.

β€œThis is the body surfaceization of digestive organs, which is also called organ release in bionics. It is a very special biological phenomenon.”

β€œWhen Reaper’s ‘capture feet’ When inserted into the enemy’s body, a strong digestive juice will be secreted, which will melt the enemy’s internal organs, and these ‘biological suction holes’ will absorb the melted nutrients.”

” Its suction power is very strong, it can reach 4800AW, which is three times that of ordinary central vacuum cleaners.”

Gao Gong is not sure what the concept of ‘triple’ is, but in his memory, When the Reaper Queen assassinated the Reaper leader, she sucked a C-Rank boss into a mummified corpse in just three or four seconds.

This is the biochemical version of the Great Star Absorption Art!

Gao Gong’s eyes lit up, “That is, if I do biological modification, I also have this ability?”

“In theory, but only in theory. , I didn’t dare to confirm whether the human limbs could replace the ‘capturing feet’ and evolve into new predatory organs.”

“It’s okay, you are in charge of the plan, and I am in charge of the surgery.”

Gao Gong is more confident.

He made a lot of preparations to deal with biological rejection.

At least for the first biological modification, he was sure that there would be no problem.

As for whether this ‘creature out of the box’ can unlock this ability.

It’s really only a matter of doing the best and obeying the destiny.

Professor Han is back to busy work again.

It’s just the adjustment of the ‘biological system’, and there is no expert in charge. If Gao Gong wants to transform himself, the deputy of the prosthetic doctor must be at least level 10.

It was Gao Gong, who was free for a while.

He didn’t intend to be really idle either. With a snap of his fingers, the two human-headed dogs jumped onto the operating table one after the other.

Professor Han is a master of bioengineering and is especially good at bionic technology. There is no problem in installing a prosthetic socket for two mechanical bodies.

Gao Gong took out a box and opened it, revealing a large revolver wrapped in a mouthful of red granulation.

With three layers of radiation-proof gloves on both hands, he took it out with an expression of ‘old man, subway, mobile phone’ and put it on the operating table.

Name: Radiation Energy Gun

Category: Biochemical Weapon

Quality: Excellent+ (Custom Template)

Weight: 2.3kg

Basic attribute: DPS: 3.9, Attack Power: 1400, Attack Speed: 0.003 Attack/sec, Attack Range: 250 meters

Additional attribute: Penetration (+31% armor piercing damage), high temperature (+23.2% critical strike chance)

Plugin bar: Radiation Storage

Radiation Storage: A biochemical battery that automatically absorbs nuclear radiation

Remarks: This weapon is immature. Using this weapon has a great chance of being injected with a biochemical virus.

The strange thing about this gun is that it is both an energy weapon and a biochemical weaponβ€”β€” The former is to deal with the enemy, the latter is to deal with their own.

You must know that on this planet, the least able to cast energy rays is the B-Rank boss.

And its attack power is only comparable to Gao Gong’s ‘Twelve Cheng Swordsmanship’.

But its attack speed is also at the other extreme.

One shot every five minutes, but also to charge in advance.

Gao Gong thought for a while.

The biggest use of this gun is suicide.

But if you think about it from another angle, it’s fine if you don’t use it.

So Gao Gong thought about his dog.

He’s going to have an operation to put the gun on the dog.

It turns out that this type of surgery is not difficult.

Soon, a ‘ding’ sound came from the system.

[You have completed the prosthetic reconstruction surgery*1, experience +50]

The human head dog may not expect what kind of tragic encounters he will have in the future, and he will be happy as soon as he gets off the operating table stand up.

And Gao Gong took out a heavy machine gun from another box.

This gun is very heavy, 30kg facing upwards, without the butt, and the four biological drills below it are drilling everywhere like loach.

Gao Gong took several swipes of the gun to get the thing off his wrist.

“Be honest with me!”

Next moment, the four operating arms on the operating table turned around, and the surgical forceps directly clamped the head of the ‘loach’. These things are given.

Name: Quadruped Guardian

Category: Smart Weapon

Weight: 35kg

Operation System: Blade 3 Type

Energy: No. 5 micro energy battery (can be connected to the human body for automatic charging)

Usage: Human implantation

Basic attribute: DPS: 59800, attack power: 46, attack Speed: 1300 attack/sec, attack range: 800 meters

Smart Modules: ‘Auto Aim’, ‘Ballistic Analysis’, ‘Charge Mode’, ‘Wild Beast’, ‘Shooting Storm’


Remarks: A classic work of firearms implanted in the human body, which is dubbed by many warriors as a ‘mental disorder toy’, which greatly increases the probability of cyber psychosis.

Gao Gong glanced at it, The five smart modules strengthen ‘smart shooting’, ‘bleed chance’, ‘crit chance’, ‘area damage’, and ‘rate of fire’.

The dps (output damage per second) of this gun is two extremes from that of the biochemical gun.

All in all, both guns are good, except for the hidden attribute ‘lordslayer’.

So Gao Gong changed his mind, instead of using it for people, it is better to use it for dogs.

It’s nothing more than a dog’s life.

With the sound of the welding ‘zi zi’ on the operating table, there was an inexplicable layer of baleful aura on the slightly silly face of the human head dog.

The radiant power gun is not bad, even for a dog, it is not heavy.

The ‘four-legged Guardian’ is too heavy, so Gao Gong had to make major changes to the dog’s body, removing the joints, lowering the center of gravity, replacing the legs with mechanical tracks, widening the back, and moving the head back. , mount the gun rack.

After such a big change, this thing is not so much a dog as it is a ‘miniature human head tank’.

Perhaps a ‘doghead tank’ would be more appropriate.

[You have completed the prosthetic transformation surgery*1, experience +100]

“tsk tsk, what’s the use of improving the mechanical hunter, it’s nothing more than an experiment by military contractors material.”

“The output of these two guns alone is comparable to his own lore, the mountain cry out and sea howl of the Legion of Steel, really terrifying just thinking about it.”

Gao Gong tsk tsk is very vocal, but he doesn’t care. He is still very satisfied with this transformation.

Two more killing moves have been added.

Two operations were done in the evening. Looking at Professor Han who was still focusing on ‘biochemical improvement’, Gao Gong stretched and walked out the door.

Sometimes a bonfire was raised in the recycle bin, and many tribesmen were singing and dancing in front of the bonfire.

Pang Xiang was among them, and the giggling never stopped.

Iron was the best at making the atmosphere. I poured a large glass of wine into the iron bucket, and the flames ‘bang’ soared.

“I’ll play the disc for you guys manually. I was the best at doing this when I was in the gang!”

Huang Yuanli also laughed heartily and joined the dancing crowd, The burning face flushed red.

The natives in the desert are always good at making fun of themselves in this environment where they can’t eat enough and don’t get warm enough.

Seeing Gao Gong standing on the second floor, Huang Yuanli waved her hand and motioned for the other party to come and play together.

Gao Gong smiled and shook the head.

Anyway, it’s a good ending, isn’t it.

On the second day, Gao Gong was still in a hangover when he was shaken by Professor Han.

Originally he only intended to see it, but everyone was too enthusiastic and forcibly dragged him over.

He had no choice but to use monomolecular wires instead of poles and danced a pole dance.

But in the booing, dancing and dancing turned into a striptease.

Among the crowds, the little woman’s roar was the loudest.

Are the panties still there?

Gao Gong looked down, relaxed, and his panties were still there.

But why is it reversed?

He familiarly returned to the tent, Huang Yuanli was still sleeping, he did not disturb the other party, scooped water from the bucket and washed his face.

Professor Han, who was waiting outside the door, looked at him with a complicated expression. He did not participate in the excitement last night, and he also knew that he was not qualified to participate.

“Cough, Professor, how’s it going?”

“Good news and bad news.”

Maybe because of the ‘Reaper Aura’ , or when killing Queen Reaper, some unique pheromones were incorporated into Gao Gong’s body; after a blood test, the rejection of these biological parts to him is not high, even low, which is good news.

The bad news is that these ‘same sect’ biological parts are mutually exclusive.

β€œWhat the hell is this?” Gao Gong asked in astonishment.

“Simply put, Reaper cells have a certain erosiveness, which is also the source of their ‘cannibalism’.”

“If the organisms of the same human body system Implantation, these phagocytic properties are not yet obvious. If two systems are implanted, mutual rejection will greatly increase biological rejection.”

“Why is Queen Reaper no problem?”

“This is the contingency of biological variation, a 1 in 1 million radiation creation,” Professor Han shook his head: “Unless you want to become a complete Reaper, you can only make a choice.”

“In other words, I can only choose one of the two modifiable systems.”

“To be exact, choose one of the circulatory system + subcutaneous blood pump and the digestive system + induction knee.”

“Oh, yes, the subcutaneous blood pump belongs to the circulatory system, but isn’t the knee a motion system?”

Professor Han casually said: “I have done some bionic fine-tuning, if it is just the knee, It’s still within the compatibility range, after all, your knee has already been mechanically transformed and is out of the biological category.”

Big guy 666!

As soon as Gao Gong grabbed Professor Han’s hand, he said sincerely: “My knee has not only been mechanically modified, but I can even kneel down for you.”

(End of this chapter )

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