Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 52


Chapter 52 Predator Domain

In the eyes of this invisible beast, Gao Gong transformed into a three-meter-high Reaper, That super monster covered in steel.

The aura that tears everything and cuts everything keeps accumulating, and the terrifying biological sickle seems to be inserted into its chest as the next moment.

Predator Domain (Biomodification): Once the domain is opened, a food chain connection will be made between ‘predator’ and ‘prey’. If the connection is successful, all attributes of ‘prey’ will be -20%, extremely Greatly reduces the will of the ‘prey’ to fight, if the judgment fails, a random attribute of the ‘prey’ increases by 30%, enters a violent state, and hates +300.

In the eyes of others, Gao Gong is still the same Gao Gong, but in the eyes of the invisible beast, Gao Gong is a ‘Reaper’ who grinds his teeth and sucks blood.

As Reaper’s back slowly cracked, the thick blades of the six door panels were squeezed out, and the terrifying aura made the air almost stagnate.

The Stealth Beast felt a fear overflowing in the bones, and swung it under its head, submerging it like sea water.

This fear stems from deep within the bloodline, from the rigid hierarchy of the food chain.

The feeling of being hunted even made a weak spot appear on its protective layer, and a specular reflection suddenly appeared more than ten meters away.

Gao Gong burst into flames, and at a distance of more than ten meters, he appeared near the mirror in the blink of an eye. As long as he completed the ‘food chain connection’, he could automatically mark the location of the other party.

next moment, with both feet exerting force, Gao Gong rises more than three meters high, the new induction knee can not only block the sound of the ‘miniature motor’, more importantly, it can make Gao Gong more Accurately grasp the power consumption of ‘engine burst’.

This is the advantage of biomodification.

In mid-air, Gao Gong’s left hand joined his palm to form a knife, his four fingers changed rapidly, his nails popped twice as blood-colored fingertips, and the tiny barbs went all the way down the nails, forming a piece. .

The tip of the hook is a biological implant hole the size of a pinhole. On the thickened skin, the ‘pore’ nearly doubles.

Without the slightest obstacle, Gao Gong’s Palm Blade inserted into the opponent’s creature armor.

A strong feeling of refreshment came from the palm of the hand, the feeling of entering some kind of soft wrapping is indescribable and wonderful.

He finally felt the joy of Queen Reaper.

Bloodthirsty Catching Foot*4 (mutated organ): A mutant weapon unique to Reaper that inserts the Catching Foot into the living life, rots the enemy’s organs, destroys the enemy’s body functions, and makes the enemy The effect of causing massive blood loss, absorbing 5 blood per second

Additional status: Dance of Swords

1 bloodthirsty capture foot is 5 blood per second, and four stools It is 20 HP/sec.

D-Rank Radiant Beast, without the blessing of the boss template, the HP is about 300~500.

Stealth breeds like Stealth Beasts, because of their special body structure, their HP will only be lower, not even comparable to some E-rank Radiant Beasts.

Gao Gong slammed into it, and this guy’s health was drained by half on the spot.

After landing, Gao Gong swayed gently, and a shriveled corpse was directly thrown off. The flesh was severely aged, and it could only be vaguely recognized that it was a ‘mosquito’ the size of a basin.

Great Star Absorption Art, so terrifying.

Systematic modification is unstable and has certain variability.

‘Hunting of the same species’ and ‘organ prey’ both produced certain variations.

But benefiting from the low ‘biological rejection’ and the high degree of surgical completion, these ‘variations’ are all developing in a positive direction.

Gao Gong’s health bar is still full, so this blood-sucking will translate into a ‘hormonal secretion’-like pleasure, equivalent to an enhanced version of Sage Time.

[You have killed the D-Rank Invisible Steel Needle Mosquito, EXP +680]

It’s quite a lot of experience.

But this is not surprising, the stealth + sneak attack that even infrared reconnaissance can’t find is even more dangerous than many C-Rank radiation beasts.

Gao Gong raised his head, “I’ve watched the play for so long, does it look good?”

‘Pop’, ‘Pop’, ‘Pop’, applause rang out, in On the safe passage on the second floor, one silhouette walks out.

“As expected of a mechanical hunter who can even assassinate C-Rank Radiant Beasts, he found me so quickly.” down.

Gao Gong tilted his head and looked at the other party, who was blond and handsome, wearing a black coat that looked like a modified version of a tuxedo.

The most eye-catching is the coat of arms on his chest, a metal long spear + a flesh and blood shield.

Old acquaintance.

“What level, the combatant is still a Knight, and the impossible is the Great Knight,” Gao Gong said casually.

The blond man was slightly startled, and turned to said elegantly with a smile: “Knight regiment combatant, Theodore.”

“What’s your job?”

“I want to borrow something from you.”

“Chrysanthemums are fine, but human heads are not.”

Theodore was stunned for a second, and then looked the head in distress.

“You are such a vulgar person!”

next moment, the wind exploded, Theodore crossed nearly twenty meters, and appeared in Gao Gong’s body almost instantly. forward.

Agility definitely exceeds 15 points!

At the same time, the opponent’s arm crossed an elegant arc, the cuff made a ‘pop’ sound, and five fingers protruded from the suit cuff, like five iron pliers, fiercely grabbed Gao Gong’s pretty face.

Gao Gong could even smell the burnt smell of the hot knife vibrating from his nose.

However, Gao Gong’s right hand seems to be predictable, inserting it diagonally from below, and the five fingers mutate rapidly during the insertion, turning into a ‘bloodthirsty catching foot’.

The two biological weapons collided violently.

Sparks fly!

Gao Gong’s agility is not as good as the opponent’s, but his strength is superior. The bloodthirsty capture foot forcibly withstood five knife fingers, and the pressed Theodore moved back three meters.


Theodore looked towards Gao Gong’s hands in a bit of surprise, only to see that his hands had completely turned into bloody claws. A smaller version of the Reaper Queen.

โ€œAre you familiar with it?โ€

Gao Gong grinned, and his eyes fell on the ten-hole bioelectric heating knife transformed from the otherโ€™s ten fingers. Meat Technology.

“I have a question, is your nickname Edward Scissorhands, oh no, Theodore Scissorhands?”

Theodore’s face darkened, next moment , the two figures fought together again.

In the early stage of the game, Knight group combatants are equivalent to elite monsters of level 20~30, and the minimum five-dimensional attribute is 15 points, especially after the transformation of ‘meat machine technology’, some aspects have been specially to strengthen.

In the course of the fight, Gao Gong found that he underestimated the opponent a bit. This guy’s agility is definitely 20 points.

And Theodore was more surprised than Gao Gong.

According to the data, this one is indeed good at melee combat, but this melee combat should refer to Blade Technique rather than unarmed.

In fact, in terms of hand-to-hand combat alone, in the Knight regiment, many of the officers of the Knight class are not their opponents.

What’s even more strange is that the opponent’s mutant claws and the alloy skeleton transformation recorded in the data.

Why is it so similar to its own ‘meat machine technology’?

The two silhouettes are almost too close to naked eyes. The aftermath of the Palm Blade and the hook swept to the nearby luxury cars from time to time. Wherever they passed, they either shattered the glass or ripped the car skin.

Gao Gong smashed the engine of a luxury car with one paw.

And Theodore flashed his fingers, and countless tires were cut alive.

During the battle, Theo found that the opponent’s style of play seemed to be more than just power acceleration, but also a subtle assassination Blade Technique.

One move and one move, like the moon in the dark, at the same time bright and clear, surrounded by death.

Dance of Swords: In unarmed mode, any sword (sword) skill you are proficient in will be temporarily transferred to the arm, Blade Technique specialization +1, when using katana, regular sword or mantis sword, Block damage reduction +25%

Remarks: The hand can really move by itself, which is the conditioned reflex of Blade Technique

This time, there are no more than ten Knights who come to the desert to perform tasks. .

Under the Knight level, theodore is the strongest.

Originally, his target was actually a ‘hunting Captain’, but he just got news temporarily that Gao Gong suddenly appeared, and this changed his target.

However, he absolutely didn’t expect, the other party turned out to be so difficult.

Reaper has no dominant hand, which also means that Gao Gong’s hands are dual-wielding ‘red unicorns’.

Dual Blade Flow play.

During the battle, Theodore was shocked to find that the opponent was getting faster and faster, no, he was getting slower.

As long as the opponent’s finger knife slides over the skin, it will suck some of the blood.

This made Theodore think of some sort of mutated blood-sucking vine.

It’s not that the other party has become stronger, but that he has become weaker.

Theodore took a deep breath while taking advantage of the gap between a certain change of moves, and the modified arm suddenly exerted force, and ten electric heating knives spun violently, tearing the air, causing a small air vortex.

Blade vortex lv3 (Elite): Use the electric knife to guide the biomagnetic field to create a small gravitational field. In the gravitational field, your own combo damage +15%, the enemy’s agility -20%, and the attack speed – 10%, additional status: bioelectric disorder

However, Gao Gong was once again unpredictable, his body jumped slightly, and the anti-physics rules generally translated back one and a half meters, directly avoiding this big move.

Gao Gong flicked his wrist, and the single-molecule hook automatically bounced back, said with a smile: “If you only use this method, let alone murder, you may not be able to save your own life.”

Theodore’s chest rose and fell rapidly, and beads of sweat fell on his forehead. There was definitely a problem with the data. The other party was stronger than what was recorded in the data, and it was much stronger!

The other party gave him the feeling that he was a hunter with ease, who was molesting his prey.

This person’s battle strength level has definitely reached the Knight level!

He was silent for a moment, then suddenly said: “You wouldn’t think that our assassination was just against you.”

Gao Gong’s face sank, “So, you are treating me like this. Your subordinates also moved their hands?”

“As long as I hold you back, soon, the heads of your subordinates will be brought over. At that time, will you still be as calm as you are now? ?”

“Stimulate generals?”

Gao Gong suddenly grinned: “The war Knight of your Knight regiment should not be so rich.”

“A brawny man with mutation ability, a low-level robot who can only drive, as long as the countermeasures are done well, even the lowest combatants can still deal with them!”

“Sure enough, the law and order The regiment has your spies, but I remember that my own battlefield video was not released.โ€

The battlefield recorder has the function of a camera, and the performance of the three of Gao Gong was fully recorded. , analyzed and targeted.

Gao Gong believes that other mechanical hunters are treated the same way.

No wonder the battle was so bad, there are ghosts in the family!

Gao Gong’s eyes slowly sink, next moment, in Theodore’s eyes, Gao Gong’s silhouette once again produces transformation, becoming taller, thicker and stronger.

[The Predator Domain Expands]

[The Food Chain is Connecting]

[Prey Marking Successfully]

Facing each other’s terrified Eyes, huge ‘Reaper’ spoke human’s words.

“I remember that the combatants of the Knight regiment all have the ability of ‘Meat and Arms’, so hurry up and use it now.”

“No need to come out, But I’m going to die.”

Don’t change, the atmosphere is here.

Letโ€™s transform, pigโ€™s feet are only level 10, so I will transform at level 10, what are you doing at Level 20, are you pervertedโ•ฎ(โ•ฏโ–ฝโ•ฐ)โ•ญ

Donโ€™t worry, big guy Everyone, the transformation will definitely change, everyone wait, wait a little longer.

Speaking of carbon-based + machinery, have you come up with something?

For exampleโ€”โ€”

Chimpanzee Captain, transform!

(End of this chapter)

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