Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 71


Chapter 71 Mechanical Ape-Man

Even if there are as many civilizations as stars in the universe, carbon-based civilization still accounts for one Mainstream.

Considering the other three types, mechanical life, information life, and energy life are not very like ‘human beings’, at least they are material life.

So there is another way of saying that carbon-based life represents the original life of all planets and is the source of all things.

But people can’t be arrogant, let alone feel like a carbon-based family.

Because the carbon-based life that entered the interstellar space was not necessarily born of apes, it was not necessarily a primate, or even a mammal.

Don’t have too many long all kinds of strange things and howling alien life.

Therefore, to popularize LSP aesthetics, Mister G of previous life is obliged.

But what appears to Gao Gong now is indeed a humanoid.

It has four limbs, and the palms on its hands and feet show obvious signs of degeneration.

The facial features are a little scary, like a fat-headed fish being flattened by a hammer, and its nostrils are the size of coins.

As for the hair, it’s somewhere between the octopus tentacles and the nerve bundles.

Du Zhaodi touched her arm subconsciously and retreated behind Gao Gong.

The ponytail girl isn’t averse to mechanical makeovers, which she sees as a way to add masculinity, but this slimy, grotesquely shaped thing makes her hairy.

Gao Gong lowered his head to study, there was an obvious blood hole on the other side’s chest, and the surface was dried green pulp.

It’s strange that he didn’t find the other’s reproductive organs, not even genital holes.

Is it a clone?

Gao Gong found another ‘nameplate’ from the opponent’s waist.

‘No. 3151 lifeform’

There is a line on the backβ€”β€”

‘Bluewater Technology’

Gao Gong looks serious Get up, not because of these two lines, but because above ‘Blue Water Technology’, there is a pattern, in the icon, a huge robot covering the heavens, shielding the sun.

This is one of the three mother cities, the symbol of Cybertron.

Standing on the entire planet, above the hundreds of Machine cities, are the three mother cities, each of which has a planet-level host, which is a high-level civilization in this ‘cyber test. field’ agent.

And every company is proud of receiving outsourcing projects from the mother city.

And this ‘cybertron logo’ is a ‘mechanical logo’, indicating that this ‘ocean man’ is an outsourcing project of the mother city.

β€œDo you create humans?”

Gao Gong knows that one of the main tasks given by the high-level mechanical civilization in the three mother cities is to create humans.

Only the existence of ‘intelligent life’ will give birth to a social ecology above life.

Among them, ‘Deep Web’ has created a large number of AI lives that roam in the cyber network. This is not an artificial mental retardation supported by algorithms, but an electronic lifeform with personality, emotion and memory. .

This type of electronic life completes the five elements of AI evolution.

Self-replication, self-management, self-healing, moderate evolution, and deep learning.

The ‘fortress’ has cultivated a group of androids, with billions of androids living, multiplying and self-iterating in the mother city.

The prototype of a civilized ecology has taken shape.

This is also why the importance of human beings became less and less after the war, and only a small number of human elites could enter the mother city.

There is only ‘Cybertron’, in the player’s mind, this is the only one of the planetary masterminds whose ‘KPIs’ are not up to standard.

But Gao Gong doesn’t think so. The three mother cities have cooperation and competition, and each civilization system is not isolated.

Their ultimate purpose, or the ultimate mission of the Cyber Proving Ground, no one knows exactly what it is, because no one has ‘passed’.

After the tide of cyberspace erupted and became irreversible, the entire planet was swallowed up by the black hole weapons of high-level civilizations.

Gao Gong touched his chin, at least a little sure.

‘Cybertron’ is also creating human beings, and the reason why the human creation plan has not been successful is that the animal disaster is definitely one of the external factors.

“What’s the matter?”

Seeing that Gao Gong didn’t move for a while, Du Zhaodi couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m thinking that if we can create people in advance, we might be able to seize the opportunity.”

Now, it’s Du Zhaodi’s turn to stop talking.

Gao Gong was stunned for a moment, then turned to look, only to see this ponytail girl’s face flushed red, her eyes twinkling, her calm and capable aura was lost for the most part, whispering in her mouth, and said some topsy-turvy words, What ‘career matters’, ‘baby is cute’, ‘everyone is still young’, ‘but also not impossible’.

Gao Gong reacted immediately, coughed dryly, and said nonchalantly, “Just kidding, let’s keep exploring.”

Du Zhaodi’s staring boss, two words flashed in his mindβ€” – Scumbag!


Three groups entered the fog for about five minutes before one group was attacked.

“The outer skeleton is damaged, but not serious. The opponent’s weapon is a metal lance, which pokes a small hole in my armor, formidable power equivalent to a large-caliber sniper bullet.”

The voice of an outer skeleton warrior is heard on the intercom.

However, at the next moment, Gao Gong’s expression froze, his palm instantly turned into a ‘bloodthirsty hook’, he swept forward fiercely, and with a sound of ‘鏰’, a black lance was inserted obliquely not far away on the ground.

A dark shadow flashed away not far away.

“I want to run!”

Gao Gong flicked his wrist, the monomolecular wire directly hooked a big tree, and the Gao Gong silhouette disappeared instantly.

The ‘comer’ looked back, and the distance was empty.

And ‘It”s shoulder suddenly hurt, and a huge pulling force came from the sky.

Gao Gong fell from the sky, his iron knees slammed into the opponent’s waist, and smashed it to the ground.

Before the other party could react, a strange claw appeared on the forehead, and the metal tearing sound of ‘creeping’ sounded, and metal sparks rubbed between the two.

[You deal 27 damage to the Mechanical Servant Species]

The Mechanical Servant Species?

Gao Gong was stunned for a moment, and the palm of the other hand, which was grabbing towards the opponent’s neck, froze subconsciously.

And the other party also looked towards Gao Gong’s ‘bloodthirsty hook’ and hurriedly gestured.

“You mean, you are the servant of those mechanical hunters from before?”

After a while

looking at the height of less than one meter in front of her, she was wrapped ‘Half-human, half-monkey’ in animal skin and metal, Gao Gong asked curiously.

The other party was nodded with excitement, and a bunch of electronic components were dangling around.

A mechanical version of the late ape-man.

“Do you know Lao Sun?”

Hearing this name, the servant ape-man was even more excited, pulling Gao Gong’s clothes by the corner of his hand and walking forward .

“Do you know this monkey?” Du Zhaodi said curiously.

“I don’t know, but there is an Old Guy I know.”

Gao Gong looked at the mechanical ape and asked, “Can you understand what I said? The name?”

The other party really had it, and the ape excitedly wrote three words on the ground.

“Friday, good name.”

“You mean, you recognized me as Lao Sun and the others when you saw my palm?”

“Then what’s the matter with this fog, is it the weapon of the old generation of mechanical hunters? Interesting.”

With this ‘Friday’ leading the way, Gao Gong soon came to the real cemetery.

A very unremarkable dirt enclosure.

Gao Gong also met the family of ‘Friday’, a group of late ape-man tribes with double-digit numbers, grinding steel bars into weapons, and some small forging machines, small Generators in the nest This category of ‘pots and pans’.

According to Gao Gong’s half-concealed guess, they are ‘new human beings’ who were captured by mechanical hunters and taught ‘fishing and woodworking’.

If all goes well, maybe in hundreds or thousands of years, these new Homo sapiens will replace the post-war humans and become the main race of this planet.

And those classical mechanical hunters may become Prometheus in the post-Revelation style.

Of course, all of this is the brain hole of Gao Gong. According to the normal timeline, within three to five hundred years, this planet will be exploded.

“You mean, all the things left by the old grandson were placed in this dirt enclosure?”

‘Friday’ shook his head while nodding, his hands gestured as if rap.

It took a while for Gao Gong to understand, “You mean, there is a certain danger in it.”

‘Friday’ nodded, thought about it, and got into his own soil again In the house, after coming out, there was an extra object in the palm, which was a metal apple.

Gao Gong took over, and the attribute was automatically brushed out in the system panel.

Electric Screening Fruit (Mechanical Creation): After use, it will disperse 3*3 meters of energy shielding fog, 60% chance of heavy metal poisoning, 80% chance of diarrhea

Gao Gong The corners of his eyes twitched. Although he had remodeled his stomach, he didn’t want to try his own way. He changed the subject and said, “My companions, can you put them in?”

‘Friday’ shook the head , pointed to Gao Gong’s palm, probably only the Inheritor of the classical mechanical hunter, or in other words, the biological weapon implanter can enter.

No wonder Lao Sun didn’t say anything, his biological implant is the best door opener.

Gao Gong thought for a while, then handed the walkie-talkie to Du Zhaodi and asked her to wait outside. He walked into Tuweizi by himself.

There are simple and rough tombs in the earthen enclosure, and the names are engraved crookedly on the tombstones; fortunately, the quality is not bad, otherwise the bones and scum will be exposed.

“Old Sun won’t let me dig graves one by one.”

Fortunately, Gao Gong soon discovered the blind spot. Most of the graves only have names on them, while some The tombs were marked with patterns that were already indistinct.

Following the marked grave, Gao Gong dug up a pile of biomodification materials.

[You get a Level 2 bio-engineering blueprint [Big Sickle]]

[You get a Level 2 bio-engineering blueprint [Bone Radiation Corpse Armor]

[You get a Level 3 bio-transformation blueprint [Devil’s Horns]]

[You get a Level 2 bio-transformation blueprint [gasoline flame whip]]

[You get a Level 2 bio-transformation blueprint [ Electronic Bee Eyes]]

[You get a Level 1 bio-engineering blueprint [Bio-Gun]]

[You get a Level 1 bio-engineering blueprint [Jet Pliers]]

Gao Gong straightened up, dropped the shovel, and brushed the dust off the bottom of his trousers.

According to the task prompt, in addition to the blueprint, there should be implantable biological weapons.

But after so many years, even if there are biological weapons, there should be few that can be used.

I don’t know when, the fog began to thicken and piled up around the tomb, giving an inexplicable sense of horror.

Gao Gong knows that the danger of ‘Friday’ is coming.

(End of this chapter)

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