Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 7


Chapter 7 Job Transfer

More than ten years ago, on the first day Gao Gong came to Iron Sand Desert , the Rose Gasoline Bar just opened.

At that time, the indigenous warlords had not experienced the encirclement and suppression of factories, and they were much more arrogant than they are now, and the professional group of mechanical hunters was far less powerful than it is now.

A beautiful woman of unknown origin opened a rich storefront, and her experience can be imagined.

However, everyone who makes trouble in the bar, regardless of their status, will have their head hung in front of the gate of the Motor City on second day, without exception.

Gradually, there are fewer people making troubles and more people who are reasonable.

And Black Rose has gradually integrated into the ecology of this oasis and has become a pivotal member.

Littlefinger is also an important part of the Black Rose underground network, and a prosthetic doctor can indirectly control at least a hundred prosthetic transformers.

At that time, Littlefinger was still a bartender in his main business, and his hair was not so little.

The reason why Littlefinger and Gao Gong have a bad relationship is simple, the dog sex between licking dogs and little wolfdogs is mutually exclusive. Although everyone is a ‘dog’, they are of different breeds. The benefits you enjoy are of course different.

Littlefinger, always a bony head in front of Black Rose, foul-mouthed tossing a few Prosthetic Doctor books.

“Don’t expect me to teach you!”

Gao Gong gave the middle finger again.

“Summary of Prosthetic Surgery”, “Consciousness Dataization and Mechanical Rejection”, “Eighteen Points of Implantation in Muscle”, “Artificial Protein Implantation and Interface Technology”

[You read the professional knowledge book “Prosthetic Surgery Summary”, and your learning progress is 1%…2%…13%]

The scene suddenly became quiet, only Gao Gong’s sound of turning the book remained.

One hour later—

[Your progress has reached 100%, and you have finished reading the Prosthetic Surgery Summary]

[You entered Transfer status, transfer progress 1/14]

With the system panel, the knowledge in the book will be automatically transformed into experience and memory, which will be directly imprinted in the brain, which is more effective than any learning method.

“What’s your plan next?” Black Rose said suddenly when Gao Gong turned to the last page.

Gao Gong was stunned for a moment. The other party’s tone was unusually gentle—he realized it as soon as he turned his head.

With the intelligence network in the hands of Black Rose, Impossible does not know the intelligence that the factory fleet was ambushed, and even more impossible does not know, the ticket to the city that never sleeps has been robbed, maybe even the secret mastermind Checked out.

But it’s useless, that secret mastermind got this admission ticket, I’m afraid he would have entered the city that never sleeps long ago.

And myself, the unlucky bastard, didn’t even have the chance to take revenge.

The reason why the mechanical hunters were able to gain a firm foothold in Iron Sand Desert at the beginning, in addition to the occupational characteristics suitable for survival here, is to catch up with the wind, and a large number of factories were relocated here, requiring a group of mercenaries to sweep the radiation zone. wild beast.

Nowadays, factories have become huge monsters in the desert, and the division between inhuman areas and living areas is becoming more and more obvious, and there are fewer and fewer places in the city that never sleeps every year.

Gao Gong It’s almost impossible to earn massive amounts of mechanical coins from Radiant Beasts like in the past.

‘I thought you were always greedy for my body, not minding my heart, didn’t expect to care about me, is it really like what a young woman in literature and art said, leading to women in the depth The channel of one’s soul is – the mouth? ‘

Gao Gong murmured inwardly and showed a bright smile.

“Take a rest and recharge.”

Black Rose took a deep look at Gao Gong, nodded slightly, and left without saying a word, taking away Gao Gong by the way. .

In “Cyberworld”, a holographic game that claims to be 100% real, all attributes are the natural feedback of the state of the human body. Except for the five main attributes, there is no such attribute as charm.

On the contrary, it is character, which extends from the relationship between men and women, and has a partial moral nature, which can be summarized by the system.

Similarly, character is also among all attributes, only one of which can become a negative number.

And the original character’s character is 4 points, which makes Gao Gong very happy, his character has not turned positive for many years.

And there is a line of remarks below the character –

(most scumbags are ruthless existences, you are different, you are stingy)

Gao Gong recalled the original owner’s memory, and found that it was true. His military version of the mechanical heart and titanium alloy inner skeleton were also obtained by a woman for him – the key point is that he is still prostitution.

About being told by Black Rose, Littlefinger, a middle-aged bald man, finally stopped staring at him every day for the 6,000 mechanical coins. After helping him debug the prosthesis and confirming that there was no problem, coldly snorted , swipe your face and leave.

But he left behind a pile of professional knowledge books of prosthetic doctors – this should also be entrusted by a certain woman.

Finally, after reading the career books for about a week, the familiar sound of ‘ding dong’ sounded on the game panel.

[You get a new professional prosthetic doctor, comprehend the skill ‘primary level prosthetic modification’]

[You transfer to a prosthetic doctor, get Level 1 human technology blueprint ‘Pain editor ‘]

Pain editor: A neural co-processor that inhibits pain receptors that send signals to the parietal lobes of the brain, making the user feel no pain.

[You comprehend vocational skills [human body modification surgery]]: Removal, suture, transplantation and other transformations of the human body through medical devices

[You light up knowledge [electronic neurology]]

Lv1: Study the structure and function of the neural system, analyze neural signals

[You light up knowledge [human biology]]

Lv1: Eight systems of the human body basic knowledge of the human body, and a preliminary understanding of various complex life activities in the human body

[You light up knowledge [human body mechanics]]

Lv1: statics, kinematics, dynamics three Part of the basic knowledge

plus the [Industrial Materials Science] and [Mechanical Transformation] provided by the deputy ‘factory’, he already has five kinds of professional knowledge.

“Wow, it’s finally out!”

Feeling all kinds of knowledge that seemed to be branded in his head, Gao Gong finally sighed in relief, and then felt a lot of pressure.

The most realistic and also the most difficult part of this game is that it requires experience everywhere.

Experience is required to upgrade the main occupation

The upgrade of the Secondary Profession requires experience

The transformation of the human body system requires experience

The upgrade of professional knowledge requires more experience

Betting on blueprint requires the same experience as the sea!

Gao Gong thought about it, first clicked [Electronic Neurology] to lv3, and then provided [Mechanical Transformation] to lv2, and the experience from the previous mission was running out.

Then he clicked on the composition panel in the game board.

In the game “Cyberworld”, players are encouraged to create their own equipment. The technological knowledge of different occupations is integrated into blueprints of different levels, and then blueprints are used to make equipment.

Among them, the way to bet on the blueprint is to pull various occupational knowledge into the experience pool, and then allocate a certain percentage of experience under the knowledge of different occupations.

In addition to Luck Emperor, there are only two ways to guarantee a blueprint.

One is full injection, for example, the upper limit of experience for lv1 occupational knowledge is 100 points, and lv2 is 200 points, and so on, if you fill up all the experience points of knowledge, then you will be able to get out. blueprint – Although the quality of the blueprint is hard to describe.

There is another way, which is to make the investment of EXP accurate to single digits. This type of blueprint is also called exclusive blueprint. It is either a reward for professional players to do hidden tasks, or a large amount of krypton gold. The recipe burned by the guy with experience.

In the future game forums, this kind of ‘blueprint research’ will be a hot topic of discussion among players, and even a separate page has been opened for this, and there are many ‘classic recipes’ that Gao Gong still remembers to this day. .

“Xuan doesn’t change his faults, and krypton doesn’t change his life. Use your face to nourish your liver and break away from Africa and enter Europe.”

“I’ve grown so handsome, and a success is as it should. Be by rights, right.”

Divide the experience slot into two, hang up the two upgraded occupational knowledge respectively, and inject 151 and 92 EXP points respectively.

【Electronic Neurology】+【Mechanical Transformation】


[The fusion is successful, you have developed a Level 1 mechanical blueprint [machine ant]]

[The fusion is successful, you have developed a Level 1 mechanical blueprint [quadruped robot]]

“It’s actually a double-yolked egg!”

Gao Gong took a picture of the desktop , happily said: “Sure enough, God bless the scumbag!”

Two days later

Littlefinger broke into the petrol bar angrily, but before he could speak, Black Rose frowned: ” You have to be careful during this time, the desert is not very peaceful recently.”

Littlefinger was stunned and blurted out: “Could it be that group of terrorists called the Knights? Didn’t the factory send someone to hunt them down? ?”

“It’s not this,” Black Rose changed his sitting position and slid a stack of photos to the other corner of the table, Littlefinger took it, glanced at it, and found that they were all aerial photos at an altitude of tens of thousands of meters , his expression gradually changed from doubt to solemnity.

“The metropolitan area is expanding outside?!” Black Rose nodded and said, “If this continues, the two most marginal oases will soon border the metropolitan area. What we are facing may be a beast tide.”

“The beast tide!? Impossible, it hasn’t been over ten years!” As if recalling something, a trace of fear flashed in Littlefinger’s eyes, and said : “Now there is no S-Rank Beastmaster.”

“Not all Beastmasters are born, as long as enough genomes are devoured, a new Beastmaster will naturally be born.”

Black Rose paused, and added: “Our car city is located in the belly of the desert, not bordering any metropolitan area, and there will be no animal hordes, but you should not run around during this time, I am worried that there will be a small herd of beasts. Infiltrate.”

“By the way, what do you have to do with me?”

Littlefinger then remembered his purpose, gnashing teeth said: “Take care of the one you raised. Kid, if it weren’t for your face, I would have called someone to kill him!”

“What did he do in the past few days?” Black Rose said with interest, the past few days, my little man was haunted.

“He! That kid brought a bunch of gifts today, and came to my clinic politely, saying that he thanked me for the operation, and he insisted on inviting me to drink. I was careless. Dang, as a result, a glass of wine was poured down. It turned out that the boy drugged me in the wine, and then dragged my operating table away in front of my face – even his mother’s gifts were intact. I took it away!”

Littlefinger thought of something again, and took out a tattered note from his pocket, the content on it was probably borrowed from the operating table and returned after use.

“I can’t afford to sell Lao Tzu’s operating table!” Littlefinger jumped anxiously.

Black Rose’s red lips ticked, and then she said with an expressionless face:

“It seems that the book is really not for nothing, and she will adjust the anesthetic by herself.”


(End of this chapter)

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