Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 61


Chapter 61 is brewing

It is said to be anal radiation beast, but it is also impossible to anal immediately.

At least he has to fully master the leveled up skills.

So Gao Gong spent another two days in another place.

In these four days, the mood of the people who eat melon has changed from shock, shock, incredible, to numbness.

How can you last so long.

In general, the profession of mechanical hunters is relatively durable, after all, they have to face not only the radiation wild beast, but also all kinds of dangerous environments.

However, the other party maintained a high intensity for four days and 96 hours, and it could even be said to be a life-and-death struggle.

Except when the low-level robot delivered the supplies, he ate a few pieces of nutritional cream and rested for an hour. The rest of the time was in the bloody fight.

He doesn’t even shit!

Some people suspect that Gao Gong’s digestive system has been modified.

This suspicion is correct.

Reaper’s stomach can eat almost anything and digest everything, and it digests it to the point of scum.

So Gao Gong’s frequency of pooping and coughing is much lower than the average person.

And the headquarters is busy again, this time is not to study Gao Gong’s combat system, but to study his transformation system.

Without it, this guy is so durable that it outlasts a battle-type robot.

Robots will wear out. You have killed thousands of Radiant Beasts, many of them are C-Rank leaders. How come you have no wear and tear?

No, there must be damage, but the speed of recovery is unimaginable.

There must be a very special makeover.

As long as this transformation method is obtained, Legion’s strength must be greatly improved.

And some of his weapons are also very attractive, such as the ‘sound’ that can attract monsters, the ‘VR’ that makes the radiant beast hallucinate, and the single-molecule claws. is baby.


In Command

β€œDirector Zhou.”

β€œGood morning, Director Zhou.”

“Director Zhou, this is the information you want!”

Director Zhou smiled one after another and nodded. He has always been very gentle towards colleagues and subordinates, so he has a good reputation in the logistics department. .

Some people privately said that in our Legion, I am afraid that this is the only one who can not corrupt, accept bribes, or buy and sell equipment.

However, when the door was closed, Director Zhou’s face suddenly darkened.

He walked three and two steps behind his desk, pressed the combination lock, took out an encrypted phone, and dialed a number.

“Why didn’t you arrange for me to retreat!”

“You gave me two choices at the beginning, either to go to the city that never sleeps, or to the other side of freedom. You are perfidious!”

“Obtained his transformation materials? It’s easy for you to say, now both generals are interested in him, what do you want me to do?”

“believing or not I surrendered and turned your All hands and feet are dug out!”

‘Bang! ! ‘

Director Zhou slammed the microphone on the table with a grim look on his face.

After taking a few deep breaths, Director Zhou calmed down, and his anger gradually turned into regret.

He shouldn’t have been in this muddy water.

Different from other mechanical Legions, the security regiment is a well-known oily water mass, which is not straight on the top, not straight in the middle, and crooked on the bottom.

Although he doesn’t say that he is clean, he can guarantee that he earns the least among his peers.

He has a strong sense of moral superiority.

Then this sense of superiority was instantly shattered in front of the banknotes of the peers.

Damn, everyone is doing the same kind of work, why is your gray income a hundred times more than mine.

He’s also going to play big!

Then he gets jumped by immortal.

It may be a lack of skills in corruption and bribery.

If he was not careful, he was roasted on the fire.

Especially the one who put him on the shelf was the famous terrorist organization on the planet, the Knights.

Director Zhou rubbed his eyebrows, exhaled a long breath, showed his signature smile, and made another call.

“Hello, is this Brigadier General Gavi? I have something to report to you.”


Gao Gong stabbed the last one The mechanical ostrich chopped off its neck.

With a flick of the blade, a pool of gray machine fluid was thrown away.

I turned around and pressed a button, and the suction of the electromagnetic sensor immediately turned into a repulsion.

The five-mouth green Reaper all popped up and fell from the sky, one after another inserted on the ground in front of the war chariot.

“Why did you rest so early today?” Aunt Xiang said curiously, “I don’t think you look like you can’t.”

“Repair your equipment.”

Gao Gong ignored her. After Pang Xiang was fine, the old woman returned to her usual attitude of looking at money. She insisted on taking a tin car and said she wanted to help him dispose of ‘waste’.

Originally, the little woman also came here, saying that there was no live broadcast at the recycling station, and she wanted to watch the live version of the ‘humanoid war beast’.

Gao Gong just let her go!

What a good nickname ‘Lone Wolf’ is, cold and arrogant, how could it become a ‘humanoid war beast’.

This ‘humanoid war beast’ is very muscular.

In addition to bringing him a lot of experience, the second biggest increase in monster spawning these days is actually reputation.

[Your regional reputation +2000, enter the next stage, get the title: humanoid war beast]

humanoid war beast: all mechanical hunters have heard of your notoriety, I am truly in awe of your lasting power.

Gao Gong sighed.

How can you tell the truth in public.

But that’s not all bad.

The bigger your name is, the more impossible that traitor will run away.

The Knights are probably more curious than the vigilantes now.

Others can’t see it, but they must be able to see that Gao Gong’s means now are very much like ‘meat machine technology’.

And it’s a longer lasting one.

As long as the other party is not blind, he will not let him go.

And the way the Knight group behaves, just look at a big player whose account has been abolished.

If you don’t kill people, you will kill them.

In the eyes of large-scale artificial intelligence, all ‘people’ are executing programs, and programs only need to be executed.

“Have you brought everything?”

The tin, which was roasting the radiating bird’s wings, made a ‘uh’ and quickly got up.

Although the meat of the radiant beast is not edible, it can be smelled, how fragrant.

Iron wiped his hands, opened the trunk, and dragged down two large pieces together with Gao Gong, one was the mobile sterile room and the other was the operating table.

This is also the reason why little women can’t squeeze into the car – there are too many things to put in the garbage.

After inserting the two large pieces into the energy plate, Ironhide took out a high-tech box from the saddle.

Open it and see that there are two higher level micro motors.

“This is what Staff Huang asked me to hand over to you. He said this is a special version of a high-level battle robot with three times the power of your original one.”

Gao Gong Nominated, each Captain has its own purchase channel, Huang Wen was a mechanical engineer, and can directly get internal products.

Everyone has a backdoor.

On the operating table, the three operating arms made a sound of ‘zi zi’, and soon, a hole opened on the inside of the knee, and a thing that was one size larger than the chip and one size smaller than the electric board bounced. come out.

For Gao Gong, it’s as easy as changing a bandage.

But for the mechanical hunters who are still watching the broadcast, the eyeballs are about to fall.

This isβ€”prosthetic surgery? !

In fact, the vast majority of mech hunters have a hand or two of mechanized repairs.

So they are more aware of the difference between prosthetic surgery and mechanical repair.

This guy is actually a prosthetic doctor! ?

After Aunt Xiang picked up a bunch of ‘rubbish’, the old face smiled like a blooming chrysanthemum, and happily sharpened the knife for Gao Gong.

Then with a ‘pop’, a green unicorn all split up and in pieces.

Iron was stunned.

“Fuck, Aunt Xiang, you have made so much money, how come you are still unfamiliar with your craftsmanship.” Did the old lady give birth? You don’t care how many times this thing has been chopped, it should be broken.”

“It’s better for me than it is for the radiant beast.”


In the end, the six Qing Reaper, only three knives were relatively well preserved.

However, Aunt Xiang said with certainty that the remaining three knives would not be able to be saved any time soon.

“I think you’re sloppy-work.”

“Fuck your mother!”

“How could Pang Xiang be such an honest person? If you have a mother like you, pick it up.”

“The old lady beat you to death!”

At this moment, Gao Gong ignored the quarrel between the two, he was working on two Legs, or sprint, or brisk walking, or sudden stop, to constantly adapt to the power of the motor.

Suddenly jumped on the spot, more than three meters high.

When I landed, my body sank sharply, and the ‘weight-bearing increase’ and ‘fall damage reduction’ of the sensed knees played a role.

Just a little stiff, then back to normal.

This bit of rigidity doesn’t affect combat.

I glanced at the system page

Military micro-motor (motion system): higher level of other human body motors, the explosive force and bearing capacity are far beyond the current market version, agility +2

Taking another look at the ranking, he has successfully squeezed out Miyamoto Sanzo, and is currently Ranked Third.

“You seem to be making a big move?” Aunt Xiang suddenly said.

“It’s not a big deal, you’ll know if you go to see it.”

Gao Gong grinned and suddenly turned off the battlefield recorder.

In fact, there are constantly information prompts on the recorder, all of which are summon’s orders to go back.

It’s just that as more and more monsters are killed, the tone of this ‘command’ becomes more and more relaxed.

“Let’s go, Tin, let’s go shopping.”

“Oh,” Tin stunned, opened the door quickly, and got into the driver’s seat.

“Boss, where should we go?”

“Go to the darkened places on the map.”

“Boss, that’s B-Rank. The site of the Radiant Beast!”

“Why, do you still want to go to the site of A-Rank?”


At this moment, far beyond a thousand li, No. 314 of the old copper mountain, in an abandoned mine.

Countless mechanical biochemical beasts are entering the hidden biological factory along the tunnel. The ground is full of torn bodies and rolling metal heads.

These are the artificial soldiers of the Knights.

Inside the biological factory, a ‘blue octopus’ with a length of hundreds of meters floats in the air. In the darkness, the spiritual nodes twinkle like stars.

This is the happy expression of the ‘Brain in a Vat’.

And at the next moment, countless biological cultivation cabins were opened, nutrient solution was poured into the ground, and one ‘biological soldier’ came out one after another.

These ‘high level troops’ have a characteristic, that is, they have various implanted organs of radiation beasts.

In the future, they have a famous nickname among players, humanoid beasts.

The full name is Beastman.

It absorbed so many ‘creature’ spirits at once, and it was pure and unadulterated.

This makes Brain in a Vat very happy.

In its plain values, equivalent exchange is a law of existence.

It thought for a while, and a mental tentacle as thick as a water tank suddenly fell off, and then disappeared.

(End of this chapter)

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