Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 50


Chapter 50 Biomodification (End)

After Professor Han left, Gao Gong was lost in thought.

It’s not so much a choice between two system modifications, but a choice between two pairs of skill sets.

It is the blessing of moving blood bags, de-vitrifying organs, regenerating miniature severed limbs, and killing the same kind.

It is also flexibility enhancement, metal digestion, similar hunting blessing, and biochemical Great Star Absorption Art.

The former is suitable for fighting bosses and for meat shields, that is, players like Fat Xiang, but all three features are very useful, even Gao Gong is very greedy for ‘no key’ and ‘finger regeneration’ and other characteristics.

It’s a lucky star for melee combat.

The latter is more suitable for nurses?

Can’t say the same, it is suitable for quick recovery of blood on the battlefield.

It’s just that ‘metal digestion’ isn’t very practical.

But ‘Great Star Absorption Art’ is just too sweet.

Gao Gong was very entangled, and this entanglement did not make up his mind until Professor Han came up with a specific ‘biomodification plan’.

Only second can be selected.

Without it, normal system transformations have a transformation core.

The heart is the heart of the circulatory system, and the stomach is the heart of the digestive system.

Simply put, the former needs to change the heart, the latter needs to change the stomach.

It doesn’t matter if you change your stomach, anyway, his stomach is the original version, not imported.

It’s a change of heart, his heart has long been replaced by a mechanical heart.

It’s not that it can’t be replaced, it’s just an ordinary power supply device, and its power consumption is average.

But taking the route of fusion ascension, that is, carbon-based flow + mechanical flow, has a big taboo.

That is when doing mechanical transformation, it is best not to mess with the biological system.

The reverse is also true. When optimizing the biological system, the mechanical system should not touch it.

It’s like walking a tightrope. When the left side is crooked, turn to the right, and when the right side is crooked, turn to the left, and it is easy to fall off.

Professor Han was a little surprised that Gao Gong decided the plan so quickly, he hesitated for a moment, then said:

“I know you want to gain more power through biological modification, of course. No problem, just implanting biological organs into the human body is really not in my field of expertise.”

“I don’t know what kind of physiological response it will have.”

“Professor isn’t trying to stop me, right?”

Professor Han shook the head and said, “I mean, if you just want to gain the power of the Radiant Beast, there is another way.”

“Clonal Technology?”

“You know?” Professor Han was stunned.

“I have read your notes, and I have to say, Professor, you were in good shape when you were young.”

Professor Han’s rare old face flushed, and he sighed: “You are young. It’s frivolous, it’s better to be young.”

“But even in the pre-civilization era, colony technology is the highest secret of your country, although Professor Han, you are a master of bionicsβ€”β€””


“It’s not pure colony technology, but through the principle of bionics, the limbs of the radiant beast are grafted onto the human body in a short period of time, thereby gaining powerful strength.”

Gao Gong was stunned, “I said that the classical style mechanical hunter can’t pick up such a heavy weapon without mechanical transformation. It turned out to be the case.”

Professor Han’s face sank, he could see , his heart has not been resolved.

Gao Gong laughed: “According to my guess, this kind of bionic organism must be very defective. If nothing else, this method of connecting and disconnecting is frequently used, and the life system cannot be integrated. , if things go on like this, biological rejection will reach a terrifying level.”

Professor Han nodded, said: “Yes, there is another point, the colony technology is war technology, the colony is ready to wear, and the colony is ready to use. Our bionic limbs will need at least a few days of debugging.”

Gao Gong lost interest completely, and hooked the head.

“Let’s do it my way.”

The two began to cooperate, Professor Han was in charge of the system bionic for the ‘Reaper Queen’, and Gao Gong began to integrate the surgical plan , some ‘biomodifications’ are suitable for reconstructive surgery, while others are not and require adjustment.

According to the ‘game’ argument, what the two of them are doing now is to create their own blueprint and equipment.

When resting, Gao Gong will walk to a nutrition tank and look towards the ‘stomach’ in the tank.

Generally speaking, as a human digestive organ, most people’s stomachs are in the shape of a water bag.

Compared with them, Queen Reaper’s stomach is particularly hideous. It is not a water bag, but an oversized red gem. The surface of the ‘gem’ is covered with densely packed digestive tracts, like A red snake ball entwined together, the mouth of the digestive tube like a snake ‘gulps’ spitting bubbles.

Body modification is a taboo option in some civilizations, also known as ‘species pro-ecology’.

They will cite various cases of failed transformation, as well as some heretical theories, such as the ‘uncanny valley effect’, ‘principle of animalization of non-human organs’, ‘physiological variability’ and other theories to verify their views .

In simple terms, it is to peel off the human skin and take out the human body transformation structure, fiercely disgusting you.

Look, this is not human, not the same as us, so disgusting.

Look at its behavior again, the more you see it, the weirder it gets!

Anti-ethics, anti-standard, morally corrupt!

But the problem is, if you take off the face of a pure natural beauty and let her look straight at you, you won’t be able to eat.

If you take out your own heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, you will also feel how disgusting this thing is.

When you’re old enough, you’re going to look bad on yourself.

As an avid book player, Gao Gong’s principle has always been to have a trans-intelligent racial aesthetic.

The ancients said that it is good to love both, and then Gao Gong can be achieved.

Isn’t the mechanical war girl fragrant?

Without this kind of mind that supports the universe, you can only be an ordinary game player, and finally be made into a biological battery and a brain plasma generator by npc.

This is retribution.

Cough, it’s gone too far. In short, after Gao Gong and Professor Han have been working together for another day, they are finally ready.

β€œAre you really in such a hurry?”

β€œIt’s a race against time.”

On the operating table, Gao Gong grinned and pulled out a set of electrode pads Stick it on your forehead and forehead.

This is the first blueprint, ‘Pain Editor’, given by the system when he was transferred to a prosthetic doctor.

Pain Editor: A neural co-processor that suppresses pain receptors that send signals to the parietal lobes of the brain, making the user feel no pain.

For the purpose of biological modification, Gao Gong built this equipment very early, just to operate on himself.

Sure enough, as soon as the pain editor was opened, the pain signal was directly blocked.

“Let’s do it.”

The two surgical arms begin to operate, needles are inserted into the legs, and local anesthesia is administered (to prevent unconditioned leg muscles).

The scalpel on the other arm begins to cut through the skin.

On both knees of Gao Gong, there are obvious suture marks, the skin is untied, and the metallic glossy knee joints are revealed.

On the inside of the joint, there are a number of wires, the thickness of a nerve, where tiny motors are implanted.

Replace the knee, but the motor must remain. The combination of biological power generation and mechanical power generation is double the joy.

The biggest difficulty in surgery is keeping the micromotors.

Fortunately, the knees of ‘Reaper’ are more compatible with alloy materials.

As long as a layer of ‘biological iron film’ (that is a thin film between the biological iron armor and the flesh) is plated on the surface of the motor, there will be no problem.

Gao Gong even has the spare time to replace the aging wires of the motor or something.

The scene is bloody, Gao Gong’s expressionless cutting of the human body looks like a certain cannibal doctor Hannibal.

[Implantation in progress]

[The surgery is completed, you have implanted the sensory knee, agility +3, evasion +5%, crit rate increases by 10% when stealth]

[Your knees bear 300kg more weight]

[Fall damage is reduced by 20%]

[Your movement system transformation rate +1%]

[Blood +20, Physical +10]

Outside the sterile room, Professor Han was a little nervous.

During the operation, he had nothing to do. He had to check Gao Gong’s rejection value of various parts of his body at all times. Once a system’s rejection was too high, he would immediately change the details of the operation.

It’s no surprise that the knee surgery was successfully completed, and the next step is the big head.

After the operation, Gao Gong did not have a single drop of sweat on his head. This is the function of a ‘blood coagulator’, which is equivalent to a ‘sweat gland refrigerator’, which freezes the sweat gland system in a short time.

This is a Level 2 technology blueprint crafted piece of gear.

Gao Gong took out another metal ball and put it in his mouth.

It’s a bit like the scene when the ancients were buried with “Golden Core in their mouths, ascending to immortality”.

This is actually an ‘oral medicine’, which acts to condense trace metal elements in the human body in a short period of time and reduce mechanical rejection.

In fact, swallowing is better.

But the question is, what Gao Gong is transforming is the digestive system, swallow it, where does it go?

Watching the values on the screen stabilize again, Professor Han wiped his sweat and said solemnly: “It’s almost there.”

Gao Gong slowly lay down on the operating table, the surgery On the stage, an electronic screen was automatically turned out, and the screen was his six-pack abs.

The next surgery will be completely dependent on the operating table.

First, the anesthetic was hit on the belly, and then there was a sound of ‘Zi’, and the lasers on the two scalpels popped out.

This is a ‘polymer scalpel’, which is several times sharper than ordinary scalpels, especially suitable for mechanical transformation and some ‘hard-core’ biological transformation.

On the chest, a red line slowly appeared, and the human skin was cut open, exposing the titanium alloy sternum and the mechanical heart below the sternum.

And the stomach just below the heart.

Soon, this thing will bid farewell to its hometown and go far away.

During the operation, Gao Gong had no time to pay attention to the system panel.

However, the system panel will still display a series of prompts.

[Transplant in progress]

[Stomach transplant completed, Reaper stomach implanted]

[Transplant completed, blood volume +100]


[Additional Status: High Digestion Mode]

[Maximum Stamina+10%]

[Digestion system transformation in progress]

[ Your digestion system transformation rate +3%]

[HP+60, physical strength+30]

[integrated with the internal mechanical system, digestion mode automatically generates mutation]

[Digest system upgrade, HP recovery speed +10%]

[Bio mutation starts]

Professor Han’s face changed, because he saw that Gao Gong’s Ten fingers, plus several toes, cracked at the same time, and blood spurted out.

‘Is this the beginning of biomodification, or a sign of failed surgery? ‘

Only now did I realize that the starting point has many functions that I will not use.

Create characters, insert pictures, etc.

My research(●”●)

(End of this chapter)

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