Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 57


Chapter 57 Special Rescue

Daisyla seemed to have had a long nightmare, in which the violent Flame Giant held The sword of twilight, the ferocious flame destroyed all her weapons, and burned her whole body with flying ash annihilation.

“Uh, cough cough.”

Daisyla opened her eyes in confusion. Above her head was the pale light of the sterile room. The suction produced a light mist of water, no wonder she felt a little stuffy.

Daisyla’s two prosthetics no longer had any response, which didn’t surprise her, but her left hand didn’t respond either, which made her feel a little empty.

He turned his neck with difficulty, and sure enough, his left hand was cut off by Qigen.

“You’re awake,” a cold electronic synth sounded.

Daisyra looked over and saw a brand new mechanical body lying on the operating table not far away, with very few physical components.

The mechanical body was motionless, but the electronic screen above the operating table fell down, turned over, and the screen lit up, revealing Huang Wen’s face.

“How did youβ€””

“Same as you, but I’m not as lucky as you, it’s no surprise that the electronic virus destroyed all my prosthetics, the city that never sleeps The same cyber-hackers can do the same, after all the electronic walls I have installed are just the basic version.”

“But I’m amazed that these electronic viruses can infiltrate my physical body and make me The new prosthetic body can only be in standby mode, and once the prosthetic body is restarted, the virus will resurface in an instant.”

Huang Wen’s head on the screen filled the screen, but his expression was unexpectedly calm.

Daisyla was stunned. She knew the power of cyber-hackers, but it was too exaggerated that she could even penetrate the body.

β€œElectrical viruses can also invade the body, how can this be done?”

β€œOrdinary viruses naturally cannot do this. According to my inference, the electronic Knight It should be uploading her virus to the cyber network and activating it. The activated virus can directly interfere with the nervous system. You can understand that he has opened a back door in my head.”

“So I’m in this state now, similar to how a paralyzed person uses brain waves to read and make sounds.”

Daisyla’s face twitched, “Then you’re really unlucky.”

“No, actually I’ve been very lucky, because not every prosthetic doctor can put my damaged prosthesis back, it’s a big project.”

“As for the electronic virus , this is not within the scope of the prosthetic doctor, so I am very grateful to Mister Gao.”

“Gao Gong, did he help me? Did he find the prosthetic doctor.”

“You misunderstood, that Mister Gao is a prosthetic doctor himself, and his surgical skills are quite superb.”

“He is a prosthetic doctor?”

Daisyla Stunned, she had never heard of this news, knowing that a hundred mechanical hunters are not worth as much as a prosthetic doctor.

If Gao Gong is really a prosthetic doctor, then how could the security team let him go? They are afraid that they will get him into the Legion.

The role of a prosthetic doctor is not just to replace parts, but to treat diseases and save people at the mechanical level.

As if seeing what the other party was thinking, Huang Wen’s electronic voice sounded again, “Maybe this is the reason, not everyone wants to join Legion.”

” Of course, there is also a possibility that a prosthetic doctor can pull up a large team at any time as long as he wants.”

“From the current point of view, this one has a great plan.”

Daisyola said puzzled: “In my impression, Gao Gong is a lone wolf and doesn’t like to work with people.”

“Everyone can change, and I have let my mechanic join in. Come in, all the prosthetic materials I have collected over the years, as well as mechanical repair tools and weapon systems, will be delivered one after another.”

“My 300,000 mechanical coins have been credited to his account.”

Daisyla was once again stunned, and after a long while, she said, “How did he convince you, does he have any grand plan?”

‘Huang Wen’ calmly said: “I don’t need to persuade, as long as he debugs the mechanical body from time to time, I will definitely be brain dead.”

“I was afraid of death, so I voted.”



Outside, Keiko Matsushima, who heard the movement, was the first to rush in, leaving five edelweiss Squad members follow closely from behind.

“Daisila, it’s really good that you’re fine, wā wā wā wā…”

Keiko Matsushima cried while hugging her.

Daisyra forced a smile, and just wanted to comfort her, but her expression changed immediately when her eyes swept away.

“Where are the others?!”

A few edelweiss squad members look at me, I look at you, the last Vice Captain brace oneself: “Only us It’s dead, Daisyela, just like you, we were attacked by a large number of unknown people.”

“Keiko finally forced the battle chip ‘Ran Sakura Dance’ to kill us. “

“Daisyla, don’t be discouraged, as long as you’re okay, our edelweiss squash can be rebuilt at any time.”

The only half of Daisyla’s face left shaking, Tinder There were more than 50 mechanical hunters in the grass squad at the peak period, and they were all elites of the melee style. Even in the great defeat, there were still more than 30 combatants.

These people are all Life and Death Battle friends who can trust their backs.

Now adding myself, there are only seven members left.

“If that’s any consolation to you, my mechanic squad lost no less than yours, in fact, if it wasn’t for the last minute, our surviving members detonated those virus teammates as bioweapons, and they would have only Destroyed.”

“You guys actually use your comrades as human flesh bombs!” Keiko Matsushima looked towards each other with disgust.

“In a control system, any damage to electronic parts must be replaced in time, otherwise it will only lead to the collapse of the entire system. I want to be Vice Captain for so many years, you should understand this truth, Keiko Matsushima.”

Daisyla held down Keiko Matsushima who was about to scold, and took a deep breath.

“Gao Gong, no, where’s Mister Gao, I want to see him.”

“He’s not here,” Huang Yuanli walked in and looked at the electronic screen curiously Huang Wen glanced at him.

“He asked me to inform you, and if you want to know where he is, turn on the field recorder.”

“Who would bring that shit, the vigilante betrayed us All the weapons of those ambushers are targeted!”

“That’s right, the vigilantes are killing donkeys, so they can’t die!”

Looking at the angry crowd The crowd, Huang Yuanli shrugged, pulled out a ‘high-tech walkie-talkie’.

“He already knew you didn’t have this stuff, so he was ready.”

This is the ‘Recorder’ of the War Early-Stage, in addition to real-time recording, Only the function to refresh the list.

And the current ‘handcuffs version’, in addition to refreshing the list, also has the function of live broadcast.

It is said that this is based on the operation mode of ‘live broadcast sales’ in the civilized era. Through real-time reward feedback, it can stimulate the desire of mechanical hunters to go to the battlefield.

As soon as the Hunting Ranking List was opened, the rank of ‘a certain person’ rose rapidly, almost every few minutes.

At a speed visible to naked eyes, a certain ‘Hunter Gao’ once again made it to the top ten.


An hour ago, the western defense line of the Motor City

In fact, since the end of the Great Battle of the Garbage City, the so-called four defense lines have been ‘In name only’ anymore.

Beyond the oasis, there are only large and small new radiation circles, and no living people can be seen.

An even more disturbing phenomenon is that the new radiation circles are merging, and once the fusion is complete, the Oasis offensive begins.

And if the oasis is captured, no accident, a new metropolitan area will be born in place immediately.

In the no-man’s-land, behind the protective walls and shooting platforms, are a large number of discarded materials and bullets.

If the organization of the mechanical hunters is the ‘puppet army’ level, then the security regiment is the standard ‘national army’.

The downwind kills one better than the other, and once it encounters a headwind, it collapses faster than anyone else.

The mechanical Legion can achieve a 100% battle loss ratio, but as long as the security Legion loses more than 10%, the army will be unstable, and if it exceeds 30%, it will collapse.

At this moment, a tactical squad is retreating, and their bodies are higher-level outer skeletons than ordinary mechanical hunters.

Customized blue metal shell, streamlined armor structure, and weapons of various sizes are attached to the weapon system in line with sports mechanics.

In the palms and shoulders of the outer skeleton, there are even ‘small beam launchers’ and ‘small multifunctional missile launchers’.

Needless to say ‘small beam launcher’, the predecessor of energy weapons, also known as ‘melee air cannon’.

And the outer skeleton that can be equipped with a missile launch system, the lowest level is also a ‘sophisticated+’

However, the interior of these weapon systems is empty, obviously , these large-scale weapons have all been emptied.

At this moment, these skeleton warriors can only fight and retreat with their assault rifles and machine guns.

At this time, the advantages of the radiant beasts are manifested. These monsters advance by leaps and bounds. Whenever they are about to die, the radiating organs begin to light up, and then there is a terrifying explosion of formidable power.

The two-meter-deep and three-meter-deep mud pits on the battlefield were blown up like this.

Even the most advanced outer skeleton will be damaged in one hit.

If you hit it twice, the user’s internal organs will be damaged.

Three times, the outer skeleton and the user will go to the west together.

The Major Squad, who fought and retired, had only about a dozen people left in the explosion of one after another.

However, there are at least hundreds of radiant beasts around, glare like a tiger watching his prey.

Even the most determined Major Zhou Cong couldn’t help but despair at this time.

Just then, the roar of the engine sounded.

At the end of the line of sight, an armored war chariot is rushing forward, and the machine guns are turned over from both sides of the body and begin to sweep the radiation wild beast.

The line of fire is like two invisible long whips.

“Giant beast Maginot III, our people!”

The major’s eyes brightened and he ordered on the spot.

“Everyone defends on the spot and buys time for friendly forces.”

The giant beast Maquino III is also worthy of being the latest model of the heavy armored war chariot, with almost no stagnation, just Rush into the herd.

The sound of the explosion immediately drowned out the body, but the sound of the machine gun never stopped.

Finally, after the last dozen or so radiant beasts fled, the bombed black war chariot was crushed out of the beast corpse and stopped in front of the major.

Amidst the blue smoke, the car window slowly rolled down, revealing a young face.

Gao Gong lit two cigarettes and handed one of them to the other.

“Excuse me, which side has the most radiant herds?”

(end of this chapter)

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