Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 6


Chapter 6 Prosthetic Doctor Littlefinger

‘Data restarting’

‘Prosthetic data matching’


‘The internal skeleton system is restored’

‘The intraocular chip is activated, and the eye implant is running normally’

‘The mechanical heart is being charged’

Gao Gong seems to have had a bizarre and motley dream, in that dream, a stream of neon lights across the galaxy, he turned into a virtual Sovereign, wandering in the boundaries of civilizations, behind him, there are countless intelligent races The adaptation template of , where countless old spies have worshipped.

Suddenly, a man jumped out and said furiously, in order to buy your paper man, I even cut off my kidneys, and you will end up the same.

Before I could sell him the ‘enhanced reproductive package’, the virtual singers, electronic idols, experience queens, and young women models in the back swarmed him and drowned him.

‘Kidney, kidney, kidney, return my kidneyβ€”’

Gao Gong sat up abruptly, brow beaded with sweat, gasping for breath.

It’s too terrifying. The virtual unit developed by myself has to be charged to myself. As a result, the account of krypton gold krypton has exploded, and I can’t even enter Machine City. In order to make money, I have to sell my body. , kneeling in front of the rich woman and begging for support.

The experience of the previous life was mixed into the memory of the original owner to piece together such a strange dream.

But the rich woman in black tight clothes is really hot, but the whip is a bit thick…

“You look like you have a kidney deficiency,” Littlefinger said while manipulating the operating table. side taunted.

“Do you want a bionic kidney, or do you want me to install ‘Mr. Oak Β· Type 3’ for you?”

Gao Gong touched his right eye, the blurred vision because Focused and clear, it finally settled on the middle-aged bald man in front of him.

Iron Sand Desert is not a city that never sleeps, and few prosthetic doctors choose to settle in this radiation zone.

After all, with their craftsmanship, they can live comfortably in the city that never sleeps.

And the prosthetic doctor Littlefinger, among all the prosthetic doctors in the oasis, can be ranked in the top three.

But Gao Gong was not polite to him.

β€œMy kidneys are deficient because of overuse, why are you bald, and you use your manipulator to fly a plane every day?”

Littlefinger turned black and looked at Gao Gong indignantly. , I can’t wait to insert a scalpel into each other’s chest.

“Don’t talk nonsense, check out! Even the eye and the inner skeleton repair, a total of 5,600 mechanical coins, and the three bullets on your body, one is a hundred, I will make it up for you, A total of 6,000 mechanical coins, do you use card or cash?”

“You will receive money for taking bullets! Why don’t you grab it!”

“With Lao Tzu’s craftsmanship, you still use Go grab it?”

“I don’t want money, I want my life, I don’t want chrysanthemums to bloom.”

“Fuck, don’t be arrogant, you brat, believing or not your father pulled you The prosthetic intubation will make you directly into a vegetative state!”

Gao Gong simply gestured with his middle finger and ripped off the infusion pipes of several access ports. The operation was finished, who are you fooling Woolen cloth.

“Where are you going?” Littlefinger couldn’t help saying when he saw the other party swaying out.

β€œGo to the toilet, do you eat my shit?”

In the bathroom, Gao Gong turned on the switch of the mirror, and the water curtain flowing from above washed the mirror surface, revealing a A strange yet familiar face came.

This is a handsome face mixed with a hint of wildness. He is twenty-five or six years old, very similar to the first-generation version of the ‘Girl Killer’ developed by himself. Unfortunately, this version of ‘Virtual Companion’ is not sold. Not good, to be precise, it’s a good call or a bad call.

It’s an ironclad fact that even in the universe, girls’ purses are still the same as their breasts, not as plump as rich women.

Fortunately, after reconsidering the pain, I immediately turned around and developed the second type of ‘Rich Woman Ai Ai’, which turned losses into profits and even made a fortune.

This also deepened his determination to befriend a rich woman.

The metal sheet on the palm was also removed due to surgery. Judging from the skin color, it was replanted with bionic skin.

This decorative metal implant is useless except to increase the useless transformation rate.

The route that Gao Gong will take in the future is very difficult. The transformation rate should be regarded as two flowers. The cosmetic transformation is completely unnecessary.

After all, he looks so handsome.

Overall, Gao Gong is quite satisfied with the new body.

If you don’t take a closer look, you might think it’s the android male model of the city that never sleeps.

Name: Gao Gong

Race: Carbon-based Human

Overall Level: lv 13

Physical Transformation: 24

Consciousness: 10

Main Profession: Mechanical Transformer lv8 (You are an excellent Bounty Hunter, your strong ambition makes you have brutal power)

Secondary Profession: No. 4 Factory primary level worker lv1 (you are an ordinary factory worker with rich practical experience in various types of machinery)

HP: 112/112

Physical value: 23/108

Mechanical energy: 96

Personal attribute: Strength 16 Agility 9 Stamina 14 Intelligence 8 Perception 10 Character 4

Free attribute points: 0

Personal system: slightly

system modification:

Internal skeleton strengthening: (sports system): Your internal skeleton is replaced by a titanium alloy mechanical bone, although it is a factory mass-produced product, But it still gives you enough mechanical force, strength +5 endurance +2 agility -2 Agility+2

Universal Prosthetic Eye*1: Simple visual imaging, visual range: 300 meters (not adjustable)

Mechanical Heart Lite Version (Circulation System): Ordinary Mechanical The body, the body’s backup energy, needs to be recharged every 12 hours

Littlefinger, this bald man has no secret hands and feet, the reloaded inner skeleton only loses a little stamina, and the exploded bionic joint is even more Perfectly repaired.

This shows that the other party’s craftsmanship is quite exquisite.

Secondary Profession transfer, attribute point +3, the strength of the bright face seems to be increasing, butβ€”β€”

“Universal prosthetic eye, simple version for mechanical heart, bald you Is your heart black!”

After squeezing the fifth nutritional paste into his mouth like toothpaste (he was in a coma for three days, during which he underwent an operation), Gao Gong took a shot table, falling out to become hostile.

Littlefinger was stunned for a moment, and then flew into a rage out of humiliation: “The goods on you brat are all models of the Mechanical Corps. Where can I get the original version for you, to snatch the Legion station? “

“Apart from me, in which oasis can you find a prosthetic doctor who equips you with military supplies.”

Gao Gong curl one’s lip, knowing that the other party is telling the truth , but in this way, his true strength has been reduced by at least 30%.

Gao Gong glanced around, and suddenly his eyes lit up. It turned out that this old fellow not only moved the mobile operating table over, but also put a lot of information books of prosthetic doctors on the operating table.

He reached for it.

Littlefinger has a quick eye and a quick hand, and his left hand, which was transformed into a mechanical hand, grabbed him, coldly said: “What do you want to do.”

“Look,” Gao Gong laughed: “Learn from you. .”

“I remember you weren’t so thick-skinned before.”

“Do you have a thick skin?”

“You think beautiful!”

β€œYou can only think of beauty when you are handsome.”

β€œYou… get out!”

Among all the deputy positions, the prosthetic doctor can talk about professional potential. Ranked in the top three, and players want to get started, they must complete a series of complex task chains of the prosthetic doctor, in order to obtain the opponent’s manuscript and officially transfer.

Of course, there is another way to kill a prosthetic doctor directly and occupy his inheritance.

However, the prosthetic doctor belongs to the standard camp NPC, every individual has more than one plan to fall back on, either with a gang as the backing, or working in a large enterprise, and the amount of defensive power is extremely strong.

Even though Littlefinger in the Iron Sand Desert still stands behind Black Rose, a well-connected killer agency.

In fact, Littlefinger wouldn’t even answer if it wasn’t for Black Rose’s request.

There are not too many mechanical hunters willing to be his ancestors.

“What are you arguing about?”

With a series of engine cracks, a heavy motorcycle that resembles the Batmobile that Catwoman rides in Batman 3 He rushed up without slowing down, and slammed the handbrake three centimeters in front of the two of them. The rear wheel of the motorcycle, which was comparable to a truck wheel, suddenly lifted up and hit the ground heavily.

The strong wind swayed Littlefinger’s thinning hair and made him pale.

Amidst the blue smoke, Catwoman, ah no, Black Rose in black leather jacket flips over her long legs, standing casually, she has a supermodel body.

Littlefinger licked up without the slightest hesitation.

“The latest model of Grassy Hunting Blade 430, Agni engine, 9500cc displacement, 2.3 seconds acceleration to 350 km/h, it’s a perfect match for you Rose, you sit on it, it’s valiant and formidable looking , locomotive Goddess, perfect, so perfect!”

Black Rose ignored him, bolted the chain on the locomotive to the lathe, walked directly to Gao Gong, and pinched it with her smooth and smooth right hand Touching Gao Gong’s chin, he lowered his head and looked at it seriously.

Gao Gong could feel the alcoholic breath hitting his face, and the envious, jealous eyes of Littlefinger behind him.

“Looks to be recovering well,” Black Rose checked Gao Gong’s body like a beloved toy.

“Wow, it’s alright.”

Gao Gong’s mouth was pinched, so he could only speak vaguely, the corners of his eyes swept to the other party’s white wrist, incredibly smooth, the blood under his skin vessels are like blue circuits.

A beauty-grade bionic makeover? battle-type prosthetics are generally not as aesthetically pleasing.

Black Rose suddenly withdrew his hand, calmly said: “You guys just quarreled?”

“He wants to take my prosthetic transformation notes!” Littlefinger suddenly became angry.

“He wants to see it, you can just show it to him. Are you worried that he will steal your craft?”

“Just him!? He can understand it, I will directly Jump off the building!”

“Since people can’t read it, why don’t you show it to others.”

Littlefinger was at a loss for words, and Gao Gong left in a good mood.

black clothed, chains, whips.

Gao Gong face changed, the rich woman is by my side!

(End of this chapter)

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