Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 60


Chapter 60 Six Swords, Slaying Beasts and Disasters in the Sand Sea (Part 2)

[You will raise the counterattack knife to lv2]

[you will upgrade the reflex knife to lv3]

[you will upgrade the reflex knife to lv4]


[You will raise the reflex knife to lv9]

[You will raise the reflex knife to lv10max]

In the sea of blood, when the blood-soaked Gao Gong After trudging out of it, the sky was already dark.

What’s more, under the gloomy sky, the deformed plants became more and more prosperous, and countless metal vines were pulled out from the ground like a gust of wind, and the radiation nests also began to breed new deformed life. The ‘Little Stars’ lit up, and each pair of ‘Little Stars’ was a radiant beast flying species.

Gao Gong hardly hesitated, and with a lot of experience brought by day-to-day fighting, he raised the ‘Bounce Knife’ to the full level in one breath.

Bounce Knife lv10max: A proven melee weapon blocking technique, when the opponent’s attack is blocked by one’s own weapon, there is a 25% chance of being frozen, and a 17% chance of being reversed. Damage, additional status: Listening to Voices

Listening to Voices: Your hearing is exceptionally sensitive, the chance of being discovered when the enemy is hidden +17%, and the success rate of blocking shots +10%

Gao Gong backhanded the two blunt knives back into his back, and at the same time called his hand, the human-headed dog eagerly ran over.

Gao Gong raised the sniper rifle cat again from the bag.

[You will be precision shot lv6 (advanced)]

[You will be precision shot lv7 (advanced)]


[You will be precise shooting lv9 (advanced)]

Precision shooting lv9 (advanced): As an excellent firearms user, years of fighting have given you an excellent gun feel . Gun damage +15%, recoil rate -10%, crit rate +18%, additional status: bloody

bloody: When using a sniper weapon, your ‘excitement’ will be greatly increased Increase, headshot success rate +30%

With the sniper rifle on his back, Gao Gong grew bloodthirsty claws on both hands, inserted into the wall alternately, and quickly disappeared in place.

A moment later, on a high ground, a slight gunshot rang out.

A flying deformed species was shot in the sky, it roared and flew over, its abdomen gradually lit up, which was a sign that the radiation organ was about to explode.

That’s why monstrous flyers are more dangerous than normal radiators.

Human bombs can also hide.

How do you run the tracking missile?

next moment, an energy ray suddenly flew out, directly piercing its neck, it screamed, flapped its wings and fell.

But at the same time, the light on the abdomen became more and more obvious, and the flesh was cracked, and it was about to explode.

However, in the next moment, one silhouette burst into the air, leaping into the sky, inserting one hand into the abdomen, ‘Bloodthirsty Catching Foot’ made a ‘gudu’, ‘gudu’ digestion sound, the blood that Gao Gong lost during the day The weight, exhaustion, and various injuries on his body began to recover.

Carbon-based + machinery, in fact, the initial idea is to use the life force of the organism to make up for the wear and tear of the mechanical body, and at the same time use the huge and stable output of the mechanical system to make up for the defects created by natural evolution. .

For example – the upper limit of staying power.

This stamina not only refers to endurance, but also includes control over the complex system of the human body, sufficient computing power at the brain level, and even wisdom, will, and emotions, which cannot be quantified.

The fusion route of Early-Stage is not actually good at battle strength.

What it strengthens is staying power.

The lack of a month will not change, and the sword will not change.

Under the moonlight, there was no violent sound.

Life is dying.


Finally, a brighter dust cloud enveloped the sky again.

Beneath the twilight clouds, corruption is intensifying and radiation is expanding.

[You will increase the precision shot (advanced) to lv10max]

[you will increase the dark warrior (advanced) to lv8]

[You will Night warrior (advanced) has been upgraded to lv9]

In “Cyberworld”, the upgrade difficulty of ‘melee weapon mastery’ is much higher than that of ‘range weapon mastery’.

After all, for long-range weapons, you only need to have hands. If there is an automatic aiming system, you don’t even need your hands. It depends more on the performance of the weapon itself.

Therefore, the improvement of ‘long-range weapon mastery’ cannot form a qualitative improvement.

Precision shooting (advanced) has been fully leveled, and an additional state with ‘headshot rate’ is added.

And the dark night warrior (advanced) is only lv9, and already has a third additional state.

Floating Boat: When using a sword, the ‘consumption’ of all attacks is -20%

This consumption is not just stamina, but strength, agility, stamina, intelligence, perception, five major The consumption of the main attribute is all reduced by 20%.

Or conversely, when using a sword, the five main attributes ‘temporarily increase’ by 25%.

It’s definitely more useful than a ‘headshot’.

On the second day, Gao Gong continued to open the box to attract monsters, and the people who were already very shocked were also shocked.

Without it, Gao Gong’s performance is stronger than before.

This performance can be more intuitively reflected in killing.

[Your attack deals 213 damage to the four lions, causing a decapitation effect]

[Your attack deals 223 damage to the Fusion Beast, causing a tearing effect]


[You deal one strike certain kill to the creeper]

For the first time, Gao Gong’s kill was over 200.

It is worth mentioning that melee weapons have an attribute called ‘attack speed’.

The red unicorn’s attack speed is ‘1.5 attacks/sec’, while the green Reaper’s is ‘0.8 attacks/sec’.

The latter is heavier than the former, and the attack speed will naturally slow down.

But this doesn’t mean that you have 100 strength and 100 agility, and the attack speed can only be so little.

In fact, the attack speed of the system panel refers to the average attribute of a normal person, that is, the attack state when the five-circle attribute is ‘5’.

With the current Gao Gong attribute, the attack speed is about three times that of the panel.

And Gao Gong is Dual Blade Flow.

In the state of ‘Drinking’ fully stacked Twelfth Layer, Gao Gong can deal over a thousand damage per second!

That is to say, even with precautions, the D-Rank Radiant Beast will be killed in seconds, and if there is no defense, the C-Rank Radiant Beast cannot stop it for three seconds.

That’s where Gao Gong’s vast experience comes from — that’s terrifying lethality.

[You raise the dark night warrior (advanced) to lv10max]

The full level dark night warrior has no additional status, but only adds a 7% crit rate.

On the other hand, on the afternoon of the second day, the left-hand single-molecule claw broke apart due to the unbearable load, while Gao Gong swung his backhand in a flash of inspiration, and the other single-molecule claw hooked on. At the same time, the muscles, tendons, and skeletons were quickly closed, and the strength of all parts of the human body was contracted, rotating at a high speed like a top, and finally forcibly landed smoothly from the mid-air of the three-story building.

At this moment, the sound of passive skill upgrades also sounded.

[Single-molecule thread hook (advanced) to elite]

Single-molecule thread hook (passive) (elite): through tendons, bones, skin, meat, membrane , Organs, implants, and self-adjustment of bionic components to realize the adjustment of their own center of gravity.

Proficiency: 1/30000

At this value, all active and passive skills on Gao Gong will break through a certain upper limit.


“Big brother, you are awesome!”

After two days, Iron Sheet regularly sends supplies, a lot of bullets and radiation Needle.

At this moment, he was bragging about Gao Gong while sharpening his knife.

The so-called gang bosses must be beautiful, powerful, and capable.

Gao Gong took all of these two days.

“Sharpen your knife.”

Gao Gong directly tore the body armor wrapped in blood scabs open.

Fortunately, Ironhide brought a new body armor.

Electromagnetic sensors still work.

On the contrary, there are six green Reapers, and three of them have reached the point where they cannot be worn out, and the degree of wear and tear can be imagined.

That’s why Gao Gong discovered a shortcoming of biological weapons.

That is, ‘biological weapons’ are very fragile if they cannot repair themselves.

For example, the blade is only sharp at the tip of the blade.

Qing Reaper estimates that he can only make up a knife at most once.

Gao Gong didn’t care about his current ‘live broadcast status’ either, he just picked up a bucket of water and poured it from start to finish.

“Hey, Boss, why are your elbows red?”

Gao Gong looked down and had a normal skin tone.

“Am I dazzled?” Tiepi scratched his head, “Maybe it’s a blood scab.”

Gao Gong didn’t care, but clicked on the Ranking List.

First place, Squad, 5.32 million

Second place, Creepers, 3.12 million

Third place, Miyamoto Sanzo, 1.63 million

Fourth place, Gao Gong, 1.54 million

Lao Tzu spent two days and two nights in the liver and earned more than one million points?

In other words, within 48 hours, he killed more than 100 C-Rank Radiant Beasts.

Gao Gong couldn’t help taking a deep breath himself.

I don’t know if I don’t know, so I’m really a bit fierce!

I almost died against a Reaper tribe at first, and look at it now.

It really is three days away from Shibei, when I look at it with admiration – I even only need two days.

tsk tsk sighed with emotion, Gao Gong quickly thought about the future road.

No matter the main occupation level, the Secondary Profession level, or the skill level, it has been upgraded to the full level.

And if you want to take the fusion route, you must first bring up the ‘biological transformation rate’ within one turn.

So Gao Gong now has to push the main class level.

However, this is not entirely a bad thing.

But now besides accumulating experience, how can you improve your strength?

The primary profession cannot be promoted, and the secondary Profession transfer task has not been completed.

Gao Gong quickly turned his attention to the active skill, to be precise, the ‘night warrior’.

Skill upgrades require ‘specialization points’.

And ‘specialization points’ are only possible for quests above ‘difficult’.

apart from this , there is another way.

This method is more metaphysical, relying on ‘comprehension’ to advance.

This kind of ‘perception’ can be ‘on-the-spot breakthrough’, ‘comprehend nature’, or high-intensity virtual battles in cybernet.

The last one is very common among players, similar to a Saiyan’s ‘time and space house’, which increases the chance of breakthrough through high-intensity brain consumption.

Although the success rate of these methods is not high.

But Gao Gong is quite confident in the original owner’s template of ‘Double-Spend Red Stick’.

He could vaguely feel that this body had a special talent for combat, especially close combat.

But now the C-Rank Radiant Beast doesn’t have much pressure on him.

If the pursuit of breakthrough.

He wants hard anal B-Rank Radiant Beast!

(End of this chapter)

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