Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 65


Chapter 65 Du Zhaodi

After the high-intensity fight, Gao Gong did not rest, but once again devoted himself to various preparations at work.

On the operating table, rows of transparent reagents are gradually taking shape as the operating arm rotates, lifts, and injects.

The experience and knowledge required to make ‘Desert Skin’ is only possessed by the profession of Prosthetic Doctor.

Fortunately, this time there are sufficient materials, Gao Gong doesn’t need to care about the failure rate and can show his skills.

Busy until late at night, Gao Gong realized that he had been working for so long when there was movement at the door.

The two have been waiting at the door for a while.

“Why didn’t you come in?”

Professor Han still had a calm expression on his face, but the old money, whispering, seemed to be a man who couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“By the way, boy, oh no, consultant, why did you bring me here?”

Gao Gong pointed to the operating table, “Lie down, I’ll give you a big one. Health care.”

Old Qian gave him a suspicious look, then looked towards Professor Han.

Professor Han said, “I’ll give you a full-body physical examination to see if your body is rejecting.”

“I mean, it’s not like a virtual machine. ,” Lao Qian lay down carefree, and the cold operating table made him grin.

“I’m panicking.”

Professor Han was sitting in front of the testing equipment not far away, and quickly debugged. Soon, a series of body data were displayed on more than a dozen screens.

“How is it?”

“The ossification of the motor system, the vegetative disorder of the nervous system, the contamination of the endocrine system by radiation, and the circulatory system, there are a few more things that shouldn’t exist. Parts…”

Gao Gong folded his arms and looked at the data on the instrument, and the broken-mouthed old money stopped talking.

The scene was very quiet for a while.

In other words, behind the thick-skinned and carefree old hunters, these old hunters are unbearable pain.

โ€œTake off your shirt.โ€ Gao Gong said suddenly.

“Why, do you want to fuck me?”

Professor Han gave him a cold look.

The other party took off his upper body clothes, and saw all the scars on his body, the joints were large and small, the sternum was deformed, there was even a skeleton on the shoulder blade, and the ricketed back was covered with rashes. metal particles.

Gao Gong did not show a surprised expression, but carefully inspected the opponent’s severed arm. There were obvious implant marks on the cross section of the opponent’s shoulder, and the three blood holes had scabbed over. But there are no mechanical organs.

“Sure enough, you are forcibly implanting the hands and feet of the radiant beasts into the human body.”

“To implant a beast’s foot, you must cut off the other.”


“So these Old Guys either have broken arms or broken feet.”

Gao Gong glanced at Professor Han, “You’re good at everything about bionics, but your body is a bit of a waste.”

“No one has ever said that biomimicry can only be a machine imitating a human, and a human can still imitate a wild beast,” Professor Han said calmly.

Seeing that Gao Gong didn’t show a discriminatory look, Lao Qian froze again, “Boy, look carefully, Lao Tzu has two kidneys, do you know what this means?”


“It means that you eat a lot of kidney treasure tablets?”

“Farting, it means that Lao Tzu is seven times a night!”

“Put on your clothes, you look like this , you don’t need to go to bed, the woman will make you cry.” Gao Gong ruthless said.

“Go back and bring all your old comrades in arms and have them all examined.”

“Boy, what do you want to do?” Lao Qian said in a surprised tone.

“It is indeed difficult to restore your body to its original state, but if it is just to restore the physical strength of a normal person, or even control biological weapons to fight, it is not impossible.”

After Lao Qian left in doubt, Professor Han said in a complicated tone: “Their biological rejection has reached its peak, do you want them to die in battle?”

“Then why didn’t you just say it? “

Professor Han fell silent for a long time, then said: “If the sacrifice of these people can be exchanged for other people to survive, I think it is worthwhile.”

“You still It hasnโ€™t changed,โ€ Gao Gong sighed, and then said with a smile: โ€œThe problems brought about by the development of technology will inevitably be solved by the light of other higher-level technologies. I donโ€™t sacrifice anyone, and life itself has value. “

“Then what are you going to do?”

“Tell me a story, I’m still very interested in the story of Lao Sun, a deserter.”


In the early morning of the second day, four armored war chariots appeared at the entrance of the recycling station, and the skeleton warriors with a nearly two-meter outer skeleton walked down with heavy footsteps.

The guard complexion greatly changed, and he hurriedly summon his companions. After a while, all the three armed squad members arrived and surrounded these warriors from three directions.

Except for the uninformed tribe warriors, all the mechanical hunters are ugly complexion, and there is a strong fear in their eyes.

Without it, this is the elite equipment of the mechanical Legion, with other higher-level defense systems, weapon systems, implant systems, and high-tech firearms in the opponent’s hands that can’t see the magazinesโ€” – That’s a standard electromagnetic weapon.

“Captain, who are they? Are they here as guests?” Pang Xiang asked dumbly.

Matsushima Keiko, who was squatting on Pang Xiang’s shoulder, slapped her backhand with a slap on the back of her head.

“Idiot, they’re here to find fault!”

Daisyla walked over with a facial expression grave, and the three electromagnetic guns in her hand ‘zi zi’ sounded, which made those There was a hint of vigilance on the face of the outer skeleton warrior.

“Several distinguished guests, please state your purpose.”

The ten outer skeleton warriors did not speak, and the scene was calmly terrifying.

“They came to find me.”

Gao Gong walked out of the building while wiping his hands, stopped, looked up and down at each other’s blue body, and suddenly said with a smile : “Meet again, Major Zhou.”

The leading outer skeleton warrior’s visor opened with a ‘squeak’, Zhou Cong looked towards Gao Gong with a very complicated expression: “Completely didn’t expect, You are so strong.”

“You are not bad either, Legion’s outer skeleton with no energy exhaustion is a standard battlefield killer.”

‘Captain, sensing that there is a Small drones are approaching, and they appear to be laying out firepower. ‘

The teammate’s voice came from the earphone, Zhou Cong’s expression remained unchanged, he looked left and right, said with a smile: “You did good here, it’s very lifelike.”

There are more and more people watching. Today’s cable tribe members are also changing guns with shotguns. The steel bars in their hands have turned into various firearms and weapons. They look dangerously at these people. It seems that they will take action as long as they give an order.

“I’m not your enemy,” Zhou Cong said seriously: “With your skills, there is no way to escape, but they can’t escape.”

“I’ll go with you.”

Gao Gong nods and agrees, “Just in time, I have something to report to you.”

The little woman came out of nowhere, and grabbed Gao Gong’s sleeve nervously: “Hey, don’t go, they will definitely slice you up for research!”

Gao Gong smiled and shook the head, and said, “Don’t worry, it’s only a few days before the beast swarms. Even if they study, what can they study.”

Zhou Cong’s heart moved, is this scene? The other side plots against in advance, okay?

“By the way, bring the box from my operating room.”

On the way, Gao Gong looked at the interior of the car curiously.

Much more luxurious than my own.

Zhou Cong laughed, pressed a button, a freezer popped out, and inside the freezer was a bottle of champagne.

After pouring two cups, Zhou Cong handed a cup over and said with emotion: “I escaped from the front-line beast swarm, I thought I could rest for two days, but didn’t expect to fight, the opponent is still the same. Beast horde, this is reallyโ€””

He shook the head with a wry smile and drank it.

Gao Gong took a sip of his wine and showed a meaningful smile: “You are a guest army, I am a guest general, in a sense, we are a group.”

Zhou Cong was stunned for a moment, but did not answer, but his expression changed slightly.

“Tell me about those minds.”

“Brigadier General Moshan, the commander of a combat corps on the front line, has his own elite troops and is famous The martial arts faction.”

“Brigadier General Gerville, who was born in the equipment system, although he is not good at fighting, but he is a good player in making money, especially if he can get the most advanced weapons and equipment, he is only equipped with water from the system. It is also notoriously deep…”

Today’s gasoline towns are completely unrecognizable, and various military buildings seem to be overnight. Get up.

The armored war chariot stopped in front of a ditch the width of a river.

“This is reallyโ€”” Gao Gong shook the head: “That’s exaggerated.”

“Hey, what is that, a transporter?”

Above the sky, an ‘energy airship’ is flying into a parking lot not far away.

“It looks like a cargo boat from a factory,” Zhou Cong didn’t care. “Maybe it’s here to transport equipment.”

“That’s a coincidence,” Gao Gong forced a smile , tone unclear.


On the parking lot, the tail section of the huge airship, the mechanical armor slowly sank with the sound of the huge air pump.

Said to be an ‘airship’, but it was definitely not a ‘World War II airship’, but a ‘super-armored aircraft’ that was thickened layer by layer in order to prevent the raid of mechanical flying species.

Zhao He stood at the entrance with a somewhat surprised expression. Since he was born in a factory, he was responsible for the welcome work, but he didn’t expect that it was her.

As the airship hatch was fully opened, a slender silhouette appeared in the hatch, wearing a light blue overalls, her hair in a neat ponytail, her hands in her pockets, and the strong wind took her away. The corners of the clothes blew up and down.

“Director Du, you are welcome to come and inspect.”

The logistics staff of the security corps hurriedly greeted them, smiling brightly on their faces, but muttering in their hearts, this great war will approach , how can the factory send people to carry out surprise inspections?

“Director Du, long time no see!” Zhao He leaned up excitedly and stretched out his hand.

Du Zhaodi had a calm face and kept walking, followed by a group of reviewers, all of whom were expressionless. At first glance, they were tool people who had their amygdala removed.

“Hello, Mr. Zhao, I am now an inspector of the Heavy Weapons Department of the Equipment Research Institute. I need to know the current catalogue and usage records of all your weapons. Please cooperate with our inspection.”

“Also, the third-party audit needs to be objective and fair. Our previous working relationship will not affect my current work content. Please don’t think so.”

Zhao The face of the machine suddenly stiffened.

(End of this chapter)

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