Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 51


Chapter 51 New Battle Situation (two-in-one revised chapter)

Petrol Town, people coming, people going, electronic screen Before, very few people stopped to watch.

Without it, the hunting war has reached this step, which has shifted from a mechanical hunter hunting wild beast to a phase where both sides hunt each other.

Even in Gasoline Town, more than a dozen mechanical hunters have died unexpectedly, and all of them were killed by the radiation beast sneak attack.

The Radiant Beast does not talk about martial arts, it will not obediently fight with you with real swords and guns, in fact, the night is the activity time of the Radiant Beast.

More people died in the gathering places of scavengers, which can be said to be appalling.

In fact, not many people care about this ranking anymore, because the premise of caring about ‘lace news’ is that the mechanical hunter will win, but from the current point of view, whether this battle can be won, no one Dare to pat the chest, guaranteed.

People were alarmed is the best portrayal of the oasis today.

As the sun sets, three silhouettes stand in front of the electronic screen, one is fat, one is thin, and one is neither fat nor thin.

The one in the middle is pale and doesn’t look very good.

β€œSo many unfamiliar faces.”

The Ranking List has another change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Ranked First is a symbiotic squad, an unheard of, but incredibly powerful hunting party.

According to rumors, their energy weapons and high-powered armors cannot even tear apart the minions of C-Rank Radiant Beasts.

Ranked second was yet another unexpected name – Creepers.

The one on the right, a cyborg with exposed wires and pipes, was stunned for a while before saying incredulously:

“Wriggling, weren’t they destroyed by the mass?”


The giant Big Fatty on the left scratched his head.

“Will they be resurrected, Brother Gao.”

“Who knows.”

The one in the middle is shrugged.

The changes in Gasoline Town have been completely invisible.

Various bunkers, thick city walls, patrolling drones, and the dark machine gun muzzles on the observation deck.

Is this the preparation for the beast tide to attack the city?

On the Ranking List, in addition to the symbiotic squad of Ranked First, the creeper of ‘Rise from the Dead’, and Miyamoto Sanzang of Ranked 3rd.

Others, all new faces.

The veteran team is ‘completely wiped out’.

Even the fierce newcomers, such as the predator squad, biochemical Fiend, dog hunter, and bomber, have disappeared without a trace.

The rear waves of the Yangtze River drive on those before

“Let’s go, pick up your mother, and we’ll come back to the Boss.”

The thin man patted fatty, the two sat back in the armored war chariot, with the sound of the huge engine, war chariot growled away.

The man in the middle lit a cigarette and walked slowly into Gasoline Town.

Soon, word of someone’s return began to spread.

“The lone wolf is back?”

“The lone wolf, that new assassin Master? Isn’t it rumored that he was assassinated by Miyamoto Sanzo?”

“I heard he died on the front line.”

“Like Grey-Eyed Adrian?”

“With so many experts dead, he’s one more More, one less of him is a lot.”

The dark gasoline bar is still lively, but it is full of new faces, and even the ‘old faces’ from ten days ago are rare.

A generation of new people replaces the old ones. When it comes to high elimination rate, I am afraid that there is no other profession that can compare to mechanical hunters.

“He’s a deserter. I remember he ran away ten days ago.”

A certain ‘old face’ suddenly said.

“Oh? What’s the matter, tell Old Brother.”

The ‘Old Face’ took the cigarette from the newcomer with contentment, even though he only came to the Motor City for a month , but the qualification is old enough.

“He is also a senior hunter, and he can still fight, but he is Old Fox, saw that the situation was far from good slipped faster than anyone else, like ten days ago, It’s gone, really wily old fox.”

“How did he run?”

“What way?”

There were only a few people there. Listen, but as soon as I heard ‘running’, a group of people gathered around.

It can be seen that they are quite interested in the topic of ‘running’.

‘Old Face’ really enjoys the feeling of all the stars cup themselves around the moon. In his impression, this is the kind of treatment that only real old people have.

“Don’t think about it, it’s an Early-Stage war, the security team is not strictly controlled, and whoever dares to run now will definitely be the first to be shot by those robots.”

He raised the ‘battle recorder’ on his wrist.

“Have you seen the latest model of ‘handcuffs’, non-removable, satellite positioning, drone tracking, if you want to run, there is no door!”

Suddenly a sigh of disappointment Voice.

Someone said dissatisfied: “In this way, what is the difference between us and the little white mouse of those companies.”

“And the little white mouse, they implanted surveillance chips, Life is more valuable than ours.”

Everyone sighed and expressed their strong regret for not being able to run.

Seeing that the topic has been diverted, the ‘old face’ suddenly became anxious.

“cough cough, let’s get down to business, in fact, that lone wolf surnamed Gao, I also know him, he has always been the kind of person who has no backbone and double-edged swords. It is normal to be a deserter. Now, do you know that before he became famous, he often made money as a duck, not only women can spend money, but men can too, can such a person have backbone?”

Seeing everyone was dumbfounded. Staring at himself, the ‘old face’ blew more vigorously.

“That person used to form a team with me. He said it was a team, but he was actually my little brother. At that time, he was not as famous as he is now, and he was a very humble one–“

‘Old Face’ tightened his neck.

It turned out that at some point, a huge silhouette sitting in the corner stood up, and a metal arm with thick thighs grabbed his neck and lifted it up.

“Black, Black God, I’m not talking about you!”

The mechanical giant emptied a barrel of gasoline beer, and then the beer barrel smashed fiercely on the opponent’s forehead superior.

“You insulted him! How dare you insult him! Only I can insult him, and only I can kill him!”

The metal fist like a pile driver hammered again and again On the other side’s head, after an unknown number of strokes, the head of the ‘Old Face’ exploded like a watermelon.

Under the terrified eyes of everyone, the Black God casually dropped the headless corpse and staggered out. His legs, waist, buttocks, and back were all inserted into impact machines. The module, while walking, there is still blood flowing from the implanted mouth.

The ninth black god on the hunting Ranking List is also a lone wolf.

And in a box of the bar.

Fire robber Wilson heard the movement outside. He didn’t show any signs of moving. He just focused on drinking. To his left and his right were two android prostitutes with only small pieces of cloth hanging on their bodies.

“Okay, Wilson, stop drinking,” Daisy gave him a frown.

“You guys go out,” Huang Wen said calmly.

The two android prostitutes stood up dully, they were walking corpse, at the mercy of their customers.

Simply put, whoever pays has the final say.

Obviously, the person in charge at this time is Mechanic Huang Wen.

Watching Wilson with all the straps all over his body, Daisyela sighed.

“Old Huang, what are you trying to do by calling us here?”

Huang Wen looks like a 16- or 17-year-old delicious and pretty boy, but this kind of ‘ Pure face’ is just because he has done bionic transformation, his real age is more than forty, and he is the oldest among the three.

He is also a veteran, and he is not like other poor people who come to the desert to make a living. He used to have a very good job, a mechanical engineer at Factory No. 18.

People have great ambitions and are traumatized without losing their hearts. Among the three, Huang Wen is the most calm.

“In the battle of the scavenger city, our three squads suffered serious losses. Wilson’s mechanical corps was directly destroyed. Half of my team members were invaded by wild viruses. The nervous system is still in a coma, Daisy, you Our team also has one third loss of personnel.”

“Fuck the beast tide, f*ck the vigilantes, they just let us die!” Wilson yelled.

Among the three, Huang Wen was on the south line, Wilson was on the north line, and only Daisyla was on the east line in the direction of scavenging city.

However, a major battle commanded by Legion’s famous general, General Hulls, brought them together.

The target is the beast tide that is about to break out in the scavenger city.

The combined army of the three oases.

All the hunter powerhouses of the Central Desert come together.

The security team also spent the blood, and all the weapons and equipment in the battle were free.

Even prosthetics can be installed for free.

With such favorable conditions, what greeted them was an unprecedented defeat.

The pure mechanized army drawn from the front line was destroyed by the beast tide, even more how is Wilson’s small mechanical team.

Huang Wen’s firepower line of defense was directly infected by more than a dozen wild electronic viruses, turned his guns, and killed many friendly troops.

As for Daisyrah, saw that the situation was far from good and ran away immediately, still losing one third manpower.

This is also why the veteran squads on the Ranking List have undergone a major change of blood.

Huang Wen was very calm, he said softly: “Cooperation, there is only one way to go.”

“Cooperation?” Daisyela was stunned, and Wilson stopped. scolded mother.

“Three hunting teams, merged into one team, so that we have a chance to compete for the first place.”

“Do you still want to fight?”

Wilson looked at each other in surprise, as if it was the first time he knew this person.

After seeing the despairing power of the beast tide, the other party actually wanted to fight.

“Do we have any other options?”

“Yes, wait for the Mechanical Corps to dispatch!”

“What if it doesn’t?”



Daisyela paused, sighed.

“Old Huang, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, it’s just that my manpower really can’t support the first stage of the war.”

“Let’s not say anything else, now the Motor City Besides, is there a lone radiant herd?”

Having said this, Daisyla laughed at herself, now the threshold of loneliness is no longer a wild beast, but an entire herd .

Huang Wen frowned, didn’t expect the beast tide hit the two of them so hard.

The veteran Captain is still like this, so what about the rookies.

“What do you mean, Wilson.”

Wilson burped and spit out a word neatly.

“get lost!”


Wilson staggered out of the bar when he was not drinking enough, and bumped into several people during the process. Everyone dared to be angry and did not dare to say anything. Obviously, the tiger will not fall apart. At least in the town of gasoline, the name of this bearded head is quite deterrent.

Wilson snort disdainfully for Huang Wen’s proposal.

Huang Wen has a background, and Wilson is not a scumbag. After all, he can do well in this cannibal desert, but a few have no background.

He can gather hundreds of mechanical outer skeletons, how could he buy them without the help of the people inside the mechanical Legion.

In fact, there is a force within Legion to support him in this competition for the right to pioneer the oasis.

However, with great hope comes great disappointment.

Under the offensive of the beast tide hiding the sky and covering the earth, the hard work that he spent years piecing together was wiped out in the first battle.

The mentality was shattered directly.

“I can’t stay here anymore.”

Wilson decided to wait for Legion from the front to call back, so he followed Legion’s people out of here. Who likes to stay in the radiation zone of shit. who stay.

He walked through an alley, suddenly stopped under his feet, glanced around, and there was a dark shadow behind him.

A person in front is walking slowly.

The bearded man narrowed his eyes and touched his waist subconsciously.

“Wilson, Captain of the Fire Thieves Squad.”

“It’s your grandfather!”

He suddenly pulled out the energy weapon from his waist, which was A limited-edition plasma pistol of the Mechanical Corps, generally only owned by military officers above the major, this is a high-level weapon that does not belong to this desert.

However silhouette is faster.

About three minutes later, a bartender hurried over, taking off his trousers and was about to take a nap.

A strong smell of blood came from around him.

He turned his head and saw a silhouette sitting against the wall.


The silhouette slowly fell down, and the waiter was shocked to find that the other party was full of blood holes, especially his right arm, which was broken at the elbow.

Third-handed Daisyela is also on the way back, but unlike Wilson, she actually agrees with Huang Wen’s proposal.

What she did not agree with was that, according to Huang Wen’s tone, if this joint team was really formed successfully, it would be led by him.

Obviously the three veteran teams, ‘Edelweiss’ is the least loss.

As soon as she got out of Gasoline Town, her footsteps stopped.

The stress mode of the two robotic arms was activated directly, the folding handle popped out from the palm, the hands slammed violently, and the two folding war knives were ejected.


The weirdo standing in front of her is a half-human, half-mechanical body. Lots of bright red muscles squirming.

Biochemical muscle? No, biochemical muscles don’t have such dynamism.

Daisyra’s eyes fell on the opponent’s chest, and on his alloy chest, a blood shield and the coat of arms of the metal long spear were branded.

She had seen this coat of arms, which seemed to be the symbol of a terrorist organization.

“Full of fighting intent, nice eyes!”

The weirdo slowly walked towards him, and as he walked, in the middle of the shield and the long spear, which is the chest area , a flame ignited.

“I am – Flame Knight Hoth!”

Huang Wen did not leave the bar.

In fact, Daisyela and Wilson were neither the first Captains he saw nor the last.

He never puts his eggs in a cage.

But the plan didn’t go well.

The people who come here are either terrified by the beast tide, or they have their own thoughts, and there are very few people who have real cooperation value.

In the final analysis, in the violent professional group of mechanical hunters, the most convincing people are always fists.

As for the battlefield wisdom and battlefield command, do you have a great general of the mechanical Legion?

He can’t do it, why do you say you can do it yourself?

Huang Wen frowned and thought, the small eyebrows matched with the green and innocent face, it was enough to pretend to be tender.

“tsk tsk, little brother is so cute.”

Huang Wen raised his head suddenly, and rushed to the window without any hesitation.

However, the next moment, the electronic ripples on the window flashed, and the whole body was bounced back.

“It’s running really fast, why don’t you try your drones again?”

Huang Wen took a deep breath and saw a lot of them ‘s grid of light spots appeared in the box, constantly pressing on him.

“Cyber hackers, prosthetic control!”

Both of Huang Wen’s eyes were reconstructed with prosthetic eyes, and electronic anti-blocks were installed.

But the ‘firewall’ didn’t do the trick.

Only Peak’s cyber-hackers can do this.

“It’s not hacking, it’s Knight skill.”

“Knight skill? You are from the Knight group!” Huang Wen was silent for a moment, opened the mouth and said: “Accept. Surrender? I can accept any controlled prosthetic transformation.”

“Hehe, little brother, you are so good, but no, the Knights don’t add outsiders, no, they don’t add ‘people’ ‘.”

“little brother, remember before you die, the elder sister is the electronic Knight Selena!”

next moment, the electronic grid covers everything.

In the box, Huang Wen was still sitting on the sofa, his hands were clenched tightly, his whole body was trembling, and where the prosthetic body was connected, electronic sparks exploded all the way, first to the left eye, then to the right. Eyes, and finally the modified parts on the head.

With a ‘pop’, his head exploded, revealing jet-black electronic components, and Huang Wen fell to the ground in the scorched smoke.


In Sister Rose’s garage, next to a telephone, Gao Gong blocked his ears and let an angry growl come from the microphone.

“I told you to endure for two days, not to let you disappear directly.”

“Ten days, ten days, do you know how much I lost these days? “

“Sister Rose almost broke me down!”

After a long while, Gao Gong said happily: “Meaning Old Brother, I haven’t seen you for a few days, didn’t you?” t expect you think like this me.”

“What the hell have you been doing these days?!” Littlefinger on the other end of the phone exclaimed angrily.

Gao Gong opened his palm, not sure if it was an illusion, as if it was different from before.

“I didn’t do anything, I just went for a foreskin. I’m in pretty good shape now.”

“What’s the use of you being in good shape now, the whole line of defense has collapsed.”

“I heard that a few days ago, there was another battle in the scavenger city?” Gao Gong picked up the microphone and raised his legs, “You were on the front line, weren’t you being used as a military doctor? What’s going on?”

Littlefinger’s voice was terrified.

“It’s a tragic mess, the beast tide on the front line has not been resolved, didn’t expect a beast tide here too.”

“Fortunately, Lao Tzu is the logistics staff, and the first batch of evacuees will be evacuated. , or I can’t do without it.”

“It’s so powerful, doesn’t it mean that Hulls is a famous general of the Mechanical Corps? I heard that he also brought the elites of the Mechanical Corps here.”

“Damn elite, this old fellow saw that the situation was far from good and ran faster than anyone else, but fortunately your brother finger is not a scumbag, he was well prepared and got on his plane on the spot. ”

Littlefinger on the other end let out a long sigh of relief.

“The beast tide is too terrifying!”

“All the radiation fields are connected together, all the electronic devices are all malfunctioning, the sky is pitch black, all covered by mechanical birds, the ground A large number of deformed plants are also born, and a cement forest is created on the spot. The radiation value of the battlefield directly breaks through the sky. In the end, everyone is fighting for not weapons and ammunition, but radiation needles; monsters in the beast tide are even more deadly. In the same way, the offensive wave was higher than the wave, and the mechanical defense line only blocked for three days, and then the entire line collapsed. Later, according to statistics, the number of radiation wild beasts on the battlefield was as high as five million.”

β€œWhy? Didn’t the security team make any preparations?” Gao Gong wondered.

“Why didn’t you do it? The security team’s expectation of the scale of the war is two full A-Rank beast tides, even three, it’s barely bearable.”

” Isn’t there only two A-Rank monster leaders?”

In Gao Gong’s impression, A-Rank’s Radiation Queen and A-Rank’s Fission Duke are both injured, no matter how they say it Make it like this.

“Yes, but who would have thought that these two monsters could fit together, and once they fit together, they are the authentic S-Rank Beastmaster.”

“This is not A- Rank’s beast tide, but the standard beast king tide.”


Gao Gong was speechless, but he could still fit together, and the relationship between the two sexes changed immediately. Androgynous.

“Forget it, it’s alright if you didn’t come, or you brat will probably lose your life.”

After talking for a long time, Littlefinger finally said a human word.

“Right, where’s Sister Rose.”

“Sister Rose went to a banquet, to a certain desert chief’s house.”

“So handsome ?”

“Of course not, that man old man invited all the desert tycoons, and the issues most likely to be discussed are also related to this war.”

“I don’t think so anyway. Wonderful.”

It’s not good, Gao Gong touched his chin, he didn’t know how these desert tycoons were going to fool the top, but he knew that if he continued to fool like this, the oasis would be like pulling a nail They were pulled out by the beast tide one by one.

By the time of the Hydra campaign, the Mechanical Legion didn’t even have a forward base.

Gao Gong suddenly felt a move in his heart and said, “Hang up the phone first, and then we can talk when you have time.”

“Don’t, let’s talk for a few more minutes, I’m surrounded by robots now. , it’s really boringβ€””

“If you’re bored, go play with the virtual machine.”

Gao Gong hung up the phone and looked towards the surroundings calmly.

Except for the luxury cars, there was no movement in the garage.

Gao Gong switched the infrared mode, but in red’s field of vision, there was no one silhouette.

‘Can it block the heat source? ‘

Next moment, the wind was blowing, Gao Gong turned around sharply, and a huge scratch appeared on the ground.

‘The radiation beasts have invaded the core of the oasis, and the security team is really a bunch of waste. ‘

‘Just try this move. ‘

Gao Gong’s thoughts moved, his eyes suddenly turned fishy yellow, and a terrifying aura overflowed wildly, covering the entire abandoned factory.

Next moment, in the eyes of the invisible radiation beast, this human has changed.

Gao Gong’s head is elongated, his body is soaring, and soon he is three meters tall, the steel Muscles Iron Bones of bright red are full of danger, dagger-like teeth are jagged and undulating, breathing between , the high temperature distorted the air.

(End of this chapter)

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