Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 68


Chapter 68 Negotiation and Compromise

In the scene of danger lurks on every side, with Gao Gong’s words, immediately There has been a subtle shift.

As a supervisor of the factory, Du Zhaodi, in a sense, can represent the attitude of the factory.

Everyone wants new technology, so why can’t it be a factory.

Du Zhaodi looked towards Gao Gong with a smile on her face: “Is your technique very difficult to deal with?”

“Of course it’s great, women say yes after using it, cough cough, I mean, our technology has the power to control the wild beast of radiation.”

β€œIf you don’t believe me, I’ll show you.”

Gao Gong suddenly grabbed it. Living on Du Zhaodi’s waist, next moment, the lights ‘zi zi’ sounded, and at the same time, all electronic devices and electronic signals were severely disturbed.

All outer skeleton warriors and fighting robots have a momentary stiffness.

The drone outside the window ‘squeaked’, and blue smoke came from the muzzle.

Gao Gong waved one hand, and the glass burst directly.

Gao Gong took three steps and two steps, and jumped down from the height of this at least fifth layer building.

Du Zhaodi hugged his chest tightly, she felt the other person’s chest was hot, but she didn’t know whether it was the other person or her own cheek.

“Does it look good?”

Du Zhaodi looked up and found that the surrounding space had changed, one after another ‘rainbow’ surrounded the two of them, and the sky seemed to be painted with a layer of color , the air is whistling, people are like ants underground, and the two are swinging between various buildings.

After a long while, Du Zhaodi came back to his senses from the state of tension and excitement, looked at Gao Gong obsessively, didn’t say a word, just squeezed each other with both hands.

“If you have such skills, we can leave immediately, and my special plane can take you away.” field, calmly analyze the current situation.

“They won’t let me go,” Gao Gong smiled and shook his head. “Not before, and not now.”

Boss Template: Radiation Field Mastery

Effect 1: Electronic control, affecting all electronic devices within the radiation field

Effect 2: Mutation energy collection, by collecting radiation energy to empower weapons

Effect 3: Driven by wild beast, in your radiation field, all radiation beasts below B-Rank, you can choose: Blessing/Peeling

Gao Gong simply uses his ability After saying it again, even if Du Zhaodi was not a fighter, he would immediately understand.

A man-made radiation field can really affect the battlefield situation.

In the simplest example, as long as Gao Gong’s radiation field is protected, the electronic instruments of the security corps can be undisturbed.

Only this one, the vigilantes will never let Gao Gong leave.

“Then why don’t you say it directly? Since your abilities are unique and unmatched, why did you call me here?”

“I miss you, okay? ?”

Du Zhaodi looked at him seriously, different from Sister Rose, who likes to seek stimulation at work, but this rich screw woman is meticulous once she enters the working state.

Gao Gong smiled and shook his head: “To be honest, I’m not worried about those Mechanical Transformers, at least I can’t beat them and can run, but once those cyber hackers attack, I might not be able to stop them.”


Cyber hackers are different from ordinary hackers. They hack the human brain, and the means of manipulating the human body should not be too rich.

Those hackers who didn’t say a word or even had no sense of presence were the ones that Gao Gong feared the most.

To this end, he even exposed two hole cards.

One is ‘Spiritual Tentacle’ and the other is ‘Du Zhaodi’.

The former can block the hacker’s intrusion in a short time, and the latter can prevent the situation from falling out of control.

“By the way, what are your tentacles?” Du Zhaodi couldn’t help but ask, she doesn’t like sticky things, so if Gao Gong really turns into a tentacle monster, she will be very uncomfortable.

She may find it extra exciting to be Sister Rose.

“Oh, this,” Gao Gong extended the palm, next moment, a blue transparent tentacle extended from the palm, and then floated in the air.

Despite its shape, the offspring of ‘Brain in a Vat’ is still beautiful.

As soon as Gao Gong thought about it, it turned into a blue ball of light, suspended above the two of them, like a dream.

Name: Daughter (Brain in a Vat)

Energy Level: C

Race: primary level Information Body

Information Level : 56

HP: 200/200

Biological attribute: Strength 1 Agility 1 Stamina 1 Intelligence 1 Perception 1

Skills: Memory Retrieval lv6, Torso Information Transformation lv4 (advanced), information barrier lv3 (advanced), information swallowing lv2 (elite)

Remarks: This is a rare information life, although it is very young, it has unlimited potential.

Gao Gong doesn’t care about its future potential and doesn’t plan to feed it with brains.

What he cares about is that the next step of transformation is finally in place.

‘Brain flower’ is still very caring, you can send whatever you want, and then send it back to a few factories to eat.

In the impression, in the pinnacle stage, the Knight regiment has hundreds of biological factories operating at the same time, continuously producing beast soldiers.

Although the other party is not in peak condition, there are still thirty or forty underground factories.

Some biological factories are not even much smaller than mechanical factories.

Thinking of this, Gao Gong moved in his heart and said with a smile: “Director Du, are you interested in being the factory manager?”

Du Zhaodi was stunned, the ‘factory manager’ is not like that Fortunately, there must be several new equipment industry lines on hand, which are the secrets of large enterprises.

And in order to become the factory manager, one must first join the ‘Mechanical Committee’ of this continent, which is the highest authority of the ‘factory’ and cannot be entered without great merit.

It can be said that there are dozens of factory directors in the ‘factory’ system, each of which is backed by a large enterprise.

“You’re talking big again?”

“When did I brag aboutβ€””

Gao Gong just wanted to make a joke, and the right prosthetic eye Suddenly ‘ε‘²ε‘²’ sounded.

[Prosthetic invasion in progress]

[Quick cracking of electronic defense wall]

[Severe visual sensor interference]

[Electronic positioning in progress] ]

Gao Gong’s face sank, and the ‘blue light ball’ immediately turned into countless tentacles, wrapping the two of them around like a meat ball barrier.

Beyond the barrier, the sound of electric sparks kept ringing.

“This is a rural place, and there is no cyber network. If you want to hack into my head, you have to ask my tentacles to answer.”

Next moment, the radiation field is again Lights up, all kinds of radiation sloshing around.

Although the way cyber-hackers invade the human brain is a mimetic signal rather than an electronic signal, the radiation field has little effect.

However, only with the help of electronic signals, the mimic signals can exert their greatest might.

And in this radiation zone where even the local area network is seriously disturbed, it has seriously affected the hackers’ performance.

Gao Gong’s vision changed from clear to blurred, then from blurred to clear, indicating that the opponent’s invasion failed.

“it’s impolite not to make a return for what one receives, the cerebellum flower, swallows information.”

Next moment, on the transparent tentacles, a series of spiritual nodes light up, These nodes seem to become one after another eyeball, and in the center of the eyeball, a sliver of granulation grows out.

A silhouette of a cyber-hacker flashed through the air.

The mournful scream seemed to be in the air.

[You defeated Legion hacker White Chrysalis in the electronic invasion war, experience +316 points]

But next moment, the ‘special effect machine’ on Gao Gong’s neckline suddenly lit up , the Conference Hall scene reappears.

Looks like another cyber-hacker has done it.

However, the picture is intermittent, and it seems that it is seriously disturbed by the radiation field.

In the ‘Conference Hall’, only the faces of the two brigadiers are clear.

Indicates this is a private chat.

“Let’s negotiate the terms,” Gavill straight to the point, “we can’t help you, but it’s impossible for you to leave.”

Magic Mountain laughed: “Good boy, You really saw a good time.”

Gao Gong grinned.

Sure enough, after confirming that they couldn’t handle themselves, the tone of the two turned 180 degrees.

“My conditions? Let me think about it. Director Du has worked hard and made a lot of money. What do you think of a member of the ‘Mechanical Committee’?”


In the Conference Hall, with the ‘Virtual Invasion’ disconnected, both brigadier generals look a little unsightly.

After a long while, Gavill forced a smile, “What a treacherous brat, this is to plot against us.”

Magic Mountain coldly snorted: “This is The kid is definitely related to the woman surnamed Du.”

“Operate a ‘mechanical commissioner’, then let us report, build a wartime factory, and finally move the production line of ‘human modification technology’ Entering the new factory is a complete set of links.”

β€œWhat we can get is only 50% of the patents and the right of first refusal on the product, which is a good deal.”

The two generals didn’t look very good, and the other’s move was simply paying a small price for big rewards in return.

Let’s not say anything else, if this thing really made him do it, the other party’s status would definitely skyrocket, turning from a desperate horse boy to an upper-class person in the desert.

“Let’s get down first, and make this kid happy.”

“At worst, I’ll settle the account.”

Magic Mountain looked towards Gevir, On the other hand, Gewell’s face was a little unsightly. The other party was a mechanical general transferred from the front line. After blocking the beast tide, he patted his butt and left.

He is the one who really cuts the flesh.

Not to mention, just being a ‘mechanical commissioner’, I don’t know how many connections it will cost him and how many people he will offend.

The Mechanical Committee has a total of 40 chairs. If one person is moved in, one seat will be vacated.

Who would be willing to abdicate and let the virtuous.

“Everything is about the bigger picture!” Moshan emphasized his tone.

Gavill let out a long breath.

“Let’s do this first.”

When Geville returned to his office, he immediately got the information of Gao Gong and Du Zhaodi.

As expected, the two were born in the same factory, which had recruited a large number of orphans after the war. This was the mechanical order of the mother city.

However, Geville soon discovered an interesting place. There were not only two orphans at the time, but one of them was actually his subordinate.

A moment later, Zhao She was called in.

“I’ve seen the general!”

Zhao He was a little nervous, but without it, Director Zhou was his immediate superior, and the one in front of him was his superior.

“Do you know these two?”

Zhao He looked towards the two photos on the desktop, hesitated, nodded.

“Now that we know each other, it’s easy to handle. Just in time, I have a task for you.”

“This task is very important. If you do it well, the position of Old Zhou will be yours. To you.”

(End of this chapter)

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