Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 64


Chapter 64 The prototype of the new force

With a squeak, the armored war chariot stopped.

Aunt Xiang took the lead and walked out with an unhappy face, Iron Man followed closely from behind and Gao Gong lazily walked last.

The two guards at the door saw Gao Gong, their eyes lit up, and they gave a frenzied salute.

“Salute to you, Tribal Advisor.”

“Tribal Advisor?”

“At the ‘Cable Sacrificial Conference,’ the Great Elder himself gave you You have the right to participate in all the affairs of the tribe, large or small, and in the tribe, your status is only under the Great Elder.”

“Under the little woman? Just her height, What position do you need to be under her.”

Gao Gong waved his hand casually, “Okay, you’re busy.”

“Yes, my advisor!”

Along the way, the attitudes of everyone Gao Gong met changed and became more respectful. If it used to be a kind of respect for the life saving benefactor, now there is a feeling of powerhouse worship.

Gao Gong only left for four days, and the recycling station has changed a lot. Outside, there are some rough processing equipment in the open air, while in the abandoned building, there are some higher level mechanical equipment. When busy, you can even vaguely see the shadow of the production line.

β€œYou did good.”

Gao Gong walked to a warehouse, and the guards in charge of the tribe hurriedly saluted.

In the warehouse, a former mechanic squad member is taking stock of equipment.

“How’s it going?”

The member was stunned when he saw Gao Gong, his expression was calm, but he reported it seriously.

“In the past few days while you were away, we purchased nearly 280,000 mechanical coins. The specific list is as follows, high level alloys…”

Gao Gong posted He waved his hand, “It’s all about the supplies, I want to know the exact amount of equipment.”

Before leaving, Gao Gong asked the little woman to hand over three blueprints to Huang Wen, [Central Nervous Control Circle], [Open Edition] Virtual projection], [manual nerve disruptor], let him step up the construction and prepare for the upcoming beast wave.

The members immediately reported: “So far, a total of 146 pieces of ‘Central Nervous Direct Control Circle’ have been built, 77 pieces of ‘Portable Virtual Projection’ have been built, and 65 pieces of ‘Manual Neural Disruptor’ have been built. Pieces.”

Gao Gong lightly exclaimed, said: “So much?”

“The technical content of these equipment is not high, the key is the creator’s idea, like a heavenly steed , soaring across the skies , unimaginable.”

“There are genius ideas in ordinary equipment.”

The member looked towards Gao Gong with fanatical eyes, It seems that science men worship invention and creation more than martial power.

That’s all the wisdom of sand sculpture players!

“It’s a lot faster than I thought,” Gao Gong touched his chin. “If that’s the case, let’s have a meeting and take the opportunity to consolidate our ideas.”

Very Quick, in a packed conference hall, a group of people walked in.

“Beast Advisor, you’re back, did you bring me a gift?”

The little woman jumped and came in first.

“Do you want a radiant beast whip that is taller than you?”

Seeing that the two were about to fight again, Professor Han coughed dryly and said, “It’s meeting time, everyone Be serious.”

Gao Gong held the little woman’s head with one hand and let her wave her two short hands while moving towards the few people who came in behind nodded with a smile.

Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs.

The logistics department sect master tube, former mechanical squad Captain, Huang Wen.

War Section sect master tube, former edelweiss squad Captain, Daisyela.

The hunting department sect master tube, a veteran hunter called Lao Qian.

Technology consultant, Professor Han.

The Great Elder of the Cable Tribe, Huang Yuanli.

After everyone sat down, Gao Gong looked towards Daisyela and said, “How does the new prosthesis feel?”

Daisila was moving three robotic arms , some dissatisfied: “It’s not very easy to use, the formidable power is only 70% of the previous one, and you have to re-adapt to the battle mode.”

“If you take time to give me a prosthetic surgery, you may feel It will be much better.”

Daisyra’s conversation changed, and she saw Tu Qian Dagger.

“No problem, I have the opportunity to design a special surgery plan for you,” Gao Gong agreed with a smile. Isn’t it just a blueprint. There are many blueprints of melee combat in his mind, not bad for hers.

Huang Wen coldly snorted on the screen, “It’s good if it works. According to my calculations, when you were attacked, the death rate was as high as 86%. You should be glad that you are still alive. .”

These three robotic arms are exactly his design.

Daisy raised her brows and replied, “Compared to you, I am indeed very lucky.”

Lao Qian stared at Huang Wen for a long time. , then said curiously: “Boy, are you an AI?”

Huang Wen’s face darkened and he stopped talking.

Gao Gong tapped the table, drawing everyone’s attention.

“The main purpose of coming here this time is to let everyone know each other and to report on the progress of their respective work.”

“The great war will approach, everyone is very busy, so don’t It’s a waste of lip service.”

“Who comes first?”

“I’ll come first,” Daisyela said first, “so far, we have a total of We set up three combat teams, each with ten people, and trained in the old-fashioned way. The team consisted of my former squad members, some tribe warriors, and some well-known mechanical hunters who were recruited one after another. .”

“Can the hunters outside be trusted?” Professor Han asked with a frown.

“Maybe I had a little thought before, but after seeing Mister Gao’s performance, I won’t have any more.”

Daisyra knows what her peers think, because She has ideas too.

But after Gao Gong’s massacre, those thoughts vanished immediately.

It may be difficult for outsiders to understand the prestige of a super powerhouse in the professional group of mechanical hunters.

“Don’t care about other people’s thoughts. It’s normal to have thoughts. People without thoughts can’t live now.”

Gao Gong glanced at the list.

Three combat teams, 30 people, half of their own people and half of them are unfamiliar faces.

This ratio seems to be able to be expanded.

“Recruit two more armed groups. In my name, whether it is melee or long-range, main or auxiliary, it is up to you.”

“But only A request must be a potential stock, and the kind that has the potential to undergo mechanical transformation.”

A flash of excitement flashed in Daisyla’s eyes: “I understand!”

Gao Gong gestured to Huang Wen, and Huang Wen thought about it and said:

“I will mainly introduce the existing equipment reserves here.”

“So far, We have a total of 7 unmanned combat aircraft, 46 remote control firearms, 76 melee mechanical weapons, 5 automatic artillery, 54 shells, and 530,000 bullets. At present, our productivity is mainly concentrated in the new equipment you handed me over. Build it.”

“Is there a shortage of equipment for arming the squid now?” Gao Gong asked suddenly.

Daisyra shook the head, “The discounts in the military warehouse are crazy. The weapons are the same as the ones delivered. At least two spare firearms are in hand, and there is no shortage of weapons and ammunition for the time being.”

Gao Gong looked towards Lao Qian again, Lao Qian was stunned for a moment, then lowered his head and muttered a few words, and said:

“Well, you want us Old Guys to find a big insect, we caught fifty of them. Many.”

“So many?” the little woman asked in surprise.

“In fact, there are more of these things on the riverside. We used the strange equipment you gave and caught them very quickly. Give us a few more days, and I can get another 100 pieces,” Lao Qian said. Some self-satisfied way.

“It’s enough to arrange one or two people to be guides,” Gao Gong shook his head. “The others will practice for a whole day or two first. I have other arrangements for you.”

Old man Qian opened his mouth and wanted to ask a question, what use are these old scumbags who are half-tired to death after grabbing a few Insects, but after thinking about it, he still closed his mouth obediently.

Gao Gong bypassed the little woman again and said directly to Professor Han: “The ‘Tight Hoops’ are all handed over to you. In a short period of time, the number of mechanical biochemical beasts I need you to control reaches 100. It’s best to use small tribes as a unit.”

“It’s a bit difficult, it’s too dangerous outside now,” Professor Han said after thinking for a while.

“It’s fine, I’ll go with you then. All you have to do is train animals.”

Professor Han sighed, “I’ll try my best.”

Gao Gong looked towards Huang Wen again: “With these three new types of equipment as the core, design a set of tactics.”

“Yes,” Huang Wen glanced at the little woman, “but I It needs the cooperation of the animal trainers, I have never cooperated with these people, and I don’t know their ability parameters.”

“The people of our tribe will help!” The little woman who managed to grab the right to speak hastily said loudly.

“By the way, let Auntie Xiang take more apprentices and teach more old-fashioned weapon-making skills. These old weapons will work wonders at certain junctures.”

“Professor Han and Lao Qian will come back at night.”

“Some disabled warriors in the Cable Tribe don’t need to install prosthetics, I have other arrangements for them.”

“The recycling station is the center. , try to expand the line of defense, don’t have to worry about what the vigilante group thinks, they want trouble, let them come to me.”

“The beast swarm will come in sooner or later, we can only rely on ourselves! “

As a former leader of civilization, managing a small organization with only three hundred members, Gao Gong has the words at hand.

The efficiency is so high that even the two Captains Huang Wen and Daisy La were surprised and then relaxed.

Who said that Gao Gong is just a lone wolf, this is not very professional.

After the meeting, everyone will go back to their respective homes and find their respective mothers.

Gao Gong is also busy, extracting glands from desert worms and making ‘salve’.

To make 300 people’s ‘skins’ is a lot of work.

However, when everyone in the Conference Hall disappeared, Gao Gong looked at the little woman who was still clinging to her and said strangely: “What’s your situation?”

“You Don’t trust me, you only trust Professor Han,” the little woman said angrily, “I am the Great Elder of the tribe!”

“What kind of cuteness can I sell in my thirties.”

Gao Gong shook his head: “Of course you are very important, your telepathy is the Divine Item of the battlefield commander.”

“If I am the team’s first battle strength, then you are the first Robotic beast controller, all tactical arrangements are inseparable from your help.”

Huang Yuanli grinned and was finally satisfied.

“Okay, just kidding, am I so careful? It contacted me.”

“It?” Gao Gong turned his head and figured it out , is the group of ‘brain flowers’.

“It asked me to give you something.”


Huang Yuanli opened her mouth as if she was cute, and then a tentacle pierced her. It was squeezed out of his mouth.

To be honest, the scene is pretty weird.

(End of this chapter)

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