Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 63


Chapter 63 Radiation Field Mastery


Name: Super Mechanical King


Radiation Level: B

Health: 126420/126420

Physical: 4861/4861

Mechanical Energy: 205700

Bio attributes: Strength 153, Agility 42, Stamina 100, Intelligence 31, Perception 33

Skills: Siege Cannon Throwing lv6 (Elite), Biological Bomb lv4 (Elite), Quadruple Beast Foot lv8 ( Elite), Tooth Hammer Bite lv2 (Expert), Arm Cannon lv4 (Expert), ? ? ,? ? ,? ?

Boss template: King of Mount Tai, Lord of Radiation

King of Mount Tai (Mechanical Module):

Effect 1: Slap the ground with both hands, creating a shock wave , the effect of causing an earthquake

Effect 2: Strongly vibrating the air, creating the momentum of Mount Tai’s top pressure

The Lord of Radiation (Mechanical Template):

Effect 1: Mastering the Radiation Field

Effect 2: ? ?

Effect 3: ? ?

Good guy! What a great guy! !

Six-digit life, six-digit mechanical energy, two main attributes over one hundred.

A row with at least ‘Elite’ level skills.

A mechanical module, a mechanical template.

The corners of Gao Gong’s eyes twitched, although he was planning to seek a battlefield breakthrough, he had to kill a B-Rank mechanical biochemical beast without pursuing it.

But this mechanical gorilla is too fierce.

This is the standard boss template!

Fortunately, the slaughter that was brewing before suppressed the reverie in my heart, like waves in a secluded pond, with only a trace of ripples, and then it sank.

The bright red on Gao Gong’s forearm gradually spread to the joints.

And above the muscles of the forearm, strips of bright red blood vessels bulged.

Just like the original Reaper Queen, under the biological armor, it is full of smoky red.

Gao Gong files the lower teeth flower, and the Predator Realm is activated again.

Predator Domain (Biomodification): Once the domain is opened, a food chain connection will be made between ‘predator’ and ‘prey’. If the connection is successful, all attributes of ‘prey’ will be -20%, extremely Greatly reduces the will of the ‘prey’ to fight, if the judgment fails, a random attribute of the ‘prey’ increases by 30%, enters a violent state, and hates +300.

The attribute of this orangutan is exaggerated enough, more or less makes no difference.

But if you can force the opponent into a frenzy, it will be more effective.

The super orangutan’s eyes immediately had a kind of irritability, and it had an urge to immediately crush the ant to death.

Yet next moment, the urge disappears immediately as the electronic grid of the eyes lights up.

[The Predator Domain Expands]

[Food Chain Linking]

[Food Chain Marking Failed]

Super orangutan’s eyes flashed He sneered a little, as if to say, with this little means, I will also deal with Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu’s intelligence is higher than yours.

‘Electronic will? ‘

Gao Gong didn’t speak, he threw an object with his backhand and threw it at the opponent’s feet.

It was a bunch of black bananas he picked on the road. It seemed that the heavy metals exceeded the standard.


Next moment, a black dot instantly appeared in front of Gao Gong’s eyes, quickly zooming in, occupying all of Gao Gong’s vision.

This is the big metal tree it just gnawed on.

The tree was thrown with a sonic boom like a cannonball.

Gao Gong also burst into flames, his left eye closed, his right eye was transformed into high-precision mode, listening to the wind to identify the position, before the big tree hit him, the two knives suddenly pushed forward, a huge force out of thin air Come, however, under the action of the full-level rebounding knife, the force is constantly canceled, and with his a violent roar, this ‘big tree siege cannon’ forcibly changed direction.

Behind him, a series of tree breaking sounds resounded, as if a cannonball had smashed into the forest.

Gao Gong hardly stagnates at all. Facing such a monster whose five attributes are far above him, even a pause of one second is the way to die!

next moment, another ‘tree cannon’ appeared in his position just now.

Gao Gong swung his swords fiercely, and countless sword shadows flashed at the same time. Hundreds of ‘Gao Gong’ lined up in a row, and surrounded the super-mechanical orangutan in the form of a ‘group of ants swallowing elephants’.

The super orangutan stood up slowly, spit out two thick white air from a water tank from his nose, and slammed his chest and roared.

In Gao Gong’s perception, the radiation field of several dozen li in the radius is stirred up, the colors visible to naked eyes, blue, purple, red, and large tracts of rays of light flicker in midair on.

Except for the main body, all other ‘Gao Gong’ flickered, first with a large number of snowflakes, and then dropped at the same time.

Disconnect my internet! ?

giant beast falls from the sky like a meteorite.

Gao Gong flicked his wrist and the silhouette disappeared immediately.

Then the ground all split up and in pieces, and the layers sank.

On a big tree ten meters away, a thin line that is hard to see with naked eyes sags the tree.

Then next moment, a black shadow appeared in the direction of the buttocks of the super mechanical orangutan as if passing through space.

The wind whistled, Gao Gong’s whole body screamed, and his target was the chrysanthemum of this B-Rank radiant beast.

The super-mechanical orangutan hardly hesitated. On his right hind leg, more than a dozen fumaroles suddenly spewed out air cannons, driving this ‘giant pillar’ to come first, with five fingers like the palm of the Buddha. , grab Gao Gong, the Monkey Sun.

Gao Gong’s ‘infrared vision’ captured a large number of changes in the heat source, without the slightest hesitation, the single-molecule hook grabbed his right foot, yanked it violently, his limbs shrank inward, and his body shape In the case of being unable to use force, forcibly transformed the gravity core, thereby changing the flight path, and flew out from the opponent’s fingers.

Then, Gao Gong stabbed the two knives in his hand into the opponent’s wrist, and with the sound of ‘zilla la’, gold fire splashed everywhere.

[You deal 10 points of damage to the super mechanical gorilla]


One of the blue Reaper suddenly collapsed in the process of tearing the armor .


Gao Gong swung the hook again and grabbed a piece of thick undulating armor. At the same time as the silhouette flashed, another green Reaper slit an arm. Thick ‘pipe’.

For the hypermechanical orangutan, this is probably equivalent to puncturing a tiny blood vessel.

[You deal 50 damage to the super-mechanical gorilla]

The other party is like a flexible cockroach being drilled into his body, bite here, bite there, although it doesn’t hurt, Just a little itchy.

But it’s a pain in the ass.

Two huge robotic palms slapped around, and every time the armor collided with the armor, there would be a loud sound of tearing the eardrums.

Gao Gong suspects that he’s doing more damage to the hyper-mechanical gorilla than he’s slapped himself.

However, this feeling of life and death is something no C-Rank Radiant Beast can give.

Gao Gong’s prosthetic eye has maxed out, and he has only one eye that can keep up with the rhythm of battle.

The effect of ‘Bounce the Knife’ exceeds all skills at this moment.

There is no such full level of blocking skills, no ‘Buddha’s Palm’, just the undulating ‘armored city walls’ and the giant metal thorns under the city wall are enough to poke myself A hundred blood holes came out.

This guy actually has the form of a ‘metal hedgehog’, but those metal hairs are hidden under the armor, and the nerve bundles in the hair are not stimulated, and will not become sharp and hard.

What’s more terrifying is that on Gao Gong’s feet, the pair of flame leather boots featuring ‘high temperature resistance’ actually melted.

The two Qing Reapers were also pitted, and the blades were full of gaps caused by slashing.

In terms of ‘biomaterial hardness’, the Hypermechanical Gorilla and Reaper Queen are also one level behind.

As the pressure increases, a certain limit is approached.

Gao Gong’s palm also began to ooze blood gradually.

This is not the palm of the hand cracking, but the finger, to be precise, the external organ of the ‘bloodthirsty catcher’ is ‘vomiting blood’.

This shows that Gao Gong’s body system is about to be overwhelmed.

But the same.

A special feeling is brewing in the body.

Under the force of the high-intensity radiation field, the body begins to generate a new power.

A little bit more!

A little bit more! !

Gao Gong’s bright red forearm, blood-veined forearm, and his shoulder blade wrapped in a network of blue-veined veins all seemed to be forcing something.

This feels like some kind of gushing gate.

But the first one who couldn’t hold it was the super mechanical gorilla.

When a cockroach crawls on you for almost a minute and a half, you will also be close to irritable mania.

Next moment, the super orangutan beat his chest and roared wildly.

The multi-colored radiation wave is like a flock of birds returning to their nests, and like hundreds of rainbows, returning to the dark clouds.

Gao Gong seems to be in the middle of a ‘nuclear explosion’ all at once.

This radiation intensityβ€”β€”

Gao Gong abruptly opened his left eye.

The feeling is coming!

The blood on the palm stained the blade red.

Next moment, Gao Gong appeared on the neck of giant beast, in the hot ‘radiation lava’, the two blue Reapers rolled up the blood-red rays of light, danced wildly with their swords, and slashed each other fiercely neck.

For the first time, the super-mechanical gorilla let out a scream of pain.

[You deal 3263 damage to the Super Mechanical Gorilla]

[You deal 3157 damage to the Super Mechanical Gorilla]

The two blue Reapers are beheading In an instant, the blade turned into iron slurry and fell.

And Gao Gong’s damage jumped from double figures to four figures.

Although the opponent’s blood volume is six figures.

Just a fraction of the time.

Although he was slashed, in the next moment, countless metal furs immediately appeared on the slit of the neck, forming a new pipe and mechanical spine.

The super-mechanical orangutan twisted his neck and turned around suspiciously, with a look of joy flashing in his eyes.

Has this abominable ‘cockroach’ finally been burned?

Sure enough, no one can escape from their palms!

The super-mechanical orangutan went over the mountains happily.

And after a long time, not far from the battlefield.

Gao Gong stood there with an odd expression.

He glanced at the half of the blood left, and didn’t care too much.

His eyes were tightly closed, and when they were opened again, a naked eye swept across the radius several li with an unseen force.

With his thoughts, the invisible radiation of one after another naked eye materialized, like a colorful light, covering all the space.

This is – Radiation Field Control! ?

Isn’t this the ability of the leader of the Radiant Beast?

This time, I really became a ‘humanoid war beast’.

(End of this chapter)

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