Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 5


Chapter 5 The Deadly Run (Part 2)

From the drone’s point of view, under the sky, the wreckage of a building with dozens of floors Covered by the snake-like Yellow Climbing Mountain Tiger, the giant tree canopy of the same height spreads out in all directions.

The densely packed metal leaves are like solar panels surrounded by a circle; the air smells of burning electrical appliances, which are mechanical biochemical beasts secreting artificial proteins.

The camera is rotating, and the drone’s field of view is constantly enlarged. In the gap between the forests, you can clearly see the roots of the trees digging into the concrete floor of the old city, crushing various metal wastes like a large mixer. Then absorb it with the newly grown metal pipe.

Metal, cement, plant roots, wonderful and weird fuse together.

When the drone flew over a communication tower, the lightning rod at the top of the tower suddenly turned in a circle and slowly opened. It was a sword-leaf metal engraved with ‘Iron Pagoda Co., Ltd.’ flower.

‘Abnormal signal access’

‘Abnormal signal access’

‘Signal interruption’

‘Signal interruption’


Two of the propeller nozzles of a drone suddenly lost control, causing its flight trajectory to be erratic and eventually plunge into the forest.

Next moment, the predators move in groups, and the tin rat crawling out of the sewers fast as lightning, replacing the metal pulleys of the legs, seems to be a high-tech brand of self-driving pulley shoes.

The turbo spider follows closely from behind. As a medium-sized colony life, it is three meters long and two meters high. It has three pairs of mechanical claws, tentacles like steel knives, and radioactive spider eyes on its head. It is a large searchlight, and the strong light it emits constantly rotates, forcing back the colleagues who are rushing for food.

The sharp whistle sounded, and the front of the car rammed along the expressway, pushing away the car wreckage on the expressway from time to time.

But the predators on the tree took the lead, and a dozen or so bird-shaped cyborgs swarmed up. The beaks like electric drills skillfully drilled open the casing of the drone, and bit off the wires on the engine. The man-machine completely strikes.

Next is a gluttonous feast. The metal shell is like a snack, the circuit is exciting and smooth, the chip is nutritious, the battery is the most popular, and the motor is hard to chew but chewy.

The camera was finally grabbed by the bionic gecko and inserted into the neck. The electronic pattern on the bionic skin lights up, as if some kind of special pairing was in progress. employment.

Seeing this, the other two drones immediately climbed upwards. However, when a drone behind them went around a twin building, the ‘Mountain Tiger’ on the surface of the building suddenly stretched like snake scales. open, ups and downs regularly.

‘Climb the Mountain Tiger’ to transfer biosignals into a building consisting of fiber optics, databases and input devices.

‘Electron pairing’

‘Signal conversion’

‘Virtual invasion’

The predecessor of the Twin Towers should be a The TV station has a total of 23 layers. With the connection of climbing Mountain Tiger, the dust-covered backup motor suddenly started running, and the sound in the machine room was loud; It’s a picture of a drone flying.

In the TV station, there seem to be countless transparent staff debugging equipment, confirming programs, and editing videos.

In the end, in front of a corpse that committed suicide, the screen suddenly lit up.

“…Sky Law Enforcer has been rectified, issued regulations to strengthen the safety management of ‘low, slow and small’ aircraft such as civilian drones, and established eight categories of control areas including municipalities, except for special approvals. , Prohibition…”

As the video played, the drone body behind it trembled violently, suddenly turned its direction, and slowly landed on the upper floor of the Twin Towers.

Then, the picture on the screen seems to be pressing the reverse button. Starting from the Twin Towers, the ‘drone’ flew out from the roof and went straight to some underground fortification.

Somewhere in the underground control center of the bomb shelter

A staff member’s face changed, ten fingers were suddenly split and turned into a structure similar to spider claws, and the fingertips were invisible with naked eyes the speed of hitting the keyboard.

And the big screen in front of him instantly turned red.

‘The data is abnormal, the data is abnormalβ€”β€”’

‘The flight signal was captured, and the first layer defense wall was damagedβ€”β€”’

β€œ What’s going on? How could there be a virus invasion, and our actions were discovered by the mechanical master brain?” The middle age person face changed with the appearance of the supervisor, surprised.

“No, the monitoring station in the city has not found any signs of the mechanical corps being dispatched.”

“This type of virus is not a common corporate virus.”

Another employee also explained that he had a headset-like device hanging on his head. The ‘headphone’ was inserted into the ear hole, and a small circle of wires inserted into the ear hole could be vaguely seen.

In the city that never sleeps, this kind of device is called ‘network access warehouse’. The Knight regiment lacks the technical accumulation in this area. The military technology of the old era can only enter the World Wide Web and cannot connect to the cyber network; , are refurbished machines purchased by the black market.

This refurbished machine is powerless against corporate viruses controlled by high-level AI.

“It seems to be a wild electronic virus transformed by some kind of biological signal.”

The supervisor immediately relaxed, after all, the wild virus is still within the scope of their treatment.

More importantly, the ‘Hydra’ project has not been discovered and is still going well.

“Find out the source, and find out why the drone appeared in that place.” The supervisor said with some anger.

“Location confirmation, 213.313.511, Jiangbetsu City in the pre-civilization era; mission level ‘Knight’ level, it is a wanted mission temporarily issued by high-level officials.”

A staff member paused , said with some awe: “It’s the steel Knight — the flag!”

The last drone is still faithfully completing its mission, but unfortunately, in this concrete jungle, there are too many More than its nemesis.

Soon, a black shadow shot out from the forest at an extremely fast speed, as if tearing the air. After the sonic boom, there was another explosion, the flames scattered, and the drone fragments fell from the sky.

In a block with countless ‘red lanterns’ floating around, the blood carpet on the ground slowly swam, climbing up the tall buildings, surging up the elevated, sweeping every creature that invaded the block, and finally toward the center. Converging, the blood that was swimming covered the surface of the blood blanket, like a lady’s skirt.

In the center of the blanket, the ‘Lady’ is a monster with a height of nearly three meters. It is composed of bones and flesh and blood. Her hair is composed of countless nerve bundles, and at the end of the hair, there is one after Another Mechanical Hunter’s head.

If you turn on the radiation detector, you can observe that in this block, the amount of radiation is terrifying, infinitely close to the center of the nuclear explosion.

“Even the A-Rank Scarlet Queen dares to intrude into the realm of the Scarlet Queen. It’s really taking off your pants and farting, courting death!”

[Complete the task, reward 1500 experience points]

Just as the Iron Sand Desert is not a real desert, and an oasis is not green, it is more like a well-equipped town with a complex mix of residents, including fugitives from Machine City, mercenaries from factories, and natives from Iron Sand Desert. , The man-made synthetic man who is forbidden to transform, the metal biography priest who believes in Turingism.

There are no good people here, you can even say there are no ‘people’, all the residents have naked eye implants visible on their bodies, weapons are organized, organs are mechanized, and everyone looks extremely not to be trifled with .

And those who can safely open a store here are definitely ruthless characters at the sub-level of the town.

The boss of the Rose Gasoline Bar is a woman, and a very beautiful woman, with fiery red hair like a burning flame, emerald eyes used to look at people through the wavy head, and a hot upper body It was concealed and wrapped in a high-elastic tight-fitting vest, revealing a large amount of whiteness on the chest, and on the waist of the vest line, a coquettish black rose bloomed.

Rose Gasoline Bar, offers all kinds of drinks, android prostitutes, virtual experience machines, spiritual medicine, small body cultivator rehabilitation, escrow and killer services.

At this moment, Black Rose is standing behind the bar, casually mixing a glass of margarita, listening to the boasting, showing off, and occasionally greedy glances from various guests.

Every year, many people come here to pan for gold, many of them are powerful prosthetics, but there are fewer and fewer familiar faces, and 99% of them stay here forever. In the radiation zone, only a few lucky people will earn enough mechanical coins to exchange for an admission ticket to the city that never sleeps, to enjoy the life of a superior man.

Most of the time, Black Rose sits on the sidelines, watching this group of idiots jump from the fallout zone into a more dangerous urban hell.

The monsters in the city eat people but don’t spit out bones!

However, some idiots are still cute, and it’s a pity to die.

“Have you heard? The factory was intercepted in the Great Rift Valley.”

Among the messy messages, one message caught her attention.

“Whoever dares to intercept the factory’s goods will be courting death!”

“I don’t know, maybe some stowaways are desperate.”

“These people are courting death don’t get us involved.”

A brawny man with metal arms laughed:

“It’s not all bad, the factory is so rich and imposing, maybe it can earn a lot of money Gold!”

“That’s true, my outer skeleton should have been replaced a long time ago. The goods sold in the city have risen tenfold, and those bastards are vampire!”

Black Rose raised her slender and long brows, drank Margaret and gestured to the bartender not far away to replace her, and strode to the back door.

In addition to providing alcohol service, petrol bars can also cover nights, after all, some activities are more suitable for night time; Black Rose usually lives in the basement of the bar, where there is enough alcohol.

However, few people know that Black Rose has another stronghold, which used to be an abandoned factory and is now converted into a garage with various styles of locomotives she collected. .

Wine and reloading motorcycles are two of this woman’s favorite things.

As soon as the door opened, the rich blood-reeking qi asserted the senses. Black Rose’s expression did not change at all, and he directly opened the switch.

Next moment, under the dazzling searchlight, there is an unfamiliar and tattered off-road vehicle, with four tires blown out and three, countless scratches and bullet marks on it.

There was a wild man lying in the car. The man was blind in one eye, had a broken hand, and was smoking half a cigarette.

“Come on.”

Black Rose glanced around, calmly said: “Who allowed you to drive this garbage into my garage.”

Gao Gong smiled wryly, “Sister Rose, can you please stop talking about cars and save people first.”

“If I die, you will have one less car.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gao Gong’s neck crooked and he passed out completely.

[Complete the task, reward 1500 experience points]

(End of this chapter)

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