Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 53


Chapter 53 was subdued

“I’m in love!”

Tin saw a flash, subconsciously As soon as he stepped on the brakes, next moment, the glass exploded with a ‘bang’, and a mass of pitch-black things exploded into flesh in an instant.

Fortunately, the glass of the armored war chariot is a fourth layer thickened special glass, which can prevent not only bullets, but also missiles.

This seems to be a crow, but after all split up and in pieces, the black flesh didn’t fall off, instead it was wriggling alive, and you could even see one by one. The blood-sucking organs open and contract in the irradiated flesh.

Iron quickly turned on the wipers and wiped the thing off.

“It’s not very peaceful here, fatty.”

Pang Xiang rarely smirks, the big-faced plate is pressed against the glass, and on the cracked asphalt road, from time to time A corpse can be seen. Most of these corpses are gnawed and pitted, and some signs of decay are obvious. At first glance, they have been dead for many days.

Although the scavenger gathering place is outside the oasis, it is not far away, and it is all chaotic here, not to mention other places.

Ironhide’s expression also became serious. He saw more than once that when the war chariot drove past, behind the nearby shelters, there were black holes and harboring malicious intentions, just because the armored war Chariot’s heavy protection gave up the plan to buy it for zero yuan.

I finally arrived at the gate of the gathering place without any risk. It is relatively good here, at least there are no corpses on the ground.

Tipi drove the car a little farther and stopped. Pang Xiang was in a hurry to leave.

“Wait a minute, put on your ‘clothes’ first, this is what the Boss explained, let’s go quickly after picking up the person!”

Pang Xiang complied, hurriedly dressed He couldn’t bear to look at the equipment, so he helped him to lift his pants. As a result, the stupid big fellow showed half of his ass while he was running.

“Is this man’s muscles acquired in exchange for his IQ?”

Ironhide shook the head, swept left and right to confirm that no one was there, and then leaned against the door to light up e-cigarette.

His body modification is quite rubbish. Most of his breathing system is made of plastic materials. When normal nicotine enters the lungs, the plastic will heat up, and when mixed, it will have a bitter and musty smell. The aerosol of electronic cigarettes Combined with low-quality plastic, it somehow looks like some kind of coffee.

As a cyborg who has long lost his sense of taste, this is one of his few enjoyments.

But the Boss has spoken. If he performs well during this period, he will be given a whole body upgrade after a while. Ironhide is looking forward to it.


Tin poked out his ears. He had no outer ears, only a ‘cranium access port’. When the wind was blowing, it would ‘buzz’ and fly with mosquitoes. Same.

So at night, he will turn off the auditory system, which is not difficult, just hit the head twice, artificially created poor contact, even sometimes the vision will be lost.

But it’s night anyway, there’s no difference between having it and not, at worst restart the brain program when you wake up in the morning.

‘Buzz~ Buzz~ โ€”โ€”’

The voice got louder.

Tibei was stunned for a moment, his mouth opened, and a cloud of smoke spit out, the smoke curled upwards, and there was no wind.


A sound similar to the pulling of a mechanical bow sounded.

The iron turned his head and saw an ‘arrow’ as thick as an arm just stuck on the tire.

The ‘arrow body’ automatically pops out five or six magnetic head chains, which are stuck on the wheel arch.

It is worth mentioning that the tires of war chariot are also specially customized, mainly to prevent mechanical beasts from biting, and ordinary sniper bullets cannot be penetrated.

Tin shivered in fright, threw the electronic cigarette out, immediately opened the door, and rushed in with a rolling and crawling.

And through the glass window, I saw an old-fashioned helicopter revolving around the war chariot, and the sound of ‘Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!’ is the sound of the propeller turning.

Iron is not an expert, but at least he knows that the nuclear-powered helicopter of the security regiment does not have a propeller, but has a propeller, which is 100% the Ancient One of the civilized era.

After locking the three tires, two ropes were dropped from the helicopter, and two people slid down from above, holding submachine guns, and blocked them from left to right.

These two people wear bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets, and normal eyes under the goggles. Only the forearm has been transformed with a prosthetic body, which improves the accuracy of shooting, and has access ports and intelligence. Weapon connection.

However, this purely mechanical transformation is not like the style of the Knight regiment.

In fact, as a large-scale terrorist organization with a business scope all over the planet, there are not many core members of the Knight regiment. It would be good to have two or three thousand high-level Knights, sprinkled on the entire planet. On, the water can’t even splash the slightest.

Therefore, most of the executors of terrorist actions are bought Outer Members, mercenaries, indigenous forces, android killers, robot gangsters, black market AI, everything.

Although the submachine guns in their hands were raised, they did not shoot. This armored war chariot is not a personnel carrier, but an industrial creation that meets force with force, from glass to Armor and defense standards are ridiculously high.

Their purpose is to force the other side to surrender.

If you can bring back a fully armored war chariot, you will definitely get more bonuses.

After a long stalemate, the engine of the war chariot started, turned off, started, turned off again, and after more than a dozen times, the window slowly rolled down.

The two arms first stretched out of the window. After about 30 seconds, the car door slowly opened, and Iron Man walked out of it with a smirk on his face.

“The two big brothers are alright, wang wang wang~, hahaha.”

The two mercenaries looked at each other with a smile on their lips.

“I don’t know the origin of the big brother, why are you targeting the younger brother?”

“If there is any misunderstanding, you can talk about it.”

One of them directly He was handcuffed to the iron and pressed his backhand on the hood of the car. Another person waved his hand in the air, the helicopter approached the war chariot, and another person swayed from the hook rope.

Looking at his equipment and movements, it seems to be detecting whether there is a tracking device on the car.

“Big brother, look at how honest I am, take my handcuffs off.”

“Brother, I really don’t have money, and I’m a mechanical body, even let you I canโ€™t do it even if itโ€™s cool, it really canโ€™t, Iโ€™ll give you the latest virtual machine of the city that never sleeps.โ€

โ€œBig brothers, are you trying to make money or kill yourself? Come on?”

A mercenary couldn’t bear the chattering of Ironhide, and he used his arms to make a ‘crunch’, ‘crunch’ sound from his waist.

“I don’t want your money or your life, just wait a while for you to help us drive and go wherever we want you to go.”

“Okay, no problem, but this, The younger brother has a companion, do you want me to leave a message for him?”

The mercenary sneered: “Your companion is naturally taken care of.”

Tie Hide For a moment, the inferior prosthetic eye made of colored light-sensitive plastic material flickered and stopped talking.


On the other side, Pang Xiang happily ran to the old friend’s gun shop. It was the first time he came back since Grandma handed him over to Brother Gao.

He couldn’t wait to tell Grandma what happened during this time.

However, when he plunged into the gun store, Pang Xiang was stunned. He saw that the store was empty. The original weapon display cabinet was covered with a thick layer of dust. It’s a mess, it’s all trash, it looks like it’s been robbed.


Pang Xiang scratched his head and wanted to go to the back room to have a look.

When he opened the curtain, gunshots rang out!

Pang Xiang’s body was shocked, as if being hit by an invisible force, the huge body took a few steps back, and fell with his head up, the chair behind was all split up and in pieces by the weight. .


Being attacked, the chubby mung bean’s small eyes showed a violent color, the body rapidly grew larger, and the turbulent muscle lines swelled from the fat. , stretched open, like a python swimming in the ‘pool’ of subcutaneous fat, the bullet that had been hit in the chest before was forcibly squeezed out, and the bloody gun hole was immediately filled with muscle.



The small storefront was about to burst with the madly enlarged body of Pangxiang.

The siding was cracked, and two feet were kicked into the counter.

The Big Fatty struggled to get up.

Next moment, the gunshots sounded again, the glass on both sides all split up and in pieces, and two metal electric shock heads shot from the window, one left and one right nailed to Pang Xiang’s body.

The violent electric current swept through the whole body instantly.


A big hole was punched out of the roof of the entire gun store, and a fist the size of a basketball smashed open the concrete wall fiercely. The giant broke through the wall.

The simple and honest has been disappeared from the fat Xiang’s face, and the deformed giant’s face is full of flesh, only fierce and hideous.

“Where’s my grandma!”

Pang Xiang’s violent pull, a mercenary holding an electric shocker was caught off guard, and was directly pulled into the air, next moment, the upper and lower body was quilted. The strange hand pinched it and pulled it violently, and the mixed blood and water of the internal organs sprayed all over the floor.


The deformed giant roared, and the dim yellow heat escaped from the gap between his teeth, which was radiation smoke.

“Shoot! Shoot!”

“Watch your position!!”

“Keep calm, keep calm, use the formation against the large radiators .”

I don’t know when, there were more than a dozen mercenaries with firearms outside the store. Following the order of the leader, the electric shock heads of seven or eight large electric shockers shot on the giant, naked eye. Visible electric current sweeps all over the body, and large areas of skin are scorched black.

“You, die!!!”

The deformed giant started to exert force, and the enemies with stun guns swayed suddenly.

Seeing this, the mercenaries standing on the roofs on both sides pressed the button of the transmitter.

A thick rope is ejected from the muzzle of the launcher. The front end of the thick rope is a large hook in the shape of an ‘anchor’. With the special force-bearing structure, it is wound around the body several times, and the tip is fiercely Stuck in thigh muscle.

The other end of the rope is attached to a pickup.

Another ‘anchor’ looks like a bottle gourd, but it’s stuck on the giant arm.

The two pickups were started in reverse at the same time, and with a ‘smack’, the two thick ropes were violently taut, and in the roar of the engines of the two vehicles, the deformed giant was pulled unable to move even a little bit.

(End of this chapter)

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