Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 62


Chapter 62 Hypermechanical Orangutan

In no man’s land, the black zone and the red zone are two completely different modes, and the red zone is messy Yes, if you walk a hundred meters in any direction, you will inevitably run into a herd of beasts.

And it didn’t take long for two herds, three herds, four herds, like dumplings, more and more, until you were completely submerged.

The black zone is different, silent and empty, except for a large number of deformed plants, there is no sound at all.

Iron drove the car cautiously, driving slowly on the red and white junction.

Most parts of the red zone, his armored war chariot can wade through, but in this black zone, he suspects that he can’t get out if he drives in.

Aunt Xiang stared blankly at the environment here. Everywhere, there must be an overlord who commands all radiation beasts.”


Gao Gong closed his eyes and said softly.

After a long while, Ironhide opened the mouth and said: “Boss, I seem to have seen a wild beast just now.”

“Is it a radiation beast or a mechanical biochemical beast?”



β€œThen keep going.”


Actually for Gao Gong , Radiant beasts are far easier to kill than mechanical biochemical beasts, because radiation beasts do not have heavy armored skin, nor do they have their own mechanized weapons. The only thing they rely on is the ability to self-destruct.

Gao Gong happens to be his nemesis.

But once the level rises to B-Rank, it’s the other way around.

For no reason, each B-Rank Radiant Beast is a super size.

Gao Gong is impossible to achieve perfect kills by hitting key points.

Not to mention being killed by the opponent.

Even if Suffered untold hardships beat the opponent.

What he has to face is the self-destruct of a super bomb.

The formidable power equivalent to thermobaric bombs of the B-Rank Radiant Beast’s self-destruct can easily destroy a block.

Even with Gao Gong’s current HP, he will definitely be taken away by a wave.


Aunt Xiang covered Tin Tin’s mouth and looked at the head sternly.

A hard to describe atmosphere was brewing in the car.

Gao Gong’s eyes were tightly closed, and there was an occasional flash of pain in his expression.

He trudged forward as if dipping into a green swamp.

There seems to be something at the end of the swamp.

It seemed like a huge shadow, six sickles covering the heavens, shielding the sun.

Artificial muscles and biological systems are completely two concepts.

No matter how powerful biochemical muscles are, they are only hydraulic systems and polymer materials.

But the biological system is really part of you.

What Gao Gong is doing now is awakening the Reaper cells in his body that belong to him.

Tie Pie suddenly froze with the help of the rear-view mirror, only to see the bright red color gradually seeping from the skin on Gao Gong’s arm, from the elbow to the back of the hand.

He had read it right before!

“Okay, stop the car.”

Gao Gong took a deep breath, got out of the car, beckoned, activated the sensor switch, and the three green Reaper flew out of the back seat , directly attached to the back.

He grabbed the red unicorn again and slowly inserted it into the metal buckle on his waist.

“Are there any cloths?”

Aunt Xiang, frowned, rummaged through the box, found a knife cleaning cloth and handed it over.

By feeling, Gao Gong tied the knife wipes to his eyes, smelling of oil and rust.

“Boy, don’t die!”

Just before Gao Gong left, Aunt Xiang suddenly said.

“How is that possible.”

Gao Gong grinned, in the eyes of the two, he gradually changed his appearance, his hands and feet grew, his teeth were wide open, and the gorilla’s yellow eyes looked down. , even the sword on his body has become a steel tail vertebra and a giant claw.

‘Plop’, ‘Plop’

Aunt Xiang could almost hear her own heartbeat.

As Gao Gong’s silhouette gradually turns into a small black spot.

Aunt Xiang slumped on the back seat and let out a long sigh, but there was an excited rays of light on her face.

She suddenly had a strong desire to talk. She wanted to tell others that the first batch of mechanical hunters were so powerful and they should have such power.

They are even more brutal than they are!

But a strong smell of gasoline suddenly came from the front.

There’s even a squishy sound.

Aunt Xiang stared at it and was startled, “Hey, you brat is covered in gasoline.”

“It’s not gasoline, it’s sweat!” A difficult smile, how to say this smile, even a little shy.

“Don’t worry about what it is, just wipe it clean first. Do you want to perish with my mother.” In the environment, as long as there is a match, the two are the end of the barbecue.

The iron sheet was stuck to the back of the chair without moving, and the corners of his mouth kept twitching.

“My, my mechanical body was scared and shut down.”

“Are you going to be mad at the old lady?”

Aunt Xiang was furious , After getting angry, he could only flip over to the front seat and wipe it up for him.

As a result, the sound of ‘leak’ water continued.

Especially on the crotch, the sound of water is endless.

“You, you were scared to pee!?”

Now it was Aunt Xiang’s turn to be dumbfounded.

“Of course not! This is because the urinary system is down, causing gasoline to be sprayed out of the catheter.”

Tiepi looked towards Aunt Xiang with his help-seeking eyes.

“My Life and Death Friends with Fat Xiang – help.”

“get lost!!”


When the predator domain is fully open, Gao Gong can ‘see’ things around him even if he closes his eyes.

It was an amazing experience.

He could clearly feel that the surrounding land, plants, and even the radiation field had a very intimate feeling.

Like a dead man returning to his computer desk, there is even a bottle of Fat House Happy Water on the table.

And the radiation line ‘in front of him’ is the happy water of his fat house.

And it comes in different colors and flavors.

For example, X-rays are like the light and shadow of light blue, where they pass, everything is concrete, even at the cellular level.

Human cells are ‘colorless’, occupying most of the body’s territory, while Reaper cells are red, taking the stomach as the core, attacking the east and west, and having a strong ability of aggression.

Alpha rays are like short lines connected by countless particles that are hard to see in naked eyes. They appear and disappear instantly like lightning.

Gao Gong can feel a force similar to bioelectricity, which is called the stream of charged particles.

As for the last one, the one that Reaper cells like best, it’s called neutron rays.

It keeps making normal cells sick, but it keeps growing Reaper cells.

As long as the normal cells are diseased to a certain extent, ‘radiation needles’ are required.

Except cancer cells.

So, radiation beast cells are actually a special kind of ‘cancer cells’?

I remember Professor Han said that in the second mechanical war, there are not only nuclear weapons, but also energy weapons.

Is there some kind of special reaction between nuclear fission energy and another cosmic energy?

Gao Gong was stunned for a moment.

A mass of organisms wrapped in energy swooped down from behind.

Gao Gong almost went with the flow, the electromagnetic exciter formidable power was fully turned on, the red sword was pulled out with the backhand, and the silhouette of the opponent split in half in mid-air.

At the same time, the energy rays on his body also dissipated.

Gao Gong now finally understands why the sign of C-Rank wild beast is red on the satellite map.

Not because its radiating organs are red, but at the moment of its death, all kinds of messy energy rays intermingle, resulting in a blooming energy release reaction, this ‘ Bloom’ is red.

If this ‘energy response’ is destroyed, can the explosion of the Radiant Beast be controlled?

Gao Gong also sheathed his sword, and no other mechanical biochemical beasts rushed forward.

There is no reason for it. In their eyes, it is the same kind, Reaper, not human.

Between the same species, unless it is the relationship between the upper and lower levels of the food chain, conflicts rarely break out.

Especially the terrifying aura all over the opponent’s body makes the wolves of the same kind around him rush and flee everywhere.

Only a few of the same kind that do not content with yield will sneak attack.

And then become Gao Gong’s tool for stacking ‘Ginning’.

When the red unicorn beheaded the seventeenth mechanical biochemical beast, the blade ‘collapsed’ and divided into two.

Gao Gong took a deep breath, inserted the broken knife into the sheath, held the mechanical sheath with one hand, and forced the sheath into the ground.

The knife is life, and the knife is safe.

The scabbard is the sword mound.

No other means of burial are required.

Gao Gong pulled out the two green unicorns with his backhand.

He could feel that hair stands on end getting closer.

After walking about a hundred steps, Gao Gong’s ‘predator field’ suddenly suffered a strong impact, which originated from another higher level ‘predator’ field’.

This impact is like howling wind and torrential rain, forcibly pressing Gao Gong’s 100-meter ‘field’ to about three meters.

Gao Gong took off the ‘eye patch’.

Looking up, on a mutation hill in the distance, an ‘orangutan’ with the height of the fourth layer is staring at him condescendingly.

Eyes like searchlights are mechanical giant balls that emit light.

The surface of the giant sphere is a radar-like electronic grid.

Gao Gong can be sure, this guy’s field of vision is absolutely 360 degrees without dead ends.

Apart from this, this super-mechanical gorilla is covered in heavy armor, three times thicker than the armored war chariot.

Even the fingers are covered in mechanical armor.

And the part where the armor is connected to the armor is the thick pipe of the water tank.

At this moment, this super-mechanical orangutan is lying lazily on the hill, holding a metal tree in his left hand, slowly gnawing at it, the sound of metal and metal colliding, like forging iron in a factory. yuan.

‘Boom! ”Boom! ”Boom! ”Boom! ”Boom! ‘

Its upper and lower rows of teeth are like a forging press, shrinking, punching, shrinking, punching.

It doesn’t even need the bite force of its upper and lower jaws to smash its prey to smithereens.

(End of this chapter)

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