Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 70


Chapter 70 Ocean Man

In the center of the lounge of the ‘Mechanical Airship’, there is a large ornamental fish tank, and some fish are kept in the water. Multi-colored bionic fish.

But at this moment, the bionic fish was split by the electric flesh, and the electronic parts in the belly floated on the water, like being ‘opened’.

The bionic fish died, replaced by eight ‘thundercloud electric eel cubs’ that were more than two meters long. These marine mutants did not seem to be satisfied with the ‘small’ living environment, and their tails kept exploding with electricity. Sparks, rays of light of blue keep flickering in the water.

“Generator is here!”

Fortunately, the two outer skeleton warriors put the backup Generator into the water tank, and the strong voltage made the thundercloud eel snort comfortably.

The cubs finally quieted down.

The onlookers looked at me and I looked at you, speechless for a while.

Who would have thought that those thundercloud electric eels really came to give birth.

Everyone was stunned when Gao Gong walked into the cabin carrying eight big fish.

Zhou Cong hesitated and said, “Those thunder cloud electric eels should think of you as an ecological beast.”

“What is an ecological beast?” Zhao Wei couldn’t help it. ask.

“When a whale falls, all things are born, and a whale is an ecological beast. The living environment in the ocean is much more complicated than that on land, and the mutant life in it is more inclined to join an ‘energy system’ to coexist. The organizer of an ‘ecological system’ is an ecological beast.”

Du Zhaodi said softly: “You can simply understand that an ecological beast is a small beast tide.”

Zhou Congdao added: “I used to fight in the coastal waters, I have seen mechanical giant whales that are comparable to aircraft carriers, and I have also seen octopus giant monsters that control an entire fleet. Countless mutant Sea Beasts are bred in ships. , spread, every time this kind of ecological beast appears, it is a huge test for the mechanical corps.”

“They are treating me as a nurse,” Gao Gong touched the chin.

Zhao He was stunned for a moment, then blurted out: “Then don’t throw them away, what if those giant eels come over?”

Gao Gong looks like a fool looking at Zhao Machinery.

“People leave their sons in your house, and then you lose them. Do you think their parents will fight with you?”

Zhou Cong stretched out the armor-wrapped The palm of the hand, before touching the glass, the dense electric charge began to wrap the fingers in the air, making a ‘zi zi’ sound.

The electric eel in the water turned abruptly, staring at him with eyes the size of fists.

Zhou Cong withdrew his hand, shook his head and said, “Don’t be so pessimistic, this may be a good thing.”

“I have heard an expert say that seabed minerals are far better than land-based minerals. It is not enough to mine seabed ore with only one type of radiation beast, so the sea radiation beast prefers a mode of cooperative foraging rather than conflict killing.”

“Their ‘grass-feeding’ Sex’ is far greater than ‘carnivorous’, of course, when they don’t initiate a ‘tide’.”

“With these thundercloud electric eel pheromones, at least as we go back Don’t worry about being attacked by lightning storms.”

If no matter its danger, this ‘electric eel’ is actually a very beautiful creature, with a blue almost transparent fleshy body, sapphire-like eyes, and a whole body. It exudes rays of light, and in ancient times, it would definitely be worshipped as a water god.

“At least you don’t have to worry about the factory running out of power.”

Gao Gong muttered to himself, staring at the attributes swiped in the system.

Name: Thundercloud Electric Eel Cubs

Race: Mutant Cell Life-Bonefish-Moray-Electric Species

Radiation Level: C-

HP: 1660/1660

Stamina: 300/300

Bio Energy: 3530

Bio attribute: Strength 12 Agility 17 Stamina 19 Intelligence 8 Perception 12

Skills: Power Storage lv7 Hydroelectric Power lv6 (Advanced) Thunder lv4 (Elite)

Remarks: To create a superior living environment for it, use Treat it with love, it will be your best biological power plant

Except for the accident of ‘Thunder Cloud Electric Eel’, the journey went smoothly. At around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Gao Gong’s entire group came to the ‘Hunter’ smoothly. the perimeter of the tomb’.

It was a giant forest, far larger than the concrete forest in the metropolitan area.

Being in it, Gao Gong can feel a more peaceful force, like is a god standing in the world, looking at all beings.

The outer skeleton warrior who was exploring the path in front suddenly stretched out his hand to signal for cover.

Gao Gong pulled Du Zhaodi to hide behind a tree, and soon, a tendon antelope appeared not far away.

This antelope is about two meters high. The two horns on the top of its head are like steel bars bent backwards. The head is wrapped with a streamlined mechanical helmet. The neck is down and the muscles are distinct.

It walked slowly under a tree, rolled up the metal leaves on the ground with its tongue, chewed slowly, ate for about five minutes, and then left slowly.

The outer skeleton warrior in front beckoned, and the entire group hit the road again.

In front of a waterfall, everyone saw another mechanical biochemical beast.

This is a three-story mechanical rhino with a huge metal module covering its body surface, a row of bristle-like cables on its spine, and four fumaroles on both sides of its abdomen.

At this moment, it is standing under the waterfall, letting the current wash over its ‘Steel Muscles Iron Bones’, and every five minutes, four fumaroles spew cloudy water jets.

Somewhat like a car wash.

After half an hour, it walked out of the waterfall shaking its head, but it didn’t go very far, it lay down on a rock, its two electronic eyes flickered a few times, and suddenly the screen went black. ‘ too.

This should be either ‘sleep’ or ‘hibernate’.

At least not shutdown.

This mechanical rhino is obviously much stronger than the horned antelope just now. Although it is not a B-Rank, it is estimated to have a C+ level.

In addition to this cow and a sheep, Gao Gong also saw mechanical ostriches, reloaded yak, and folding wing ducks, all living leisurely.

“So peaceful,” Du Zhaodi couldn’t help saying.

Compared to the violent darkness of the beast tide and the step-by-step crisis of the urban circle, this place is more like a zoo, except that the animals inside are all cyborg life.

“We’re almost there,” Zhou Cong said.

Gao Gong glanced at the map, nodded and said: “Well, it’s almost there.”

Gao Gong did not hide the inheritance of the classical mechanical hunter, in fact, he also needs Such a background story.

An ordinary mechanical hunter accidentally got the inheritance of the previous generation of hunters and gained great power. This is a story that makes sense.

Without this story, Gao Gong suddenly took out a bunch of high-tech blueprints, which would definitely be sliced and studied.

“Be careful, something has triggered my alarm system,” Zhou Cong frowned, he pressed a button on the outer skeleton, and suddenly, the arm guards on both sides were sunken, two palms big. The drone flew out and soon disappeared.

Zhou Cong turned his head, the electronic rays of light of the eye sensor swept Gao Gong, Gao Gong’s prosthetic eye immediately added a ‘small window’, sharing the drone’s field of vision.

Gao Gong was sighed secretly, thinking that he must install a ‘firewall’ for himself, even if it is the basic version.

Otherwise, the meaning is like a sieve.

It doesn’t matter if you share the view, what if you share a small video.

I am such a serious person.

Soon, through the drone’s point of view, a thick white fog was ‘seen’. Soon after the two drones penetrated into the white fog, the window in Gao Gong’s eyes turned into snowflakes. Screen.

“The drone was attacked,” Zhou Cong facial expression grave.

“Wild virus, electronic creature, or pure physical attack?”

“I don’t know, but the last picture from the data terminal is a humanoid.”


“Humanoids are not scavengers.”

Gao Gong raised his eyebrows, and the probability of the mutant savages in his mind was even greater.

Soon, the entire group came not far from the fog.

Zhou Cong divided the people into three groups, Gao Gong and Du Zhaodi, he and Zhao He, and two skeleton warriors. When exploring, there is no problem with the outside world.

Zhao Ji saw Gao Gong and Du Zhaodi’s group, subconsciously opened his mouth, and finally closed it again.

Gao Gong won’t take him, and Du Zhaodi won’t take care of him, so what else is there to say.

Gao Gong took Du Zhaodi’s hand and opened the radiation field while entering the fog.

However, something unexpected happened. The radiation field, which has always been unfavorable, actually lost its effect, as if there was a wall blocking all the radiation energy.

Gao Gong can’t sense anything.

“This should be a new type of stealth material, similar to radar coating, but it’s not electronic signals, but energy rays.”

Du Zhaodi glanced at the white fog, using A professional judgment has been made.

“It looks like it’s really on the ground.”

Gao Gong’s right eyelid quickly blinked twice. Under the infrared vision, the fog had no effect.

Is this a radiation-proof beast not a Mechanical Transformer?

The two explored forward and soon found a huge corpse.

“It’s so big!”

This corpse is only one size smaller than the previous mechanical rhinoceros, and it is still two stories tall. Gao Gong is amazed because of this thing The body is actually a lobster!

Super large steel lobster!

The shell of the lobster was covered with a thick layer of ice. Du Zhaodi took out radiation protection gloves and put it on, then picked up a stone from the ground and knocked it. A lot of iron.

After knocking down an ice cube, the ponytail girl took out a flashlight. Under the light of the flashlight, the surface of the ice cube was not hexagonal, but had a dusty appearance, like There are countless small needlepoints sealed in the ice.

“It’s nuclear ice, which comes from the sea.”

Nuclear ice, also known as nuclear ice, is a by-product of nuclear winter and generally occurs on top of glaciers at sea level .

After the war of ‘planet shaping’ level, heat and light are in the minority after all. Cold, damp and loneliness are the main tone of this planet.

Gao Gong circled around, but no wounds were found on the surface. Maybe he died of starvation, or maybe he died of freezing.

Gao Gong told Du Zhaodi this as a joke, and the ponytail girl gave him a nice look.

Soon, the two found the second body.

The corpse reminded Gao Gong of a paper he saw in Professor Han’s lab.

γ€ŠIs there a possibility of the existence of marine people》

(End of this chapter)

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