Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 56


Chapter 56 quest chain bottomed out

The operation lasted all night, thanks to Gao Gong lvLevel 5 other surgical skills, and Professor Han’s bionic transformation plan, the operation was very successful.

On a makeshift hospital bed, complexion pale Pang Xiang was lying on the bed. As he breathed and breathed, his exposed skin actually showed a faint red.

Saving people to the end, agrees Buddha all the way to the west, since the circulatory system has been transformed, the subcutaneous blood pump and Reaper cells have also been implanted.

As a rough calculation, in this transformation, Fat Xiang’s HP should be at least +400.

This does not include ‘organ de-vitalization’, ‘regeneration of miniature limbs’, ‘same hunting and blessing’.

These are abilities that Gao Gong covets.

If it wasn’t for the severe rejection of Reaper cells, Gao Gong would have installed it himself.

A Reaper of C+ level boss template, which produces a lot of good things.

Some B-Rank Radiant Beasts do not produce this quality.

Huang Yuanli’s expression was a little tired. Last night’s operation was not entirely smooth sailing. On several occasions, Pang Xiang almost caused Reaper’s Queen’s consciousness to revive. It was this little woman who helped him overcome the Queen’s consciousness.

But she didn’t complain. Since she became a ‘brain toilet’, the will of the little woman has improved a lot.

“I just seem to see Old Sun coming over,” Professor Han said abruptly.

“Yeah, after taking a look, it seems that your relationship is not good?”

“He went too far in that incident, and the betrayal can never forgive.”


Gao Gong shook the head, not intending to care about these old grudges, and glanced at the system panel.

[Task completed: Reward inheritance of classical mechanical hunters]

Old Sun didn’t say much, just told Gao Gong an address and opened the third ring of the task.

ใ€Mission 3: Legacyใ€‘

Difficulty: Difficult –

Mission Brief: The rise of all occupations is due to the development of technology, classical mechanics Hunters are no exception, what are the secrets of their legacy?

Mission objective: Go to the cemetery of the classical mechanical hunters to get their weapons, but remember, beware of the undead

Mission reward: experience +2200, implanted creatures Weapons *5, biological weapons blueprint *7

This time the rewards are a bit too much.

This shows that this quest chain is almost finished, generally speaking, the quest chain of Level 1 civilization is within 10 rings, the quest chain of Level 2 civilization is within 20 rings, and the quest chain of Level 3 civilization The task chain is 30 rings, and so on.

Similarly, the Level 1 mission chain is within the scope of the planet.

Level 2 missions chain between several planet colonies.

The Level 3 quest chain is an entire galaxy.


The link like Lao Sun does not exceed five links, the scope is limited to a certain area of the task chain, and the difficulty can only be regarded as medium.

In the middle and late stages of the game, if you don’t point out ‘high level space theory’ or ‘transition technology’, just running the mission can kill you.

Of course, you can also buy superluminal spaceships from high-level civilizations, or rent the right to use constant particle state black holes. At this price, players often cry.

What is a hundred times the premium, these NPCs are directly at a thousand times premium, and they still like to buy it or not.

If you don’t buy it, some low-level civilizations are willing to go bankrupt to buy it.

The address given by Lao Sun is not too close. There are two oases. Gao Gong decided to finish this task chain after the traitor was settled.

No way, he could have waited ten or eight years to cultivate a force from scratch.

Inheriting the legacy of the classical mechanical hunter is a good shortcut.

As for the biological rejection that the classical mechanical hunters are most worried about, he is not without solutions.

The short-term solution is to open blueprint, Gao Gong knows several blueprints to reduce biological rejection.

The long-term solution is that his level exceeds level 30, and after level 30, he completes the initial fusion of carbon-based and mechanical, Gao Gong can use himself as a template for life, in the scope of Level 1 civilization Internal resolution of biological rejection.

This method is similar to ‘Meat Machine Technology’.

In the final analysis, the reason why the classical mechanical hunter broke inheritance is not because the potential of this profession is exhausted, but because the corresponding technology tree upgrade has not been completed.

In fact, after the Knight regiment became the overlord of the desert, a large number of mechanical hunters were charged into the servant army. With the blessing of the Knight regiment’s technology, these people are also very good at fighting.

At this moment, a cable tribe loli hurriedly said: “Sister Li, and Big Brother Gao, suddenly a lot of people came outside.”

This place is the recycle bin Still relatively hidden, Gao Gong repeatedly arranged for tribal members to install barbed wire and artificial barriers in all directions of the recycling station.

And the people who can come here at this time are most likely from Littlefinger.

This quack is so efficient?

When Gao Gong hurried over, he found a group of people standing outside the barbed wire, armed with weapons, all wounded, and their expressions alert.

The tribe’s warriors are at a standoff with them.

A small silhouette is roaring in anger.

“Crippled, let’s go in quickly!”

“No, this is our home,” Meng Duo shook his head.

“fuck off!”


Meng Duo’s eyes flashed, and a short silhouette appeared in front of him, his right foot fiercely He stomped on his stomach, knocking him to the ground.

Others face changed and took up arms one after another.

However, almost at the same time, another silhouette appeared at a faster speed, and the long legs drew whips in the air.


Matsushima Keiko looked startled, and hurriedly grabbed the whip leg of the passerby with the knife.

However, the opponent was faster, the black shadow of the whip leg folded in the midair, and rushed to her chest, smashing her fiercely on the ground, smashing all the hairpins of the metal ponytail cracked.

The five or six people who followed her were startled, but before the bolt was pulled open, a strange force suddenly emerged from the gun, causing the submachine gun to fly away out of thin air.

Knives, swords, and smart weapons, too, have their connectors pulled off.

The speed of the other party is too fast to see naked eye.

A moment later, Gao Gong stood still, dropped a bunch of weapons in his arms, and swept around coldly.

“Why, are you here to smash the game?”

Littlefinger’s pony saw that there was no good show, and hurriedly came over with a shy face.

“Brother Gao, it’s Brother Tou who asked us to pull people over.”

“Who the hell dares to hit our people!”

Huang Yuanli At this time, he rolled up his sleeves and surrounded him with a group of tribe members. When he saw Meng Duo who fell on the ground, he hurriedly had someone help him up, and then looked towards Songdo, who fell to the ground in the same posture. Keiko, was slightly taken aback.

The little woman calculated her height and suddenly felt a sense of superiority.

“As soon as they come up, they will force their way in, and as soon as we block it, we will do it,” Meng Duo said with anger.

“You did a good job,” Gao Gong nods

and said.

“Well, Meng Duoduo’s work, I’m still at ease.” Huang Yuanli added.

Meng Duo looked towards the footprints on his chest, and the state where he had almost no strength to fight back, there was a hint of sadness in his eyes.

As soon as Gao Gong made a move, he immediately calmed down the scene, and Matsushima Keiko, who got up from the ground, didn’t care about the kick at all, and pleadingly said, “Please save Daisyla. .”

“Third-handed Daisy, what happened to her?”

Two Littlefingers pulled down the car door and lifted a stretcher down, third-handed Daisy, now Turned into three-handed Daisyla.

Gao Gong now knows why Littlefinger finds people so quickly.

There are only two prosthetic doctors in the entire Motor City, and the injuries at this level, except for him, can be saved by themselves.

“Bring people into the operating room,” Gao Gong paused, glancing coldly at Keiko Matsushima.

“As for you, apologize to my man! If he doesn’t accept your apology, don’t even think about coming in.”

“Brother Gao, there is another one!”

From another car, another stretcher was taken down.

This person was seriously injured, and his body was no longer visible, except for occasional electric sparks in key parts.

“This is Huang Wen, he’s not dead yet?” Gao Gong watched for a while before recognizing him.

“Brother Zhitou said that this guy was invaded by an electronic virus, and that part of the electronic prosthesis has been completely blown up, so there is only one breath left.”

“But this guy seems to keep it. After some tricks, his men brought his spare body parts.”

Gao Gong looked towards another group of people who were more mechanical engineers than mechanical hunters.

“Please save our Captain, as long as Captain survives, we will give you an absolutely reasonable reward!”

A mechanical engineer’s tone was calm, but his eyes were deep very anxious.

“Brother Zhitou said, he is not sure about this kind of prosthetic surgery, so he wants you to give medicine to a dead horse.”

“I can’t guarantee that I can save it. .”

The mechanical engineer was instantly relaxed.

“As long as you are willing to make a move, we can accept any ending.”

Gao Gong nods and makes way.

“Another operation? You did an overnight operation.” Huang Yuanli said worriedly.

โ€œThereโ€™s not much chance of taking two Captains all at once.โ€

โ€œLetโ€™s have Pang Xiang change a room. Heโ€™s too fat, and the operating room canโ€™t hold two patients.โ€

“I’ll find someone to do it now,” Huang Yuanli nodded, and ‘hey’ again, “By the way, Aunt Xiang, why haven’t I seen her all morning.”

“Didn’t you find something missing in the operating room?”

“What’s missing?” Huang Yuanli recalled carefully, there were too many parts in that room, and it was terrifying to look at. She has always been able to Don’t go in, don’t go in.

But in the impressionโ€”โ€”

“By the way, the six blades of Queen Reaper!”

(End of this chapter)

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