Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 54


Chapter 54 Find the traitor

Same as Gao Gong and Tiepi.

Pang Xiang was also targeted.

In fact, Fat Xiang only made a few shots, but even so, the enemy was well prepared.

Electric shocks, slings, including hunting guns for large irradiated beasts.

Pang Xiang is like a target that is fixed in place. Several more dangerous weapons, such as howitzers, have been resisted on the shoulders and are ready to go.

The cooperation of these well-trained mercenaries is even better than that of many hunters.

However, their data is only the first version of the data.

Several mercenaries suddenly noticed that this deformed giant had an oversized elastic belt on his waist, and on his right hand, there was also a large metal glove that was about to deform.

【Magnetic Gloves】

The gloves can increase the grip strength by 9%, the heavy attack damage of blunt weapons +12%, and increase the ‘Magnetic Calling’ skill.

Gao Gong’s countless trainings finally paid off. Pang Xiang’s instinct made him snap his fingers, which was the switch to turn on the ‘Magnetic Call’.

Next moment, on the ruins of an old friend’s gun shop, a metal ball the size of a bowling ball was immediately sucked over.

This is a tool used by Pangxiang for ‘weight loss’.

One is 70kg.

The deformed giant squeezed the metal ball with one hand and exerted force, next moment, the metal ball seemed to pass through space and appeared in front of a mercenary holding a sniper rifle.

Like being hit by a cannonball, the mercenaries all split up and in pieces instantly.

The old trick is repeated, next moment, a three-meter-long iron rod with a thick bowl mouth is sucked into the palm, the giant’s wrist is dexterously shaken, the iron rod swept across, where it passed, three mercenary tendons Broken fracture.

Stick lv3 (advanced): The housekeeping craftsmanship of a famous monster hunter was given to Pang Xiang with the same ability by Aunt Xiang, the stun effect of long weapons is +20%, yes Large wild beast’s critical damage +15%, additional status: Copper Wall Iron Bastion

Copper Wall Iron Bastion: When using a blunt weapon to block, the consumption of stamina is -30%

The three-port electric shocker was uncontrolled, and naturally lost its effectiveness.

The deformed giant took the opportunity to lean back, and the shell from the howitzer almost hit his forehead.

“Shoot, shoot!”

The mercenary Captain froze for a moment, then yelled.

He didn’t expect the other party to have such strange equipment.

The bullets from the submachine gun rained down on the giant.

However, the giant with only one hand turned the iron rod dexterously, the shadow of the stick flickered, and the wind whistled, and within ten seconds, two mercenaries were smashed to death.

The mercenary Captain has blue veins on his forehead. How can this guy be stronger than expected.

The deformed giant’s fierce little eyes suddenly stared at him, and the mercenary Captain swallowed and spit, just as he was about to do something, the iron rod seemed to have a scope attached. Its mouth pierced, nailed to the mud behind his back.

Just at the juncture where the situation was about to get out of control, the deformed giant suddenly retched a few times, spit out a few mouthfuls of yellow phlegm, and began to shrink in size, and the bullets squeezed in the flesh were like falling rain.’ Crackling’ fell off.

It’s time for ‘distortion’.

Originally this skill could last longer, but Fat Xiang was attacked too much.

The remaining mercenaries look at me, I look at you, and set their eyes on the unconscious target.

Next moment, the machine guns sounded again.

Only this time, the gunshots came from behind.

Tin Hide, and two dogs, appear behind the mercenary.

Ten minutes ago—

With the third mercenary nodded, the expressions of the remaining two mercenaries relaxed.

There is no tracking device on this war chariot.

“wang wang.”

“wang wang wang~ .”

“wang wang wang~ wang—”

“you This dog is too spineless, I didn’t even bother you, but you barked.”

A mercenary laughed heartily.

“What does it have to do with you when I talk to the dog.”

Tin Hide suddenly became uncharacteristically taunted.

The man was stunned for a moment, then furious. Just as he was about to do something, the chassis of the war chariot suddenly opened, and a weird ‘dog-headed tank’ fell.

The tank’s muzzle had already turned on the ‘auto-aiming’ mode, and the muzzle sparks continuously spit out, instantly shooting the man into flesh.

A fall of iron sheet is a rollover, rolling into the chassis of the car.

At the same time, the hood of the car was also opened, and another human-headed dog came out. The dog’s eyes had a special kind of irritability, and his limbs were crawling on the ground, and the radiation energy gun on his back was aimed. Helicopter not far away.

next moment, the body swayed, and a thumb-thick light flashed away.

Explosions, gunshots, shouts, and finally calm.

The iron patted his head lightly, making sure that his auditory system was not malfunctioning, and then he crawled out cautiously.

Five bodies, one helicopter wreckage.

There are also two Patrol mode gerbils.

Tipi immediately jumped up and taunted: “When it comes to kidnapping, Brother Tinpi is your ancestor.”

“With one dozen five, I actually have such power.”

A moment later, he face changed again.

“Fuck, fatty, are you alright!”


Pang Xiang opened his eyes in a daze, only to see behind a wall, iron sheets. Probe cautiously out.

Seeing what Pangxiang was going to say, Ironhide hurriedly stopped him.

“Don’t talk yet, your injuries are too severe, and your words will tear your wounds.”

“I don’t know who the enemy is or how many there are, but I know that the enemy is never dead.”

“Fatty, you are so heavy that you almost crushed me to death.”

Suddenly, a low dog barked sounded.

Iron face changed, this is a dangerous warning.

“Let’s go!”

Iron Hound held Pang Xiang with difficulty and fled back, but before he could go far, an old voice sounded.

“Mechanical brat, what do you run when you see grandfather.”


‘Meat Machinery Technology’ is the faction technology of the Knight regiment. It is said that the source of Military technology in the age of civilization.

From Gao Gong’s point of view, this ‘meat machine technology’ is somewhat similar to the route he has taken, but it is definitely not the same path.

Fusion Ascension requires at least three levels of civilization accumulation in order to become a ‘faction specialty’.

Even a former Level 6 civilization boss like Gao Gong would not dare to say that he would definitely be able to get through this road.

The planet civilization is only a Level 1 civilization, and the ‘meat machine technology’ is naturally a dual route.

But at least on the surface, Meat Tech shares similarities with the route Gao Gong is taking.

With the beginning of ‘Meat and Armor’, Theodore’s elegant face became extremely ferocious, his pupils quickly turned red, and one after another blue veins squeezed out of his face.

Affected by this, the ten electric heating knives in his hand suddenly retracted, next moment, an electric heating knife stabbed out from the forearm, then the upper arm, then the scapula, and the spine.

And it seems that there are far more than ten electric knives in the opponent’s body. At least the naked eye can see more than twenty piercings in the body, and more and more.

The breath of the other party also began to rise rapidly.

This guy seems to have turned into a hedgehog.

Gao Gong watched this scene indifferently, the dive light in his eyes getting brighter and brighter.

Metal Strong Food (Biomodification): You can absorb nutrients from the body through the ‘Reaper Stomach’ to strengthen yourself, specify an attribute +15%, duration: 10 minutes, cooldown: 6 hours

As Queen Reaper’s stomach twitched fast, Gao Gong could clearly feel that a special feeling was born.

Almost as soon as this feeling melted into agility, Gao Gong exploded!

I’m really waiting for you to hold back the big move, I’m not a Saiyan.

Gao Gong is nearly 1/4/2022 faster than before.

A trace of pain flashed across Theodore’s hideous face, next moment, the flesh exploded, and five or six electric hot knives shot out at a speed comparable to a bullet.

Gao Gong only avoided the key points and let the hot knife pierce the skin and pierce the flesh.

[You take 21 points of damage]

[You take 17 points of damage]

[You take 24 points of damage, and the local skin enters a state of high temperature burns]

previous life , Players from the Machine City camp have more than once to brush the monsters of the Knight group, because this kind of ‘humanoid’ has extraordinarily many rewards.

After brushing for a long time, everyone will gradually figure out the trick, that is, in the enhanced mode of ‘Meat and Weapon Unity’, the opponent will appear for a short period of rigidity.

And ‘fleshy technology’ has a linking equipment, which is responsible for balancing ‘machine’ and ‘fleshy body’.

As long as this equipment is destroyed, the damage will be ten times higher than normal, and it is very easy to trigger ‘one strike certain kill’.

It’s just that under normal conditions, this kind of equipment is often hidden deep in the body.

Only in the rigidity of ‘Meat and Arms’ will it reveal itself.

Gao Gong’s previous life has also been brushed, but unfortunately, it did not have the effect of killing kills.

But didn’t expect this life to satisfy regret.

The bloodthirsty hook claws were inserted directly under the opponent’s chest. Wherever the palm of the hand passed, the flesh was shriveled, and he quickly grabbed a Faintly discernible mechanical part and squeezed it hard.

Theodore let out a hoarse scream.

All of the electric knives were sprayed out, and some even saw the connecting nerves on the base of the knives.

[You deal 1123 damage to Knight regiment combatant Theodore]

[Your attack triggers one strike certain kill ]

Theodore mouth He vomited blood, looked towards Gao Gong incredulously, and spit out the last sentence with difficulty.

“Knight returns to the land of flesh and blood!”

“hmph, do you think I can’t do anything if I die?” Gao Gong said indifferently, grabbed the other side’s head with a backhand down.

“It’s enough that your brain is not broken.”

[You have killed Theodore, reward 1220 experience points, area reputation +100]

[Knight group favorability-300]

[You turn on faction prestige mode, the enemy (-300) [Knight group]]

In general, Gao Gong defeats this scissor hand There is no problem with the combatant, but it is not easy to keep him.

After all, the opponent is an agile melee expert, as long as he wants to run, the opponent can run at any time.

If the other party were smarter and more careful, Gao Gong’s tactics wouldn’t work.

Unfortunately, there is no if in life.

Gao Gong took three steps and two steps to the phone and pressed the armored war chariot’s car phone.

The call was quickly connected.

“Hey, Boss.”

“Are you all right?”

“Uh, fatty was seriously injured, but he’s not dead, by the way, Boss, I…”

“I’ll go back first, I’ll talk later when I have something to do.”

Gao Gong hung up the phone directly, and then pulled out the electric knife one after another that was plugged into his body. After sucking enough blood, every time a knife is drawn, the blood opening will automatically close, leaving only a shallow opening.

At the same time, the system’s task prompt sounded.

【Mission: Lurker】

Difficulty: Normal+

Mission Briefing: The traitor of the security group sold a lot of your information to the Knight group, making you Get into trouble with your teammate, dig him out, and show him that the betrayer’s reward is bloody.

Quest goal: Kill the traitor of the security group

Quest reward: experience +1500, public opinion +500, Aunt Xiang +200

“Dare to move” My people!” Gao Gong pulled out the last hot knife and pinned it on the table.

“courting death!”

(End of this chapter)

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