Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 66


Chapter 66 Enemies of Life and Death 2

Under the ‘guardian’ of a group of skeleton warriors, Gao Gong’s hands Put in your pocket and walk on the street.

On the streets people coming, people going, except for the Mechanical Transformer of the vigilantes, they are mechanical hunters.

“Fuck, it’s him!”

“Who? It looks familiar, war beast!?”

“The monster is back?”

After four days and four nights of live broadcast of the battle, at least in the local oasis, Gao Gong can be said to be known to everyone, known to everyone, and everyone knows the terrifying battle strength in front of him.

And more terrifying staying power.

“You know? Now there is a saying,” Zhou Cong teased in front of him: “You alone can be worth a mechanical army.”

Gao Gong shrugged, Do not answer.

“Four days and four nights is not really your limit, right!”

A gambling dog on the side of the road suddenly shouted loudly.

Gao Gong didn’t answer. Instead, a skeleton warrior gave him a wary look and pushed him away.

“You will definitely be number one, I’ve put all my fortune on you!”

“didn’t expect there are also lifeless gambling dogs here,” Zhou said. Cong sighed.

“There’s no betting dog, aren’t you and I just gambling with the radiant beast.”

“Lone Wolf, stop!!”

The roar suddenly came from the front, and a huge silhouette more than three meters high pushed away all the onlookers and snatched it in.

Lone Wolf, isn’t this Lao Tzu’s nickname before, but people still remember it now!

Gao Gong is a little excited, how can Dajiba sound so good, nowadays people don’t talk about feelings;

Gao Gong raised his head and looked at the sentimental person in front of him, wanting to confirm if it was his old acquaintance.

Uh, don’t know.

But this guy’s transformation is a bit fierce.

There are more than a dozen mechanical pendants on this guy, all of which are directly cut out of human body parts and forcibly implanted.

This is called ‘component modification’, which is a very painful modification method. The nerve system is directly connected to the equipment. Every time it is used, it will bring a strong pain.

The only benefit of this modification is that it can more intuitively test the performance of the weapon.

The hands and feet, vertebrae, eyeballs, kidneys, scapulae of the other party, wherever naked eyes can see, the flesh and blood are mixed with machinery, and the blood and water flow out from the implanted mouth.

What’s even more strange is that at least half of the mechanical components on the other side are not commercially available.

This shows that the other party is either a low-key super rich second-generation, or he has borrowed a lot of corporate loans and has become a new weapon experiment for super corporations.

“Why, did you surprise you when you saw me now?” The other party was very satisfied with Gao Gong’s expression and grinned, “It’s your lifetime regret that you didn’t become my teammate.”

Who is this B?

Gao Gong bowed his head in thought.

Not far away, a person said in surprise: “The seventh black god on the Ranking List, is he going to challenge that monster?”

Black god? Have not heard.

Gao Gong was still thinking, but Zhou Cong frowned, his eyes signaled, next moment, three outer skeleton warriors walked up.

“Hunter, don’t get in the way!”

“fuck off! ”

Hei God exerted strength with one hand, and the rows of exhaust holes on his arms opened , In the sound of gas explosion, it was like a steel column swept across and slammed into the three outer skeleton warriors.

The opponent’s body is huge, and the speed is not slow. In such a short distance, the outer skeleton warrior completely didn’t expect the opponent to shoot out brazenly, and he was swept out by the opponent before he could react.

β€œcourting death!”

Zhou Cong was furious. Under the action of the mechanical force of the outer skeleton, the silhouette instantly appeared under the black god, his hands were open, and the ‘small ‘small’ in the palm of his hand appeared. The beam launcher’ turned red and hot.

Next moment, the terrifying shock wave swept across in a fan shape. After the explosion, the tall silhouette leaned back slightly, and then a strange sound sounded.

“Is that just a little bit of damage, merely this, merely this! It turns out that I am so powerful!” There are only two prosthetic eyes that rotate at high speed, and a mechanical face full of electronic parts and wires.

The electromagnetic weapon lights up at the same time.

All the outer skeleton warriors were angry. They had never seen such an arrogant mechanical hunter, and they dared to attack them in public.

Gao Gong looked towards the pair of giant metal arms, a familiar feeling flashed by.

“I remember!” Gao Gong clapped his palms: “You are that chimpanzee!”

“I’m called a black chimpanzee!!”

The Black God flicked his hands violently, and countless muzzles were ejected from the metal arms, and he was about to explode with firepower.

But Gao Gong disappeared from his in front of one’s eyes.

“Hey, do you really want to fight?”

“If you really want to fight, I’m afraid you will be beaten.”

To his right, Gao Gong grabbed his arm with one hand and pointed to the sky with the other. He saw two high-tech helicopters without propellers appearing above everyone’s heads at some point, and the black muzzle flashed a red glimmer.

This is not an old-fashioned helicopter, but a Level 4 aircraft powered by a closed energy reactor, typically used in satellites.

The advantage of this type of energy furnace over small nuclear reactors is that it can achieve replenishment space travel by absorbing cosmic rays.

The aircraft at this level, with their own weapons, are serious energy weapons. According to the equipment level, they belong to the Level 2 civilization.

Although the black god has a problem with his brain, he is not a fool. He glanced at the aircraft in the sky with fear, and then stared at Gao Gong frantically.

“Remember, if you can’t be my teammate, that is my lifelong enemy. Sooner or later, I will unscrew your head and hang it on my body as my spills of war!”

After saying this, the Black God turned around, knocked off everyone who was in the way, and disappeared into the street.

“If it weren’t for the lack of manpower now, I would definitely kill this guy!” Zhou Cong was so angry.

“Don’t be angry, what’s the point of being angry with a dead person.”

Gao Gong doesn’t matter. The person who signs a business loan may increase in strength in a short time, but Throughout their lives, they will become consumables for corporate products, driven crazy by endless human transformations.

Most of these experiments do not live beyond three months.

For ordinary NPCs, there is no solution to corporate loans, because there is only one life.

But for certain types of players, this is a good opportunity to have a blast.

This type of player professionally touches various enterprises, in exchange for a life-threatening transformation in exchange for a short-term surge in strength, which is used to break through a certain mission level, or achieve the first kill of a certain boss.

This is called a wave of play.

This kind of old-fashioned players will cause headaches for companies in the future, and there are even several companies that have been prostituted into bankruptcy and reorganized.

This is called defeating magic with magic.

Except for this little episode, the journey went smoothly, and soon, Gao Gong was led to a conference hall in the headquarters.

There seems to be a military meeting going on inside and they need to wait outside.

People coming, people going in the corridor, everyone was in a hurry, Zhou Cong grabbed a familiar face from the logistics department.

“What’s the situation, the radiant beast came in?”

“Almost, that woman is going crazy, and we are balancing the account!”

“Fire Dragon burns the warehouse, Yin Soldier borrows food, it’s a good sign.”

Zhou Cong glared at Gao Gong, Gao Gong looked at his nose and heart with his eyes, his face was innocent.

The entrance of another Conference Hall was gradually filled with people.

Gao Gong felt another malicious look.

He followed his eyes and saw a youngster staring at him angrily.

What the hell is this, there are a lot of enemies I don’t know recently.

The same person cannot fall into a pit twice.

Gao Gong thought about it seriously, he thought, it was the police officer named Zhao She.

Didn’t he have a grudge against Tin Hide? How can hatred be transferred.

“You’re so despicable to let a woman make you head!”

Gao Gong squinted, does this guy know about his relationship with Du Zhaodi? Or rather, he was referring to Black Rose.

After all, Sister Rose is also very powerful, maybe she is doing a show that she doesn’t know about.

There were a lot of women on his head, and he couldn’t tell who the other party was talking about.

If you don’t understand, just ask directly.

“That, which woman are you talking about?”

Zhao Ji looked at him with disbelief, a man of heart can be shameless, but how can he be so shameless .

“Cough, please don’t get me wrong, in case this woman is my mother.”

Zhao Ji gnashing teeth, “I saw at the time that you are a liar and rhetoric. Little man, what did you say to stand out, and that’s what happened? Let her risk her life to appear on the battlefield?”

Gao Gong squinted.

“What’s your relationship with Du Zhaodi, oh, to be precise, do we know each other?”

Zhao Xie took a deep breath, “Of course you don’t know me, I was in the factory back then , you’re so eye-catching, and I’m so unremarkable.”

“But look at now, you, a waste hunter who has had one meal but not the next, and I, the vigilante. The official representative of !”

“When you fall into my hands, I will let you know what it means to be dead!”


Gao Gong picked his nose, thinking that everyone doesn’t play cards according to the routine these days, and he hasn’t brushed his teeth in the morning, and there are two more ‘enemies of life and death’ all at once.

This is the lack of interactive plot.

He thought about it for a while, and since they were all ‘enemies of life and death’, then it’s okay to pull a hatred.

He explained in an exploratory tone: “That, Mr. Zhao, Captain Zhao, is there any misunderstanding between us?”

Zhao Machinery raised his chin, coldly snorted , dismissively.

“For example, it’s ‘getting ahead’, it doesn’t necessarily mean career, it may also be a posture, right.”

Gao Gong didn’t have time to look at Zhao Ji The expression on his face, because the Conference Hall door opened, he was surrounded by a group of people.

But why is there a cow’s gasp behind you?

Is the cow on fire?

(End of this chapter)

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