Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 59


Chapter 59: Six Swords and Beasts to Eliminate Disasters in the Sand and Sea (Middle)

In this situation, let alone the live broadcast of the battlefield Now, there are very few mechanical hunters who dare to go to the battlefield.

In fact, most of the mechanical hunters are hiding in the Motor City, which has been armed as a fortress, waiting for the final siege battle while drinking to relieve their worries.

At this time, the live broadcast is to turn on the searchlight in the kennel – to brighten the eyes of the blind dog.

“Fuck, this Blade Technique, fast! Ruthless! Accurate!”

“How can he be so fierce, how can he do so many unconventional actions.”


“He can fly, very awesome, did you see that? He was just flying!”

“Forget about the rest, who’s counting, how many did this guy kill? Radiant beast.”

“Who the fuck can count.”

“C-Rank, of course it’s C-Rank, who cares about those low-level garbage!”


Some people seem to have forgotten that it is the low-level garbage in their mouths that blocks them in the oasis.

There was a gambler who had been washing his hands for ten days and stood up excitedly.

“I’ve counted, there are twenty-three in total, no no no, plus this deformed Bat King, there are twenty-four in total!”

Whether it’s in the bar Drinkers, spectators in front of the electronic screen, or even the analysis department of the security map, as long as they calculate the numbers, they will all suck in a breath of cold air.

This guy is a monster!

No, he was already a monster before, and he could assassinate six or seven C-Rank radiation wild beasts a day.

Now it’s even more strange, the damage of the two big swords, the amazing movement method, and the fighting style of fierce and unafraid of death are simply too strong to understand.

Everyone thinks they understand one thing, and that is what Gao Gong was doing in the ten days since he disappeared, he is retreating and reforming!

But everyone still can’t understand one thing.

That’s how this guy is so persistent.

They didn’t feel that time passed quickly after eating melons and watching a play.

Is this guy’s body not blood, but oil?

Or all organs have engines?



A military vehicle suddenly stopped at the gate of War Section, the gate Shua’ opened, and Director Zhou hurriedly got out Got in the car and hurried to the battle conference hall.

Now he is no longer the top commander of this quarters base.

It’s not that he was demoted, but that there are at least five ranks above him in this ‘new War Section’.

Why there are so many senior Legion officials here, there is no other reason, who makes this oasis the closest to the scavenger city.

The rout of the scavenger city battle had serious consequences, a large number of defense facilities were abandoned, and the oasis became a true no-man’s land.

Gene’s territory is expanding, and the beast tide is flooding, and its first target is the Motor City.

The old fogeys of the ‘Legion Joint Conference’ have given death orders. Once the oasis falls, their group will not be allowed to retreat and will be directly included in the ‘death list’.

This method is a bit familiar.

I supervise the team.

In the past, this was a trick they used to do to the people below.

I never thought I would have such a day.

It’s still the old fogeys!

‘Bang’, the door was pushed open directly, two brigadier generals, four colonels, three Oasis Chiefs of Staff, and one was his immediate superior, Director Zhou, from the ‘flying warship’ headquarters. Minister of Logistics.

“I’ve seen all the officers!”

Director Zhou hurriedly bowed his chest.


Brigadier General Gerville extended the hand without looking back.

Director Zhou quickly handed over the prepared materials.

Gavier bowed his head. There is not much information, but it is very detailed, including Gao Gong’s background, mission experience, degree of body modification, and character relationships.

These are all unremarkable.


In the partner column, the three words Black Rose make him slightly frowned.

He had a bit of an impression of this woman. She had seen this woman with a black clothed black skirt and an enchanting figure at the dinner party at the ‘Air Base’.

At first he thought it was a custom android from some cloud noble, or some old fogey’s lover.

But if you think about it, it’s not right. Banquets of that level are not allowed unless they are immediate family members or cloned family members.

‘Commodore’ this Level 1 is already the minimum threshold.

So at first he thought that this should be the wife of a certain general or something.

Bar Boss? How can something so weird happen.

Brigadier General Gerwell sighed and handed the information to another Brigadier General, Magic Mountain, but there was no movement for a long time.

Gavill frowned, turned his head to look, only to find that the first-line brigadier general was looking towards the projection screen frantically.

“Interesting, Interesting, this battle method is unique to the hunting mode of mechanical hunters.”

The battlefield recorder records the battle from the ‘Number One Person perspective’.

So in the projection, everyone can only observe the battlefield from Gao Gong’s perspective.

On the ground, that’s all. Although the speed is fast, you can vaguely see two blade lights flickering endlessly. Very ruthless, but after cutting into the skin of the radiant beast, it was uncharacteristically, without a trace of fireworks.

So far, none of the Radiant Beasts have exploded due to death.

This suggests that the radiating organs had been severed before they died.

If it is just a radiation wild beast, then ordinary mechanical hunters can also do this, after all, practice makes perfect.

But if it is a group of wild beasts, even hunter elites cannot guarantee a 100% success rate.

Radiant beasts are not like mechanical biochemical beasts. Their most powerful place is when they are killed, which is equivalent to the terrifying power of explosive weapons.

Someone specifically tested it.

F-rank Radiant Beast’s explosion formidable power equivalent to grenades.

E-rank Radiant Beast equivalent to Cannonball.

D-Rank is equivalent to a dirty bomb, allowing people to enter a high-intensity radiation field. The effect is based on a little woman.

C-Rank equivalent to a cluster bomb, formidable power can destroy a building

B-Rank is a thermobaric bomb, which can easily destroy a block.

As for A-Rank, or S-Rank, no one has tested it outside the battlefield, but just by looking at the radiation intensity, it is clear that once it explodes, it must be at the nuclear level, the difference is only whether it is a small equivalent or a Medium yield, War Zone class or tactical class.

So in the face of the beast tide, defensive warfare is undoubtedly the worst option.

As a first-line general transferred from the front line, Magic Mountain is well aware of the value of this battle method.

“If there had been such a beheading force, the mechanical defense would not necessarily have been broken.”

“General, this would have raised him too high,” said one. The military staff said in disbelief, “Isn’t the most threatening radiation beasts their flying species?”

“Idiot, what do you think I’m talking about, how good is he? Yes? Mobility, mobility!”

In the virtual projection, the screen suddenly rose into the air, and quickly circled around a three-storey giant radiant beast. One knife was inserted into the opponent’s body to rotate, and the other knife He slashed horizontally and vertically, and wherever he passed, people turned on their backs, blood and flesh flew.

The speed at which the screen rotates has caused many people to even suffer from ‘3D dizziness’.


Someone reported.

β€œHow did it do it, manned flight wing, anti-dynamic interference device, or outer skeleton thruster?”

The big palm of the magic mountain mill touched the chin, hundreds of Can’t figure it out.

“Mark his flight route to me.”

Soon, various lines appeared on the virtual projection. It must be an arc.

“It’s kind of like — on a swing?”

“It seems to be some kind of catapult.”

“What about the rope, there should be a drop rope? This kind of equipment.”

“Rope, rope,” a special military staff officer muttered to himself, suddenly dived light flashed, “It’s a monomolecular wire! Definitely a monomolecular wire!”

“What is that?”

“A high-level molecular material, originally developed for use in the construction industry, but as the material was upgraded, it became a murder weapon. This thing is very popular in the black market, it is a famous assassination device, with electricity, poisoning, high temperature, it is very versatile.”

Brigadier General Gerville’s strange expression is not because the building materials have been transformed into killing weapons. , but this type of monomolecular line is only sold in one place, which is the logistics warehouse of the security regiment.

A colonel said excitedly: “So, this kind of equipment is not expensive and can be popularized. We can build such a force by ourselves.”

Cheap and good It is easy to use, can be popularized, and has strong mobility.

Isn’t this the best candidate for cannon fodder?

“Uh,” a major from the Equipment Division hesitated and said, “It’s unlikely, the officers may not be clear, that group of mud-legged, oh no, mechanical hunters like to give themselves justice. If we follow their transformation method, our firepower will be greatly reduced.”

β€œThen we don’t need firepower, just melee instead.”


The major didn’t speak, but Moshan couldn’t help but scolded: “Idiot, look at the Blade Technique, do you think this is something ordinary soldiers can do? “

The colonel doesn’t speak anymore, let alone ordinary soldiers, even high level battle-type robots, when it comes to Blade Technique, can’t compare to this one in virtual projection.

The Blade Technique of the other party has reached the level of both rigidity and softness, invisible and invisible.

This has gone beyond the category of ‘skill’ to the level of ‘art’.

But Moshan immediately turned to his companions.

“If you rush to purchase a batch of combat chips and use algorithms to simulate, will it be too late?”

“You don’t need to reach 100%, simulate a 60% or 70% appearance, To raise such a powerful beheading force before the war, I think it’s totally fine.”

Brigadier General Gerville sighed, “Not to mention that time is definitely too late, the key is, the price of battle chips, Can this be popularized?”

Moshan’s face froze, thanks to the monopoly, the price of high-level combat chips is even more expensive than the latest model outer skeleton.

Not cheap or ubiquitous.

This is Legion’s outer skeleton special forces.

Although the battle scene is still wonderful, these Legion executives have gradually stopped taking seriously.

A single person can fight and kill several Radiant Beasts.

even more how the parties themselves can get hurt and make mistakes.

A decline in physical fitness is inevitable.

This is just a special case in the larger environment.

However, what shocked everyone wasβ€”β€”

The killing of Gao Gong was two days and two nights.

It’s even getting better.

(End of this chapter)

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