Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 55


Chapter 55 Factory Love Story

Recycle Bin, Abandoned Building

An Oversized Nutrient in the slot.

The previous ‘tenant’ of this nutrient tank was Queen Reaper, and this one has become Fat Cheong.

The Reaper Queen’s hideous physique is imbued with the grace of a predator.

Pangxiang is pure fat and bloated.

The area occupied by the two creatures is almost the same.

Gao Gong stood with his arms crossed, Aunt Xiang’s expression was gloomy and uncertain. In the room, there was only the sound of the detection equipment running.

After a long while, Professor Han raised his head and calmly said: “Scalds all over the body, internal bleeding, severe tearing of some muscle groups, moderate radiationβ€””

“Direct Saying the result,” Gao Gong didn’t replied his head.

“First, ordinary surgical repair, but in this way, the best outcome for this injured person is mild disability. The patient can take care of food and clothing by himself, but it is impossible to fight again.”


Professor Han glanced at the remains of Queen Reaper’s body.

β€œSecond, replace the patient’s circulatory system with its circulatory system, but the surgery is riskier and will produce severe biological rejection.”

Gao Gong did not speak, Aunt Xiang was silent for a moment, and then said, “Use second.”

“Okay, I’ll prepare.”

Professor Han went to the ‘data room’ next to it, and the two of them crossed each other. When it was out of date, Professor Han suddenly opened his mouth.

“didn’t expect to see you here, Miss Xiang.”

“I also didn’t expect, researcher Han, everyone always thought you had an accident, you It’s very good to be alive.”

Professor Han passed through the door, the old grandson outside the door opened his mouth, his eyes were complicated, but Professor Han didn’t even look at him and walked over.

“I’ll give you an explanation about this.”

“Of course!”

Aunt Xiang only stared at her body The bloody fat Xiang, the tone is cold.

Gao Gong took one last look at Pang Xiang and went out the door. Huang Yuanli at the entrance of the stairs saw this and rushed over.

“The man is not dead, we will have the surgery later.”

The little woman breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that Gao Gong kept walking, and hurriedly chased after him.

“It’s really good to be fat and not dead, but is the surgery risky? Is there anything I can do?”

“When the surgery is done, you use telepathy Find Pangxiang’s consciousness and help him stay awake, when biological rejection rises, human nature is easily swallowed by animal nature.”


The little woman seriously nodded.

“And those old friends of Aunt Xiang, please take care of them, I don’t have the energy to take care of them right now.”

“No problem, our cable tribe people are the best at making friends. I’m done.”

The little woman’s chest clapped.

“Also, a snake can’t do without a head. Let a few Old Guys of your tribe prepare for the ‘cable sacrifice’, follow your tribe’s rules and help you to become the new Great Elder of the tribe.”

The little woman was stunned for a moment and said, “are the only ones, is it necessary to be so formal?”

“Besides, I don’t particularly want to be the Great Elder.”


“People won’t be like this all the time, your tribe has great potential and will grow and grow soon,” Gao Gong stopped suddenly, looking towards each other seriously.

“Great Elder is boring, does City Lord want to be?”

The little woman stopped in place and was stunned for a while-

“You said What do you mean by City Lord!?”

Unfortunately, Gao Gong didn’t care whether to kill him or bury him. He closed the door of the armored war chariot with the sound of the air pump, then picked up the car phone and dialed a number.

“This is the factory’s internal hotline, please press 1 for orders, 2 for maintenance, and 2 for waste disposal…”

Gao Gong directly reported a series of numbers.

“Pick up Director Du from Workshop 315.”


Huang Yuanli’s ears were pressed against the door, but war chariot The sound insulation effect is so good that she can only vaguely hear a woman’s voice.

After a long while, the car door was reopened, and the little woman looked towards the other party with a gossip look.

“hmph hmph hmph, who is that woman just now, is it your ex? What are you calling her for?”

“mind your own business!”

“The elder sister cares about you!”

“You are an older loli, and you still care about me even if you haven’t married yet, why, I’m worried that everyone who sees you is a lolicon. ?”

“At your age, it’s good to have a loli who cares about you.”

The little woman flew into a rage out of humiliation, jumped violently, bit To Gao Gong’s thigh.

The biggest system modification of the original body is a titanium alloy skeleton.

The movement system has at least a 5% revamp rate because of this.

This is not a high level, but very professional mechanical modification.

More importantly, the titanium alloy skeleton is not easy to do, this is the soldier template of the mechanical corps, the kind that is not sold to the outside world.

The reason why I can get it is that there are internal people to help.

The person who helped was a woman.

The story is also very simple, summed up in one sentence – the love story that the factory brother and the factory sister have to tell.

One day ten years ago, a boy who killed Matt in a certain factory said to a certain factory girl with a reckless expression, I don’t want to be a laborer all my life, I want to go to the desert to fight for a fortune, Either return home, or shroud in horse leather!

No other options!

Man, you must rely on yourself!

Then he went.

And then, at an even faster rate, he made the list with a rich woman named ‘Black Rose’ and started his little wolfdog career.

And the factory girl who stayed with the innate talent of twisting screws, worked step by step, from apprentice, to general worker, then to primary level worker, then intermediate level worker, high level worker, Promote first-line management, line leader, team leader, all the way up.

If this is written as a novel, the positive energy will definitely burst.

Ordinary women are independent and self-reliant, and rely on the real industry to realize their life value.

The man went to sea.

The woman stood up!

Then one day, an independent woman, Du Moumou, once again met the childhood sweetheart that she had been thinking about all the time.

Du Zhaodi, who was already the workshop director at that time, confessed again very seriously, ‘I will support you. ‘

A certain little wolfdog sneered, and he obeyed on the spot.

This is how this titanium alloy skeleton comes from.

The original owner’s single-digit character is not without reason.

None of this is critical.

The point is, if you want to find out the inner ghost, it is quite nonsense to expect them to check and correct themselves.

Reporting 100% will throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea .

The results of the Hydra campaign proved that the upper echelons of the vigilante regiment were all masters of fooling around.

At this time, it is not enough for him to lift the table by himself, and there must be a stronger intervention from a higher-level department.

It just so happens that the factory is such an organization.

The ‘factory organization’ is not a factory or a production line. If there is a definition, it is more like the ‘state-owned enterprise system’ of the Machine City camp, or ‘planet factory’, ‘AI’ The production line’ has also become.

It is primarily responsible for accepting purchases from Machine City Masterminds.

The factory group where the Radiation Desert is located is responsible for providing all the materials for several Machine cities, including the ‘city that never sleeps’.

equivalent to ‘General Logistics Base’.

And the security team, in essence, is the security of the factory. Although the ‘smart master of the city that never sleeps’ accepts its fate, its main job is to defend the factory.

Now that I think about it, the cloud nobles have exploited the loopholes between the three systems of ‘Machine City’, ‘Mother City Legion’, and ‘Factory’.

The overlapping zone of the three parties, after some manipulations, became the zone of no care.

If the other party can pull the tiger’s skin, Gao Gong can also hug his thigh.

Everyone is scum, who is afraid of who, do you have a lower character than me?

But before flipping the table, Gao Gong had to lift the table.

The current situation is actually a very good opportunity.

During the war, soldiers were assassinated in the street; outside the oasis, the beast tide glare like a tiger watching his prey.

If you make achievements at this time, it is relatively easy to be ‘established a model’.

The more foolish it is, the more emphasis is placed on advanced leadership, which has always been the case.

Gao Gong found Littlefinger again, and used his darknet to investigate the situation of other colleagues.

If you think about it with your feet, you know that the assassination at this time is definitely not just their squad.

In the style of the Knights’ great generosity, the entire list might have been swept over.


On the other side, beside the bonfire, more than a dozen ‘old people’ with short arms and short legs are bragging in a circle.

The ‘old man’ is not really old, the oldest is in his forties, but they are all hair grey-white, with loose skin and sluggish demeanor, but in those squinting eyes, there are occasional wild beasts. the green rays of light.

Not far away, the mercenaries who were tied up with five flowers were their handwriting.

These are the old generation of classical hunters. More than a decade ago, the desert was their battlefield.

However, time kills heroes, and as biological rejection reaches its limit, they have to withdraw from the stage.

These people, like the old grandson, live in a very embarrassing way, no different from scavengers.

So as soon as Aunt Xiang’s invitation came out, she joined without any hesitation.

Tibei liked these ‘old people’ very much. From these people, he felt the aura of gang bosses that he had not seen for a long time.

even more how Without them, he and Pang Xiang really might not have escaped.

These Old Fox are also more than one can blow, and the meat jokes fly around.

In their mouths, the lowest radiant beasts killed must be C-Rank.

No matter how low the level is, if you kill it, you will get dirty hands.

One of the blind Old Fox saw the tribal girl come to pour water, and quietly touched the other’s buttocks.

The girls of the cable tribe are not easy to be with.

He picked up the water bottle and started beating up the ‘older people’.

Other people saw this scene, all laughed heartily, all kinds of ridicule.

“You can’t change your perverted nature, Lao Qian.”

“You deserve it!”

“You still miss a woman in this state, you are not a reproductive system reformer. It’s over.”

Huluo Pingyang was bullied by Loli, and Lao Qian was beaten to the ground with bloody nose and swollen face, and his nose bleeds.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight, it’s really not intentional, do you understand conditioned reflexes, conditioned reflexes? The repercussions implanted with biological weapons!”

After beating wildly, the tribe Loli coldly snorted and walks away.

“Thinking back to when Lao Tzu slaughtered a B-Rank Titan beast, by the strength of oneself against the siege of three beast groups, he was not so humiliated. Today’s youngster doesn’t talk about martial arts at all. “

Lao Qian covered his nose and grinned, but he tried to prove that he just didn’t hit women.

The surrounding mockery grew louder.

Old Sun stood not far away, his eyes dazed, his lips pursed, as if he had made up his mind.

(End of this chapter)

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