Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 58


Chapter 58: Six Swords and Beasts to Eliminate Disasters in the Sand Sea (Part 1)

Zhou Cong took this in a daze. It is a ‘Night City’ brand cigarette. It is said that this brand of cigarette can simulate part of the somatosensory experience of the virtual experience machine, and the taste is like a android maid giving you a tongue massage.

He struggled for a while before opening his mouth:

“You’re not one of our people, then your carβ€””

“Your people, where are you from? people?”

“Zhou Cong, the former Major of Mechanical Legion, on behalf of all comrades in arms, thank you for your help!”

Zhou Cong is not a stunned young man who doesn’t know the current affairs. Abandoning the tangle, anyway, this guy saved his entire squash’s life.

β€œPeople from the former mechanical corps, you are from the front line?”

Gao Gong became interested. As far as he knows, in order to fight the beast tide, the security corps once waved banknotes in the mechanical corps. Internally, special warfare elites were recruited to cooperate with the mechanical defense line for large-scale interspersed operations.

He was still very interested in what was going on at the front.

After all, any disturbance in the front line will turn into howling wind and torrential rain when it falls to the central oasis.

“Frontline,” Zhou Cong smiled wryly and looked the head: “The frontline is almost unstoppable, at least the Iron Eagle Commando I served has been defeated by the beast tide, and our group of defeated soldiers fled all the way, That’s how we got here.”

Gao Gong smiled: “It’s no coincidence that you’re here, we happen to have a beast swarm here.”

Other commandos The members suddenly complexion greatly changed, but they have to abide by the rules more than the mud legs, but they just keep showing their eyes to the major.

“Anyway, please tell me the location of the nearest oasis, and in exchange, I’ll share the Legion’s heat source map with you.”

“This is not a disclosure of military secrets. Right?”

“There is no secret,” Zhou Cong sighed, “survival is the most important thing.”

Light blue’s mechanical outer skeleton swept the armored war chariot At a glance, immediately, the sound of the completion of the transmission came from the vehicle data terminal.

“Tsk, as expected of a high-level product, there are so many tricks, is it a customized version of Marubeni Global Security? We don’t have such a good deal.”

Gao Gong sweeps Glancing at the red sun on the shoulder of the outer skeleton, said without thinking.

Zhou Cong thought for a while, the outer skeleton on the outside of the thigh ‘squeaked’, and a storage device with its own freezing effect popped up. He took out a tube of medicine and handed it over.

“Whatever you have to do, take care.”

Gao Gong took it in surprise, grinned, and held out his hand.

“I hope you survive.”

“So do you.”

The rumbling sound of the engine boomed again, waiting for the armored war chariot in a group of commandos After only a small black spot remained in the members’ eyes, one could not help but speak.

“Major, why not let him help us get to the nearest oasis.”

“Yeah, at worst robbed his car, an outsider used our regiment’s vehicle , at first glance, this person is not a good bird.”

The other person’s eyes exudes ferocious rays of light. Since ancient times, there has been no military discipline. Moreover, the mechanical Legion has never only had ‘machine control regulations’, not ‘ military ethics’.

“Then you will only die faster,” the major glanced at the man calmly, “Do you know what this man’s temperament reminds me of? The colonial militants from the mother city. “

“Colonial militants, how is this possible?!”

“Let’s go, get on the road quickly, and try to go to the Motor City before dark, after dark, radiation monster It just gets more dangerous.”

In the car

“Nice injection.”

Tamil Injector: Perception +3, Attention +30 %, activate the ‘alert’ button of the hybrid neural system with medicine, duration: half an hour.

Gao Gong glanced at it and put the syringe aside, it was just a small episode, he didn’t take it to heart.

“Boss, the map has been passed on to you,” said Tin Tin in a relaxed tone.

Gao Gong clicked on the electronic screen, grabbed it, and projected it to the front.

Densely packed radiation sources cover the entire map, giving the impression that the map has a rash.

On the map, the blue mark is E-rank radiation herd, red is D-Rank, purple is C-Rank, and black is B-Rank.

The red radiant circle dominates the map.

“Go here.”

Gao Gong ordered a red link place, said without thinking.


Gao Gong opened the Ranking List and entered his name to find himself.

Ranked 56th.

Tsk, after 10 days of paddling, the ranking was not as much as I imagined.

But the top ten on the Ranking List is a clear dividing line.

The symbiosis square of Ranked First, whose points are ‘5 million’.

This point is calculated based on the radiation value of the radiant beast, among which, the average F-rank is 10 points, the E-rank is 100 points, the D-rank is 1,000 points, and the C-rank is 10,000 points point.

It can be calculated simply that the number of C-Rank Radiant Beasts hunted by the Symbiotic Squad was as high as 500 within half a month of the war.

This directly opened the gap between the second and ninth places.

The number of ‘dead and resurrected’ creeps is only more than 2 million, and Miyamoto Sanzo is more than 1 million.

Gao Gong checked his points, well, 480,000.

“It’s not a lot to kill myself.”

Gao Gong closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The anti-shock and sound insulation effects of the armored war chariot are very good, even if there are more and more radiation wild beasts outside, the head of the car pushes forward against the herd, and there is no sound inside the car.

“Boss, it’s here.”

Iron wiped the leaking fluid, Boss wasn’t nervous, he was nervous to death. The herd was completely surrounded.

Gao Gong wakes up, the implantation of Reaper cells has changed his physiological characteristics, he is like a wild beast of radiation, there is no longer a difference between day and night, as long as he sleeps for an hour or two between hunting, enough sleep time for a whole day.

Even more exciting at night.

With the sound of the air pump, the heavy armored car door was lifted, and the two human-headed dogs slipped down like they were having fun.

Gao Gong opened the trunk to reveal a dazzling array of weapons, including red unicorns, cats, steel rope claws, high-speed microcomputer finger tigers, beast hunting weapons, iron rain, pistols, and daggers.

Gao Gong inserts a barely mended red unicorn into an electromagnetic exciter.

This lipstick has a crack on the back of the knife, and it won’t be used a few times.

However, Gao Gong had already made preparations. Next to the red unicorn, there were six ‘Saber-cutting knives’ nearly two meters long.

The shape of the knife is very similar to the first version of the red unicorn, the end of the handle is threaded, the tip is serrated, and the back is thickened.

The only difference is that its blade is twice as thick as the red unicorn.

If the red unicorn still has the elegant and dangerous feeling of ‘miaodao’.

These six ‘green Reaper’ are left with only danger, and even a faint oppression of swallowing.

Name: Qing Reaper

Category: Biological Knife

Quality: Excellent

Weight: 16.4kg

Basic attribute: DPS: 70.5, attack power: 56, attack speed: 0.8 attack/sec, attack range: 2 meters +15% chance of bleeding), biological oppression

biological oppression: a special weapon made of biological knives and limbs, for some wild beasts at the low end of the food chain, naturally have an oppression

Note: The Reaper Queen can really die, and there is no place for her body parts to go to waste.

Gao Gong put on a body armor with an electromagnetic sensor on the back, like a copper plate.

This is a modified version of Pangxiang’s ‘Taoist Gloves’. It has no other function, but is used to hang the knife.

Qing Reaper put it back, and the dazzling blade was attached to his back, with a full six mouths, looking inexplicably like the ‘Zuo Qianhu’ in a ghost movie.

As for the rest of the weapons, he used a cross-country bag to pack them, including some desert necessities, radiation needles, nutritional paste and so on.

I threw the bag not far away, and the two human-headed dogs immediately scrambled to be workers.

“As I said before, help me deliver the supplies in two days.”

Tibei was shivering with irritation. He really wanted to accompany the boss to kill monsters, but he This small body can only deliver food.

“Big brother, youβ€”take care!”


After Tiepi left, Gao Gong let out a sigh of relief. Within the line of sight alone, several small herds of beasts circled from three directions.

And he clearly felt that there were several strange touches brushing from his body.

This is the power of the Radiant Circle.

Gao Gong kicked his toes lightly, and the two human-headed dogs just slipped out.

“It’s still not enough.”

Next moment, Gao Gong turned on the ‘speaker’ that had been prepared for a long time, as a Divine Item for the burial of countless players in the future, this thing The effect has not been proved.

Soon, growls, running, and sporadic gunfire.

A long black line appears in view.

This should be the south side of the blood mine hill, and there are several mine sources around, so there are very few mechanical and biochemical beasts, mainly radiation beasts.

Flayed maned dogs, five-legged leopards, dirty snakes, assembled beasts, machine gun monkeys, irradiated corpses, creepers…

It was only Gao Gong who saw with his ‘prosthetic eyes’ Yes, there are at least nine C-Rank bosses.

In addition to the bosses, there are also hundreds of radiation herds that are their vassals. If you scan them a little, there are no less than 2,000.

Gao Gong honed his wrists, with a hook launcher on each wrist.

Bio-implants can bring many invisible benefits, such as changing human handedness.

Gao Gong backhanded and pulled out two green Reaper.

He is now Dual Blade Flow!

‘Whether to open the battlefield recording function. ‘


To push people into submission, you have to show that you have the ability to flip a table.

A super powerhouse in the radiation zone is enough to make people dread.

“Some special effects.”

The next moment, on the green unicorn, ignited ‘raging flames’.

The ‘special effect device’ at this time is also version 2.0, which reduces the power consumption of environmental special effects and focuses on character special effects.

With a flick of the blade, the dozens double-blade Gao Gong was thrown out.

This time the special effects are real enough, at least there is no mosaic.

Double knives to hunt beasts, and eliminate disasters thousands of miles away.

next moment, moved towards the endless herd, Gao Gong killed it.

(End of this chapter)

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