Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 67


Chapter 67 Male and female coordination

There are not many people in the Conference Hall, but they are all upper-level officers, brigadier generals and school-level officers , AI robot, logistics supervisor, Gao Gong even saw a few cyber hackers, and the implanted warehouse covered most of his face.

as everyone knows , the bigger the implant, the higher the level of hacking.

Everyone also looked towards Gao Gong, this youngster with a slight smile, not like mockery, but definitely not respectful, especially when he bowed slightly and glanced around, Everyone hair stands on end, as if being stared at by a vicious wild beast.

In their eyes, the shadows under Gao Gong’s feet seem to have changed, baring fangs and brandishing claws, grinding teeth and sucking blood, it seems that they will burst out and hurt people at any time.

“Good! Good! What a mechanical hunter!”

A heavy hammer-like sound suddenly sounded, immediately dispelling the aura created by Gao Gong.

Above the main seat, a nearly three-meter-high super-transformer looked at him admiringly.

Heavy General, Magic Mountain!

Gao Gong squinted. Compared with the bloated and chaotic mechanical components of the chimpanzee, this guy’s armor is both beautiful and dangerous, so tall, but there is no sense of clumsiness.

He had only experienced this feeling on the B-Rank Radiant Beast.

This guy’s physical transformation definitely exceeds 50 points. As for mechanical energy, it should be above 500 points.

Don’t underestimate this number. Unlike mechanical biochemical beasts, weapon systems, armor systems, and some external equipment are not counted in human mechanical energy.

This does not belong to the category of mechanical life.

If all these are counted, this guy’s mechanical energy must be at least plus zero.

If you count your body size.

Under the same body size, the super mechanical ape king may not be his opponent.

Another elderly brigadier general said with a slight smile: “I didn’t expect that there would be a mechanical hunter in our oasis.”

‘Mechanical Hunter Killer’ is a high accolade, a ‘powerhouse title’ that can wreak havoc on large mechanical systems.

For example, every A-Rank boss is a mechanical hunter.

A person is equivalent to a mechanical army.

β€œI don’t dare,” Gao Gong bowed his head slightly, β€œIt’s just to make a living.”

Brigadier General Gewell was very satisfied with Gao Gong’s low stance, he thought the other party was It would be very unruly.

After all, even if Legion came from a mechanical powerhouse, their attitude towards these generals is not very good.

“Very good, I believe that when the beast tide comes, your Excellency will definitely show your style.”

A school-level officer interjected, and another officer from the equipment department also took the opportunity to open the door. mouth.

“It’s just that, no matter how strong one person is, in the face of the coming beast tide, he can’t play the role of pulling strongly against a crazy tide.”

“One person can’t do it, a group of talents There is a possibility that although the warrior of our security Legion is powerful, it is not sustainable; if you can hand over your body modification technology to our Legion to resist the beast tide, we will increase the success rate by at least 30%.”

“Of course, we will not make you pay for nothing. Weapons, equipment, prosthetics, as long as you need, you can have everything.”

This is to fool people as fools and use products to buy core Technology, what do you think about this little head melon.

Gao Gong did not speak, the door was suddenly pushed open, and a valiant and formidable looking girl with ponytails broke in, swept her eyes coldly, and stared at Brigadier General Geville.

“Director Du, there is a meeting.”

“Director, we can report these issues to you.”

“Yes, Director, Let’s go out first.”

A circle of support staff surrounded the ponytail girl, but this woman was so aura that no one dared to approach her, let alone take her away forcibly.

Gavill frowned, the director of the factory, and the major equivalent to the vigilante regiment, mostly ignored him.

But at the ‘censorship’ point, the opponent has act high and mighty due to the words of a superior, which is very troublesome.

Once the situation is unfavorable, equip the system and dig something out, and transfer yourself to the role of a scapegoat on the spot.

His thoughts kept turning, but he said gently on the surface: “Director Du, what’s the matter?”

“General, there are some points in the equipment information that I don’t understand. I need to explain.”

“Okay, please wait a moment, take a seat in the next reception room, I’ll be right over.”

Du Zhaodi looked towards the only standing person in the arena Gao Gong , a look of excitement flashed in his eyes, but then he turned his head.

β€œI need to know what and when your meeting is.”

β€œI need to make sure this is not another time-wasting trick.”

Brigadier General Gavier sighed, just as he was about to speak, Gao Gong opened his mouth with a smile.

“The meeting was about my body modification technology, and the generals believed that my technology had the power to change the tide of battle.”

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat.

Bad food!

As expected, Du Zhaodi looked at Gao Gong with great interest. After a long while, she said, “Bring me a chair, General Geville, you shouldn’t mind me listening in.”

The corners of Geville’s mouth twitched, his face stiffened, and he suddenly flew into a rage out of humiliation and said, “What are you still doing, you haven’t moved a chair for the review committee yet!”

Moshan looked happily. Old Partner glanced at him, he was a first-line mechanical War General, he had the most advanced weapon use rights, and he didn’t have much obsession with mastering technology.

But he’d love to see this old yin gobble up.

A major coughed dryly and brought the subject to the point.

“Since that’s the case, I don’t know your opinion-“

“This matter can wait for a while,” Gao Gong raised his head suddenly, and the smile on his face disappeared. , “I want to ask Legion’s generals about one thing.”

“We mechanical hunters fought bloody battles on the front lines to protect the oasis, but when our colleagues were assassinated, you were there again. Where?”

“Third-handed Daisy, Mechanic Huang Wen, Wilson, Hound, Bomber…”

Gao Gong called out twenty or thirty names in a row, while The expressions of the high-level leaders in front of them gradually changed, with surprise, confusion, anger, and panic.

“I was assassinated, are you telling the truth?” Moshan frowned, “How come I don’t know about this.”

He wasn’t lying, he was Not really clear.

As a result, mercenaries such as mechanical hunters die too fast on the battlefield, and they may become famous today, and they may be buried in a foreign land the day after tomorrow.

Secondly, as the situation changes, the skirmishing style that blooms in the sky is gradually transformed into a big Legion battle, and the role of the mechanical hunter continues to decrease.

With so many military affairs to deal with, who cares so much about the life and death of cannon fodder.

But the ‘assassination’ in the opponent’s mouth represents an extremely bad signal, that is, there is a mastermind behind this beast tide!

“Where’s your evidence?” Gavier ugly complexion, and besides the mastermind behind the scenes, he also heard a meaning.

Someone is burying the truth.

Security Legion, there are ghosts at home!

Gao Gong opened the small nutrition cabin he brought along.

In the ‘large glass jar’, there is a human head.

“Knight regiment combatant, Theodore, my defeated.”

“What can a human head say?” a lieutenant colonel complained.

Director Zhou also said: “If we want to detect memory fragments from human heads, we need very professional equipment. We can ask a company specializing in spiritual connection to help, but I’m afraid it’s too late.”


Gao Gong gave him a cold look, “Don’t bother, I have my own means.”

Amid the astonished eyes of everyone, Gao Gong’s right hand gradually changed. , became soft, transparent, and finally turned into a tentacle full of light spots.

The tentacles transformed by the right hand actually passed directly through the glass cover and into the temple of the human head.

A viscous substance is gradually inhaled by the tentacles.

Gao Gong opened the ‘Effect Generator’, next moment, and a picture appeared.

There are two people in the picture, one is Theodore and the other is Director Zhou.

‘I need a list of mechanical hunters on the list. ‘

‘What do you want to do? ‘

‘This is not your concern. ‘

‘If there is a mass assassination, what is my retreat. ‘

‘Don’t worry, I will definitely pick a good place for you, what’s the point of eating sand in this radiation zone. ‘

Director Zhou turned pale immediately.

Next, the pictures are divided into two, three, and four, which are all similar pictures.

Even a major and a lieutenant colonel on the field are all ‘leading actors’.

Moshan’s eyes were burning, he slowly stood up, and sneered.

“It didn’t expect that there would be so many insiders!”

“Come on, arrest them first!” Geville shouted, and suddenly a row of fighting robots Barged in, blue light flashed on the electronic eyes, one after another locked on to the target, and pushed them to the ground.

Some people shouted grievances loudly, while others said nothing.

Gavill looked towards Moshan, “Isolate and review first, and after confirming the truth and falsehood, the guilty will go to the military court.” the meaning of.

These three seem to be from logistics backgrounds, whether to save face, or…

“Don’t bother the two generals, we will avenge the revenge of our colleagues!”

Gao Gong, who had always been performing well, suddenly showed his minions, his palms turned hideous and terrifying, and he appeared in front of Director Zhou one step ahead.

The five fingers pierced directly into the opponent’s neck, and the biological suction hole seemed to sound like the belly digestion of ten men with big belly.

Next moment, Director Zhou was directly sucked into a human.

Two eyeballs fell from their shriveled sockets.

[mission completed, experience +1500, vigilance group opinion +500, aunt Xiang opinion+200]

“What are you doing!?”

this time, Even Moshan General, who has always been optimistic about Gao Gong, was angry, and a huge activation sound exploded from his mechanical body.

The goodwill of the security corps is not the same as the goodwill of some powerful figures in the security corps.

Someone kills people in their face, it’s like hitting them directly in the face.

Gao Gong was surrounded by two-meter-high combat robots.

Many people have strange eyes.

They were very interested in the retrofit technology that Gao Gong was working on.

You can grab it, why buy it?

There were no excuses, but now, excuses are coming.

In addition to the high-level combat robots, skeleton warriors also drilled out from various corridors.

The muzzle of the drone also lights up outside the window.

How many can you play?

Moshan just wanted to force the opponent to surrender. Who would have thought that Gao Gong would take the lead again and turned his head and looked towards Du Zhaodi.

“I am willing to transfer the technology I have to the factory in exchange for your blessing.”

“What do you think of the beauty?”

(End of this chapter )

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