Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 69


Chapter 69 Radiant Beast-Ocean Species

On the tarmac of the Motor City, the ‘Mechanical Airship’ ascended to the sky again, with six energy jets below The mouth spewed blue flames, and inside the airship, numerous internal exhaust vents began to vomit spontaneously. This wonderful fluid structure allows passengers to feel no tightness in their chests at the moment of take-off, and there will be no so-called so-called Airsickness.

First, the vehicles on the tarmac gradually became smaller, then the apron became a palm-sized square, and finally the entire Auto City became a small black spot.

Du Zhaodi was not the only one on this trip to the ‘Mechanical Airship’.

In addition to her, there are Gao Gong, Zhao He, and a whole tactical squad of outer skeleton warriors.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence or intentional, but at this time, Major Zhou Cong was still leading the team.

Zhou Cong’s expression was complicated as always. After a long while, he sighed: “I hope this cooperation will be pleasant, Major Gao.”

That’s right, Gao Gong has been promoted. Advisor, Rank, Major.

“Of course, we didn’t have a good time working together,” Gao Gong glanced at Zhao He, and then looked towards Du Zhaodi, who was seriously flipping through the documents, laughed:

“The factory back then The three of them are together again, and it seems that everyone is very happy.”

“You’re right, Xiao Zhao.”

Zhao Machinery’s face darkened, took a Deep breath, forced a smile: “You’re right, Major Gao.”

“I take the liberty to ask, is it the Major, or your Captain?”

Zhao He gritted his teeth, “I’m only a trifling second lieutenant, how can I compare to you.”

“Tsk, a second lieutenant can make life worse than death, so what can a major do,” Gao Gong thought seriously For a moment, he suddenly looked towards Du Zhaodi with deep affection.

“I understand, it’s a woman molesting!”

Du Zhaodi gave him a dissatisfied look and shook the information in her hand.

This ponytail girl is definitely a workaholic, she just put up her ‘committee qualifications’ yesterday, and started to apply for factory equipment today.

Zhao He’s face turned red, this dog food was poisonous, but thinking of his great future, he forcibly squeezed out an ugly smile.

“I’m going to ventilate!”

“He’s here to steal our technology,” Du Zhaodi said without looking up while writing the report.

“won’t shed tears they see their own coffins, how can these people easily admit defeat.”

“What are you going to do?”

“No What should I do,” Gao Gong shrugged, “If they want technology, then give it to them, open the market, and compete fairly.”

Du Zhaodi gave him a serious look, made sure he was not talking nonsense, and then extended He took out a slender hand with a layer of calluses, squeezed the palm of his hand, and entered the working state again.

Gao Gong glanced at the other party, pondered for a while, opened the system panel, and poured the experience into his first deputy.

[You will upgrade [Industrial Materials Science] to lv5]

Lv5: Modify, repair, and synthesize most mechanical materials

[You will [ [Mechanical Transformation] Upgrade to lv5]

Lv5: Master the design principle of the mechanical body, and can upgrade the performance of some mechanical bodies

[You will upgrade the primary level worker of No. 4 factory to lv5 ]

[You trigger the job transfer task, intermediate level worker of No. 3 factory]

[Job transfer task: self-cultivation of technical jobs]

Task content:

1. The old and the new. Find an old master to familiarize you with the process and types of work in the mechanical factory.

2. Mechanical maintenance, perform maintenance work on ten mechanical bodies

As expected!

The promotion assignments for primary level workers are most likely related to the factory.

All job transfer tasks are not born out of thin air, and will not be divorced from reality.

For example, ‘child labor (factory workers)’ is the simplest maintenance work, the standard of car wash shops.

The ‘primary level worker’ is to master some precision maintenance knowledge, build a small robot, change a prosthesis or something.

And ‘intermediate level work’. It is the combination and maintenance of the ‘high level mechanical body’, which requires the use of production lines.

As for ‘high level workers’, it is the modular installation and operation of some large mechanical systems, such as aerospace systems, war fortresses, and prosthetic factories.

Only by combining theory and practice can you become a real master of technology—technician for short

Gao Gong grabbed Du Zhaodi’s hand and said sincerely:

“Director Du, take me with you, I want to enter the factory.”

Du Zhaodi blinked, and a big question mark flashed on her white forehead.


The place where Gao Gong’s entire group is going is the third link of the ‘Classical Hunter Quest Chain’, the cemetery of the older generation of mechanical hunters.

The Hunter’s Graveyard is not within the scope of the Motor City. It is separated by two oasis and is close to the edge of the central desert.

The middle desert is not called the western desert, but the blue desert.

And the front-line mechanical corps is not against the land wild beast. To be precise, it should be called the ocean radiation species.


On most living planets, marine life outnumbers terrestrial life by an order of magnitude.

Especially when the mechanical civilization carries out ‘industrialization’, or the carbon-based civilization carries out ‘genetic reconstruction’, the types of life on land will only decrease rapidly.

The ‘Hydra Campaign’ is just the outpost of the ‘Beast Disaster’.

Its level of scourge is Level 1 of ‘Machine City’.

The ‘Beast Disaster’ is a planetary war that covers all 22 colonies and all colonies.

The source of its soldiers comes from the ocean.

Life battleship with mechanical species, or mechanized super ocean life.

In addition, the battlefield is a boundless sea.

Stronger than the ‘mother city’, several colonies were also destroyed in land and sea warfare.

If there is no ‘beast machine disaster’ to cause the internal emptiness of the three mother cities, the final ‘cyber tide’ may not be able to launch successfully.

You must know that behind the mother city, there is a galaxy cluster-level high-level civilization.

What the front-line corps is fighting against is the seabed radiant beast that continuously comes ashore from the ocean.

The radiation field in the no-man’s land seriously interferes with the quality of aerial photography, but it can still be seen that the map has changed from a large area of red to a large area of black.

The ‘Western Expedition’ of the classical mechanical hunters almost pierced through the entire central desert.

It is a pity that the sudden advent of biological rejection made this post-disaster self-rescue operation of human beings end in a bleak way.

When the initial hope turned into the final swan song, Lao Sun became a deserter, or a tomb keeper.

He stored some precious biological modification materials and some people’s corpses in the place called the Hunter’s Grave at the end of the Western Expedition.

“Major Gao, please come to the cockpit.”

Zhou Cong’s voice was a little nervous in the speaker. Gao Gong, who was dozing, opened his eyes and gave Du Zhaodi a With consoling eyes, he walked into the cockpit with three and two steps.

As the hatch closed, Zhou Cong didn’t talk nonsense, and said directly: “It’s troublesome.”

Gao Gong glanced at the airborne radar, and the numbers on it were a mess. , and through the window, you can clearly see that under the dull sky, there is a storm of dark clouds visible to the naked eye, and even a huge vortex is formed.

“The atmosphere is clogged with nuclear waste, how could there be thunderclouds?” Gao Gong looked surprised.

“It’s the thundercloud electric eel, a marine radiant creature. It can set off strong winds and waves on the sea, and even overturn the battleship, which is the biggest trouble for colony transportation.”

Gao Gong didn’t ask how the other party got ashore, just stared at the ice flowers that kept popping out of the window glass.

“What’s your suggestion?”

The driver wiped his cold sweat, “There are two options, one is to take advantage of the thundercloud storm before it is completely formed, forcibly rush over, and also One is to divert, go to the nearest oasis, and sail until the storm has passed.”

“How long will this be?”

“At least five days.”

Gao Gong sighed. According to the plan of the headquarters, he would go out in the morning and return in the evening. During this period, 3D technology printed a temporary factory and air-dropped various equipment. If everything went well, he would be able to manufacture ‘biological weapons’ that night.

The attack of the beast horde will be within a day or two.

Wait five days, the day lilies are cold.

“What level of monster is the thundercloud electric eel?”

“According to the standard of radiation beasts, it is C-rank, but the radiation species in the sea generally contain energy of Two to three times that of the terrestrial radiant beast.”

“There is no other way, I have to break through.”

“Turn off all electronic equipment and energy weapons, and adjust the energy furnace to Minimum power.”

“Get your landing gear ready for everyone, ready to drop.”

Gao Gong paused, “Also, open the hatch and let me out.”

All of them are old acquaintance, and understand Gao Gong’s ability, everyone immediately acted.


The hatch opened, the violent wind and waves hit Gao Gong’s face like a knife, and the ‘enhanced motor’ on his knees was fully powered, facing the strong wind, Following the ladder, Gao Gong climbed to the top of the airship step by step.

Fortunately, there are many gaps between the top armor and the armor, and there is a place to stand, so he doesn’t have to worry about being blown away by the storm.

Finding out the ‘Nerve Frequency Amplifier’ and hanging it on his ear, Gao Gong immediately sensed that there was a sound similar to the rapid tapping of a typewriter from the inside of the storm.

According to Zhou Cong’s statement, many colonial cargo ships were disturbed because of hearing this sound, and then disappeared.

Gao Gong took a deep breath, spreading the radiation field.

Next moment, a cloud of blue rays of light enveloped the airship.

In Gao Gong’s ‘line of sight’, the radiation field of the sky is more of a ‘charged particle stream’ than a ‘neutron ray’.

No matter how fierce the nuclear war is, it will not blow up to the seabed.

So marine radiation species is more energy variation than radiation variation.

A ten-meter-long blue eel emerged from the thundercloud. Its surface was flashing with circuit-like patterns, and four pairs of ‘dragonfly wings’ grew on both sides.

Like a big flying snake, it looked at Gao Gong curiously.

Gao Gong’s complexion remained unchanged, transparent tentacles popped out of his temples, shaking slowly, with the help of a ‘nerve frequency amplifier’, trying to exude a friendly mood.

Generally speaking, as long as other high-level radiation beasts do not actively attack, low-level radiation beasts will not come up to provoke trouble.

But this is just a general situation, no one knows the habits of marine mutant species.

Fortunately, this blue electric eel is quite well-behaved. Curiously, it bumped into the armor of the airship and swam over.

Gao Gong was instantly relaxed.

So in the storm, Gao Gong spread out the radiation field, disguised as an ‘airship mechanical beast’, and informed the driver of the direction through the ‘sub-body’, incarnating as a ‘naked eye radar’.

As long as you don’t get struck by lightning, you should be fine.

The wind changed from weak to strong, and then from strong to weak. The storm visible to naked eyes gradually appeared in the back. Before Gao Gong could breathe a sigh of relief, the corner of his eyes suddenly twitched.

A dozen electric eels rushed over aggressively.

In the storm, it’s not that he never hit these thundercloud electric eels, but at most two or three of them avoided the past cautiously.

How come so many all of a sudden!

These electric eels aggressively broke into the radiation field, Gao Gong’s mind was moved, and he quickly stopped the outer skeleton warrior who was ready to attack.

In his own radiation field, he did not feel that the opponent had the ambition of ‘undertaking the upper hand’, but rather a very anxious physiological state.

This state is very much like rushing to shit, oh no, it’s laying eggs.

(End of this chapter)

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